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July 06, 2010

A bit of Raymond Felton news

The Knicks will take a hard look at signing Raymond Felton, but don't be surprised if Luke Ridnour becomes their point guard, after New York committed to a huge contract for Amare Stoudemire.

They like Felton. But they'd prefer to sign a point guard to a short-term deal, and that probably isn't to Felton's benefit. Ridnour has fewer options, so he'd logically take the chance for the exposure he'd get as a starter in New York.

Many of you keep asking me if there's a sign-and-trade for Felton, and you don't want to hear the answer: Between the Bobcats' salary-cap problems and Felton's middling status in this free-agent class, a sign-and-trade is problematic and unlkely. They'll probably lose him for nothing, but starting over -- even if it means losing the pick he was -- might be the best course.

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