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July 13, 2010

A post-script on the latest trade

 Some thoughts on the latest of a zillion trades since Larry Brown came aboard:

-- I know some of you don't think the Bobcats "got'' anything in this trade. I think that $13 million unguaranteed contract is quite an asset, depending on how they use it. I've been writing for a long time that they squandered their flexibility by acquiring bad contracts. So there's no way I'd have a problem with them looking to undo that damage with a deal like Tuesday's.

-- Of course they still need a point guard. And there are 2 1/2 months until the start of training camp to find one. Nobody ever won a playoff series in July.

-- This might just be semantics, but there's a definite difference of opinion about whether the Bobcats and Raptors had a deal.

-- Tyson Chandler is probably lucky that his Larry Bird rights were traded to Dallas, a free-spending organization if there ever was one. Higgins said Chandler is being added to the invitees to try out for Team USA in Las Vegas.

-- It would be hard for an NBA franchise to get less from their first-round picks than the Bobcats have.

Alexis Ajinca joins Adam Morrison and Sean May as first-round busts. To me, the problem with Ajinca is his reflexes. It takes him forever to react to what he sees. That leaves him a step behind every play, which leads to all those fouls. I don't know that you overcome poor reaction time, particularly if you're expected to be a shotblocker.

-- Of the three players the Bobcats acquired, it's a fair bet Eduardo Najera has the best chance of playing. Hard to imagine Dampier being here for opening day and we already saw Matt Carroll isn't what Larry Brown classically wants in a shooting guard. Najera's toughness should appeal to Brown, though he obviously is an older guy at 34.

-- Can't help but find it funny the Bobcats re-acquired Carroll's contract. Matt got a great, long-term deal that will still pay him nearly $12 million the next three seasons. He still owns a house in Charlotte.

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On Matt Carroll ... if he stays on the team, I guarantee you he will do more for the team than Ajinca did last year. I recall Carroll as a guy who tried very hard on defense. Maybe he wasn't a Larry Brown type defender, but he made the effort. And, as a shooter, he can save you in a few games a year.

Posted by: D Reed | Jul 13, 2010 10:06:58 PM

I understand that if we shed Dampier's contract, we will put a lot of distance between our salary and the luxury tax but was it worth it to take back Carroll's and Najera's contracts? We added $6.5 mil to the 2011-2012 payroll that would not have been there if we had just kept Tyson's expiring contract. Unless we use Dampier as trade bait to get a true starting PG, this deal doesn't make sense to me.

Posted by: CB | Jul 13, 2010 10:16:55 PM

D Reed:
Can only hope Matt does more than Ajinca did. That sets the bar a centimeter above the floor.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Jul 13, 2010 10:17:36 PM

Great to see Matt back in town, I hope he sticks. We need as many 3pt shooters as we can get to play against the Heat and Magic this season.

Let's go get back Hermann next!

Posted by: Sportsdon | Jul 13, 2010 10:30:14 PM

Najera might be an asset if he can stay healthy, but that hasn't been the case the last few years. If he can't contribute anything to the Cats, it might be time to retire and clean his salary off the books too. I think Dampier will be gone. The moves could look great if Charlotte can somehow become a player for a big time free agent down the road. I know we still have time to fill the PG slot, but it's still a bit troubling to have such a huge gaping hole in the roster. I hope whoever they bring in isn't short on talent, as overall, the roster doesn't look too impressive right about now.

Posted by: Ari | Jul 13, 2010 10:32:13 PM

Not trying to sell this to you -- that's not my role -- but I think you don't appreciate (and I wrote this numerous times) how much danger the Bobcats felt there were in to become a tax-paying team this season. That would have been crazy for a team that, at best, is probably the six seed (and perhaps not a playoff team at all).
Read what I wrote above: They took on some really bad contracts and had to undo some of that damage. Had they turned down something like this, I would have ripped them. So I'd be a hypocrite to say doing this isn't a good move.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Jul 13, 2010 10:35:32 PM

Thanks Rick. And thanks for being one of the few journalists who will actually read AND RESPOND to readers comments.

Posted by: CB | Jul 13, 2010 10:45:26 PM


If you were GM, what would you do at this point? Who would you try to sign or trade for?

