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April 04, 2009

Bell is silenced, I suspect

  Some thoughts before the end...
        -- I get it why some of you think I over-value Raja Bell. You want to believe a shooting guard -- think of the label -- is primarily a shooter. Bell figured out that if you give up few points and score a few back, there's a living in this league. My concern is not his skill set, but his durability. He never had a groin strain before this season, and now he's had two. He ends the season with a calf strain. I hope this isn't a pattern.
       -- While I'm a big Vladimir Radmanovic fan, Friday's results -- 0-of-6? -- leaves you wondering. He must be what I'd call an impact reserve, with a wide-spectrum ability to back up both forward positions. We'll see.
 -- I keep getting emails saying D.J. Augustin is this team's best point guard. Nope. Augustin is a talent, but he has nine assists in the past six games. Felton has that many in last night's loss.
I'll be off for a couple of games, tending to some family matters. Hope you're all well.

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DJ is the team's best shooter. People are mistakenly equating him being the best shooter and being a pg with being the best pg. The reality is that his game is currently suited for a Jason Terry type role right now.

When he and Felton play, he should be the one off the ball in order to encourage him to take the shots. Felton is the better playmaker, while DJ is the one you would prefer to have the open look. HOWEVER, I also get why LB hesitates to do that much.

I think he sees how this type of experiment served as the foundation of Felton's career and stunted his pg development. He does not want to do that same thing with DJ. It stinks, b/c DJ flourishes off of Felton's feeds and Felton flourishes off of having more room to penetrate and a knockdown kickout option.

Posted by: jperry | Apr 4, 2009 2:32:23 AM

Why someone who shoots 40% from the field continues to take the last shot is beyond me. I'm starting to think its time to trade Felton, hes at his ceiling right now while Augustin's ceiling is much higher. I don't know why Brown plays Diop over Mohammed. Diop is absolutely terrible and awkard, Mohammed doesnt do that bad when he plays. Bell has been and always will be a band-aid. They need to address the two position this summer. Assists are nice and you would expect that from your PG traditionally, but you have to know when to utilize your talents. If Augustin is shooting lights out, you continue to feed him and let him shoot. Someone else can pick up the assists, its not that big of a deal.

Posted by: D.W.G | Apr 4, 2009 5:50:05 AM

we are not as good as the other NBA teams, plain & simple...where is our Ray Allen or Paul Pierce...I congratulate the team for their effort, they have been exciting to watch but we are a player or two away...Cleveland would murder us, I would rather have the draft pick...still, a great effort by all this year

Posted by: sbulluck | Apr 4, 2009 6:20:41 AM

"Someone else could pick up the assists, its not that big of a deal."

If only it were that simple. Look at the way the offense ran in the 1st quarter when Felton ran it (when were +12) and look at the way it ran in the 2nd quarter when he didn't (when were -12). Diaw is the 2nd best playmaker on the team, but the team needs him to be more aggressive and not pass up as many shots as he does. DJ is our 3rd best playmaker, but is currently at his best scoring like Jason Terry. Outside of those 3, we aren't a team of playmakers although other guys passing (Wallace especially) have improved since playing with Diaw.

I do agree that we need another 2 guard to add depth and scoring punch, us much as I like Raja. Raja's offensive strength is jumpshooting, but he's works so hard on defense that it can at times come at the expense of his offense. When he's on it's great. When he's not, it's harder for him to contribute offensively. Having a 2g who could create his shot more also might provide another bailout option at the end of the clock.

Finally, Felton didn't hunt out the last shot. He passed it to Diaw who passed it back to him with 6 seconds left in a 3 pt game. He was wide open and rimmed it out. If he didn't take it and we didn't get a clean look that would have been a much worse decision under the circumstances.

Posted by: jperry | Apr 4, 2009 6:26:53 AM

Also Felton went 3-5 in the fourth quarter. Every time we were down he made a play to bring us back. That pass to Mek with 1 minute left was very nice and got Mek a wide open dunk.

I agree with JP, Felton didn't seek out the last shot, it came back to him. I thought it was down, but it rimmed out. As for why Felton always has the ball in his hands at the end of games, does anyone else on our team want it?

Gerald absolutely dissapears in crunch-time and Okafor doesn't look to post up at all. Diaw is content with standing around the perimeter, waiting for someone to drive and kick to him and even then, he might not shoot. And Raja is not an option for creating a play.

