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January 05, 2011

Jackson out for Timberwolves game

Based on shootaround this morning in Minneapolis, the Charlotte Bobcats won't have leading scorer Stephen Jackson tonight against the Timberwolves.

Jackson suffered a hyper-extended knee in Monday's loss to the Miami Heat. An MRI showed no damage, and the knee was drained of fluid, but Jackson was still feeling too much pain to play. The Bobcats are already without Gerald Wallace (ankle) and Nazr Mohammed (bruised knee).

Based on shootaround, it looks like Derrick Brown might start at small forward tonight in Jackson's place.

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well lets go young bucks time to put up

Posted by: reggie | Jan 5, 2011 2:20:10 PM

the silver lining is the increased play for the young guys... but seriously, can we catch a break?!?

PS: Gerald Henderson needs to turn his offense up. I like the intesity, but we need to up the production.

Posted by: Nick | Jan 5, 2011 2:49:48 PM

Gerald Henderson is a total bust so far.

Posted by: Mike Hunt | Jan 5, 2011 2:54:01 PM

Well this looks like a definitely lost tonight. I am hoping it won't but this looks real scary. Starting line up DJ, Hendo, Diaw, Brown, and Kwame. Well there goes the neighborhood.But hopefully they play hard tonite regardless. I think Hendo and Brown will shine tonight.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 5, 2011 3:04:10 PM

we're playing minnesota. if we can contain beasley, we'll be okay. DJ usually gives ridnour fits. the guy had like 4 fouls in 2 minutes the last time they faced off.

as for hendo being a bust......he's not even a year and a half in.....and hasn't been playing much until lately....he's played well thus far this year when healthy. the jury is definitely still out. now i was praying we took dejaun blair when the pick came up last year but its not like we took a kirk snyder type flop.

the entire 2009 draft has been on a weird wait and see status. i mean there's been blair, curry, jennings, evans, griffin but outside of that there's a lot of wait and see talent........

i think henderson falls in that group of wait and see but he's already shown he can play at an nba level, not a star but if you get a solid rotation guy at 12 you have to be happy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 5, 2011 4:03:48 PM

What they lack in point production they make up for with heart, intensity, and effort. Not a bunch of whining and crying and launching up ill-advised 30-footers. I'm looking forward to watching these guys tonight.

Posted by: ScottNC1 | Jan 5, 2011 4:10:54 PM

These guys barely show up to play WITH all the stars in the lineup. I can only imagine how bad things can get on tonight....

Posted by: Smitty | Jan 5, 2011 4:12:27 PM

Brown.henderson and thomas can play..u com out early and sit ur first yr an lets see how wellnu play..brown is playing out of position an never gets any consistent minutes..henderson plays solid defense on the two guards..his offense is spotty but he needs games..his jumper is falling and hes been injured...thomas will be a beast if he gets posts moves and plays only inside..

Wallace didnt play his first two yrs..kobe didnt either..u same guys said the bust stuff about shannon brown,richardson ,felton and one other guy whos playing well for another nba team..

These guys aint gunna be kobe but their all good rotation players for sure and eventually solid starters..put them on a stacked team w great fundamentals like the celtics and they shine as role players..

Watch when they get a pt.gd that distributes in the paint and the role players will contribute well.. Even the hating on jax is unfair to an extent cos hes trying to create but hss to force since they double him alot..hes tempermental but u wont get anything close to him in return..he can shoot, pass and play d when hes pushed. Head case yep ..but think how the offense sucked before he got here..

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 5, 2011 4:41:49 PM

Should have signed Flip Murray and casted Collins on the junk pile. Time for our overpaid bench warmers to step up.

Posted by: UncTarheels23 | Jan 5, 2011 4:47:49 PM

I think Gerald Henderson would have been a decent roll player on any of the perennial powerhouse teams. But he's with a younger organization and won't flourish as fast (eg look at how Jared Dudley and Shannon Brown matured as they left). Henderson plays very timid and robotic. He's a great athlete but he thinks too much. Nothing is fluid. When he's open, you can see him mentally going through his progressions; and appears as if he's always hesitating. Even look at the two missed alley-oops during the last game. All cases of mentally not being ready. Not sure if it was Larry Brown that made him this way or was he always this type of player. Hopefully, he'll find some "swag" and show he has some talent. With all the injuries and coaching change, this is a great opportunity for him.

