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June 27, 2007

Bobcats busy listening to trade talk

   Stray thoughts, pre-draft variety:

  • I’m hearing from a colleague in Phoenix that the Bobcats and Suns have talked about a deal involving the eighth pick. Don’t know the details, but I hear this one is difficult to pull off, so it’s no given something will happen.  One thing is sure: The Suns aren’t wedded to keeping those two picks in the 20s.
  • Interesting a deal as it might have been, you can back off the speculation that Golden State Warriors guard Jason Richardson is headed to the Bobcats.  I know from a great source that the Warriors aren’t moving Richardson to Charlotte to make a trade for Chinese pro Yi Jianlian happen. It is true that Yi could be slipping in the draft, and that’s because he or his representatives are limiting where he’d agree to sign. I’m told he’s reluctant to play anywhere east of Chicago, and last I checked Charlotte was East of the Windy City. That’s limiting the teams willing to risk a high pick on him, which means he’s a top-5 talent who could slip to 10 or lower.
  • The Bobcats turned down an offer from the Nets to swap Sean May for the 17th pick. The Bobcats are frustrated with May’s injury/fitness issues, but obviously they’re not willing to give him away.
  • Someone close to Brevin Knight is taking it for granted that the Bobcats will buy out the final season of Knight’s contract. The Bobcats have that option, turning a $4 million-plus obligation into a $1.5 million buy-out.  That same source suspects the Bobcats could make some sort of a bid for Chauncey Billups in free-agency.
  • If the Bobcats fail to make a splash on draft night, it won’t be for a lack of trying. There’s plenty of activity around the league, and they’re listening to everything.  I honestly think they don’t know what to do if they retain the eight pick. That’s not a knock on them, it’s a reflection of how uncertain this draft is.

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I cant believe bobcats turned down that trade to get Sean "Fat Tub of Lard" May out of Charlotte. What a waste of a pick he was. Thats the Charlotte Tarcats (or Bobhills), whatever you like better, for ya.

Posted by: Gamecocks81 | Jun 27, 2007 9:46:18 AM

I'm not prone to hyperbole, but this was the single least-informative blog I have ever read. To recap: Charlotte is talking to Phoenix about something, but we don't know what; Yi supposedly is "reluctant to play east of Chicago" yet every media outlet in Boston thinks he might be headed there, and last time I checked Boston is east of Chicago; someone close to Brevin Knight thinks Charlotte might make "some sort of a bid" for Chauncey Billups; and last but not least, there's plenty of activity around the league (none of which is described) and Bonnell has no idea what the Bobcats will do if they keep the No. 8 pick. I demand the last three minutes of my life back.

Posted by: Brock Landers | Jun 27, 2007 10:21:16 AM

I think the best move the Cat's could make at this point is to try and acquire Phoenix's unconditional first rounder (Atlanta's pick) in next years draft. Without a point or a big man the Hawks will once again be mired in the bottom of the Eastern Conference and that pick could turn out to be Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo. #8 plus our pick next year for one of Phoenix's twenty-something picks this year and their pick from Atlanta next year.
Done Deal!

Posted by: BustaCat | Jun 27, 2007 10:50:24 AM

Brock, what are you talking about Bonnell not giving any information?!?! Didn't you see the one about the assistant that was arrested for drug charges? It was very informative, important and packed with meaning for the team. I mean, he can't just write two informative articles in a year, can he? What do you think he is, Superman (as Clark Kent...)?

Posted by: Bonnell=Greatest Reporter Ever! | Jun 27, 2007 11:27:09 AM

I think we should keep the pick and take one of the Florida players, or Thornton if he's there. We are only 1 stud defender away from the playoffs - if 50 didn't get hurt last year, we would have been in the playoff race until the last week. If we can get Brewer or Thornton (assuming we re-sign Wallace and pick up Hermann's option), we're right there.

Posted by: James | Jun 27, 2007 11:29:29 AM

Disagree with BustaCat...

