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June 06, 2009

Point guard at No. 12 not out of the question

 I followed up Friday on Bobcats coach Larry Brown's previous comment that he always values talent above need when it comes to drafting players.

Brown reminded me he doesn't have final say over who the Bobcats draft. Then he re-emphasized his original point.

"I feel strongly that you should take the best player,'' regardless of position, Brown said. "The coach's job is to figure out how to use them. Or you get a great (trade) asset, and figure out how to use that. Just based on the experiences I've had, every time we've gone for positions, instead of talent, it's been a negative in my mind.''

Specifically, this is a draft rich with point guards. So I asked Brown if -- even with D.J. Augustin on the roster and the team intending to re-sign Raymond Felton -- he'd be receptive to taking a point guard with the 12th pick. Brown said absolutely.

"There are a bunch of point guards I could see going in the first round (including) local kids,'' Brown said. "It's a very, very deep draft at that position.''

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They need to draft for a specific position. Getting another PG would be ridiculous

Posted by: Bobcat Matt | Jun 6, 2009 2:02:04 PM

Tyreke Evans is who we need

Posted by: JustinG | Jun 6, 2009 2:55:36 PM

Jonny Flynn, make it happen! You know he looks good in orange already. Always take BPA, no exceptions. Sorry Bobcat Matt, but this is a PG rich draft.

Posted by: bro. D | Jun 6, 2009 3:04:10 PM

A raw player who should play shooting guard but can't shoot a lick, no thanks to Tyreke Evans. Might be a decent trade asset.

Posted by: bro. D | Jun 6, 2009 3:10:14 PM

your coverage of this upcoming draft has been appreciated bonnell. if only bobcats.com was as up to date. we dont even know who is coming in next. i wonder if they would draft mullens at #12 with okafor, diop, and nazr on the roster soaking up time. id hate to get another rookie and not see him play.

Posted by: the voice | Jun 6, 2009 4:33:07 PM

Mullens was weak for Ohio State last year. I like Dejuan Blair if he is available. He has lost 20 lbs and will rebound all night.

Posted by: JustinG | Jun 6, 2009 8:33:58 PM

Blair looks like the second coming of Robert Traylor and I hear scouts are red-flagging his knees. That being said, he'll probably be gone before 12.

+1 the voice.

I second Bonnell's hustle, although he got snippy with my dumb questions.

Posted by: Bro D. | Jun 6, 2009 11:22:39 PM

Charlotte is weak at th two position....Henderson, Williams from Louisville, Ellington, Harden or Deron Darozen(sp) would be ideal fits IMO. I really like the kid from Louisville, reminds me of dwade. Does Tyreke Evens know what defense is?

Posted by: Lovejonez | Jun 7, 2009 7:40:54 AM

If Dejaun Blair is there at 12, grab him. Don't think twice.

Posted by: caleb | Jun 7, 2009 8:31:07 AM

Dejaun Blair is version 2 of me!

Posted by: Sean May | Jun 7, 2009 9:03:41 AM

Your right May about Blair, lol. Take Green or Ellington!! DO NOT TAKE HENDERSON, PLEASE!!

Posted by: D.W.G | Jun 7, 2009 10:40:21 AM

why dont we trade the pick? that seems to make the most sense to me.

Posted by: reggie Gallant | Jun 7, 2009 12:15:23 PM

I certainly agree they should consider trade options, if they're out there. But the 12th pick is a buyer's market. Plenty of teams, as early as Minnesota at No. 6, would consider trading down, if not out. So until you have a deal for something you want -- a veteran, cap relief, whatever -- generically saying, "trade'' is more a notion than a plan.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Jun 7, 2009 7:32:55 PM

Of course this draft is deep at the one position the cats appear to have addressed already... if Derozan is available at 12, and there have been reports he might drop that far, don't the cats have to take him? He seems to be one of the better upside guys in this draft.

Any mention of Earl Clark from the bobcats? Are they even bringing him in to audition? He seems to be a LB type player, athletic and versatile.

Posted by: David | Jun 8, 2009 12:22:21 AM

I'm really curious about Terrence Williams. He definitely has an NBA body and athleticism. The thing that worries me is that he had plenty of time in school to break-out and never really did. Is he a Deron Williams Chris Paul type who was just on a really good team in college and didn't get all the hype he deserved? Luther Head and Justin Grey got nearly as much hype in college as their beastly teammates... TWill is certainly more intriguing then Gerald Henderson...

Posted by: flanahan32 | Jun 8, 2009 8:32:44 AM

How does trading most the make sense?

The 'Cats can't trade the pick for a player given their salary cap situation and it's not likely a team wanting the 12 would be wanting to take on any of the teams garbage contracts in order to give them a player of value. In other words, what player that another team do you package with the 12 to get a player that actually improves the team?

They don't really have the assets to trade up in a manner that would improve the team as a whole. Certainly any trade up would almost have to include DJ Augustin or Gerald Wallace.

With this draft being as lackluster as it is there's no point in trading back to pick up additional picks (not to mention they can package the 2 second rounders together to move back into the late first should they decide to).

The only legitimate reason to trade the pick is to do so to get some team to take Mohammed's salary, but there's only one team that could take the contract before or during the draft without having to give the 'Cats any salary back, and that team already has two first round picks.

