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August 29, 2007

Bobcats get McInnis and price isn't bad

Whether it was Jeff McInnis or whomever, the Bobcats weren’t going to spend more than the veteran minimum on a backup point guard this season.

That’s not the Bobcats being cheap, it’s a reflection of the NBA market.

I found out today that McInnis accepted the Bobcats’ one-year contract offer. An announcement should come shortly. I made a call to his agent, Steve Kauffman, to confirm details. That conversation morphed into a more general talk about how NBA teams distribute their payroll these days.

Kauffman agrees with an impression I’ve had for a while, that the typical NBA team will pay 50 to 70 percent of its payroll to four or five players management considers crucial to its future. Then four or five others will have to settle for the veteran minimum to balance costs.

In other words, players making an "average’’ NBA salary will be few and far between.

It’s a star-driven league. Also the collective bargaining agreement rewards teams for holding as many contracts as possible to veteran-minimum scale (set compensation, based on each player’s years of NBA service). The NBA partially reimburses teams for those veteran-minimum salaries out of a league-wide pool.

"A huge percentage of players are (locked) at the minimum,’’ Kauffman said. "I call recall all the way back to 1999 thinking there’s no doubt this would happen’’ based on rules governing the salary cap.

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Those poor, poor players. Let them work for the US Minimum Wage for a while. Then they could pawn their chains and watches and get a real job if they qualify for one.

Posted by: sportsfan | Aug 29, 2007 5:00:32 PM

Hey Bobcats, wake up...filling the team with UNC players isn't resulting in a winning team or a good crowd. Stop pandering to the UNC crowd and just put together a winning team. Not only do we get a crappy name for the team due to the ego of the team owner, but now we get all UNC players due to the ego of Jordan. Charlotte has been burned once by a NBA owner and the Bobcats are quickly losing any momentum with the city that they may have had.

Posted by: Racer | Aug 29, 2007 6:54:20 PM

Racer, you're a moron just like the rest of the posters on here. They didn't sign him because he went to Carolina. They signed him because he is a reliable back up point guard, a position of need, and he was cheap. In case you haven't noticed, and you probably haven't since you're obviously an NBA hater, there isn't a ton of out of work back up pgs to pick up. Go complain to compensate for your crappy life somewhere else. Idiot. Quit reading Bobcats posts if you're going to trash them.

Posted by: Bobcat Matt | Aug 29, 2007 7:44:49 PM

Yeah, seriously man. We have a really awesome squad this year, and a nice backup PG like McGinnis is just icing on the cake. He WANTS to be here in Charlotte and he took the veteran minimum, and he does a good job! I can't wait for the season go come so we can get into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. G-Force and J-Rich is going to be like an ultimate highlight show every night from the wings. Jordan has done a much better job with this team so far than he did with the Wizards, and Bob Johnson seems to be willing to part with some money to make an excellent team and organization.


Posted by: Shane | Aug 29, 2007 8:11:45 PM

Still need a big man.

Posted by: David | Aug 29, 2007 8:43:57 PM

This was a good move because we really needed someone to back up Felton evey night. Although I am not sure that McInnis is the best possible option, he can definitely do the job.

On a side note, the guy that made the comment about the Bobcats having too many UNC players doesn't know what he is talking about. He may not realize that Charlotte is in North Carolina. Half of Charlotte either went to Carolina or are fans of the Tarheels just because. I really don't think anyone has a problem with UNC guys coming to the Bobcats, and I actually think it's a good thing.

I like the moves that Jordan has made with the team and I am glad that Bob Johnson is willing to spend the money to win.

Looking forward to next season.

Posted by: Sean | Aug 29, 2007 9:03:19 PM

I just want to remind everyone that we have led the league in attendance for the past 3 years. We have 123 straight sellouts. And another thing, we will win the NBA Championship next year. This is a guarantee from your owner Bob (BlackEveryTime) Bobcat Johnson.