Waiting for yet another year of lottery picks to possibly pan out is tiresome. I love the whole theory on "established NCAA winners" and all...but isn't it about time we become NBA winners?

Work a deal for Lewis or Matrix - the Sonics and Suns are willing to trade below market value on those guys. Adding one of them to our core nucleus gets us a bid into the playoffs, sells some seats and jerseys, and bumps us up in the eyes of the NBA.

Posted by: Felton Fan | Jun 27, 2007 11:30:42 AM

i don't think anybody wants to come to charlotte. we have a racist owner who will not spend money. we don't have enough fans to fill the reduced size unnamed (charlotte coliseum #3. not to mention you must be a friend of mike. who in their white mind would want to come to a town who hates the second team. i think bob's cats (bobcats, get it, talk about a ego) have next year to produce or his future is over in this town who he never visits.

Posted by: thebrain | Jun 27, 2007 11:46:32 AM

THEBRAIN...Another notch in the belt for unity. The owner of BOBCATS a racist. Now let's look at this. Take all the teams in the league and let's see if the owners color matches the majority of people employed by them. Would that make them racist? I think not. You need not be like you grandfather who talks the talk but probably had a little something on the side not of his color. LOL

Posted by: Charlie White | Jun 27, 2007 12:39:56 PM

Bonnell is your colleague in Phoenix me? I told you a couple of days ago it was the Bobcats who were the team talking to Phoenix about the trade for 8. It was under your pointless blog about Phoenix trading up means that the Bobcats won't have any players to pick from. You are really worthless. I could have read the ESPN story late last night and told you that the Bobcats and Suns were talking. I'll even do you one better......the Suns are offering their 2 picks in 1st round, Marcus Banks, and James Jones. In a seperate deal the Bobcats are also getting Kurt Thomas and a future 1st so the Suns get cap relief.

Honestly my 7 yr old nephew who is home on summer break can get more scoops than you. All he has to do is check out Realgm.com and become an ESPN insider. Call me if you want my nephew's number and maybe he can give you a few tips.

Posted by: Andy | Jun 27, 2007 12:53:56 PM


If we truly can get Lewis or Matrix for under (way under) market value then I'd be open to it. I'm skeptical, however, about either of those guys living up to the salaries they would be receiving (less skeptical about Marion). I think there are two scenarios that would benefit the Cats' this offseason. 1) Landing a scoring 2-guard or 2)staying put, taking advantage of cap space to resign and lengthen Wallace, Okafor and Felton as well as stocking up some picks that put us in a much better position (more chips to play) to maneuver next year (I'm only comfortable with the second scenario because of my confidence that this team will improve, additions or no additions, with improved health and the maturation of the players we have right now). Thoughts?

Posted by: BustaCat | Jun 27, 2007 1:20:40 PM

how about we trade the #8 pick to phoenix for leandro barbosa and the 24th pick.

then trade Sean May and the 24th pick from PHO to the Nets for Nachbar and the 17th pick

so we are picking at 17 and 22 and landed Barbosa, a very promising SG, and Nachbar is a young solid player also. then we grab sean williams and morris almond.

resign wallace, carrol, and hermann and that looks like a playoff team to me.

Posted by: tomP | Jun 27, 2007 1:34:23 PM

from chad ford on espn.com

The Bobcats are telling teams they'll make a decision sometime today on what to do with the No. 8 pick. As we discussed on Monday, they have been shopping this pick hard for the past several weeks and collected five to six legitimate offers for the pick.

However, a source says the Suns are not the front-runners to get the pick. Several other teams are offering better deals for No. 8, including the Sixers (offering No. 12 and No. 21), Warriors (offering Monta Ellis and No. 18), Grizzlies (???) and one mystery team that the source refused to disclose.

Posted by: tomP | Jun 27, 2007 1:41:26 PM

Mike & Sam: Take Monta & #18!

