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December 27, 2010

Wallace still out; Henderson to start

          Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace is out for tonight’s game against the Detroit Pistons and probably also Wednesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, with continuing soreness in his left ankle.

          New Bobcats coach Paul Silas said at shootaround this morning he plans to start Gerald Henderson in Wallace’s place.

          Wallace has been out the past four games with what’s now described as both an ankle sprain and a bone bruise. Wallace participated in part of practice Sunday, but the pain he’s feeling and his inability to jump effectively has him out for at least two more games.

          “I did everything but contact yesterday and when I woke up this morning there was soreness,’’ Wallace said. “Hopefully in a couple more days we’ll get it where the pain is tolerable, but right now I can’t jump.

          “The sprain, I can deal with that. The bone bruise is the real problem.’’

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Well at least the first player we didn't look to start was Dom McGuire. He seems to be inserted into the starting line up at the hands of Larry Clown. I think Hendo deserves to put on the court cause of his versatility. I think we are going to see a different team, and the trades are coming folk!!!!!Seeing Boris for Jason Rich cause of the lack of offense. But Magic playing well they might not want to part ways.

Posted by: tbird | Dec 27, 2010 12:03:21 PM

the boris for richardson doesn't make much sense considering they have turkoglu who is basically a better shooting, lesser post up/defender diaw. and they just got richardson to get a younger fresher version of carter.

it definitely doesn't make sense for us since we already have 3 2's on the roster and only 2 legit 4's. we wouldn't be saving much money and would be losing depth. orlando isn't going to take a najera or carroll or diop in that deal so there's no real benefit.

i really hope that when rumors like that come out that they were pure make believe but the hunch inside of me says that rod higgins is actually trying to make those types of deals.

we need a real GM badly.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 27, 2010 12:57:12 PM

Starting Henderson for the type of offense Silas plans to run makes sense. I hope he plays well.

Posted by: UncTarheels23 | Dec 27, 2010 1:23:42 PM

I agree starting Henderson makes sense givin the change in tempo, it will also be intresting to see Silas's rotation. How many minutes will Tyrus get?

Posted by: Chris G. | Dec 27, 2010 1:51:25 PM

Higgins must go. We need to have a "No More FOMs" night at a Bobcat game. If I made a major investment I would hire the best people to maintain it not just someone I hung out with in college or a drinking buddy. They may be loyal but that doesn't mean they are qualified.

Posted by: Bob | Dec 27, 2010 2:14:30 PM

I hope Henderson plays well too, because God knows he has a lot of believers/fans who have been wanting him too!

Posted by: Digal704 | Dec 27, 2010 2:28:32 PM

The " real GM" is Michael, so it doesn't really matter if it's Rod Higgins or me. It's an opportunity for the "pseudo GM" to have a title and a relatively decent paycheck.

Posted by: Digal704 | Dec 27, 2010 2:32:14 PM

I hope he make some difference with this team. Our offense is terrible and while I agreed that DJ is playing great, but that's one area that need an upgrade. I think a package involving Mark Carroll, Diaw and Sherron Collins will be a good deal for an offensive player that will help this team. Also, Orlando need another big man to complement Dwight Howard. A deal that will package Diop, Kwame Brown and Shaun Livingston will certainly bring either of the two guards (Jamel Nelson or Gabriel Arenas) here.

The idea or dream of bringing back Jason Richardson here will not work, please stop giving this any consideration. Besides, I think this team need to be built around someone or some players. My consideration is Wallace is the franchise player.....this team need to be built around him, Jackson, DJ, Tyrus Thomas, Derick Brown and not necessarily Gerald Henderson. He can be cut out and I think he'll benefit from a trade where he'll get more playing time. Nazr need to play a reserve role and hopefully let's give Coach Silas and his staff a little bit of time to know the players.

God Cats!

Posted by: bobcats | Dec 27, 2010 2:57:27 PM

richardson will only be brought back for cap space next year. diaw has 2 more years remaining on his contract after this season...richardsons contract expires at the end of the year.

cats will not pursue arenas and his overblown salary.

Posted by: sp23 | Dec 27, 2010 4:26:50 PM

I like this coach already!!! if larry were still here it would be a gaurantee he would start mcguire getting us another sure loss.

Posted by: mike | Dec 27, 2010 6:30:03 PM

orlando isn't trading richardson. they can't for atleast 30 days if i'm not mistaken but they aren't doing it. they're trying to contend for titles and they will play with 4 around 1 with brandan bass spelling howard for the little bit of time he's not on the floor. they aren't moving richardson for diaw. they already have turkoglu. they have a trade exception, they might would move the exception and chris duhon for diaw or something of the like.

they have a real gm. we need one. guys we should be targeting are oj mayo, evan turner, tayshaun prince. these are guys that could help us and could be had. i think turner could thrive here in the role jackson plays. he's never going to see the light in philly with all the ball handlers they have there but DJ can play off the ball well after initiating the offense. Mayo is too good to be a 6th man in this league, they're blowing in in memphis right now. they too need a real gm.

but we need a real gm more.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 28, 2010 12:34:10 AM

Don't be surprised...cats are capable of any trades that will give them cap space. Seems as tho the trade rumors surrounding the bobcats all involve vets with expiring contracts. Turkoglu and diaw are similar I agree but diaw is a much better post player than turkoglu who lives around the wing.

Posted by: sp23 | Dec 28, 2010 1:39:13 AM

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