In all honesty, I think Felton is one of the best 4th quarter point guards in the NBA

Posted by: RP | Apr 4, 2009 8:26:21 AM

I also think Nazr should be playing more. Diop is entirely too awkward on the offensive end. I know Nazr has a big contract, but there is nothing the Cats can do about that right now. He would have finished more plays around the basket than Diop. I think Diop is an asset on the defensive end, but he really should be splitting time with Nazr. Granted, Diop is the future and Nazr will probably be moved in the offseason. Brown probably wants to get Diop more touches in an attempt to boost his confidence. While I can understand that line of thinking, I still believe Nazr should be getting more playing time during this late season playoff chase.

Posted by: Token | Apr 4, 2009 10:25:48 AM

I am not a big fan of Nazr, but would love to see more playing time for Juwan. Rick I hope all is okay with your family.

Posted by: Claydog | Apr 4, 2009 8:00:18 PM

Since coming to Charlotte Vlad is scoring as much as Carroll and Morrison combined. He's rebounding as much as they were as well. I'd say he's been a good pick up.

Posted by: Bobby | Apr 5, 2009 11:02:14 AM

Don't worry, the cats will pick up Hansbrough in the draft and all will be right. J/k

Rick, I hope all is well for you.

Posted by: Bro. D. | Apr 6, 2009 1:51:06 PM

Speaking of playing more...or for that matter....playing at all...I have to bring up Sean "Dead man walking" May. The way that boy stretches out every night sittin on the bench for 3 years you'd swear he was prepping to be the poster-child for Batesville Casket Company. Its a real shame this team had to float his weight (so to speak) for this many years, leaving the team effectively a 14 man squad. If I were ole Sean-boy about now, I think I'd be looking to make sure I get that degree from UNC locked down cause even today in these tough times riding the back of the trash truck takes a degree...maybe no teeth mind you...but a degree for him is going to come in handy pretty soon.

Posted by: mike | Apr 7, 2009 1:55:50 PM

I've been saying all along... Bell is a good player, a great defender, but to ignore his age and recent health issues would be silly and short-sighted. The cats should invest in a wing with great potential to eventually (EVENTUALLY) take his place. DraftExpress has the cats taking Gerald Henderson, and I think it would be great to bring him in and have Bell mentor him and refine his defensive technique. That would be a great (eventual) replacement.

I think Radman has got a one-track-mind coming off the bench now. The team needs him to score, but it also needs him to play defense and rebound, which he has been reluctant to do in the last few games (all bcats losses).

Felton is Felton. I'm tired of people beating the issue to death. He overpenetrates at times, lacks a great shot, lacks an acceptable floater... there's a lot of things he can't do, but that doesn't mean he's worthless. The only thing that really bugs me is how he does seem to overdribble at times and he always seems to take the last shot which is ridiculous considering his offensive abilities.

But who else is going to shoot it? The team lacks star power. That's the only real hole, but it's also the hardest hole to plug, MJ probably knows this better than anyone.

Here's looking forward to next year, hopefully the cats can address some key issues with their draft picks this year.

Posted by: David | Apr 7, 2009 6:36:48 PM

Felton continues to make great strides under Brown. Just Think where he would be 4 years under LB. Night after night Felton is a consistent playmaker. DJ hardly ever gets more than 3-4 assist, usually less. I agree he should come in at the 2 and can give Bell rest. Felton is heads and shoulders better at the point. I would like to see May play in place of Diop. Diop is not the future.
I have the perfect replacement for Bell ad a great understudy for next year. The choice: Wayne Ellington! He has become such a complete player. He can defend, pass, rebound and shoot lights out! I know it will be a choice of whos available at the bobcats pick but that would be a solid choice. Ellington's stock has to have risen to top 10 consideration. Oh and I totally disagree that a pg doesn't need to have assist and is only a nice thing but not essential. That's insane. Plus he has to be a leader like Felton has become.

Posted by: Panther N Nevada | Apr 8, 2009 12:03:33 AM

Sign and trade Felton including May for Golden State's Crawford and Anthony. Trade Bell for Portland's Webster and send Nazr to Indiana for Tinsley. This potential squad competes with any team in the East.

Posted by: Larry | Apr 8, 2009 1:55:57 AM

Allen Iverson is likely looking for a new home. Where would A.I. fit in best? Could the bobcats look at Iverson?

Posted by: will | Apr 8, 2009 11:22:19 AM

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