Posted by: Felton Fan | Jun 27, 2007 1:58:54 PM

Oh Man I hope Chad Ford is right and we can get Ellis and #18. That we be awesome!

Posted by: BustaCat | Jun 27, 2007 2:04:38 PM

acually...I like the Sean May thing...if they can get him traded to the Nets or NY between now and next Tuesday, he could be there in time to qualify for the Nathans World Hot Dog Eating contest...word is out that Yamaguchi(the world holder for the past 6 years) is nursing a bad jaw....could leave room for ole Sean "I prove gravity CORRECT" May a chance to be the cinderella contestant...53.5 dogs in 12 minutes....sure he can do it. Go Sean!....literally

Posted by: Bob | Jun 27, 2007 2:18:50 PM

Alot of the people writing on these blogs no nothing about forming a good basketball team. Like the Oden, Conley situation it is smarter to keep player together because bringing new people in would set the team playing together back at least a year. Unless we get a great free agent. Someone complained about jersey sales, that has to depend on how the player is. Not the team.

Some of you are contradicting to other statements. They complain about getting Noah because of his shot mechanics. Look at Shawn Marion's, now thats an ugly shot. I feel the bobcats want to trade their pick to make sure they keep the nucleus of Felton, Okafor, Wallace, Anderson (Alan), Hermann, Carroll, May, and Morrison. Then add a great free agent or trade for a vet. Then grab a athletic 4/5 from the draft and we will win those 5 games that put us out the playoffs.

I know we need a scoring SG but I think alot of people dont have the faith in Alan Anderson that I have. Go to the arena and watch him work out. He abuses every person on that team included your beloved Gerald Wallace, kills Adam Morrison, and Carroll's to slow ass has no chance. He just doesnt get the media hype he deserves. The media rules the NBA and the world, they say who is good and everyone beleives that. PLEASE ALL YOU REMEMBER MY NAME. When I tell you how great of a player Alan Anderson will be.

I am his brother a film producer, check this:


So all you media haters give Alan a chance to get your support because I don't think anyone can name a player that played 4 different position (PG,SG,SF, even PF)over his 4 year college career?

I didn't think so!!!!!!!


Posted by: T-Dub | Jun 27, 2007 2:31:49 PM

Alan Anderson blows.

Posted by: T-Dub's Father | Jun 27, 2007 2:35:29 PM

I believe we should stockpile all picks, skip this draft, play with last year's team, save money and continue to lose and shoot 18% from the field.

Posted by: Anatonda Williams | Jun 27, 2007 2:35:42 PM

I think we should trade down every pick, so we can get more players. WE NEED PLAYERS (and the lower picked players have lower salaries). THIS IS A DEEP DRAFT (but we don't have that much cash to spend). WE WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR GUARANTEED!

Posted by: Derek Montoya | Jun 27, 2007 2:39:20 PM

That GS deal with Ellis and #18 sounds pretty good to me. I think Ellis is the perfect type of player for the Bobcats needs. And anyone who thinks that Bob Johnson is racist is insane. If Bob Johnson is racist Jerry Richardson is the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Posted by: SG | Jun 27, 2007 3:38:12 PM

Chad Ford and Bill Simmons are doing a mock draft right now....they've got the Cats taking Brandan Wright over Noah. They go on to poke fun at Jordan and the fans....something about a WNBA franchise. What a bunch of vagins.

Posted by: Yotes | Jun 27, 2007 3:42:08 PM

why do all the white executives disappear from this ownership group. if bob is not a racist why is it that everytime he is quoted in the paper, he is talking about some minority owned real estate company he has invested in and it will corner the market. he did bring the horse jumping contest to the area, no wait that was so his little girl could ride a horse. let's not forget the great black basketball tournament he has had come to the area.
Bob had a meeting with david stern a while back and told that he could not compete here that the team was losing so much money. So how is he going to sign any real players.