Posted by: Zach | Jul 13, 2010 10:45:41 PM

I have very mixed thoughts about all this. Calderon is interesting and, I'm telling you, D.J. Augustin is not ready to be a starting point guard.
However, I love the idea of acquiring a chip like $13 million in erasable contract. Bob Bass used to say the most undervalued asset in this league is cap room. This isn't cap room, but it's the next-best thing: The ability to trade up to $13M to a team that can disappear at the other team's whim. Who wouldn't take that call?
Sure they could blow this. They've blown other opportunities. But I'm a great believer in the art of the possible and this deal offers that.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Jul 13, 2010 10:52:45 PM

Rick, Mo Williams has been on the block and the Cavs will most likely rebuild, regardless of what Gilbert said in his email.

How about Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao and Delonte West (just $500K guaranteed) for Nazr and Dampier's contract. Varejao can start at Center, then they could try and get Brad Miller with the MLE as a backup Center.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 13, 2010 10:54:58 PM

Rick, please tell me why the Bobcats don't attempt to bring back Shannon Brown or Flip Murray? Brown showed what he can do in L.A. and if offered 3-4 mill/yr,we could get him. Flip said at the end of last season that he would love to come back to Charlotte if we wanted him, he provides instant offense off the bench and would be relatively cheap. Also, if we do trade for a PG, who is the most likely candidate, Ford ?? I was getting excited about Calderon, seeing how he does not turn the ball over and is a better shooter and assist man than ray was. Your thoughts please.

Posted by: Elliot Motaleb | Jul 13, 2010 11:02:10 PM

Trade Diaw(Doris) and Nzr for Arenas or a combination of Diaw(Doris) and Diop(Debra) for Arenas.

Posted by: aaron.siafa | Jul 13, 2010 11:16:05 PM

if we sign calderon doesn't that erase all of the cap space we just got for the next 3 to 4 years? this roster w/ the addition of only calderon isn't very exciting. as bad as the cats are w/ their drafts, i'd rather collect some picks, since it's highly unlikely that a big name free agent, like cp3 will sign here. we can see how dj does and if he's not good enough then sign a mid range pg. we def need to find some centers...i think brad miller would be good, but cheap younger/project would be good too.

Posted by: bunkombe | Jul 13, 2010 11:24:46 PM

Another thing some fans forget about reaching the penalty stage of the Salary Cap. You not only pay a dollar for dollar penalty for every dollar you are over, you also miss out on being one of the teams under the cap and receiving your share of the other team's penalities.

So let's say 1/2 the teams are over the cap penalty number by a cumulative amount of $75 Million and the other 1/2 of the teams split an equal amount of the $75 Million penalty. Let's say that's $5M for arguement purposes.

So if the Bobcats were $3M under the penalty, and sign a player for $5M..we are $2M into the penalty stage, plus we lose the $5M that is split with the other teams..so that $5M player cost you $5M + $2M penalty + $5 in split funds you don't receive...so that's $12M for a $5M player.....

Now do you realize why MJ is so adament in avoiding the penalty if we are not championship caliber? As long as they are smart with the next step...this trade could be as succesful as the Stephen Jackson trade was. Heck in the last couple years, we've signed Shannon Brown, Stephen Graham, Flip Murray and Theo Ratliff for less than a combined $5M...Larry will work some Magic with the free agents (w/ exception of Diop, he's done fairly well so far).

Posted by: BlockParty | Jul 13, 2010 11:35:21 PM

Getting Dampier's unguaranteed contract looks like a good deal, but still...I have no idea where this team is headed to - not anymore than anyone else - and I'm waiting for the next move(s).

However, I have a little comment on bringing back Matt Carroll. I like Matt, I always did, but, how is this gonna work out in LB's team? He sure isn't a Larry Brown type of player, and that's why Coach didn't mind at all trading him in 2009.

Matt is a talented shooter, and we saw in the playoffs how much the Bobcats need such a player. But, anyone who remembers Matt's seasons in Charlotte knows that he needs consistent playing time to be productive.
When his minutes go down, so does his shooting percentage. Matt needs at least 20 to 25 minutes per game - and not in short spurts - to be productive. Honestly, I don't see this happening, not with Jax as starting SG, not with LB coaching. So, what's been achieved?

Posted by: Sandy | Jul 13, 2010 11:45:40 PM

I think ESPN's John Hollinger summed it up best, "this might be the first salary dump in which the team dumping salary took on more money."

If the 'Cats just let Ajinca walk next summer by not picking up his option and let Tyson's deal expire, the team would have saved $14 million in an instant.

