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February 07, 2009

Extreme makeover? Bobcats not done

This isn’t over. If you think the Bobcats are done, trying to make over their team, then you don’t understand Larry Brown’s compulsion or Michael Jordan’s zeal.

I’m not saying they definitely make another deal in the 12 days remaining until the NBA trade deadline. They’ve already made three trades that make this roster so different, you wouldn’t recognize it if you were in Wilmington for training camp.

I am saying they’re still looking, probing, checking.

The roster is in flux right now because, if healthy, they’re already talented enough to make the Eastern Conference playoffs. Won’t happen for two reasons: They didn’t start the season with this group and now, because of injuries to Gerald Wallace, D.J. Augustin and Raja Bell, it’s too late.

Doesn’t matter. Next season, they’re the great riser in the Eastern Conference, a team that is talented, experienced and sound. The problem is they’re shallow. And that’s where they’re searching.

If there’s another trade, it involves one of the following:

THAT POINT-GUARD ISSUE: So is Raymond Felton or D.J. Augustin the better point guard going forward? One or the other is too expensive to retain. A shocker: The Bobcats could move Augustin to retain Felton.

NAZ IS A GONER, IF…: They can find a deal that combines Felton’s and Nazr Mohammed’s contracts without taking back garbage. That’s a remote possibility.

EITHER SEAN IS OUT: Sean May and Sean Singeletary are both expendable in any deal that makes the Bobcats better. The alternative is letting both their contracts expire

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That would be shocking if they traded DJ. Eve n with Felton playing better i still don't blame the bobcats drafting DJ. Drafting Brook Lopez would be useless cuz i dont think they could play him and Okafor at the same time. Best case scenario is to wait for DJ to get healthy and trade Felton for pieces that could help this team b/c its useless to resign Felts for 7-10 million a year to be a backup. Thats what i feel it would take to resign Felton.

Posted by: Zachary Pletchan | Feb 7, 2009 10:09:45 PM

Ideal situation would be trading May, Nazr, and one of the point guards for a good SG and a veteran PG. This team has all of a sudden become dominated by bigs, and depth is needed at the wings. If they could obtain that by dumping two big guys they don't use by using Felton or Augustin as leverage, that would be great.

Posted by: Josh | Feb 7, 2009 10:50:17 PM

Felton + Nazr to the Blazers... They need a Vet pg and they want a decent big who doesn't carry a nasty contract... Its smiple... Not sure who'd come back Rodreguez I'd think maybe a good 2 guard which is needed... who knows.

Posted by: Tattoo | Feb 7, 2009 10:50:51 PM

Unless they can get a really good player for any of them - which probably isn't going to happen now - the management can wait to the end of this season to decide whether to keep Felton or Augustin as "the point guard of the future". There is no need to rush to a conclusion now. Although keeping both of them beyond this season is indeed a bad idea, playing both of them for the rest of this season is workable, and gives the management the chance to make a better informed decision (i.e., one based on their performance throughout the whole season) on the future of this position. It would be worse to trade one of them now for some career reserve than to take chances on what will happen this summer.

Posted by: Sandy | Feb 7, 2009 11:00:45 PM

GOOD TRADE!!!!! Now trade May, Nazr & Felton for Earl Watson & Chris Wilcox. The Bobcats will make the play-offs with this move and the future looks bright with Larry coaching the team.

Posted by: lnazry71 | Feb 7, 2009 11:22:17 PM

the chicago bulls need bigs so the bobcats should deal with chicago.

Posted by: james bottoms | Feb 7, 2009 11:45:02 PM

this is interesting, and innovative. it will be interesting to see how they pursue this summer as some very talented players are also going on free agency (d granger). the bobcats have taken the biggest stride for moves made since the beginning of the season, and given all of them are healthy, they will see playoff time for the 1st time and begin making the $ to support bigger named players

Posted by: Brett Johnson | Feb 7, 2009 11:47:59 PM

Do you people watch basketball? Nazr's contract is absolutely terrible. And why in the hell should we trade Felton? There's no guarantee Augustin will develop or beat out Felton for the starting job. Unless you're getting back something impressive, it doesn't make a lot of sense to trade a player who's on top of his game for nothing.

Posted by: Justin | Feb 8, 2009 1:13:27 AM

How do we stand now that Morrison is traded? Me. I personally like it. I am still torn about the Felton/Augustine issue. Hurry back G-Force. We miss you.

