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June 23, 2009

Higgins: No qualifying offer for May

Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins just said the team has decided not to make a $3.6 million qualifying offer to Sean May. That means power forward May, the 13th pick in 2005, will be an unrestricted free agent in July.

Higgins said the team is still open to re-signing May, but his lack of production last season, combined with his qualify offer number, made them pass on restricting his movement.

Higgins reiterated that the Bobcats are making a $5.5 million qualifying offer to restrict point guard Raymond Felton's free-agency.

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McDonalds called and said they'd give him 3.5m a year to endorse double cheeseburgers.

Posted by: Tim | Jun 23, 2009 11:45:49 AM

Thank you, Rod Higgins!

Posted by: Sandy | Jun 23, 2009 11:46:49 AM

good no offer, maybe he will take conditioning a little more seriously, stop eating all the big macs, sean fatboy may

Posted by: teemac | Jun 23, 2009 11:46:51 AM

Freddie the freeloader.

Posted by: fbomb | Jun 23, 2009 11:54:03 AM

But he's got such good hands. It's just a shame his corpulent form prohibits him from doing anything productive with them, other than stuffing his face.

Posted by: Lothar | Jun 23, 2009 11:54:36 AM

Best decision the Bobcats made so far!!! Here's another tip, There are other school out there, besides UNC!!

Posted by: bigdogg | Jun 23, 2009 11:58:27 AM

How embarassing....to be a professional athlete means your body is your job. You must work out hard, year round. We'll see if he learns this lesson.

Posted by: Bob Smith | Jun 23, 2009 12:00:33 PM

Sean May... the next bouncer at the epicentre

Posted by: Charere | Jun 23, 2009 12:01:58 PM

But he's so close to losing those final six lbs that he's been trying to lose for the last half-year.

Posted by: Will | Jun 23, 2009 12:04:07 PM

Great, his personality also sucks out loud...not a good image for the Bobcats at all!!!

Posted by: triton | Jun 23, 2009 12:05:21 PM

Looks like maybe one to many nights at the Gentlemen's Club stuffing himself at the steak and lobster buffet and guzzling high priced booze. What a waste.

Posted by: 2112 | Jun 23, 2009 12:07:30 PM

I like both of these moves. Giving Felton a qualifying offer was a no-brainer. In fact, I'd like the Bobcats to lock up Felton with a multi-year deal, as long as the numbers are reasonable.

But May certainly wasn't worth a $3.6 million qualifying offer. If the Bobcats can re-sign him for something closer to the veteran minimum, it might be worth considering. But not at the qualifying offer price tag.

Posted by: G'boro Cats Fan | Jun 23, 2009 12:09:23 PM

sean been hurt ever since he entered the nba, if those so called doctor's knew what they were doing when they operated on his knees, he would be playing good ball for the bobcats, so lay-off of sean and go back to your jobs making $12 an hour.

Posted by: dlhart | Jun 23, 2009 12:11:01 PM

Who will we mock in the press now that May gone?

Posted by: bobkitty | Jun 23, 2009 12:20:24 PM

I would agree with the above post to a certain extent. He has certainly been a disappointment, but we must consider that he HAS HAD significant injuries. Also, the overweight jokes are played out. Good move not making the offer though, considering there has been no proof he can contribute night in and night out.

Posted by: David H. | Jun 23, 2009 12:28:14 PM

you only get so many chances in life... hope he has invested his money well...

Posted by: ROB | Jun 23, 2009 12:31:27 PM

dlhart don't worry about who we will mock next with May possibly not being here, I'm sure we will draft 3 more UNC players. And no you rejects, I'm not a Duke Fan, or State, or Wake...I'm an NBA fan and a Bobcats fan.

Posted by: Nuoc | Jun 23, 2009 12:35:20 PM

When are the Bobcats finally going to figure out that "Potential" means more than "College Career" in the NBA?

Like drafting the Poor Man's Larry Bird instead of Brandon Roy or drafting a Defensive F/C with the 2nd pick instead of the dozen or so players that has been better than him, particularly high schoolers, Al Jefferson and Josh Smith.

