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November 11, 2009

Bell out versus Pistons

Charlotte Bobcats guard Raja Bell is out for tonight's road game versus the Detroit Pistons, and that has nothing to do with his left-wrist injury.

Bell has a calf strain and -- yes -- that's an injury that troubled him last season, too. I'm not at the game (Observer budget constraints; we pick-and-choose), but I got a call about the injury. Larry  Brown is still deciding who to start between D.J. Augustin, Stevie Graham, Flip Murray or Gerald Henderson.

The end of last season and the start of this one demonstrate that Bell will inevitably miss X number of games each season with various injuries. When you play nine NBA seasons as Bell must -- throwing your body nightly at some of the league's best wing scorers -- you develop some mileage.

I know Bell was disappointed the Bobcats didn't offer him an extension this summer, but it was the right call. You should examine how this season goes before deciding whether to bring him back.

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This is a huge loss tonight. Raja's ability to lock down opposing SG's will be missed against Ben Gordon. And he's the best 3 point shooter on the team for a team that takes too many 3's.

Posted by: Reid | Nov 11, 2009 7:22:30 PM

These Bobcats are shooting terrible!!!! I was at the Magic game and watching the Pistons game, terrible!!! What did these guys do in the off season, not pick up a basketball that is for sure. I want to cheer for them so bad, but they are not playing with any heart right now. This falls on Larry Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This team is not in shape or ready to start the season.

Posted by: pantherfan | Nov 11, 2009 9:14:17 PM

Man this team is garbage! We cant even beat teams when they are playing without key players. Im sitting here watching this game and see a bunch of over paid role players. No one wants to be the leader of this team on an every night basis and thats why we will always SUCK! They need to package some of these guys for someone who will come to play every night and be the take charge leader that we need not guys who look scared to make a play when they get the ball!

Posted by: bryan | Nov 11, 2009 9:46:00 PM

10 points in the 4th quarter against the Magic. 13 points in the 3rd against the Pistons. And, the shots are wide open. These guys are paying millions and I see rec league guys shoot better....and you want me to pay how much to watch these guys? No go to guy. I never thought I would be so ready to get Okafor back. What a terrible, terrible trade. Howard was a beast last night...even though he definitely uses his elbow to fend off players when he drives.
Watching Howard...Woulda...Coulda....Shoulda...the definition of the Bobcats. BTW, did anybody else catch the interesting NYT story on Stephan and the Warriors? Bonnell?


Posted by: jason roberts | Nov 11, 2009 10:43:33 PM

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