I think he should trade each pick for a last round pick, have mike come out of retirement again, this will save bob money, he is already paying mike a salary i guess, this should help with the cap issue. Don't forget about mugsy bogues and dell curry i think they might have a couple more years in them. does the bobbiecats have a mascot? maybe it can play. maybe the new assistant coach know a few crack heads that can be signed as free agents. this team is a joke, just another year or two and they will be gone. i can not wait.

Posted by: kevin | Jun 27, 2007 3:50:16 PM

No T-Dub's father, your mother blows. Alan is a versitile player that has shown he is better than the others on his team. In practice in in-game situations. You are a copy cat and don't have your own mind, just look at your name. (Its mine with father put on the end.) You are a copycat not a bobcat. Fruit Basket. This blog is probaly the highlight of your life and just to let you know my father passed in 1996. So to me you are dead.......... (LOL). Idiot. And for all you racist people this Bobcats team is the just what the NBA deserves instead of 30 plantation owners telling the black players to run n***a n***a. We got a black plantation owner that can really sympathize with his players. And if Bob and Jordan were prejudice. Why is Carroll, Herrmann, Voskuhl, Brezec, and Morrison on the team. And in todays NBA that is alot of white people on a team.

I am really tired of the BET (Black Every Time) jokes because that is exactly what it is. Just like BET it give a chance for Blacks to be incharge and not have to have every thing pushed aside for the purpose of making the white owners and white audience happy. ala MTV (Minority Talent Voided). So for the organization to only have to themselves to answer to (and David Stern) I think is great for the black community. All you white people holding your racisim inside until these kind of blogs come out so you can hide behind the word with noone seeing your face, you are cowards and yes the civil war is over and remember the north won. Thats when the take over began. And if I was you I would get off this blog and make sure your daughter or son aren't with a black person cause they might make one of those mixed babies and they count on the black side too.

Holla to all racist fagabons!

Posted by: T-Dub | Jun 27, 2007 4:09:05 PM

I think a better question to ask or for Rick Bonnell to discuss is the unbelievably high turnover rate of top-level execs within the team's Front Office. It's like a revolving door over there. It's embarassing.

And the racist jokes/comments of any nature are abusrd.

Posted by: Patrick | Jun 27, 2007 4:39:00 PM

your right t-bub those blacks are really showing the country how to run a organzation. they can't keep and high level execs. i doubt they will have any players who will resign with this group. i feel that the nba sportswriters think we are a joke. the nba should have never gave up another team. it should have went to las vegas.

as far as the few white players on the team. everyone knows that white people are cheaper basketball players. i would not be surprised if the bobcats have 12 white men before long. then the white men can do what the blacks tell them.

Posted by: mary | Jun 27, 2007 5:05:01 PM

Wait a minute -- you're talking about the same Alan Anderson who hit 25 percent of his 3-pointers and had more turnovers than assists last year? He's suddenly part of the "nucleus?"

Posted by: Alan Who? | Jun 27, 2007 5:19:45 PM

By the way, "T-Dub" -- it's a public forum, you know. Probably not such a great idea to brag about being Alan Anderson's brother and then trash Matt Carroll's "to slow ass" (I assume you mean "too slow"), considering that your brother has to play with Carroll. As does Wallace. And Morrison. At least, they do until your brother gets cut.

Posted by: Alan Who? | Jun 27, 2007 5:32:19 PM

Hold on, give Alan some credit. The only time he ever logged more than 30 minutes in a game he had 24 pts and 8 reb. I agree he needs to work on his ast/to ratio (it's about 1/1) but he's got some real potential still. I don't know if he's necessarily part of the nucleus at this point but he could develop into a really nice player.

The racism on this blog astounds me. The guy screaming racism at Bob Johnson's support of black businesses is the same guy who would scream racism over affirmative action penetrating his all-white workforce. So do white businesses have the right to hire all white staff and support other all white businesses but black businesses don't? And let's not kid ourselves, black players and non-racist white coaches (Red Auerbach for one) made this league. Why is it that blacks should be the best players (and told to shut up, dress up, and don't act up [code for 'act white']) yet are derided when they reach any level higher than head coach?