So we should have our "FIRE ROD" signs up if

a) He drafts Tyler Hansborough
b) He drafts a 7ft, foreign center with a 22 inch vertical.
c) Trades Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson to OKC for the 3rd pick to select Stephen Curry.
d) Passes on Chase Budinger, the anti Adam Morrison, with the 13th pick.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 23, 2009 12:40:23 PM

I'm pretty sure we can lock him up for the next 3 yrs with a shrimp platter and box of krispy kremes

Posted by: Captain | Jun 23, 2009 12:43:13 PM

Gotta clear a roster spot for Hansbrough.

Posted by: TP | Jun 23, 2009 12:48:49 PM

big mistake! I hope he goes somewhere like orlando, and scorch the Bobcats next year!

Posted by: Timothy Allen Smith | Jun 23, 2009 12:49:19 PM

Sean The Great will be productive if he just gets some minutes, now that he's back in shape. In his second year, he'd come off the bench for a nice 12 points, 7 boards, and 2 assists in only 23 mins... I hope he goes somewhere that'll give him another chance, and hopefully his surgery has pushed him past the injury-prone stage.

Posted by: Miley | Jun 23, 2009 12:49:41 PM


How would we trade Jason Richardson when he was already traded???

Posted by: Will | Jun 23, 2009 12:50:39 PM

Dave...you almost had that one

JRich is gone. Higgins cant trade him anymore. Plus the Bobcats have the 12th pick, not the 13th. Also, Higgins should be fired if he takes Budinger with the 12th, considering he's projected to be taken somewhere in the 20's. It would be easier for the cats to trade for a late first round pick or simply give up cash if they wanted the guy

Also, dont bag on taking Okafor with the 2nd pick in the draft. The guy was almost taken #1 overall (since there was some doubt concernng dwight howard and his potential to develop). Okafor is a quality big man. Sure, Al Jefferson looks pretty good right now, but just a year or 2 ago the guy was having a bad year on the celtics. And smith is a great athlete, but he has a piss poor attitude that has fans in Atlanta booing him. Not all the grass is greener on the other side. We have a quality big man that has averaged a double double for his entire career. I'll take that all day

As for May...I dont mind seeing him come back, but GREAT job not making the qualifying offer...3.6 mill is WAY too much for what he's shown

Posted by: rtgunn | Jun 23, 2009 12:53:45 PM

I just walked by the arena....Dunkin Donuts said they were closing up shop because of this news.

Posted by: LucasGotBurnt | Jun 23, 2009 12:54:22 PM

Thank goodness!!! One of the better decisions in Bobcats history. Let's go 'Cats!

Posted by: PantherDave | Jun 23, 2009 1:02:04 PM

The CORRECT move to let S May go. Most mocks I've seen has us picking G Henderson, SG/SF, Duke. I think it would be a real good pick. The Bobcats might need to bring in a FA or trade for help with the frontcourt. Comments?

Posted by: Chris | Jun 23, 2009 1:02:26 PM

Seems that all you ABC'ER are coming out of the woodwork..........where were you during ACC Basketball Season?

Posted by: Bob | Jun 23, 2009 1:05:11 PM

Totally agree with rtgunn. Emeka Okafor was the safe, smart pick in 2004 and he's been a good one. Okafor averages a double-double every year, he's an excellent defender who plays hard, he's a team-first guy and you never hear about him getting into any off-the-court trouble.

The Bobcats have made their mistakes, that's for sure. But Emeka Okafor isn't one of them.

Posted by: G'boro Cats Fan | Jun 23, 2009 1:09:44 PM

awww i can breathe now... no sean may.. no adam morrison.. rather have undrafted rookies that are actually there to better themselves (see cartier martin) may will sign somewhere but he will still be a nicely dressed cheerleader on the sidelines

Posted by: bease | Jun 23, 2009 1:15:15 PM

I love those that enjoy excuses for May. As a HUGE Carolina fan, May is an embarrassment to not only the Bobcats, but the Tar Heels! Blame the doctors. Blame the fans. Blame everyonr but May himself! I'll sit on the sidelines for $3,000,000,000.00 a year!! Bring it on!

