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November 08, 2010

It's more the turnovers than the defense

An interesting statistic in the Bobcats' pre-game notes:

Over their first three games, the Bobcats allowed their opponent to average 101 points on 48 percent shooting. Over their last three games, Bobcats opponents averaged 90 points on 42 percent shooting.

That would suggest the defense is improving, getting back to the strong form of last season. But I think it's more subtle than that. I don't think there's anything wrong with the defense that taking care of the ball wouldn't solve.

When they get to guard 5-on-5, they're just fine, but turnovers kill them. Turnovers are always bad, but they're worse when they don't result in dead-ball situations, allowing the Bobcats to reset the defense.

There's plenty to fix, but defense isn't the problem; They guarded Orlando well Saturday night, holding the Magic to 42 percent and actually outrebounding the Magic 40-37. But when you double the other team's turnovers (16 by the Bobcats to eight by the Magic), you're asking to lose.  

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Rick, This team has had a turnover problem forever. Why can't they get a handle on it?

Posted by: Bob G | Nov 8, 2010 9:28:32 AM

6 points, 5 rebounds for diaw (little production). Jackson and wallace 40 munutes per game at the start of the season (burn them out or get them hurt). Only 1 win, but no change in the starting line up. Not using the younger players to shake things up. You are right, it's not defense, the problem is the coach. Until he learns to change or is gone, this will be a bad team.

Posted by: joe | Nov 8, 2010 9:40:54 AM

Listen tonight when the bobcats play the spurs, there is a zero percent chance of rain.

So hopefully no one splits a nip like Vince Carter did

Posted by: Larry Sprinkle | Nov 8, 2010 9:54:23 AM

Bob G:
My theory on why this group is turnover-prone:
They know they don't have much offensive firepower, so sometimes they try too hard to create easy scoring opportunities for each other. As Jackson described, they try to make the homerun pass when something simpler that leads to the next pass is more practical.
Jackson said something else recently that I agree with, but don't know that it counts for much. He said all the turnovers at least demonstrates this team is unselfish, each one trying to help the other score. I agree this team has a good sense of "we'' versus "me'' -- their intent is good. But if you can't execute better, I don't know how much that counts for.
To Joe, who sounds determined to blame Brown for the problems:
I guarantee you the next Bobcats coach won't be as savvy as the current one, won't be as creative a problem-solver, won't spend as much time trying to improve the players individually or collectively. Is Larry perfect? Hell, no, but he's still one of the sharpest coaches in the NBA.
Don't take my word on that: The NBA did a poll of who you'd most want coaching your team down the stretch of a close game. I think Larry finished third among 30 head coaches.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Nov 8, 2010 11:58:07 AM

only in charlotte would "fans" question great coaches like john fox and larry brown because their players can't take care of the ball.

i think what jack said is online. almost all of the turnovers are on passes that didn't connect and i think they WILL connect as time goes on and guys zag less when they should zig. it'll come. and i don't know how the team lacks offensive fire power.....i think we're a solid offensive team. we're putting up 90 ppg with 16+ turnovers per game. they stop turning the ball over and they're scoring A LOT. they cut the turnovers down to a reasonable number and they are easily scoring 100 points per game and giving up 90. simultaneously we could stand to force a few more also.

it'll come with time. and kwame instead of diop.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 8, 2010 4:51:28 PM


Posted by: RAHSHON GAMBLE | Nov 8, 2010 7:29:07 PM

This team is standing around, watching each other, going too deep into the 24 second clock, and throwing up reluctant and poor shots more often than they should.

Sitting is section 102 every game you also see that DJ is reluctant to shoot or shoot with big men around him, the complete opposite of Felton who would force em up and draw a foul every now and then. Diaw has his moments and games when he doesn't want to shoot, Livingston doesn't want to get hurt and drive yet, and also doesn't shoot without throwing an elbow 3-4 times a game. Diop can't shoot, (although he's been shooting more this year - his D has been better). Up till today's game Thomas has not been shooting well, and Wallace and Jackson have been in and out, all year.

Something doesn't feel right with this team right now. They need to make a dramatic change again to wake them up...

Posted by: NC Tony | Nov 8, 2010 11:25:23 PM

This is what happens when Larry does not want to be your coach. And these are larry brown players, no other coach can win with them.

Posted by: afan | Nov 8, 2010 11:27:27 PM

Last years team, had guts,chutzpah,balls, killiones, toughness, and maybe even a little bit more desire than this team is showing so far.....this is not on the coach....this is all the players this time...come on shoot the ball, make the easier pass, move without the ball, go strong after the three point shooters, and not make the half assed wave at them....(you will notice contested 3's are missed more often than made)....and quit turning the ball over so much....Gilbert Arenas anyone????(take the chance......)Get McDeyess...he's better than what we got right now.....Barnargni??

Posted by: NC Tony | Nov 9, 2010 12:03:13 AM

As I said earlier, if LB won't adjust and make changes, then he should go, regardless of his reputation or his good will. As for who is responsible for guys playing hard, it falls to the coach. After all he has the big stick. Don't play hard, sit by me on the bench, an the younger guys will play hard, an make the game fun to watch with energy and hustle. In the end it comes down to wins (an a little excitment would'nt hurt either), otherwise, it's going to be awful hard to keep the building full with paying fans.

Posted by: joe | Nov 9, 2010 12:39:55 AM

you guys are crazy. jumping off the bandwagon and talking about how last year was better?

WE STARTED 3-9 last year geniuses. it's the nba. the season is 82 games. its like starting 1-2 in the nfl.

what augustin is doing by often penetrating and NOT shooting, is forcing the issue yet not forcing up low % shots. he hasn't earned the respect yet from the refs or atleast they haven't shown it. when he has driven and drawn contact he doesn't get the calls other guys get so now he's looking to catch guys off balance and if its not there, he keeps his dribble. the guy has done a phenominal job in that regard. felton averaged lower shooting %'s and more turnovers.

i don't think you guys are even watching these games to say these things. questioning larry brown? seriously? the only other active coaches with rings are jackson, rivers, and poppovich. and brown's team that one the ring was eerily similar to this team he's put together here.

because we lost to the spurs? seriously?

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 9, 2010 10:58:22 AM

Charlottean you don't know a damn thing about basketball.....what makes you so damn knowledgeable? It's not just one game and last year was last year. they never are the same. Sure Larry's teams start slow, but this team is struggling for identity and DJ has to make this happen. He needs to force a few layups to draw players over to him so he can dish and not eat up the 24 second clock fool...(not every time but often enough to be a viable threat once in a while).

your comments are way off base, it's not the loss to the spurs but how we are losing the games. RB comments today support the differences. Can it be turned around....sure, but you cant wait forever to gel either....because 10% of the season is gone..

All that's being said is DJ needs the balls to get inside and play with the big boys othewise this season is lost..Is he a 2 or a 1?

Posted by: NC Tony | Nov 10, 2010 11:16:58 PM

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