Posted by: BobJohnson | Aug 29, 2007 9:41:48 PM

Breaking News, the Bobcats are about to announce the signing of

Sam Perkins
Jimmy Black
Timo Mackanan
James Worthy
Larry Brown
George Karl
Brad Daughty
Matt Dohorty
Dudley Bradley
Buzz Peterson (Off the Bench)

They have all agreed to play for the veteran minimum. This will allow our owner Mr. Robert Johnson to save some money since we have the lowest attendance in the league. With only 150 season ticket holders we have to save money.

Posted by: Michael Jordan | Aug 29, 2007 9:49:26 PM

Well of course the price isn't bad...he's terrible! But at least I can continue to wear my Columbia blue (yes, the color of all you UNC fanboys isn't even YOURS) with pride to support Sean May's 300 pounds/binge eating habit along with Felton's garbage shooting and decision-making skills along with Jeffrey! I sure hope Alkie Ford signed off on this!

Posted by: McInnis is Garbage! | Aug 29, 2007 9:57:31 PM

Yes Sean...I have no idea that Charlotte is in NC. Nevermind that I can see downtown Charlotte out my window as I type this. Attendance sucks...obviously filling the team with UNC players isn't doing any good. It's time to put a team of players on the floor rather than the wannabes that currently fill out the roster for the BOBcats.

Posted by: Racer | Aug 30, 2007 12:04:25 AM

I can hardly wait to see how each new Bonnell column brings out the best cases of racist envy....the product of small minds. I personally find BET (Blatantly Envious Trash) more entertaining than insulting. Oops, sorry small minds, go to dictionary.com if you don't know what blatant means. :) By the way, nice article Bonnell. Guys, lets have some comments about BASKETBALL!!

Posted by: jrj | Aug 30, 2007 12:18:53 AM

The fact is that the Bobcats have been the best expansion team in NBA history in terms yearly won/lost percentages so far. Mr. Jordan has done an excellent job. Though I was disappointed with the J-Rich move at first, having researched J-Rich more I now think it was a masterful move. Felton and J-Rich in the backcourt along with Okafor and G-Force up front constitutes a pretty good quartet. When May is healthy, he is pretty darn good too. On the bench, the wings are solid with Carroll, Herrmann and...yes, Dudley, who may even play PF....yes, the kid knows the game and can rebound, shoot and play post defense. I also believe that Adam Morrison will show more of the "instant offense" that he displayed in college now that the pressure is off and he has a year under his belt. Now there is always room for improvement; however, it isn't quite as simple as deciding which player to trade for or which player to sign. Other teams, players and various NBA salary constraints play a vital role in making player transactions happen. Given the REALISTIC possibilities, which PG would be better than McGinnis? I know that some will immediately point to the waiver of Brevin. I loved Brevin! At the same time, any assumptions that any of us make regarding his departure would be pure speculation. Jordan is a winner; Bob Johnson is an obvious winner because losers don't become billionaires...they simply criticize those they envy.

Posted by: jrj | Aug 30, 2007 1:00:46 AM

Okay you guys, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that y'all are right and can see as well as I can; I am BET (Black Every Time) I've seen myself in a mirror. I didn't think you were astute enough to notice!!

Posted by: Bob Johnson | Aug 30, 2007 1:24:37 AM

Ok, RACER and "BobJohnson", answer these questions for me...How could YOU make the Bobcats organization better? If you owned the Bobcats who would be on your roster and how would you make it happen? How would YOU get the city to support YOUR team?

Posted by: Chan | Aug 30, 2007 2:42:19 AM

Hey Sportsfan, who do you suggest we bring in instead of McInnis? Since you obviously know your stuff, what free agent do you think we could've gotten instead of McInnis?

And btw moron, Jordan didn't bring in all the UNC players. He wasn't on the staff/ownership group when we drafted Felton and May.

Posted by: Air Bobcat | Aug 30, 2007 9:36:28 AM

Sorry Sportsfan...that should've been directed to Racer...

Racer, see above post...