Kevin (or George, T-Dub's Daddy, or whatever you call yourself next), take the sheet off your head, I think it's suffocating your brain.

Posted by: BustaCat | Jun 27, 2007 5:57:34 PM

"T-Dub" - seriously man, you're embarassing yourself.

Posted by: Ricardo | Jun 27, 2007 5:58:23 PM

i dont trust jordan to do the right thing they should trade may for the 17 th pick and the nets second round pick but thats not will happen when you have people who dont know the hell what they doing!!

Posted by: dirk digger | Jun 27, 2007 6:44:35 PM

Have to agree with BustaCat and TomP on a couple things.

Keeping the core of Okafor, Wallace. and Felton together is key. Herrmann,and Carroll should also be kept, as they stretch the floor with their shooting, and hit 85-90%on their FT's.

If these rumors are true, then you have to ask yourself: who would you rather have?

Barbosa-the Brazilian Blur at the SG+the 24?

Monta Ellis-Most Improved Contender last year. Great shot and handle. + the 18 pick

Nick Young plus the 21 pick from Philly. NY has good size @6'5" and good mid range shot.

Keep the 8 and take BPA-Yi, Noah, B Wright, Jeff Green, or Brewer?

It's a dilemma! What would you do?

Posted by: peapod | Jun 27, 2007 7:02:11 PM

Sean May may show up in another trade deal,
but I saw him in May and he looked much lighter. The knee is what worries me. I like May, but a 17 pick may not have been a bad thing.

Posted by: Charlotte Fan | Jun 27, 2007 7:14:21 PM

Dirk Digger? Shut the hell up and give us your picks. After you finish watching Gomer Pyle.

Posted by: Charlotte Fan | Jun 27, 2007 7:25:36 PM

My Source said the trade on the table is Ellis/18 for 8/22...its now up to Higgins and Bobcats to accept the deal

Posted by: rly723 | Jun 27, 2007 8:36:40 PM

rly723, who is your source? How do we know that you aren't just making something up or reading this off some website and then attributing some unknown source to it?

Posted by: Source? | Jun 27, 2007 10:21:40 PM

i have decided it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says. the stubborn johnson and jordan duo will doom this team. i predict the team will be sold or relocated with 3 years, or as soon as bob can recover his investment.

Posted by: theinsider | Jun 27, 2007 10:22:32 PM

Why would we offer the pick for "fat tub of lard" Sean May is beyond me Gamecocks81. That would be sooooooooo stupid. Anyway I feel for the 8 Bobcat fans there are.

Posted by: Nets Fan | Jun 27, 2007 10:32:38 PM

OK, so a 2nd-round pick, who, as the "most improved" player in the league (as arbitrary an award as I've ever heard of) had one pretty good year with a decent, but nowhere near spectacular scoring average of 16+ on one of the 2 or 3 teams in the league which would have allowed him to maximize that statistic. In addition, his jump shot is ATROCIOUS (worse 3PT% than Garbage Felton, even! How is that POSSIBLE?). His decision making is nothing to be lauded, either. He was one of a handful of guys that actually achieved to the level of a higher TO/48 average than the great RayTar FelHeel. We trade a top 10 pick in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory for THAT guy, and to compensate, they let us move up 4 spots, a scenario in which we could easily get the exact same player wile paying him nearly a million dollars more over the course of the rookie contract. That seems like hardly a good move to me.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 27, 2007 10:41:49 PM

i don't think they even have 8 fans netfan. my team the charlotte hornets played before a sell out every night. the city wouldn't help me build a stadium so i had to leave. 24 hours later lynn wheeler and her bunch decided the tax payers could afford to build brother johnson a stadium. now they can't even sell it out, and it's smaller that the hive. we will be in town next year to play those cats of bob known as bobscats. i am going to purchase a entire section of seats for all of the charlotte hornet fans to use free of charge. i predict we will sweep the kittycats next year.

