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November 21, 2008

A ridiculous technical called on Larry Brown

In 20 years of covering the NBA I've never seen a more ridiculous technical foul than the one called on Larry Brown in the first half against the Hawks.

Quite literally, Brown yelled out, "Hey, ref'' – nothing more – and it caused referee Eric Lewis to 'T'' up Brown. Brown was standing right in front of me at the time, so I know what was and wasn't said.

Is it now a punishable offense not to recall a particularly referee's name during a game?

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Stinks we lost tonight because it seemed that there was a little more fire. Augustin looked really good. he missed some shots but someone's got to be our best offensive weapon and it looks like it's going to be him.

Kaman would be good but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. So any other options?

Posted by: Dougie | Nov 21, 2008 10:02:27 PM

Mr. Bonnell,

Before the 2008 NBA Draft I sent a few emails to Tom Sorenson (spelling right?) that the Bobcats should trade one or both of their picks to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge from Portland. He shot down that idea saying Aldridge wasn't that good due to inconsistency & hurt too often. I thought he was wrong then and still do now. And since it is now apparent that Portland wouldn't trade him, what are the odds that the Bobcats could get Channing Frye. He looked promising at times as a rookie for the Knicks and he has decent range and can guard out on the perimeter more so than Emeka. Your thoughts?

Also does DJ's performance tonight spell an inevitable trade of Felton this season?

Posted by: Yeah? | Nov 21, 2008 11:23:03 PM

Bobcats need consistency, and a leader..someone needs to start to step up and take control of this team. take control of the paint, feed the big guys the ball and get felton to heat up. augustin looks good, better than felton.

Posted by: Brett Johnson | Nov 22, 2008 12:11:02 AM

Augustine looked like a pimp tonight. Felton & May for Frye & Blake. Nazr for Milicic & Crittenton.

Posted by: larry | Nov 22, 2008 1:13:14 AM

Just a guess... but yea, I think LB probably liked Augustin more to begin with. And every game like the ATL game is only going to make things worse for rayray I hate to say it but he is probably on his way out.

Posted by: David | Nov 22, 2008 4:51:12 AM

HEY RICK!!!!! You were on the broadcast of the game last night, when they showed Larry Brown after getting his technical. I knew you were going to write something today. I could read your lips, "What for!?" You were sitting next to Stephanie Ready right?

Posted by: Matt | Nov 22, 2008 5:39:04 AM

Nice call Matt, I saw that too. lol. Last night it was clear Felton just doesnt have those PG instincts. Augustin is the future, Im really glad we picked him up. If we send Felton packing, the problem is we have no backup true point. I still question alot of Browns line ups, I wouldnt have took Wallace out so early, he was hot. Nazr is such a waste, I cant believe they traded Hermann for him, Id even take Primoz back.

Posted by: marvel | Nov 22, 2008 6:16:05 AM

Felton will be gone before the end of January.

Felton & Mohammed for Milicic and Crittenton.

Carroll or Morrison for David Lee or Tim Thomas.

NY has excess PF's now, with Al Harrington in.

Posted by: Rob C | Nov 22, 2008 10:22:20 AM

Some quick reactions to your questions/comments:
1. That technical was a complete joke. Glad to hear the ref apologized at halftime.
2. I don't know if I'd give up much to acquire Channing Frye. Maybe he'd help, but I'm not sure he's the move-the-needle player some of you do.
3. It's probably a little strong to use the word "inevitable'' to describe whether Felton will be traded. But I will say this: If D.J. continues on his current fast-track development, the Bobcats really should consider the impact of Raymond becoming a restricted free agent in July. I'm guessing there will be other teams that value him more than the Bobcats will. So maybe getting something for him by the trade deadline outweighs the team keeping its options open beyond February.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Nov 22, 2008 12:38:02 PM

Did Michael Jordan even inquire about the fire sale the Knicks had on Zack Randolph (A Legit Power forward) and Jamal Crawford (a bonified 2/3)??? May, Morrison, Wallace, Dudley Felton or any combination of them could have been offered up to get either or both of those knick players. Knicks just wanted to clear cap room for the upcoming Lebron James sweepstakes.

Posted by: Kevin | Nov 22, 2008 3:12:28 PM

You're disregarding the intent of the Knicks' move. They were looking to get out from under Randolph's huge contract without taking back anything that doesn't expire before the summer of 2010 (when the great LeBrown-Wade-Bosh draft class is available.) Randolph makes $16M next season and $17.3M the following season.
So, first, it would be hard for the Bobcats to assemble enough contracts that expire quickly to match Randolph's $14.6M cap number this season. (Wallace, for instance, wouldn't be attractive to the Knicks.) And second, is Randolph worth blowing up any and all cap flexibility the next two seasons?

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Nov 22, 2008 3:33:28 PM

Do you know if LB is going to keep the same starting lineup tonight as last night?

Posted by: Caleb | Nov 22, 2008 4:46:12 PM

same starters.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Nov 22, 2008 6:05:09 PM


Posted by: Caleb | Nov 22, 2008 6:09:29 PM

Mr. Bonnell, I am not saying that Channing Frye is a great player, but I feel that he has potential and could help with some of the team's needs immediately. He is certainly a better player than Hollins & Ajinca are right now. He also would be someone that we wouldn't have to give up a starter for or destroy our core for.

Posted by: Yeah? | Nov 22, 2008 6:48:25 PM

I wrote..Bobcats need consistency, and a leader..someone needs to start to step up and take control of this team. take control of the paint, feed the big guys the ball and get felton to heat up. augustin looks good, better than felton.

and the next day (today) that post is under 'yeah?' and my post is:

Augustine looked like a pimp tonight. Felton & May for Frye & Blake. Nazr for Milicic & Crittenton.

..any idea what went on with that one? I definately wrote the first one and they got switched

Posted by: Brett Johnson | Nov 22, 2008 7:24:57 PM

nevermind, haha read the posts wrong

Posted by: Brett Johnson | Nov 22, 2008 7:27:03 PM

The bobcats SUCK!!! Who cares about a simple a.. technical foul when the team is 3-9 and has 0 presence on either side of the ball in the front court. Bob and Mr. Jordan need to sell this freakin team to somebody that knows how to spend money and put a REAL WINNER on the court!!! This organization is an embarrassment to Tobacco Road!!! GO TARHEELS!!!!

Posted by: Joe Mamma | Nov 22, 2008 10:33:49 PM

If the season ended today are we in the playoffs?

Posted by: JASON | Nov 22, 2008 11:46:55 PM

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