Posted by: Chris | Jun 23, 2009 1:20:21 PM

Last week they had the first of many pick up games in Chapel Hill between the alumni and current players. According to reports there Sean was getting up and down the floor very well and was defensively active, getting blocks etc. I am hopeful that this is a good sign for him. I think his weight issues are related to his being injury prone which restricts his activity. He really needs to put in the work offseason to get his body in top shape which should help in avoiding the injuries. I like Sean and would like to see him here.

Posted by: Randy Foster | Jun 23, 2009 1:28:41 PM

Posted by: Captain | Jun 23, 2009 12:43:13 PM

Gotta clear a roster spot for Hansbrough.

For real????????? That would be AWSOME!!!

Posted by: Bobby | Jun 23, 2009 1:35:04 PM

All I hear is a lot of immaturity, how old are you kids?
Adults do not personally attack other people, we set an example for others wiht our behavior.

Posted by: Leonard | Jun 23, 2009 1:45:32 PM

Another failed UNC-CH pick by the Hornets. Any bets on if they waste another on Hansborough?

Posted by: Rod | Jun 23, 2009 1:49:26 PM

Drafting Psycho T, aka Beaker from Sessame Street, would be a huge mistake. We don't need him. I agree with the other poster, there other college kids in the draft besides those that went to UNC. And FYI UNC fans, your players aren't always the best...And no I'm not a Duke or State fan.

Posted by: Jon | Jun 23, 2009 1:49:37 PM

Wow...so it's not May's fault he weighs too much for his joints to support him, it's the doctors' fault for not being able to fix that. Please.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 23, 2009 1:54:01 PM

Everyone is hating on May! I mean he had the same build when he played at UNC. I think he's still got potential but I'm glad the Bobs aren't resigning him.

Posted by: etornfelt | Jun 23, 2009 1:58:22 PM

to think the Bobcats coulda had Chris Paul for these two tarheel bums....

Bobcats your responsible for your ways.

The only draft pick worth a damn has been Dj ... time is short NBA boys

why should I spend my cash on this..???

Posted by: Scott | Jun 23, 2009 2:04:12 PM

ROB, you say you are a NBA fan, well that explains that absurd statement you made.

Posted by: Joe | Jun 23, 2009 2:10:45 PM

I agree with the few people on here who actually made intelligent comments and not weight insults (I wonder how many of you are in shape) being a tar heel fan I wish Sean a prosperous career, and I hope he is over his rash of injuries, although 3+ million is way to much for what he has done over the last couple yrs.

Posted by: Joe | Jun 23, 2009 2:14:30 PM

Sean May is the MOFO Man! You people in Charlooote are stewpid.

Posted by: Hamdog | Jun 23, 2009 2:23:02 PM


Posted by: Joe | Jun 23, 2009 2:23:05 PM

sean been hurt ever since he entered the nba, if those so called doctor's knew what they were doing when they operated on his knees, he would be playing good ball for the bobcats, so lay-off of sean and go back to your jobs making $12 an hour.


^ overweight = bad knees plain and simple! blaming it on the doctors is the dumbest excuse ive heard for why this fat bag of garbage sucks.

Posted by: .45 | Jun 23, 2009 2:23:43 PM

When Sean May played in the McDonald's Classic as a high-school senior, I presumed he would turn out to be one of the game's greatest players. He definitely had the potential.

He helped lead the Heels to a National Championship. How many of you jokesters have one of those rings?

Sean, if you never play another game in the NBA, you have succeeded. Forget these comedic clowns!

Posted by: Westgate | Jun 23, 2009 2:30:46 PM

Thank you Rod Higgins! No way the Bobcats should have offered "porkbutt" Sean May,a disaster from the beginning!

Posted by: Longhorn09 | Jun 23, 2009 2:33:49 PM

WOO-HOO!! it's about time the bobcats came to their senses about this useless troll. he has been a waste of money and bench space since his signing!!

