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June 16, 2009

Teague's absence not about knee?

Wake Forest guard Jeff Teague's decision not to work out for the Bobcats today wasn't necessarily about a sore knee. Coach Larry Brown indicated Teague had another commitment, which I take to mean a workout with a different team.

It's particularly hard to gauge where Teague is slotted in the draft at this point. The Milwaukee Bucks, picking No. 10, seemed to have some interest in him, but I'm told they've cooled. Seems unlikely the Bobcats would have drafted another point guard who's primarily a scorer, anyway.

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Exactly, we don't need him in any way. Chad Ford has Teague going No. 19 to Atlanta in his new mock draft today. That would make sense.

Ford has the Bobcats taking Henderthug (aka "The Victim") and writes, "I don't want to say this is a sure thing, but it feels pretty close." He also says, "If Henderson is gone, Earl Clark and B. J. Mullens are other possibilities."

Earl Clark, come on down!!!

Posted by: Elevatorman | Jun 16, 2009 11:31:17 AM

Yeah, I'm hoping for Earl Clark too. He will be a matchup nightmare in the NBA, ala Lamar Odom. He will be the best NBA player available when we draft. However, we have a strong need at the 2, and Henderson will be the best 2 available. Mullins will need some time to develop, and we already have a 7 footer we are waiting on to develop.

Personally, I would like to take Clark with 12, then maybe Jodie Meeks out of Kentucky in the second round to provide some scoring off the bench at the shooting gaurd position.

Posted by: d-run | Jun 16, 2009 12:12:57 PM

Teague probably just shot himself in the foot and shouldve stayed one more year at WF!!

Posted by: BigDaddy | Jun 16, 2009 12:18:54 PM

Giving "matchup problems" doesn't make you a good player. Elsewise Josh McRoberts and Marvin Williams would be All-Stars.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Jun 16, 2009 1:30:02 PM

I know I'm like a broken record on this board, but this should be required reading for everyone that calls themselves a fan. I will say it again, and I will keep saying it...guys, this team is NOT THAT GOOD!! Why does everyone want to keep this roster intact?

I'll pull out my two favorite quotes...

"Charlotte has over $100 million dollars committed to two players that will not lead them anywhere in the playoffs. Consider this; Okafor and Wallace have been in Charlotte the past three seasons and they have won 33, 32, and 35 games, respectively. Obviously, this combination isn’t leading them to new heights."

"They aren’t a good team, yet they have eight players signed for at least the next two seasons, eating up most of their cap space."


Posted by: BobsRealist | Jun 16, 2009 2:54:16 PM

ive managed to narrow my thoughts on the draft down to two players at 12.
DeJuan Blair and Terrance Williams.

Blair gives us a good backup at PF and even though he has knee problems, his chances at redemption are a lot better than May's. Blair's toughness and wingspan will give us a good rebounder and possibly a better low post scorer than Okafor.

Williams gives us an athletic 2/3 that will be a bulldog on the defensive end. even though his shooting isnt that great, he could fill up a stat sheet much like Gerald does. i think that he will be able to take over for Raja in due time, but his shooting will have to improve.
the only reason why id take Williams over Henderson is because Williams gives us more size and versatility than Henderson. both are good defensivemen, but im still leaning towards Williams over Henderson. i just think hes a more skilled player.

and to the BobsRealist, why would you bash a team on the team's section of the website? us fans dont need constant reminders of our teams mediocracy. sure the team isnt that good, but as fans we still hold hope.
the knicks havent been good for some time, but you dont see Spike Lee bashing them anytime soon.

Posted by: reggie | Jun 16, 2009 3:17:22 PM

I just can't get past Blair's knee problems.

I'll throw this out there, even though I happen to like Felton: If Brandon Jennings is on the board at 12, I think we have to take him and then do a sign-and-trade with Ray.

Posted by: Elevatorman | Jun 16, 2009 3:23:21 PM

Well, I shouldn't say we "have" to take Jennings if he's on the board. It's a viable option though.

Posted by: Elevatorman | Jun 16, 2009 3:55:55 PM

Elevatorman, to tell you the truth, Jennings never really crossed my mind... i do think he will be there at 12, but theres been a lot of noise around Jennings though. some say that his year in Italy wasnt up to expectations, but i think he will be a scorer.
but i dont know how much talent we could attract with a sign and trade with Felton. you could argue that hes not a starter on a team like SA or Dallas, but i think we could prolly get a good player with a small contract.

...and the scenerios keep piling up....

Posted by: reggie | Jun 16, 2009 4:41:53 PM

Jennings is not what he appeared to be. I'd prefer to keep Fleton versus drafting him.

Earl Clark's workouts have reportedly been very good, and he seems to be climbing up the draft board of many teams. We must stay away from players with known physical issues or undersize issues. Blair is a beast but his knees/long term conditioning are suspect and his offensive game will be limited in the NBA.

If a player is still there at 12 that we think can become a star/starter, at any position, you have to take that player.

Posted by: Mark | Jun 16, 2009 5:22:59 PM

I hear a lot of people comparing Jennings to Iverson, who of course Larry Brown coached. Maybe at this stage of his career, LB doesn't want to deal with another Iverson. But if we took Jennings, we could send Ray to Portland, which has a lot of cap space, too many wings, and needs an upgrade at point guard.

This is just a hunch, but LB made some comment about how Henderson will probably be off the board by the time they pick. Sounds like a classic example of pumping up a guy in hopes somebody ahead of you takes him and pushes down a player you want. I haven't heard one word about Jennings to Charlotte, which makes me wonder if that's the guy they want. Or maybe it's because he's genuinely not on their board.

Or, obviously, if Jennings is there at 12, maybe we just trade the pick to Portland if they'll take Nazr or Diop's atrocious contract off our hands. Doubtful, though, because even though Portland has cap space, they have probably $12 million/year or more between Oden and Pryzbilla. They probably don't want another big, expensive stiff.

Posted by: Elevatorman | Jun 16, 2009 6:04:02 PM

By the way, if I'm Portland, I sit tight at 24 and take Patrick Mills, and still go after Ramon Sessions as a free agent.

Posted by: Elevatorman | Jun 16, 2009 6:11:24 PM

I don't think Larry was trying to coax some other team into drafting Henderson. He made a blanket statement, that he doubted Curry or Henderson would be around at No. 12. Simple as that.

Posted by: rick bonnell | Jun 17, 2009 2:03:11 PM

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