Posted by: raustin51 | Feb 8, 2009 2:00:44 AM

Zachary Pletchan, how would drafting Lopez be useless? We just picked up Diop's garbage contract. Lopez is a much better player, 20 years old and makes 1/3rd the money. At the beginning of the season Okafor was the only usable big on the roster. Lopez made perfect sense, even if he and Okafor weren't a great combo we'd still have better big man depth, a better cap situation and a backup SG, which we no longer have now that Shannon Brown is gone. Picking DJ didn't make sense considering we knew that eventually we'd have to pick between he or Felton, so we didn't actually add anything we were lacking, and we were REALLY lacking in the front court. Sure we needed a backup PG, but you can get those anywhere, and Chalmers has played very well and he was available at 20.
It's hard to imagine they would trade DJ now considering he's coming off an injury. Had the injury not happened I would think you could get more for him than Felton considering he's cheap and won't have to be resigned for a few years. You could probably move him and Nazr together for a legit $7-8M player in return, whereas I think with Felton you might not get a very good player back because the price it would take to retain him in a couple months is unclear. If they were decent, they would probably have a bad contract. I'd definitely wait til the end of the season to make a decision on Ray and DJ. You wouldn't want to make the wrong decision there. Either one could blow up for another team. It would be wise to monitor DJ's health and defensive development for a couple of more months before thinking about moving him. Offensively he could be much better than Felton, on the other end of the floor he probably won't be nearly as good and isn't likely to be as durable, but it really depends on what we need more. Do we need the shooting/scoring that DJ brings or the defense, hustle and intangibles that Felton brings?

Posted by: Eddie | Feb 8, 2009 3:57:11 AM

BTW, I like the trade for Vlad. It gives us legit depth at SF when Gerald gets back. Shannon had some potential, but I think we can draft a better SG to be Bell's backup for a year or two then take the starting spot.

Posted by: Eddie | Feb 8, 2009 3:59:22 AM

BTW, I like the trade for Vlad. It gives us legit depth at SF when Gerald gets back. Shannon had some potential, but I think we can draft a better SG to be Bell's backup for a year or two then take the starting spot.

Posted by: Eddie | Feb 8, 2009 3:59:25 AM

Man i hate losing shannon brown he was a nice change of pace and wasnt afraid ta yake it on anybody, his outside shot needed work but give him 2 3 years all star materaial. i will miss ya man. but i thnk that with tha trade that gives us made hieght and now WE WILL SEE THA TALENT OF WALLACE aka THE MAN. bc its hard ta shine with noone ta ast. that. wasted its 4 30 am and im out go bobcats mvp larry brown!!!!!

Posted by: TrUdUkeFAN | Feb 8, 2009 4:36:09 AM

um btw i agree man i think S.Brown was a diamond n tha rough with all star potential (noone betta ta spot that than phil, fisher is old but shannon b could be a nasty point if taught tha art bc fisher needs ta pass tha torch)MY BELOVED BOBCATS are looking better than ever i praise LB and jordan, For tha first time i feel we are making positive moves for a better future.Hey before tha vlade trade we have beatin all east comp and most west teams. just a word of peace "we will riase above this" proven that they want ta be here and we all can pray no more k. acitys support now. i think it willl be a good bandaid for now even though vladea good for another 5 maybe 6 seasons.

Posted by: TrUdUkeFAN | Feb 8, 2009 5:05:42 AM

Don't you think Adam Morrison looked like Michael Jackson when he had super long hair? Especially in NBA 2K9...

Posted by: Nick | Feb 8, 2009 5:56:43 AM

Thats funny Nick, he did. lol. The Bobcats need to keep Felton. If they can pay Chokafor all that money they should have no problem paying Felton. Hes durable, he wants to win, hes a much better defender and rebounder, hes great off court in the community, and versatile. Ive always thought they didnt need a point that early in the draft. DJ is undersized and weak on defense. His decision making is slightly better than Feltons and he shoots better but his liabilities on defense and durability issues are too much. I think hes going to be another TJ Ford, always breakable at any moment. I liked the trade, Ammo has confidence issues that I think cannot be restored. Shannon was a great athlete but his decision making was questionable at times. Both were inconsistant, I remember watching Radmonovich from the Laker/Bobcats game and he was bricking but I have seen him catch fire too.

Posted by: marvel | Feb 8, 2009 6:27:44 AM

Will there be another 10 day signing to add depth while Bell and Wallace are out? Or will they try to hang on through the trade deadline in case they have to bring over more than one player?

Can't argue with the Morrison trade. He was absolutely garbage during his chance to start. I would have taken a six pack for him.

Posted by: Irony | Feb 8, 2009 9:47:34 AM

How's that snub of DANNY GRANGER looking these days? The Bobcats have the worst front office personnel in the NBA--that includes owner, GM and whatever MJ wants to call himself these days.

Posted by: BIG MAC | Feb 8, 2009 9:50:55 AM

How's that snub of DANNY GRANGER looking these days? The Bobcats have the worst front office personnel in the league...from the owner, the GM and whatever MJ is calling himself these days. I forsee Tyler Hansborough (most unathletic overrated player in college history since Christian Laettner) at the top of the Bobcats draft board already.

Posted by: BIG MAC | Feb 8, 2009 10:07:09 AM

Hindsight Mac. No one knew who Granger was until a year ago.

If you take a look most people recognize that Tyler is a late first rounder.

Posted by: Bobby | Feb 8, 2009 10:30:45 AM

All I have to say is we're trading for basically players we could've got in the draft. We had 3 really good draft picks. I think we need to trade MJ for Kevin Pritchard or the Blazers, makes better decisions. I know thats the past, but hopefully they will think hard and long this upcoming draft b4 they pick up junk like AMMO, Ajinca, etc. and pass on players like Roy, Gay, Lopez, Chalmers, Hickson or Douglas-Roberts.