Now they've committed to an additional $10 million over the next three years on players who will rarely sniff playing time. Couple Carroll & Najera with Diop and the picture gets very ugly.

So this either wasn't a salary dump at all (in that they plan on making another move soon) OR MJ just doesn't have a clue.

I'm holding out hope.

Posted by: ASChin | Jul 14, 2010 12:39:35 AM

I would love the bobcats trading dj, diaw, and dampier to NO for CP3. not gonna happen, but it would be awesome

Posted by: Josh | Jul 14, 2010 1:55:58 AM


Keep your head up for the following things (in order of likelihood highest to lowest)
1. MJ signs 1 year Min salary contract to be the first owner/player.
2. We resign Boykins or McInnis.
3. We trade for CP3

Posted by: tattoo | Jul 14, 2010 3:01:50 AM

Why is the Bobcats braintrust so adroit at finding LOSERS like Carroll,Morrison,Augustin,Ajinca,Najera,Dampier,Muhammed,Diaw,and Diop to over pay while "giving away" gamers like Felton, S.Brown, Murray,etc.?

Posted by: jbheels | Jul 14, 2010 3:16:24 AM

You know who was miffed when we traded away Matt Carroll? My wife!....who is a Bobcats fan or at least pretends to be and that makes my life a whole lot sweeter. We just let our greatest "character" guy in Felton get away. I'm glad we picked up our little D-leaguer..his non-threatening looks will earn me a couple more games!

Posted by: HPCatFan | Jul 14, 2010 3:21:19 AM


That is priceless. "Bobcats Fans' Wives Give Carroll/Chandler Swap Big Thumbs Up"

Posted by: ASChin | Jul 14, 2010 7:19:01 AM

On behalf of all Mavs fans - thanks for taking our two worst contracts. Any interest in Jason Terry?

Posted by: Joe | Jul 14, 2010 8:41:24 AM

LOL - a difference of opinion about whether the trade was done? Why did the team call Chandler to tell him he was a Raptor then?

Posted by: Davey | Jul 14, 2010 8:43:37 AM

It's against NBA rules for a player to also own part or all of an NBA team. Remember when Magic attempted a comeback and had to sell his small piece of the Lakers?

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Jul 14, 2010 8:45:30 AM

Chris Paul is coming to Charlotte - count on it. It should happen in the next week or two.


Posted by: gradyhog | Jul 14, 2010 8:45:30 AM

1 - let's break down the cap ramifications......we took 14 million in USEABLE PLAYERS WITH EXPIRING CONTRACTS for 7 million in UNUSEABLE PLAYERS WITH 2 and 3 years on their deals. and we got a guy with a 13 million dollar unguarunteed deal BUT we used a 3 million dollar trade exception to aquire it. so we're really only wiping 10 off the books. 10 - 7 = 3. we're netting 3 million NOW instead of waiting a year and actually getting to use the guys and then let them walk for 14. or trade them at the deadline for something better.

Am I reading this wrong? I don't see how we're getting cap relief in this deal. 3 million. that's it. Cap relief was sending diaw to toronto for just dwayne jones. that's cap relief.

2 - danny ainge and pat riley win playoff series' in july.

3 - it's not funny matt carroll is back, it's tragic. not because i don't like carroll but because we already know he won't play, he's rotted on the bench since he left, and we're still paying for diop for the next 3 years too.

there is no silver lining to be found in this deal unless they deal dampier for a STUD player. they have major redemption moves to be made before the few people on the bandwagon start jumping off.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 9:24:42 AM


For the sake of me being lazy, could you go over the potential PG's on the market and chances we could get them (either FA or trade). I know of two possible trades (CP3 and Jose C.) and Flip. Any others to look at?

Posted by: Will In Wilmington | Jul 14, 2010 9:38:31 AM

Charlottean- Overall, I agree with your nervousness about the deal, but I had to giggle when you used the word "Useable" when talking about Ajinca. Have faith, this has the rumblings of something much bigger.

Posted by: Jaz | Jul 14, 2010 9:47:14 AM

@Will In Wilmington - How is CP3 a possible trade? why do you guys think the Hornets are going to just give him away. They're going to want Cap releif AND a solid prospect.

The bobcats can't offer Cap relief because teams cannot trade players aquired in trades for 60 days so the only thing they can do is cut Dampier and save the money since all FA pgs suck. AND they have no prospects to trade. The best chance the Bobcats had was to trade chandler and Diaw to the Raps for Jose and Evans' expiring contract.

