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June 22, 2008

Bobcats have eye on Hibbert


I missed work last week with a medical concern. I was in the hospital, but I’m back now and playing catch-up on the phone Sunday. Some things I hear:

-- Don’t be surprised if the Charlotte Bobcats acquire an extra first-round pick and use it to draft Georgetown center Roy Hibbert. A source with another NBA team hears the Bobcats have checked around for a pick in the late teens or early 20s. That same source hears Hibbert might be the Bobcats’ target if they make such a deal (not that it’s a given Hibbert would still be around then).Davidson_georgetown_25

Hibbert is somewhat limited as an athlete, but he knows the game. That sort of basketball sophistication, combined with his being a legit 7-footer, would appeal to new Bobcats coach Larry Brown.

The Bobcats’ needs entering this draft are another point guard and another big man. So if they choose a point guard with the ninth pick (Russell Westbrook or D.J. Augustin?), acquiring a pick to add a big guy makes great sense.

-- I hope former Bobcats coach/GM Bernie Bickerstaff ends up with the Chicago Bulls as an assistant to rookie head coach Vinny Del Negro. He’s in the mix.

I’ve known Del Negro, a former N.C. State star, for 20 years, and he’s a great guy with the people skills to evolve into this job. But he’ll need plenty of help to compensate for his lacking experience; he’s never coached at any level before this.

Bernie would be great because he has the experience and the humility to be the sounding board Del Negro needs.

-- A team drafting in the vicinity of the Bobcats thinks Charlotte would ideally use the ninth pick on UCLA’s Westbrook. Makes sense to me. This team absolutely must improve defensively to get out of its current rut.

There’s no doubt that Westbrook can defend. In these times, when the NBA calls fouls so quickly for hand-checking along the perimeter, that would make Westbrook pretty valuable here.

There’s a good chance Westbrook will be gone before the ninth pick. But wouldn’t it be interesting if the Bobcats somehow had a choice between Westbrook and Stanford big man Brook Lopez?

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Bonnell - Sorry to hear that you were in the hospital and I hope that you will be ok.

In regards to the draft, who or what would the Bobcats give up to acquire another pick?? My guess would be Carroll, but I really hope that isn't the case and I believe he is worth more than a pick in the 20's.

Posted by: Yeah? | Jun 22, 2008 7:59:01 PM

From twincities.com: "Timberwolves trade rumors abound, one of which involves a deal with Charlotte for the Wolves' No. 3 overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft for the Bobcats' No. 9 pick and 6-8 shooting guard Adam Morrison. The Wolves aren't commenting." Have you heard anything Bonnell?

Posted by: Yeah? | Jun 22, 2008 8:45:10 PM

Bonnell and I agreeing on the pick? what is the world coming to?!?! I like Westbrook for the bcats...

As for yeah?, you have a link to that? I can't imagine that deal wouldn't have already happened if true. I think the bcats would give both picks this year, morrison and another player or two for the 3rd pick. That pick is either oj mayo or beasley. The bcats would be tremendously better with either one.

Posted by: bonnell=procton | Jun 22, 2008 9:09:12 PM


Posted by: Yeah? | Jun 22, 2008 9:42:53 PM

charlotte should trade mohammed plus the 1st draft pick for milicic and crittenton. darko is only 22y/o, a former player of brown and he's ready to blossom into a very good nba C/PF. Crittenton has the size and skill to challenge felton for the starting position. then send morrison and may to the lakers for vujacic, mihm and coby karl. charlotte would be a very athletic team with the ability to play great defense and score from anywhere. With LB coaching this team there's no reason why charlotte shouldn't make it to the post season, get past the first round and compete for the eastern conference championship in a few years.

Posted by: larry | Jun 22, 2008 11:19:31 PM

What is this obsession with Darko? He sucks and has a huge contract right?

Posted by: Timbo | Jun 23, 2008 7:26:52 AM

mentioned that the value on hibbert is about the same for lopez(getting the same player for less) if they moved down and then the blog entry. same thing happened with the rasheed wallace entry a few weeks back. mentioned they should explore the availibity and then an article happens.

Posted by: brendan | Jun 23, 2008 8:34:53 AM

and for the t-wolves option, i would take that in a second. i like morrison, and think he will be a viable scorer in the league, but with 3 we could call our own shots. there is a real chance that miami DOES NOT take beasley at 2. wade has been quoted that he wants to play off the ball(meaning they may take oj mayo at 2 to be their point), and they like marion at 4(beasley's spot). this could play out as beasley available at 3 and we could have a front court of the future of okafor at 5 and beasley at 4. I really think miami will take beasley, however, and this would then allow us to either take mayo and auction him off to thie highest bidder(i hear the knicks are high on him) or keep him and trade a package of existing chips for players(like carrol, may, or morrison)

Posted by: brendan | Jun 23, 2008 9:06:22 AM

Is this the same Roy Hibbert that Davidson's big guys made look like a fool? Is he the same one that constantly set picks 30 feet from the basket, even though he was easily the best and biggest man on the court? No thanks.

Posted by: Tom | Jun 23, 2008 9:54:45 AM

If we do get the third pick, what about jerryd bayless? He fits a bigger need for the bobcats bc hes more of a point guard than mayo. getting beasley would be amazing, but i bet minnesota wouldnt do the deal if beasley were available.