Posted by: george | Jun 27, 2007 11:00:04 PM

Why is race even a topic? Who cares about the color of the owner or the color of his employees. When you get your own NBA team, THEN you can decide who should be hired or how much money to spend. Until then all of yall are dumb A$$' thinking that you know and you have no idea. The Cats only problem is lack of winning. Which numbers show they have won the most games out of any new franchise. Including OUR beloved Hornets. I mean what else do you all want. You gave the Hornets time and now they are gone. So support your new NBA team or STFU and keep it moving. Your support of a team shouldnt be based on the color of its front office execs. it should be based on your love for YOUR city and the professional teams that represent it.

Posted by: NCATaggie | Jun 28, 2007 12:31:29 AM

I agree NCATaggie!

Posted by: yeah | Jun 28, 2007 12:39:31 AM

First of all you idiots Alan was cut from the team, because of a back spasm injury. Then you have wallace who gets injured on and off during the season. Okafor missed last year and Sean only plays for 2/3 of the season. Now I don't know how many of you have a family member involved in the professional basketball league but you root for him. Especially when this team saw enouhg in him to cut Kareem Rush Alan's first year and then also traded Keith Bogans. But like I said go to the practices and witness what I am saying. And I like his teammates but overall this is a business and I root for my brother first and the bobcats second.

And for my brother to make it as far as he has without guys like Bonell sucking on his cock, I think that is an accomplishment. But they will, media always jumps on the band wagon to appear like they knew things all along.

I know basketball and players:

Felton - great penitrator, strong upper body, poor jumpshot, a floor leader.
Wallace - horrible jump shot, very athletic, awesome defensive presence, can play 2-4
Okafor - monsterous defensive stopper, agile big man, needs to work on low post scoring
Carroll - splendid jumpshot, endless range, no on the ball defense
Anderson - versitle SG, played point in college, nice pull up jumper, needs to work on range out to 3 point line
Herrmann - great 3 point range, athletic forward, solid defense
Morrison - potential scoring machine, great passion and very aggressive, no defense

Thats because I watch these players before they came to the NBA unlike some of you. But one thing I like about this website is that I can show my white and black friends and my mother how much racism is still around. Its just the cowards have a place to express the KKK hate without noone pulling their card. Because they hide behind screen names. Especially in North Carolina how could you have prejudice with the population full of blacks. I know all you guys work with some.

Now I am sidetracked, because all I want to say is that the bobcats have improved every year and if they do it again this year you all wil jump on the band wagon. I grew up in minnesota when the same thing happened to our state. (ala Minneapolis Lakers) Then they brought out this timberwolves idea and everyone laughed, even the NBA. 5 years later they draft KG and now everyone in the city loves the timberpups. Ya'll just going through the same down here.

Holla again!

Posted by: T-Dub | Jun 28, 2007 12:51:24 AM

T-Dub, did I hear you right? Is Kevin Garnett coming to North Carolina and Bobcats? WOW

Posted by: Romilio Rodriguez | Jun 28, 2007 8:19:52 AM

If the Bobcats keep the pick, I'd say the top 3 options would be: Green, Brewer, or Brandon Wright. If all 3 are gone, then I'd look to deal the pick

Posted by: Nate Daniel | Jun 28, 2007 8:21:44 AM

May is not getting traded. Give it up. If he's such a worthless fat tub of lard who can't even lose enough weight to get out of his door - which must be the case after reading the "fans" description of him - nobody is going to offer up anything better than #17, which the Bobcats won't take. May is a Bobcat. Stop trying to get him traded and focus your energy on getting Jake Delhomme benched for Carr. It's just as futile.