And beyond that, clearing Mohammed's salary doesn't put us under the cap and give us all this money to spend like some think. All it would do is put us at a point where we could likely use the MLE and Biannual exceptions without going over the luxury tax threshold.

Posted by: Will | Jun 8, 2009 8:38:59 AM


What do you make of the Iverson rumors? http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/105530-iverson-brown-open-to-bobcats-reunion

Maybe the backup for Bell scenario should be amended to Bell as a backup scenario...

I feel like Iverson has matured, and he would bring a winning mindset to the team. Sure he wants to win a championship, but he's proven he can't play for a contender like Detroit or Denver... Who's going to pick him up? Boston? L.A.? Detroit has to be leaning towards trading him... somewhere...

I don't see us trading for him as a "likely" scenario, but at least one that could start a discussion...

Posted by: flanahan32 | Jun 8, 2009 9:01:09 AM

flanahan, do you REALLY want an aging player with deteriorating(/deterioratED) skills who demands a starting job and heavy minutes regardless of how he fits into a team's plans? That doesn't sound like a "matured" player to me.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 8, 2009 9:38:05 AM

Well Iverson is a FA so he doesn't need to be traded. He'll sing w/ whatever team wants him.

Posted by: Bobby | Jun 8, 2009 10:07:05 AM


Posted by: Bobby | Jun 8, 2009 10:07:17 AM

Earl Clark. For once the Cats need to draft a player who can play more than one position and actually create a matchup problem every now and then. For now he slots into the backup PF position over Ajinca and May(if he's even here).

Blair has PF length and bulk. His rebounding numbers were off the charts in an incredible conference. That should translate to good NBA rebounding. But get a good evaluation on his knees first. The 12th pick hasn't produced much over the years, so if we get a 6th man rebounding machine out of it, we're doing well.

Take a look at Jeff Teague for a possible trade-down selection. Recent measurements show that he is very long for 6'1". Could be a poor man's Iverson with his ability to create shots/score. God knows we need someone who can do that added to this roster. Teague has greater wingspan/reach than 6'3" Curry and 6'1" Felton--who we've been playing at SG throughout much of his career. Jeff could be a nice "instant offense" type off of the bench.

Posted by: DeLaQuest | Jun 8, 2009 12:28:23 PM

The Bobcats do not need to add anymore undersized players to the roster. Felton and Augustine work well on the offensive end, but they got exposed on defense. I really hope the Bobcats acquire an athletic 3/4 who can create his own shot.

Posted by: Token | Jun 8, 2009 2:08:39 PM

Getting off the subject the "Obsherver", as BTs phonetically challenged Servatious calls it, needs to get off this pc pretentious wishing hoping outloud about MJordan buying Bobs loser bankrupt cats because its really getting old as hell.

Does it make a rats azz if another minority owns the NBA here? And where the hell would Jordan get 300 mill even though BJ will be lucky to get 200 or in the end.

What ever happened to this idiot dream of ripping down the 1988 Tyvola immaculate area that held 23k fans because it laughably didnt meet the new NBA standards with the corp suites? What a joke.

And we all recall BJ bragging he would never lose money and was in it for big bucks because he was a big businessman. yada yada yada ...Yea rite buddy. You suck. And Shinn was bad? Please. Shinn looks like a choir boy now.

Now Mr. bigtalk BJ who only got going because of a freebie govt grantto invent BET and sold out to the whiteman for 23m shares of VIA that are practically worthless today and BJ is filing Chap 13 and calling Obama for a bailout?

And this small 17k seat armory looking 300 mill taxpayer funded arena that could have built 10 new CMS schools at 30 mill a pop is a waste unless you count the circus or concerts of minor league lockey. Laughable.

Sorry guys but MJ aint got the loot and wouldnt spend it if he had it cuz he might be stupid but he aint dumb and knows the NBA is a losing proposition ain the Great Depression II.

BJ should have never sold BET. He is kicking himself because right now it is worth 3 times what he sold it for for. Po house coming soon.BJ may end up down at the homeless shelter.

Meanwhile what have taxpayers got in return?.

Posted by: its cryin time again | Jun 8, 2009 2:58:07 PM

Trade draft pick, May and Felton for Golden State's Jamal crawford, Marco Belinelli, and Anthony Randolph. I'm sure Indiana will trade Jamal Tinsley to Charlotte for Nazr Mohammed.

Posted by: Larry | Jun 8, 2009 9:01:24 PM

Golden State has said they have no interest in trading Randolph.

We can't trade Felton & May unless they agree to it.

That trade with Golden State doesn't even come close to working under the cap, nor does the Indiana one.

Posted by: Will | Jun 8, 2009 10:04:36 PM

Didn't mean that the Indiana trade doesn't work under the cap (that's what I get for posting while half asleep). What I meant was it doesn't make sense. People bash Felton for shooting 39% from the field so your answer is to trade for another PG who shoots 39% from the field?

Posted by: Will | Jun 9, 2009 8:50:47 AM

Actually, the Tinsley-Mohammed trade works. And that would make a WORLD of sense if we could find some sort of compensation to let Felton go. Although you'd certainly think the team would need to do lots of background research on Tinsley's character and ability to stay out of trouble at the moment.

However, the only halfway reasonable trade I could make work with GS is Randolph/Belinelli/Jackson for Diaw/Ajinca/Augustin.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 9, 2009 11:04:09 AM

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