Posted by: Air Bobcat | Aug 30, 2007 9:37:23 AM

Uhh...how about Derek Anderson...he outperformed McInnis by leaps and bounds last year, and he's clearly a man of higher character and intellect. If you'd rather go for some upside, though, rather than guy who's just steady, why not Earl Boykins? The guy had a better season last year than McInnis has had in five years.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Aug 30, 2007 9:54:01 AM

I am a little concerned about McInnis' work ethic. IMO, just looking at his physique it does not appear that he puts much time into training. Okay, he is a NBA talent and was a good shooter in his UNC days, but will he be able to manage the second team and command spot duty with the starters? Let's remember he came in last year when the
Bobcats already had Brevin, and the still let Brevin go, so that should say something about how the organization feels about McInnis. Someone posted that the Bobcats still need a big man, but let's see how the young guys pan out first.

Posted by: northcliq | Aug 30, 2007 10:33:15 AM

I would like them to get DA back again, though he may not want to, he may be looking to get into coaching now.

If not DA then another big, though I really don't know of any out there worth getting. Anyone know of anyone?

I don't think Earl Boykins would be a good pick, I think he would demand more time from Felton, which wouldn't be better for the bcats. McInnis is a fine back up and wants to be here and Bonnell says he and Sam Vinceint hit it off - that has to count for something.

Posted by: Bonnell=Greatest Reporter Ever! | Aug 30, 2007 11:21:34 AM

Whatever happened to the rumor of Jeff McGinnis and Phil Ford not getting along. I figured that McGinnis would be gone after the hiring of Ford, but I heard from someone at the arena that McGinnis was there EVERY DAY working out even though he wasn't under contract. I guess that his work (in the gym and community) paid off. That, and I think that his feud with Ford has been overblown or has blown over.

Posted by: knhart | Aug 30, 2007 2:07:06 PM

Hey RJR what is your job title. It is obvious that you are either head of Public Relations or a Friend Of Mike.

It doesn't matter who they bring in attendance will still be at a lower low. Jordan is only here to try and win a few fans for BET (Black Every Time ) Bobcat Johnson. Are there any white people left in management?

No one is questioning Bobcat Johnson's business skills. Hey he made us build him an arena didn't he? Smart Guy.

Posted by: sportsfan | Aug 30, 2007 2:28:19 PM

The reason the Bobcat Johnson's team has the best expansion losing percentage, is because there are more teams now than when the Hornets and Heat started. This causes a watering down of competition. There are less great players now than when the Hornets and heat started. Remember Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas just to name a few. There is no comparasion. Do a little research before you get online and pretend to know what you are talking about.

I am talking to you RJR.

Posted by: insider | Aug 30, 2007 2:35:38 PM

I think McInnis will be solid with a clear role. And the best thing about him is the likelihood of him accepting that role as backup pg. I would love to have DA as a 3rd option at pg, not the primary backup of an UPTEMPO team.

Posted by: jperry | Aug 30, 2007 3:05:36 PM

BTW, has Boykins demonstrated any pg attributes other than being able to bring the ball up and being short?

And Bonell=The Greatest, I agree that the Vincent/McInnis hitting it off thing should not be overlooked. Chemistry is probably a big factor in all of this.

Posted by: jperry | Aug 30, 2007 3:08:56 PM

I'll be honest and say that while I do come here to talk some bcats, I do thoroughly enjoy the show that the racists put on. I mean no one can really be as racist as sportsfan, bobjohnson, insider are, right? And really ignorant, even for racists. And they hold imaginary grudges like children. They are just characters trying to rile people up, right?

Posted by: Bonnell=Greatest Reporter Ever! | Aug 30, 2007 4:11:22 PM

I was just listening to Nelly on the radio...."it's gettin' hot in here...let's take off all our clothes" and I was admiring the class of one our owners. His art is almost as high as that "Who's Your Caddy" movie. With great minds and standards like this, the Bobcats will definitely be catching fire in Charlotte. Us dumb hicks love that urban stuff, right? he said as he spit out his "chaw." But, if the hicks don't go, there's plenty of "urban" guys in Charlotte ready to buy premium seats and suites...right? So, we can't lose, right? Bring on McGinnis, a wonderful addition to a wonderful team.

