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March 23, 2006

Felton has taken the torch

Bernie Bickerstaff won’t have much to do at Orlando pre-draft camp. The Bobcats don’t have a second-round pick and they’ll draft high enough in the first round that whoever they pick won’t be playing practice games.

So perhaps Bickerstaff should use Orlando camp to find a new home for Brevin Knight.

Frankly, that pains me to write. Brevin is a marvelous player - an old-time point guard who’s under-appreciated by Bobcats fans. He’s an even better quote - intellect, candor and ability to articulate what matters in basketball.

But from what I saw in Cleveland on Wednesday, the torch has passed. Rookie Raymond Felton is that good and that ready to be this team’s starting point guard next season. Keeping Knight next season would be a nice insurance policy, but isn’t he an even better trade commodity?

Bickerstaff said at the trade deadline that Knight would retain trade value in the future. Then shouldn’t they investigate that value, in pursuit of a late first-round pick?.

The Bobcats talk constantly about taking the long-range view on everything. Trading Knight this summer - before his trade value dissipates - is what long-range planning is about.

Posted by rbonnell on March 23, 2006 at 05:02 PM | Permalink


I couldn't agree more. I love Brevin, but the Bobcats are obviously building for the future (as they should) and Brevin just won't be here when their time comes. He's very valuable and I would like to see the Bobcats get a 1st round pick for him. I was disappointed it didn't happen before the trade deadline.

Posted by: Les | Mar 24, 2006 10:03:42 AM

trade brevin knight?
only if you're getting the future allstar 2-guard that they need. part of his value, as was his entire career is his ability to make people better. i love felton and know he should've gone over deron williams in the draft, but remember this is only his 1st year. keeping knight gives felton veteran knowledge and year round solid back-up they have to have.

Posted by: thomas | Mar 24, 2006 2:00:18 PM

Trading Knight would be the best thing for the Bobcats at this moment cause Raymond Felton is on his way to a very good season i mean just a year ago him with May (who he's still with in the Nba by the way)won the National title.I mean and from the looks of things this year he's ready to start with May again.They already know eachother better than anyone else.So thats why the Bobcats need to trade Knight and start to Build a Championship caliver team.

Posted by: Nathan | Mar 24, 2006 2:12:35 PM

This is a toughy because this is a classic argument when it comes to veteran leadership and young prospects; to either keep the veterans here to help the youngin's out or to trade the veterans and give the youngin's the car keys. I remember awhile back Paul Silas did the same with Baron Davis. He sat him down one season till he understand the game, now he became one of the leagues best point guards. So far, Felton has surpassed what Baron did his rookie season and took this team on his back. He has also shown that he can be a big time player in crunch time in the mold of Sam Cassell and Mike Bibby. Felton should be the starting point guard come opening day next season.

Posted by: Shaun | Mar 24, 2006 2:34:38 PM

What do you guys think of Trading Brevin Knight and this years first pick to Toronto for Charlie Villaneuva. Villaneuva has a great deal of upside and could play the 3 or the 4. Raps are dying for a point guard.

Posted by: Steve | Apr 16, 2006 1:16:23 PM

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