Posted by: swiznami | Jun 28, 2007 8:26:31 AM

who is this t-dub, he sounds like a drew rosenhouse wana be. for the record the players playing in the nba during the hornet early years were much better than these punk kids now. we had to play against larry bird, kevin mckale, robert parish, kareem abdul jabbar, michael jorday, scottie pippen, isiah thomas, these are some of the greatest players. we played these guys on a nightly basis.

i don't know who your brother is tdub but he is not associated with this list. who is your brother? are you related to the owner.

the league is now so watered down. there are too many below average teams. the nba could lose 8 teams and cut there schedules down to 25 games per season and quit letting everyone but the bobcats into the playoffs and this might help bring back some of the former fans that can't even name 5 players in the entire league now.

this is why the nfl is the greatest sport in the world. every game means something. half of the league doesn't make the playoffs. in the playoffs there are no 7 game series, come on 7 games this is unbelievable.

the nba is turned into a rap music, hat on sideways, baggie pants, coaches involved in drugs, coaches driving drunk, owners who don't even visit the city they have a team in. this league does not appeal to the general public anymore, look at the tv ratings, they speak volumes.

Posted by: theinsider | Jun 28, 2007 9:22:53 AM

You'll never see it on this one Bonnell, but you do suck! It's clear by the amount of adoring fans you have!


Posted by: CHillyDoggy | Jun 28, 2007 9:25:59 AM

Priority one is re-signing Wallace. It's a good faith move by the ownership group to do so. It sends a message to the Felton's and Okafor's and more importantly the struggling fan base that this franchise is a "work-in-progress" and not the LA Clippers of old where a team can be mismanaged and underpaid, but still turn a massive profit.

A trade for Monta Ellis is OK. He's certainly no savior, but a vrey nice complementary piece.

T-Dubb, I certianly appreciate your passion for being a Bobcats fan. In all honesty the franchise needs as many passionate fans like you as possible. But, you're far from the only person that "thinks" they have any basketball insight. More importantly I hope you might have better things to do with your time then attend your brother's practices. Being the brother of a part-time NBA player does not make you the Mel Kiper of the Queen City. I do wish him the best though. As a 2nd round draft pick he faces an up-hill battle.

The racist comments (from everyone) are inane. They have zero place on this site or anywhere else.

Let's just all hope that MJ and staff come away with some solid basketball players tonight. That's all we really can ask for, right?

Posted by: Patrick | Jun 28, 2007 9:39:46 AM

isnt' there a blog or message board out there where people can argue about race, about who sucks, and just bicker back and forth to each other?

don't get me wrong, i love some good trash talking as much as the next guy, but can we try to do it in a tasteful way that relates at least somewhat to the bobcats? this is a place where bobcats fans can talk about our thoughts on the team, not who is racist or how much rick bonnell sucks.

Posted by: tomP | Jun 28, 2007 9:48:00 AM

this is mj here. we are not a bunch of idiots. we know what we are doing. we are working toward building a winner here. after doing so we intend to move the bobcats to las vegas. once we are there i will be able to bet on all of our games.

we will pick who bob and i think is the best player to help our team. we don't need any advice from you people. by the way are you not suppose to be working instead of surfing the web?

my wife left me as you all know. i am working on a couple of white women that work in my building. this is why i keep asking bob to get rid of all the good looking white men.

bob's daughter is a very good horse rider. she has rode me several times.

bob intends to buy all black businesses in charlotte and take over the community. this will force white america to go out of business. when this happens the 300 season ticket holders we have will not be able to pay for our over priced tickets. this will cause attendance to fall even further inturn this is when we load up our hummers and head for the desert. good day.

ps get back to work

Posted by: MICHAEL | Jun 28, 2007 10:16:45 AM

Agreed tomP.

How is that a dificult thing to do/understand? It makes ZERO sense to me.

What the heck would Emeka Okafor think if he read this?

We should be discussing who'd be a better compliment to Okafor, Wright or Noah. Or who we should takle w/ the 22nd pick (I'm hoping for the 2 Gaurd from Rice for some reason).