Posted by: Lee Sandusky | Aug 30, 2007 11:37:26 PM

sportsfan, my title is (true)"Sports Fan". I am neither a Sociologist nor a Racist so the concept of basketball or football outcomes based on the racial distribution of ownership, management or coaching staff never dawned on me until reading these posts. Since beginning these readings, I have become familiar with BET. Now, I know that Bob Johnson is (BET) black every time he looks at his picture or sees himself in a mirror. I've also been made aware that there is (BET) Blatantly Envious Trash with whom that is an issue. Personally, I'm much more interested in achievement and performance on the court than in organizational demographics. As a Sports Fan, my favorite race is the 100 meter.

Posted by: rjr | Aug 31, 2007 1:21:41 PM

insider, you spoke to me and I heard you loud and clear. The message I got is that a debate with someone who is emotionally charged, knows little, and could care less about the distinction between inferential statistics and descriptive statistics would prove futile. Issues such as time series stratification of players using skill attributes or temporal influences of sample size would quickly be dismissed in favor of using this "Sports" forum as a means of expressing deep seeded racist feelings. I have no desire to appear to belittle you by pointing out the flaws in your posts. Quite frankly, I would much rather simply talk about basketball and at least make comments that are relevant about the game itself. Long ago, Eleanor Roosevelt made the observation that "small minds" prefer talking about people.

Posted by: rjr | Aug 31, 2007 1:53:16 PM

Thanks RJR I knew I could count on you to take up for your daddy. Now come over here and get on your knees you little *itch

Posted by: Bob Johnson | Aug 31, 2007 11:24:18 PM

If Brezec can have a good year he would do fine, last year he didnt have that good a season, Hollins still needs guidance with his game but with minutes he can get the experience he needs. I feel we are like a good big man away from real dominance.

Posted by: David | Sep 1, 2007 1:45:25 AM

We are only 12 players, an experienced coaching staff, and a ownership that has a clue from being World Champions.

Posted by: fan | Sep 3, 2007 9:54:00 PM

good move. i gotta get back to see a game this season. lived abroad for the past six years (2 in London and the last 4 in Prague). this squad has me excited and i'm thinking playoffs this year. Charlotte has to remember this isn't the Shinn Hornets and quit hating.

Posted by: Jason | Sep 4, 2007 5:50:27 AM

You are right Jason, these are not the Hornets. People cared enough to attend the games back then. I think the Robert Bobcat Johnson team now has 100 season ticket holders. People only go to see the kobe and lebron come to town.

Posted by: informant | Sep 4, 2007 11:40:12 AM

Atleast this management doesn't trade away star players. Remember how the hornets gave kobe away for Vlade Divac (sp?) and the alonzo and Larry Johnson, but hey they did keep good ol' mugsy boges. And remember how much the fans loved the hornets and how great the management of the hornets was? So great that they left town...real upstanding people involved.

The Bcats are committed to winning here, as they have shown in the offseason. Just deal with the fact that Bcats are here, are playing better every year, compete in every game, and should be fun to watch next year.

Posted by: Bonnell=Greatest Reporter Ever! | Sep 4, 2007 4:05:16 PM

This team doesn't have any star players that anyother team wants. The hornets left town because the city wouldn't help build a new arena. Then the city forced us to build Bob an arena. Get your facts straight Greatest Reporter Ever.

Posted by: informant | Sep 4, 2007 4:37:28 PM

What does Phil Ford think of McInnis being signed? Didnt they have some sort of feud?

Posted by: Carolina Man | Sep 4, 2007 7:36:18 PM

It doesn't matter McInnis is a Friend Of Mike.

Posted by: nbasucks | Sep 4, 2007 9:37:42 PM

Informant-The Hornets left because voters did not approve the arts package that included the arena. Also, the deal to build the new arena was negotiated by the city with the NBA before Bob Johnson was awarded the franchise.