Posted by: gj | Jun 23, 2008 11:11:47 AM

Tom, your "setting picks" argument is hardly damning. Usually (and this may be a stretch for you to comprehend), players aren't just setting picks on their own outside of a pickup game. They're running something called an offense, which is dictated by the coach.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 23, 2008 12:06:10 PM

Hibbert will just be like another Nazr... slow, and just mediocre

I don't see the upside in Hibbert at all


Posted by: ryan | Jun 23, 2008 12:41:47 PM

Hibbert? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Let me reiterate, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jubal | Jun 23, 2008 1:54:08 PM

I have watched Hibbert play for 4 years in the Big East and he will be a major center in the NBA. He did not have a good year in 2007/2008 and made an error in not coming out last year - remember he was a projected lottery pick then. Yes, he did not play well against Davidson but he OUTPLAYED Greg Ogden in 2007 during the final 4. He is also a GOOD Kid (if that matters to folks) and follows instructions and will get better over time. No he is NOT fleet of foot (never will be) but he is and will be a classic back to the basket center who will close down the middle (college refs do not allow these types of centers to play too many mins. due to fouls)

Posted by: Hal | Jun 23, 2008 1:54:15 PM

Sure, he doesn't have much upside. But he also doesn't have much downside. He's polished and ready to step in and contribute 20-25+ minutes RIGHT NOW. Very different from Randolph, Jordan, or any of the other "ultra-skilled potential" guys.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 23, 2008 2:08:38 PM

If you're picking him in the right spot and you can get rid of a bigger contract then Hibbert makes sense. I'd be happy to trade Carroll away for Hibbert, especially if we're able to get Westbrook and use him at both guard positions.

The only problem w/ Hibbert is that he can't defend the power forward. Unless Okafor can expand his mobility we'd still have the logjam in the middle, but he'd be a great overall pick late in the first.

Posted by: Jared | Jun 23, 2008 2:23:02 PM

If it comes down to Westbrook and Lopez, and MJ/LB go with Lopez, we're doomed.

Posted by: Michael | Jun 23, 2008 4:17:38 PM

Jared, how DARE you? Guards cannot ever play at more than one position. It stunts their growth. Just ask any Raymond Felton fan.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 23, 2008 5:02:36 PM

Lopez, please tell me one good Stanford player in the NBA? These guys are soft. Big East Guys are NOT. Hibbert is not a project, as Michael said he is ready to play now not sometime in the future.

Posted by: Hal | Jun 23, 2008 8:47:01 PM

Josh Childress. Soft is as far from what he is as a player as could possibly be. I'll certainly take him over Jeff Green, the only Georgetown player under 30 who's even halfway decent.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 23, 2008 10:39:05 PM

Considering you are comparing a LONGTIME TRUE COMBO guard in Westbrook to a longtime true point guard in Felton is apples and oranges. Westbrook has never been a full-time pg in his career and no one is looking at him as such. He has always been a combo and teams are planning to CONTINUE to use him as such.

Felton was always a point guard and was supposed to be the point guard for the future. Therefore, it made/makes sense to DEVELOP him PRIMARILY/PREDOMINANTLY as a pg. Spot minutes at the 2 (like the last games of the year) is not the same as long stints at the 2 when trying to learn the nuances of NBA offense and develop rapport with your teammates when Felton came in. It's not that hard to understand.

If teams really were looking at Westbrook to be the pg of the future, he would still get minutes at the 2, but they would put most of the energy in attempting to teach and develop him at the 1 spot. You're talking apples and oranges.

Posted by: jperry | Jun 24, 2008 1:00:17 AM

yes Roy Hibbert is a team lifter.He is ready to play center in the NBA.He was handicapped in his senior year playing for Thompson who ran the Princeton Offense.Therefore he was not postingt upo but involved in the motion offense,that is why he was wasted setting screens outside,coaches decision.Do you think that the players guards and forwards were looking to get him the ball in the post.That was not their offense.But if you saw him play when they did get him the ball in the post he scored easily and often He was unstoppable. he scored with his left or right hand,had a good drop step and could step out and hit the 12 ft jumper.And a bonus he can pass out of the double team.next NBA season no matter where he ends up the TV guys will say how did the teams miss him.Yes he is ready whereas Brooke is not, Having watched PAC 10 basaketball Brooke does not pass out of the Double Team at all he tries to break through.Worked a little in Pac 10 soft and small big men.but won't work in NBA.He is a hard worker and an energy guy but only potential.years away for quality NBA center.
Not much of a short range jumper(10-15ft).Good shot blocker but only so-so as post defender(see games against 6-9 Kevin love and Taj Gibson)But don't get me wrong I like both Lopez brothers but not ready to impact NBA yet.
as to Hibbert guarding power forwards,that will be Okafor's job what is he 6'9".Do you realize that hibbert is 7'2',He dwarfed Oden physically in that game in 07.
Hibbert will guard the post player and since the experts question his stamina when a team as a center who wants to shoot outside jumpers it will be time for Charlotte to go zone or take hibbert out if that center is making them.
Now hibbert stayed the extra year to enhance his longtime career.We all know don't we that over the summer Ewing,Mourning and Mutoumbo return to Georgetown to work out with the players.Do you have any idea what he learned going one on one with Ewing,Mourning and Mutuombo?

Posted by: richard | Jun 24, 2008 3:50:20 AM

if charlotte passes on him there crazy to me he was georgetown he look better than both lopez brothers to me you need a good solid center they know that if they draft him add some freagent then think we got a shot at the playoffs

Posted by: ross | Jun 25, 2008 1:48:06 AM

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