Posted by: Patrick | Jun 28, 2007 10:18:17 AM

i have a friend who attended a event that okafor also attended. my friend attempted to speak to okafor and okafor blew him off. i really don't think okafor or the bobcats can afford to lose anymore support. they sure did lose the support of my friend.

Posted by: theinsider | Jun 28, 2007 11:10:52 AM

Heres what I hear....Cats will trade off there 2 picks for 2 veteran's and a 2008 & 2009 pick...they will then trade Sean "I can't eat no more!" May and get back into the Draft first round along with getting a 2-3 year veteran point gaurd....with this pick...they will draft Yi, the center from China....

Posted by: Bob | Jun 28, 2007 1:17:18 PM

Whether you sign "George" or "Michael", you're the same dumb, hateful, racist. It's a sad thing to see a few racists polluting this blog - which should be about basketball only - almost daily with their toxic comments. Racist pigs, there are plenty of white and black readers of this site who deeply despise you for the poison you keep on spewing around through your posts.

Posted by: sandy | Jun 28, 2007 1:23:04 PM

Bob, I kinda agree w/ you.

It looks like a pretty good shot that we'll deal the 8th pick to Golden State to get Monta Ellis. And I'm guessing we'll flip-flop the 18th and 22nd picks as well. I don't know about sending Sean May anywhere though. I'd guess we'd be content w/ the 18th pick and take a big guy like Williams from BC or Jason Smith from Colorado St. or (gulp!) McRoberts.

Forget that last one... I'm trying to.

Posted by: Patrick | Jun 28, 2007 1:33:28 PM

Michael, Golden State wouldn't be letting us "move up" four spots. We wouldn't be swapping the 18th and 22nd picks. We'd be adding the 18th pick. Pull the "I hate Felton" stick out of your ass, and maybe the tears will clear from your eyes, allowing you to read more clearly.

Posted by: Reading Is Fundamental | Jun 28, 2007 1:56:21 PM

The most recent post regarding an Ellis trade prior to my own: "My Source said the trade on the table is Ellis/18 for 8/22"-rly723
Go fuck yourself. And pull the "I love Felton" cock out of your mouth.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 28, 2007 3:38:04 PM

Just wanted to say to a guy above that I went to a basketball game at the old arena and went around the back to where the players' exited to go home. Almost every Bobcats player signed autographs and Okafor was one of them. He couldn't have been nicer and even chatted for a bit. LeBron James however blew everyone off and got on the Cavs bus - that is a little more understandable though since it was an away game.

Posted by: Okafor isn't a jerk | Jun 28, 2007 3:41:24 PM

to theinsider:

i live in raleigh and was in chapel hill for work back in october and the bobcats were in town for the preseason game vs. atlanta, and okafor was very friendly and receptive.

Posted by: tomP | Jun 28, 2007 3:44:10 PM

Bobcats are gonna pick Greg Oden. Not.

Posted by: Alisha | Jun 28, 2007 3:46:13 PM

Q. Bobcats are gonna pick Greg Oden. Not.
A. Answer here.

Posted by: Alisha | Jun 28, 2007 3:46:36 PM

more comments.

Posted by: Alisha | Jun 28, 2007 3:47:13 PM

why dont we try to jump in the suns-twolves deal?

suns get: KG
bobcats get: amare, any bad contracts
twolves get: 8th, 22nd, future 1st from Cats

Posted by: tomP | Jun 28, 2007 4:10:23 PM

okay, it took me typing it to realize how ludacris that is. but they'd do atlantas 3 and 11, so i thought we could jump in maybe.

Posted by: tomP | Jun 28, 2007 4:11:15 PM

less than an hour after i post that we are involved in the exact f'ing deal except we are giving up a player instead of the 22nd and future 1st

Posted by: tomP | Jun 28, 2007 5:13:01 PM

more of the same, cheap young boys. bob is not going to give us any hope. i guess michael will be sending out more i'm sorry letters for the poor performance next year as well.

Posted by: theinsider | Jun 28, 2007 10:47:30 PM

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