Posted by: fakethis | Feb 8, 2009 10:50:30 AM

Bobcats won't draft Hansbrough because 1) Larry is staying at least another year and won't let such a mistake happen and 2) as of now, we don't need another big--we're more likely to draft a guard next year (and a good thing too, because the draft class is full of many more quality guards than big men).

Posted by: Rachel | Feb 8, 2009 11:02:39 AM

Could moving DJ allow us to get Amare??

Posted by: HJ | Feb 8, 2009 11:11:34 AM


The current Front Office wasn't here when May was picked over Granger. Talk to Bickerstaff about that one.

Posted by: DeLaQuest | Feb 8, 2009 11:15:52 AM

the lakers aren't stupid. I get a bad feeling charlotte one day will look stupid again.I hope morrison can't play because in l.a. he'll have no pressure to play, to save a bad team like when he came to charlotte.

Posted by: george shinn's ghost | Feb 8, 2009 11:15:56 AM

Don't let May's contract expire. After all, May wouldn't let food go past its expiration date without eating it!

Posted by: Jimmy | Feb 8, 2009 11:45:25 AM

DJ and two first rounders for Amare?

Posted by: HJ | Feb 8, 2009 12:05:45 PM

Actually, that is too much. DJ and next year's first round pick for Amare.


6th man of the year: Boris Diaw
Bench: Gana, Rad, Sean Singletary, wing player we sign for mid level exception

Posted by: HJ | Feb 8, 2009 12:08:49 PM

HJ, that's exactly what I was thinking. I too wonder if DJ could help us land Amar'e. The offers I've seen for him have been Yi Jilian and Ryan Anderson and a couple first rouders from the Nets, and then Noah and Thomas and a 1st from the Bulls. If he can be had that cheap we need to make a move for him. He's upset about not being the go to guy in PHX, and rightfully so. No doubt he'd be the go to guy here, and we've always lacked reliable post offense. Nash is getting old and they might want DJ. The problem is that they may want Okafor. I think I'd still pull the trigger if it were DJ and Okafor, because Amar'e is a very rare talent. We'd have to find another rebounder, but Camby or Kamen will be available this summer. Who knows, maybe LB could motivate Amar'e to actually reach his rebounding potential, which would be like 12-13 rpg. Of course if Amar'e bolts when his contract is up we'd be royally screwed.

Posted by: Eddie | Feb 8, 2009 1:56:50 PM

Bonnell keep drinking that Larry Brown Kool -Aid. Your mouth moves and Larry Brown’s words come out.
I was at Friday’s game and Adam Morrison wasn’t the only player on the Bobcats that couldn’t guard Marvin Williams. Everyone that Brown assigned to couldn’t get the job done. If Larry Brown is doing such a great job compare his record with Bernie Bickerstaff 2006-2007 record. Bernie took less talent and got better results with less. He didn’t wine and moan about not having “his guys”. The sign of a real coach is to take the talent he has and figure out how to make it work. If they trade Felton I will not be renewing my 4 season tickets in fact the day they trade him the remainder of my tickets will be in the trash can!

Posted by: Catfish | Feb 8, 2009 2:22:54 PM

Felton/Emeka/May for Amare'! Amare would give us that much needed superstar to sell tickets.

Posted by: PimpC | Feb 8, 2009 3:59:45 PM

Diaw, Bell, Okafor, Wallace, Augustin must be kept. Felton is a good player, but I'm sure his worth in a trade is more significant than that on the court for the bobcats. Also, Cartier Martin and Sean Singletary should be kept, they show promise. Singletary doesn't put up the numbers, but his defense and energy is something the Bobcats need. Cartier was a great pickup, and should be given a chance to mature into his full NBA potential. I'm just glad this team is starting to compete now

Posted by: PHH122 | Feb 8, 2009 6:45:51 PM

According to a source with a connection to Bobcat organization, the Bobcats and Knicks had serious discussions of an Eddy Curry/Anthony Roberson for Sean May/Nazr Mohammed trade. However, Bobcats are waiting see if Curry's knee improves and monitoring Curry's personal situation.

The Bobcats have eyed Curry for a while and this is way to get him, without giving up any valued assets and ridding themselves of two players/contracts they don't want. Bobcats understand Curry will help little this year but see him as another piece for next year and an upgrade over Nazr as a big man.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 8, 2009 11:01:44 PM

According to a friend who has a connection with Bobcat organization, Knicks/Bobcats have had serious discussion about an Eddy Curry/Anthony Roberson for Nazr Mohammed/Sean May swap. Bobcats waiting to see if other offers and see if Eddy Curry's health and personal situations improve before deadline.

Bobcats see this as a way of getting Curry, who Larry Brown coached and who Bobcats seem to have strong interest in, while at same time ridding themselves of Nazr's and Sean's contract. Curry would most likely fit in for next years plan, while understanding his injury is limiting him this year.

Posted by: Jeff | Feb 9, 2009 4:08:21 PM

trade felton, May (expiring contract), Okafor + 1st pick to PHX for Barbosa and Amar'e

Posted by: larry | Feb 9, 2009 11:35:23 PM

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