Posted by: Roll Tide | Jan 5, 2011 5:18:17 PM

Maybe Najara can give us 25 !!!! MJ please deliver CP3.

Posted by: chris in union county | Jan 5, 2011 5:22:56 PM

CP3 will never be a Bobcat.If it was just about the money for the marquee stars they would stay on lackluster teams. These men want a championship and it ain't happening in the QC! You probably will see more of that caliber forming super teams if they lack the talent on their current teams. If the Hornets don't deliver CP3 is heading straight for New York.
Jackson will be missed tonight. He is the hardest working player on that team and probably possess the only heart left. It will be Beasley and Love they need to contain. Love is a machine when it comes to rebounding. I am certain there will plenty of them tonight with this group.

Posted by: digal704 | Jan 5, 2011 5:35:05 PM

Hey Charlottean till buddy did you forget about Love and containing Beasley will be difficult. Telfair and Brewer are quick wil be tough off the bench. This team has lost some really close games and the first game I thought we got lucky. We will just have to see. The young guys will have a chance to shine tonite so I will see what they do. I think this is really Tyrus's game to take control. I agree with you Ironman people hate on Jackson but knows that he has superior talent not Lebron, Kobe, or Wade or Anthony but could come off the bench for any these players.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 5, 2011 5:57:02 PM

i'm so jealous of minnesota right now....we're more or less on the same playing field with our current teams BUT...

minnesota has 2 legitimate young stars in beasley and love who are each in their 3rd year and if i'm not mistaken like 22 or 23. they have 41 million on payroll for next year not including rubio. draft picks, cap room, young talent........

we meanwhile have 58 million committed to next year including ZERO CENTERS. that's effing incredible. (i'm not counting diop)

and that doesn't include derrick brown, who might command a higher salary than we might expect which means more than likely we'll lose ANOTHER young talent to another better run franchise.

and minnesota has one of the worst GM's in the league and they can still manage this kind of situation. if you're losing with an older team there's no excuse.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 5, 2011 6:04:56 PM

Again Charlottean we are losing cause we lost some key players in the developing of the bobcats organization. Felton showed that he can step up when needed. Tyson and the other centers from last year were serviceable. The young players Tyrus, Brown, Hendo, and DJ did not get the chance to shine with these older guys. You need efficacy in this league ok yeah felt got Stoudemire, but he is showing his value by hitting shots and getting into the lane. Otherwise I think we would be contesting for that 7th spot in the east. With all of this drama we are still a few games out of the east. beyond the five teams miami, chicago, boston, orlando, ny, and throw atl in we at the bottom of the totem pole but still in it. How pathetic?

Posted by: tbird | Jan 5, 2011 6:37:46 PM

Hassan Whiteside is floundering around in the "D" League for the Kings, who have excess centers on their roster. If the Bobcats want to rebuild, and they should, they could start with a young center with an upside, Hassan should be given some consideration. The kid can block shots and shoot a little, and is more of a talent than either Kwame or Diop. This team is not a playoff significant team, for it's reckless with the ball and this come's from the team's veterans, who are turnover prone. I like what the T-Wolves are doing, going young and watching their youth develop with Love, Beasley and Wes Johnson. They will better with time. There is no point in trying to make the playoff to be merely swept, just to say I made the playoffs. Rebuild, start fresh and develop a team, starting with a player with an upside like Whiteside to go along with Henderson, D. Brown, DJ and Tyrus.

Posted by: Ron | Jan 5, 2011 7:31:56 PM

i like the idea of whiteside. i wouldn't mind giving thabeet a look. his contract is kind of ugly but he might just be worth it. i still say we never should have give up ajinca when we didn't have to. we could have left him and eddy out of the deal and still made it work and got it done.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 7, 2011 9:23:47 AM

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