Posted by: qcmami4 | Jun 23, 2009 2:36:46 PM

Hey, if May didn't spend so much time in the clubs then he wouldn't get injured so much. So I am glad to see the Bobcats finally making smart decisions. Now next they need to bring the offer to Felton down.. he's not that good and Aug will bring way more to the team. Let's just stay away from Tar Hell products please. They in the pros are now what Duke players used to be in the 90's. Garbage! (cept grant hill i know)

Posted by: Epicenter | Jun 23, 2009 2:40:32 PM

We're coming out with a Sean May special 42-doughnut box. Perfect for skipping rehab sessions and laying on the couch. You too can live the life of Sean May.

Posted by: KrispyKreme | Jun 23, 2009 3:03:16 PM

It's funny how losers take everyone else's issues and swarm all over them like hillbillies at a Gastonia turkey shoot. Yes, a lot of it is a lack of discipline but the mere fact that has has MADE a few million thus far shows he has done much more than you have to date. (Or has been much smarter because he chose a career that would pay him lucrative amounts of money.) Either way it goes get off the kid you bottom feeders and get a life.

Posted by: Drew | Jun 23, 2009 3:07:58 PM

I am glad, and think the bobcats have made a good decision.

Posted by: Kyle | Jun 23, 2009 3:08:10 PM

I am sure Suite at Epicenter would give him a job as a bar back. He is too lazy to be a bouncer. And we all know how familar he is with the place. I dont think they would feed him though since that would be way to expensive. Anyone that thinks he has been good for Charlotte or the Bobcats should put the crack pipe down. Now!!

Posted by: TCG | Jun 23, 2009 3:47:58 PM


Sean May already has a new job..didnt u read it on McDonald's website???

He will play 'The Hamburglar' in the upcoming movie..except he will not have to use a costume!!! LMAO!!!

GOOD F&*CKIN RIDDANCE of another wasted pick!! Should have taken Granger or Antoine Wright with that pick...

Posted by: Bobcat Terry | Jun 23, 2009 3:52:56 PM

May was a waste. So has the Bobcats last few drafts picks minus Augustine and Felton. Hansbrough will never be as good in the NBA as he was in college. Face it Tar Hole nation, this is the year the Bobcats DON'T draft a tarheel.

Posted by: Perry | Jun 23, 2009 4:13:17 PM

I completely agree with this move, but man, all you Carolina haters are hilarious. Look, we know Sean and the Heels whipped your team's collective a$$es while he was in college and we know you're not crazy about the Bobcats taking a few UNC players since you're such haters, but MY GOD, the fat jokes are so played.

You ABCers act like Sean May could've worked out like other healthy players the past few years - I'm not suggesting he shouldn't be in better shape, but some of you need to redirect your time and energy elsewhere (I'd suggest looking for a job).

Why? Because Sean is gone, the Bobcats STILL (and always will) have UNC connections, and nothing's changing the fact UNC won yet another National Title this past year. Suck it up, haters.

Posted by: 2005 FF M.O.P. | Jun 23, 2009 4:19:04 PM

My only question is, is there a team in the NBA that will pay him a dime? Why would they, other than for charitable reasons? He has never done anything and shouldn't be a millionaire. Shouldn't a basketball player play basketball once in awhile?

Posted by: pmon | Jun 23, 2009 4:35:20 PM

This is horrible, most don't realize that Sean cannot control his weight because of a condition that he has nor divulged to the general public. He is a Tarheel, one of us, let's give him another chance to get back in shape and contribute in and out of the lockeroom.

Posted by: J. Swofford | Jun 23, 2009 4:53:40 PM

I'm fat.

Posted by: Sean May | Jun 23, 2009 5:05:56 PM

Yea, no more May (maybe).

Hey Rick, any truth to the rumor of 76'ers sending us Dalembert and the 17th pick for Vlad Rad, Nazi, and our 12th pick? Thanks.

Posted by: Bro D. | Jun 23, 2009 5:07:39 PM

I like Sean May, I'm sorry things didn't work out for him in Charlotte.

Posted by: BigMikey | Jun 23, 2009 5:35:37 PM

Total NBA failure...just like his dad Scott back in the late 1970s.

Posted by: Good riddance | Jun 23, 2009 5:42:07 PM

Thank you! Somebody finally made a wise decision! Thank you for waking up! Let's move on and get a great team!!

Posted by: Karen | Jun 23, 2009 5:43:14 PM

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