Posted by: Matthew | Jul 14, 2010 9:55:19 AM

The upcoming trades are explained here.
It will all make sense after reading.

Posted by: July14Trades | Jul 14, 2010 9:55:50 AM


your statement is ot correct. The are some technicalities that makes trades possible, especially for expiring contracts. If you remember, last offseason (summer) Quentin Richardson was traded 3 times in less than a week and Darko Milicic twice. Dampier can be traded.

Posted by: RobC | Jul 14, 2010 10:11:44 AM

i know i know but he's more useable than diop and he's got the potential to be something. He was useable enough in the D-league to be an all-star and get a triple double......and he only makes up what? 1.5 million of that deal? i was more referring to our starting 5 in tyson chandler being useable. i mean i would much rather have THAT guy in his contract year than any of the options that we're looking at.

this is just ridiculous. and rick seriously....i'm not one to criticize you much, but you gotta stop sugar coating things. this is a HORRIBLE MOVE. they went from contemplating a horrible move to making a worse move the next day. We actually would have gotten SOME cap relief in the calderon deal AND a pg. instead we get neither. but even that deal was horrible. they just make deals to make deals. its as if higgins can't justify his job if he doesn't. they're never going to be able to get a fanbase with moves like this.

look at okc. look at houston. do that.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 10:12:14 AM

Not sure how anybody could possibly defend this trade. The Calderon trade was pretty awful too - but this one stinks. And no, New Orleans isn't just going to give us Paul - if that's the plan, we're in trouble.

Posted by: jerseyshore | Jul 14, 2010 10:18:21 AM

Bobcats MO has become: Draft horribly, give up future draft picks then trade everyone later to cover your horrible mistakes. I hate the management of this team right now.

Posted by: Brian | Jul 14, 2010 10:27:37 AM

@RobC true but the techincallity in regards to dampier is that his contract in non-guarunteed

Posted by: Matthew | Jul 14, 2010 10:27:49 AM

@RobC i think the rule for him and his contract is that he can be dealth on his own but cannot be part of a multi playe rdeal. Would love it if !!RICK!!! could clarify this

Posted by: Matthew | Jul 14, 2010 10:33:09 AM

Anyone noticed that not only do we not have a PG, we also don't have a Center. What in the world are these total idiots doing! Next I fully expect to see Gerald Wallace shipped off. That would be the last straw for me.

Posted by: Brian | Jul 14, 2010 10:36:46 AM

Hollinger ESPN:
Warning read at your own risk: Extreme frustration to ensue...

"I'd like to congratulate Michael Jordan on being the first executive in history to avoid saving money in a salary dump. Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca have one year left at a combined $14.1 million, while Eduardo Najera and Matt Carroll are owed a combined $17.1 million over the next three years. Throw in cash (presumably the maximum allowable $3 million) from Dallas, and the Bobcats managed to break even while giving away their starting center for two guys who will occupy seats 11 and 12 at the end of the bench. Strike up the band.

For those who haven't heard, Charlotte traded Chandler and Ajinca to Dallas on Tuesday for two of the deadest-weight contracts in the league (Najera and Carroll), cash and the nonguaranteed contract of Erick Dampier. I still have no idea why."

Posted by: Brian | Jul 14, 2010 10:48:55 AM

i don't even think we've drafted horribly at all. we didn't take any head scratchers really, most everything was inline with what anybody else would have done. but we haven't put these guys in positions to win.

-okafor was what he was and a solid #2 pick while he was here.....we overpaid him. that's our fault not his, but not a bad pick.
- morrison and may both showed HUGE potential early and then had major injuries, again not really bad drafting.
-dudley was a good pick where he was picked.
-henderson and augustin haven't been given enough time to say for sure.
- felton was a good pick coming AFTER paul and williams.
- ajinca is still a ? because you aren't going to be able to say for sure until a real organization declares him a bust if he is or isn't. it's leaning towards bust but he and roddy buckets might be the future of the mavs as they age out kidd and nowitzki.
- derrick brown was a phenominal 2nd round pick.
- brandan wright is still out there TBD but i'll say that was probably our worst pick but its irrelevant because we traded it immediately. that leaves ajinca as probably being the worst pick.

the big point is that we draft guys that might have the chance to be good but we don't develop them. if we drafted russell westbrook and jeff green they would be on the bench rotting away like augustin and henderson. instead, they're starting in the playoffs and nearly beating the lakers in round 1.

we've made some good deals in trades but really, the net value is HORRIBLE. we've made a few good deals to cover up for a million horrible deals. it just doesn't make sense how bad these deals are in net value over the years. there's no future planning AT ALL. none.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 10:50:57 AM

The draft picks have be GARBAGE all around. The biggest indicator of that is the simple fact that they are all GONE and we got very little for them.

