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April 30, 2010

Brown on his Bobcats decision

Some quick excerpts from Larry Brown's post-season media session Friday:



“I’ll try to answer this question the best I can: I have a great job here. I love Charlotte, I love working for Michael, I love coaching. I don’t think there are many places where I’ve been as comfortable, and I’ve been in some pretty special situations.


“But I have a 13-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son and the time I’m away from them, I can’t get that back. I’ll be 70. I don’t feel that way, unless I look in the mirror. But I’ve got to go home and talk to my wife. I love her and I love my kids and I don’t want them growing up and all of a sudden I blink and I’ve missed that. It’s just something I’ll have to address and try to figure out.’’


“It’s kind of amazing. I see people my age not working. I understand that, but I’ve never had to work. I’m doing exactly what I love to do in an environment that’s pretty incredible. People love basketball here and are passionate about it on every level. Spending two years with Michael and now seeing his role change, that’s important to me because he gave me a chance. It’s amazing to me how they think you forget (what you knew) in such a short period of time, after coming from New York and what happened there. He gave me the chance, and I don’t take that lightly.''


“I’ll sit down with (wife) Shelly, like I always do, and try to figure things out.’’




“I worked for Carl Scheer, and I remember what it was like when he was involved with the Hornets and going into that arena. Every night was like Saturday (sold out and loud). It was a phenomenal place to play because people couldn’t all go to Duke or North Carolina, Wake, State or Davidson. So a lot of them became Hornets fans to see the ACC kids play (as pros).


“it was an amazing environment, so I was kind of surprised coming back (last) year that there was no interest at all (in the Bobcats). Now, this year, I go to certain places, and people start asking me about the team, even ask me for tickets. I went out the other day (to the golf tournament at Quail Hollow) with Michael and hearing the remarks about our team, their feelings about basketball, it came full-circle. Amazing.


“I think people genuinely care….We’ve got to somehow capture that and retain it – earn that trust and respect. It’s being part of something that’s developing. Coach Smith always talked about playing the right way. If you do that here, people will get behind you.’’




“I talked to Michael about it and told him now I’d go back and visit with my family. I don’t want this to be about me. My whole thought process now is how to make (the Bobcats) better. I don’t want this to drag on. But I think the worst thing you could do is make a decision right after the playoffs. I still want to coach. I told that to Michael – I want to coach and I don’t want to coach anywhere else.’’

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Larry is the BEST NBA head coach ever... period. And don't throw stats at me, Phil Jackson only coaches "GREAT" players and would refuse to coach a team without "GREAT" players. Larry is a TRUE coach, someone who brings the best out of players, even the worst players!!

Posted by: STH | Apr 30, 2010 12:55:44 PM

What an awesome person. I completely understand where he's coming from - balancing work and his personal life. I hope he returns, but if he doesn't - I feel that the Bobcats were extremely fortunate to have him their presence, if even for a short awhile.

I also hope the city continues to embrace this team more and more. It is run by a wonderful group of people who are determined to turn the Bobcats into a winner and the city ought to get behind that.

I wish Larry the best and hope if he does leave, we can find a coach that will instill at least half of the work ethic and drive, into our guys, as Larry has.

Posted by: Clay | Apr 30, 2010 12:57:53 PM

Larry touched on something - and skirted around it - but with a little perspective he would see the big picture:

1. Larry owes Jordan.
2. Jordan needs to grow the Bobcats fanbase so as to not lose money on
3. Larry Brown has the NC "credentials" to convert fans
4. Larry owes Jordan at least one more year for these newly planted seeds to take root - then he can go - if he chooses.

Posted by: On and On | Apr 30, 2010 12:57:54 PM

OK Larry - Let me help you. You love the situation here? Pick up the wife and kids and being 'em down here. That's what needs to happen. My father took a job here in the late 70's....we didn't stay where we were when he took the job. We moved with him.

Posted by: sascol | Apr 30, 2010 1:04:33 PM

I agree with On and On, LB should stay at least one more year to help get the Bobcats on the right track. They've won the support of the city with their first playoff appearance. Leaving now, would only damage the team and feel like a kick in the nut5 to Charlotte.

Posted by: Whos Barry Badrinath? | Apr 30, 2010 1:05:50 PM

Larry touched on something - and skirted around it - but with a little perspective he would see the big picture:

1. Larry owes Jordan.
2. Jordan needs to grow the Bobcats fanbase so as to not lose money on
3. Larry Brown has the NC "credentials" to convert fans
4. Larry owes Jordan at least one more year for these newly planted seeds to take root - then he can go - if he chooses.

Posted by: Ray Little | Apr 30, 2010 1:10:56 PM

some of u guys r just rude. complaining on just how fortunate we are to have brown. I feel bad for the guy i wouldnt wanna miss my kids growing up either. And also don't stress MJ has alot in store for this team and he will find us another head coach that can work with the players we got.

Posted by: Bobcats-Tech | Apr 30, 2010 1:16:41 PM

Who made the comment that the team is run by a woderfull group of people! Get a life dude. Jordan is a wonderfull person? Hmmmm You my friend are a joke!!! So are the Bobcats!!!

Posted by: JD | Apr 30, 2010 1:18:05 PM

Why would you feel sorry for the guy? When he took the job two years ago his kids were 11 and 13. He knew he was going to miss them growing up then. Nothing has changed. This being the case, maybe he never should have taken the job. Otherwise, he could have moved his family to NC.

Posted by: bobcatrich | Apr 30, 2010 1:30:22 PM

Larry Brown, you have done so much for the Charlotte Bobcats and their fans, new and old. You are highly respected in this community. My best wishes for you and your family.

Posted by: Bobbydarr | Apr 30, 2010 1:32:34 PM

Larry u should do whatever makes you happy, we the true basketball fans would'nt have it any other way you have helped in so many ways THANK U MR BROWN if your family needs you or you need them then u should be with them if you don't come back good luck in whatever you do

Posted by: BENCAR | Apr 30, 2010 1:49:27 PM

My question is, if Larry is 70, what is he doing with a 13 and a 15 yr old. Must have a young wife, I'll move back too.

Posted by: Deon | Apr 30, 2010 2:27:23 PM

Did Brown just now figure out that Charlotte and Philadelphia were several hundred miles apart? Why wasn't this an issue when he took the job two years ago?

Posted by: Gboro cats fan | Apr 30, 2010 3:18:11 PM

Coach Brown is a tremendous coach, one of the all-time bests no doubt. I'll even agree with another comment that you could make a solid argument that he's the all-time best. Certainly nobody out there is head and shoulders better at getting the most out of the least on a regular basis. That said, even with my alter-ego screen name being LBFAN, it does get irritating when there is always constant speculation about his future at every stop. Sometimes the speculation has legit reasons for him to move on, but to be honest I'm not really buying the wife and kids bit this time. As was pointed out, he did know this situation before coming to Charlotte, so it should have been addresssed back then. Also, LB has about 5 months to really be involved with his kids at this point during the offseason (though I'm sure he's still working quite a bit in basketball too given his nature, but still). The biggest point I would make to coach right now is to remember how miserable he was during his two years out of the game, following that mess with the Knicks (which wasn't his fault by the way). Brown should realize that if he walks away now, he may very well regret it shortly, and even though he will God willing have good health for many years to come, it may not be easy to break back into coaching in his mid-70s. I would bet that the coaching bug never leaves him, so in my opinion he would be smart to ride things out with the Bobcats at this point, and enjoy it every second that he can.

Posted by: Ari | May 1, 2010 4:44:06 AM

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