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December 01, 2009

Brown: Iverson deserves a guarantee

 While Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown is glad the Philadelphia 76ers want to bring back Allen Iverson, Brown called it "troubling'' that the Sixers reportedly are offering only an unguaranteed contract.

"That upsets me a little bit,'' Brown said in his pre-game media availability. "I get worried about the message (an unguaranteed contract sends). But I admire Philly for giving him that chance.''

Brown coached Iverson for much of Iverson's first stint as a 76er. When Iverson recently indicated his intent to retire, Brown said he'd reach out to convince him not to quit.

"When he talked of retirement, that wasn't his (true) intention,'' Brown said. "He wanted to get people off his back.''

Brown said an Iverson-Sixers reunion should be good for both the player and the team, particularly the way the Sixers have struggled to draw fan interest of late.

"Every time he's played there, that building is full,'' Brown said. "When you see 8,000 or 9,000 people at a Boston-Phlly game, that blows my mind. I know if he plays there, they'll come out.

"They have a coach who will magnify what (Iverson) does well. Eddie (Jordan) is a terrific offensive coach.''

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Hey Brown-
Since you are AI's biggest cheerleader and you have talked more about him than your own team why don't you sign him up?
---or SHUT UP

Posted by: JasonHeels | Dec 1, 2009 5:35:45 PM

damn right jasonheels i cant say it better.

Posted by: tony joe white | Dec 1, 2009 5:50:46 PM

I would have to agree. I'm a big LB fan, but if Brown loves him so much, enough talk and sign him already. One thing Iverson always gives on the court is effort, and as we all know LB always says he does not want to have to coach effort.

Posted by: Ari | Dec 2, 2009 12:56:00 AM

Sorry, but Iverson has shown that he doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt from any team in the NBA after he's selfishly forced his way off the last three teams he's been on.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Dec 2, 2009 11:51:59 AM

sign ai and trade dj for a power foward

Posted by: joe cool | Dec 2, 2009 8:48:04 PM

you guys must not know much about basketball.....WE HAVE A GUARD HEAVY TEAM !!! HOW COULD WE SIGN HIM !?!? GET EDUCATED BEFORE YOU SPEAK !

Posted by: Elliot | Dec 3, 2009 1:24:11 PM

Yeah, we should definitely get rid of Augustin. That way, Acie Law can start for us next season at PG.

Posted by: Michael Procton | Dec 3, 2009 1:58:37 PM

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