Posted by: Brian | Jul 14, 2010 10:57:04 AM

Everyone here seems to think that Tyson Chandler actually contributed last year. The Bobcats did not lose their starting center when Chandler was traded. They lost their starting center when Theo Ratliff's contract terminated in May.

On the surface this deal makes little sense and taking back Najera and Carroll is borderline insane but let's give Jordan the benefit of the doubt. He's been strongest in the trade market so it's probably not a bad idea to wait and see what he can do with Dampier's contract.

Posted by: ASChin | Jul 14, 2010 10:58:07 AM

@Brian true. it actually goes against everything i said yesterday while arguing with those Raptor fans. Bobcats suck

Posted by: Catnation | Jul 14, 2010 11:03:46 AM

Bottom line: Bobcats are the pawns for smarter more forward thinking GMs that must be giggling ever time the get to do business with those idiots down in Charlotte. I'm seriously considering finding a new team.

Posted by: Brian | Jul 14, 2010 11:08:20 AM

I've heard some rumors that we might be trying to trade for Ramon Sessions. Minn just signed Luke, that gives them about a million PGs on their roster. Ramon isn't a stud by any means, but hes a servicable PG with a decent contract. What do you think Rick?

Posted by: Mason | Jul 14, 2010 11:20:36 AM


Go ahead, find another team. No one will miss you.

Posted by: Zach | Jul 14, 2010 11:23:09 AM

I honestly think the Jose deal would have been better for the Bobs. Jordan is an idiot GM. He had a great GM in Chicago who build a team around MJ that was comprised of the perfect peices needed to get him titles. I mean Tony Kukoc was one of the most sought after FA out of europe and he got him for MJ. MJ didnt even aknowledge that GM's work and contribution during his Hall of fame induction. MJ probably thought that the GM in Chicago wasnt the reason he won all of those titles and figured since Mj is MJ he could do just as good a job. Way to go MJ

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 11:23:18 AM

I hope everyone likes Ramon Sessions because that's probably who is going to end up here at pg.

Posted by: PTR | Jul 14, 2010 11:29:52 AM

funny summary of the trade by Yahoo

"Turned off by adding a point guard that could help his team win, Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has instead looked to further complicate his payroll situation by trading Tyson Chandler(notes) and Alex Ajinca to the Dallas Mavericks for Erick Dampier(notes), Eduardo Najera(notes) and former Bobcat Matt Carroll(notes).

Dampier's contract is not guaranteed for next season, so if he is waived this will be a straight salary dump for Charlotte and Jordan. They would save around $6 million in payroll this season, with Najera and Carroll still on board, though both those players are owed around $10 million more after 2010-11, with Carroll's contract actually running until 2013.

It's a curious move, to say the least. Perhaps a terrible one. If Dampier is retained, then he would fill Charlotte's need for a starting center, considering how they just traded their starting center, or the non-guaranteed deal can be used as payroll relief or trade bait.

It's a great deal for the Mavericks.

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 11:45:39 AM

@Zach, yeah the only one missing anything is going to be the Bobcats missing the playoffs every year.

Posted by: I used to sit near Buzz | Jul 14, 2010 11:47:31 AM

I keep saying that this deal can be the best move for the Bobcats or the worst, depending what comes next. The best avaliable optionas right now, for any combination of Dampier, Diaw, Nazr and/or Diop are:

1.) Mo Williams/Anderson Varejao/Delonte West ($500K contract)
2.) Gilbert Arenas/Javale McGee (Risky but my favorite)
3.) Monta Ellis/Andris Biedrins (Doubt it happens at this point)

Other moves that might make sense:
4.) Devin Harris for Diaw only (not sure if a good fit). NJ just signed Jordan Farmar and could use a versatile PF, plus it saves them about $9M, and puts them in the race for CP3 in 2012.
5.) Chris Paul/Emeka Okafor (Basically out of the question and nothing more than a dream, but let me added, at least as a rental)
6.) Chauncey Billups/Nene Hillario (another dream scenario, it depends on what Denver wants to do with the Melo situation. If Melo don’t sign the extension, he might be traded and they might begin to rebuild, Ty Lawson seems like their future PG).