Posted by: dsmith | Sep 4, 2007 11:44:17 PM

Thanks for your comment dsmith. It has been interesting listening to a bunch of racist idiots claim that Bob Johnson made the city build a new arena. The arena was a done deal before Johnson ever entered the picture and anyone who can read can check the record on that. The Bobcats will be a better team his year. If you check the record you will see that they beat some of the better teams in the NBA last year when they were healthy. People tend to forget that they beat the Pistons, Miami, Cleveland, Chicago, New Jersey and the Champion Spurs among other playoff teams even when they were not 100% healthy. Better health and more experienced players should make the team even better this year.

Posted by: dan | Sep 5, 2007 1:10:40 AM

Yeah, with the watered down league now I bet the Bobbie Cats will with the NATIONAL BASKETBALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Like that even means anything anymore.

Posted by: nbasucks | Sep 5, 2007 9:32:22 AM

I think its the same person everytime stirring up stuff. LOL the way its sounds this may be a disgruted arts supporter. Same general wording, same style childish nic-names for everyone and generally cutting down everything basketball. Ignore this person folks.... I am. LOL

Posted by: David | Sep 5, 2007 10:48:32 PM

Good observation david. I had already concluded that there is one person on the list who goes by at least four names.

Posted by: dan | Sep 6, 2007 8:10:43 PM

Even if it is the same person they do have some good points, even if we don't like all of them.

Posted by: concernedfan | Sep 7, 2007 11:09:12 AM

Hey, isn't it about time for a Brevin Knight update?

Posted by: BKFan | Sep 9, 2007 3:33:37 PM

Bring back Mike O'Koren and lets include Jimmy Spanarkle too!!!!

Posted by: jimbo | Sep 10, 2007 8:10:15 AM

I have a friend and he is black. Bobcat Johnson has told me that I may hire him as long as he fits those two qualifications.

Posted by: Michael Jordan | Sep 10, 2007 11:57:56 AM

That is a nice comment Micheal Jordan. Seems like you guys are doing what you did back in the early film days, paint your face brown and tell everyone you are a black person. Thats okay we asked for reperations for 400 years and instead of waiting we did what blacks do. We took it. Why do you think we were brought here to wokr in the cotton fields because we work hard no matter what. Whites don't you get off on who you know giving you chances. We make our own. Ya'll scared of us but the white girls love us and that makes you made. LOL!!!

We can do this all day or we can talk basketball for real. Freaking Hicks, I thought we got ride of you guys. And did you see the VMA's, now a black person produced that. You can't stop us, Christopher Colombus should have left us in Africa and ya'll wouldnt have that problem. But hey, we here now and we taking all this.

Posted by: T-Dub | Sep 10, 2007 3:48:59 PM

I can do it too.

My fellow americans, I am really an idiot but since you all are dumber than me it doesn't matter. I know I was supposed to go after Bin Laden but he is a friend of the family, so I got Sadam instead. Close enough cause they all look alike, right.

This is my last few months so I am going to make it better for the rich and I hate the poor so who cares.

Take care my white people and maybe I will change the reelection process and come back again.

Posted by: George W. Bush | Sep 10, 2007 3:54:51 PM

Get at me cause I am back!!!

Posted by: T-Dub | Sep 10, 2007 3:55:46 PM

Hey T-bub, did they let you out for good behavior?

Posted by: taxpayer | Sep 11, 2007 12:21:58 PM

LOL!!! LOL!!! At of all your dumb comments taxpayer, that really was funny.

Posted by: T-Dub | Sep 11, 2007 10:49:11 PM

i have to agree with procton, Boykins would have been PERFECT.

Posted by: Matt | Sep 12, 2007 9:50:02 AM

I heard that charlotte coliseum #3 might have a new name.

Posted by: bigfan | Sep 13, 2007 5:17:14 PM

Why don't we wait til the season gets started and see how this new team will look and perform on the court before we start assigning the number of wins and losses, number of season tickets sold and so forth. Why don't you spend your time watching the Panthers until the Bobcats season starts.......

Posted by: FMJ | Sep 15, 2007 10:18:55 AM

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