Posted by: RobC | Jul 14, 2010 12:25:57 PM

Because he was just traded, under NBA rules, Dampier cannot be traded as part of a multiplayer trade with other players for 60 days. They can do 2 separate trades with the same team at the same time as long as Dampier is traded for one player within $100,000 of his salary. So, you need to look for players making within 100k of Dampier's contract if you want to find out what can be had in return. Otherwise, this was just a salary dump.

Posted by: Bltman | Jul 14, 2010 12:40:45 PM


I'm loving this... All of you, (especially that idiot Catnation) thought the raptors were fleecing you, but now you are all like "damn, we should've traded for calderon".

Raps would've given you a solid PG. Now, you still don't have a PG, you have 2 deadweight contracts (Whoever is happy for matt carroll, you need some NBA 101) and a dampier contract that will not get you anything.

You will NOT get CP3. So stop dreaming. The best thing for your stupid GM is to trade Damp and Diaw to toronto for Calderon and Evans, even if you have to wait the 60 days.

Or just sell your franchise...Again.

Posted by: Dilly from TOR | Jul 14, 2010 12:48:47 PM

@Dilly from TOR

lol welcome back. After yesterday's internet flame war i HAD to come back to see whats up. remember how T.O fans dont know anything about basketball yet these shmucks think NJ would trade Harris for Diaw, or that getting CP3 is at all within the realm of possibility.

The Trade: You could've gotten a solid PG in Jose and while Evans isnt s starter when he does play at PF the Cats could've slid Wallace to his natural SF position and avoid injury and signed a FA center.

Now you have no PG, No Center, and traded away ur best asset for two guys to fill ur 11th and 12th spot on the bench. you said jose wasnt worth $10 mill? ur paying $11 mill for Carrol and Diop to wear track suits all game. Have fun losers

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 1:07:49 PM

Boris, DJ and Dampier to the Hornets for CP3 and Mek.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 14, 2010 1:10:24 PM

this can't qualify as a salary dump because we still have to spend the money to fill out the roster. if any of you don't think tyson chandler could have contributed big time this year lets think about it in detail.
1 - he would have a different pg. not necessarily better, but maybe one that has more chemistry with him by accident.
2 - he would have another year with this team, continuity might get you somewhere
3 - he's allegedly healthier than he has been in 3 years
4 - all athletes perform better in contract years. just like people on the job work harder when layoffs are looming.
5 - he has size. size is a contribution. ajinca was a contribution in that regard. now we have no size. AND no money.

we are so effed right now. now they're gonna make another dumb move to bring in centers and pgs to fill the roster and none of them will be worth anything. then by december jackson will be asking to be traded and brown will be quitting. we went from a fringe playoff team to a early lottery team in one day.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 1:20:23 PM

@apauldds lol yes the hornets will trade 1 all star, one star player, for Boris (where's the Buffet) Diaw, a crappy PG they wouldnt need since they have collison and the right to wave Dampier. Some Mecca. If MJ is a product of North Carolina i can see why he is such a bad B-Ball Exec

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 1:21:27 PM

@ charlottean

good point man, think abot it like this. What is more important? the $6 mill you save by cutting Dampier or having a healthy Chandler...in a contract year...playing high level b ball AT THE TRADE DEADLINE! Imagine what you could've gotten for him if the Cats moved him at the deadline? Dampier's contract is the most sought after contract? i'd rather have Chanlder's expiring at the deadline to send to another team for a pair of solid young prospects and a draft pick. I can literally do MJ's job

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 1:28:47 PM

hey Toronto guys, go back to your own teams board and talk about how they're going to suck. Neither of our teams are going to make the playoffs this year with the rosters currently constructed. Just because a couple morons on here think we have a shot at CP3 doesn't mean everyone who roots for the Bobcats is a "shmuck". In fact, I'd say the guys who root for a -.500 team, who just lost their 2 most talented players I might add, going on another teams blog & talking trash are the true shmucks. Or wait, let me guess.. Jack to Bargnani is about to become the new Stockton to Malone, right? And let me be the first to congratulate you on that awesome contract you just gave Amir Johnson. Good stuff, Canada. Apparently, health care & hockey is all you do right.

And don't talk too much trash about our state since you just drafted a player from here.

Posted by: tom P | Jul 14, 2010 1:31:13 PM

no kidding. dallas couldn't get anything good for dampier's contract so how the hell are we going to? we can't even afford to keep dampier either. if it had been a straight up trade I could see it: dallas upgrades and gets a younger more motivated center for a little less money, we get 13 million off the books to move in a different direction. but when you give up a prospect (ajinca) who doesn't have a bad contract and you take back 2 horrible contracts.........it is seriously one of the worst trades ever.

this is probably the best trade the mavericks have made since trading robert traylor for dirk nowitzki.

even if we had just waited a year, we would have had 18 million free up between chandler and mohammed. we would have had 14 million come off the books if we didn't re-up Lex's deal which even at 2 million is a great deal for a prospect of his size. I mean you can complain about paying guys that don't play but investing a million or 2 a year for a few years on prospects IS NECESSARY ask OKC or ask any mlb baseball team. but to pay guys like diop, najera, and carroll MORE to not even be prospects is mind blowing. and to give up future cap room for that?! its incredible.

i think larry brown just quit.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 1:36:18 PM

@ Matthew, what's going on bro? Yea i just came back to poo on these bobcats fans. Glad to see you back haha. BTW say you're comment on doug smiths blog about our beef yesterday lol *HIGH 5*

TOM P: Shut up. Don't even start. What's wrong with amir johnson? Think we offered him too much?

Well consider this. He hasn't even reached his peak yet. You don't realize he just turned 23 and with bosh gone, who known, he might blossom. And last time I checked, bargnani is better than anyone on the bobcats team. Closest would be Gerald Wallace, but he is injury prone and Bargnani is younger. Thanks

I really can't see how the bobcats can get any worse. If they don't get anything for Dampier, then consider this an ultimate fail, which you guys are used to.

Only reason I am still here is cause I think a trade is still possible between the raps and the cats.

Posted by: Dilly from TOR | Jul 14, 2010 1:50:05 PM


The Hornets just fired their GM to try and appease CP3, who is pulling a Kobe and quite possibly demanding a trade. They are also trying to sell the team and would love to 1.Get out of Mek's deal and 2.Get some payroll relief. By making this deal they get a seviceable PF and PG plus shed Mek's contract and get the 13mil from Dampier. Plus DJ is from N.O. and could do quite well sharing time with collison.

Of course they would like to keep CP3 but it's entirely possible that he has figured out that they will never surround him with the right players to be a winner and he wants out. Plus he's from here (Winston Salem) and he's a Jordan guy.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 14, 2010 1:50:57 PM

the only way we can make a deal is if it's to somebody with a trade exception looking to get diaw and dump a bad contract on us. we don't have the caproom to take back like contracts on dampiers. that's why this is so effing retarded is prior to yesterday, we had like 2 million under the luxury tax now we're over 3 million over as it stands. we waive dampier, we're under and we have NOBODY on a roster that is nearly at the tax. we don't even have our center prospect anymore to where we could blow up the whole team in a firesale and start augustin, henderson, brown, thomas, ajinca for the next 3 years while we let bad contracts die and develop the young'ns.

we have nothing. we waive dampier and i don't even know if we can use the entire MLE without going over the tax line. i'm still so blown away by how dumb this all was.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2010 1:59:47 PM

You saw that? lol. Think about it like this. Amir Johnson's first coach said he would be a special player. the only reason he didnt get play time in detroit was because they already had Tayshaun prince. Who was the coach that said he would develope into a special player? Larry Brown.

Posted by: Matt | Jul 14, 2010 2:08:56 PM

Haha okay Dilly, I'll send you my apologies in a cpl years when Johnson and Bargnani are the starting frontcourt for the Eastern conference and the Raptors are taking down the Heat for a spot in the finals.

Posted by: tom P | Jul 14, 2010 2:16:13 PM

Shaun Livingston was the plan? Yikes - not much of a plan. If I was Livington - I'd get the contract signed before Jordan changes his mind again.

Posted by: Tom | Jul 14, 2010 2:42:35 PM

Perhaps Jesse Jackson is on to something. With all these trades Larry B seems like a modern day slave trader. Thanks Jesse, it all makes sense now.

Posted by: LeeL | Jul 14, 2010 4:22:10 PM

Aaron Siafa you are a very funny guy...I love your Debra and Doris idea. Funny.

Posted by: MajorLeague | Jul 14, 2010 4:42:13 PM

i agree lets get back herrman!

Posted by: kyle | Jul 14, 2010 6:04:01 PM

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