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January 04, 2011

Latest on Bobcats injuries

If there's any new concern about the Charlotte Bobcats' injury situation today, it involves Stephen Jackson's hyper-extended right knee.

Jackson suffered that injury in the first half against the Miami Heat, and played through the injury. But he experienced swelling overnight, so the team sent him for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

That MRI showed no damage, so whether Jackson plays Wednesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves is about his pain level. The team planned to drain fluid from Jackson's knee, which should give him quick relief from the discomfort he's feeling.


Gerald Wallace (ankle) and Nazr Mohammed (knee bruise) are both expected to miss the Timberwolves game. Also, Tyrus Thomas missed practice Tuesday with tendinitis in his right knee, but is expected to play in Minnesota.

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Terrible news....

With Wallace and Nazr out, we go from having 3 legit NBA starters and a guy who can give you starter like play when he gets the minutes (Nazr), to only two NBA level starters.

We really need to address the PG, PF, and possibly C positions.


What is the likelihood that Diaw/TT, Augustin, and Najera/Carrol/Diop can be turned into a quality starter at these positions?

Posted by: cornchip | Jan 4, 2011 1:10:35 PM

diop is out for the season chief.

we need to get that injured player exception and go grab ajinca back from dallas and let charles oakley turn the guy into a rebounding machine and be done with it.

this just keeps getting worse. the only guys that we can trade all have nagging injuries (except boris of course) and we're dying a slow death here just outside of the playoff picture.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2011 4:16:01 PM

diop, nazr, gerald, jack, tyrus......anybody else? sounds like nba hardship rules to me.....what was the kid from training camp's name? he needs to be getting signed ASAP.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2011 4:55:34 PM

It's starting to feel like a Panthers-type season for the Bobcats. The potential seems to be there, but it just hasn't panned out. Rick, will MJ throw in the towel on the season, or do you think he'll still be aggressive about the playoffs and stay trade happy?

As to whether any of these guys will be quality starters...Matt Carroll seems like a good guy, but he's been in the NBA for 7 years, so not likely. Najera looked like he could barely jog up the court last night, so not lilkely. TT is a legitimate possibility with some work, and DJ/Diaw ARE legitimate starters. But they can't carry a team.

On the upside, we'll get to see if our theories on the young guys (particularly Hendo and Brown) are correct and whether they can blossom with some playing time!

I agree Charlottean, we definitely need to get Ajinca back (never thought I'd actually say that!)

Posted by: floormaster | Jan 4, 2011 5:09:31 PM

i think DJ can be a lot more than he is right now but he's not a number 1 guy in the league. i remember kevin durant was talking about how the year they drafted russell westbrook he either wanted beasley or augustin. augustin would be the perfect compliment to a guy like durant (although russell westbrook is by far the better candidate naturally)

you just can't have him being the number 1 and its hard for him to even be the number 2 when we're so poorly led. THAT is where felton is missed. because there was no other real leader on this team. jackson and wallace aren't leaders. they aren't followers either.

these guys being injured is killing any momentum on the trade front OR on the wins front. its a huge negative. the diop thing was probably a blessing fiscally given the insurance outcome but the rest of this stuff hurts. bad.

and yes, we could really use ajinca right now. the guy is actually playing in dallas somewhat. but he's still available by all accounts.....if we have an exception for diop, we should be looking at ajinca and dropping mcguire elsewhere. or buying out najera.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2011 5:15:09 PM

This team is going towards contraction and i wouldn't be mad. if mj doesn't address the situation soon it's eventually going to blow up right in front of his face anyway.i mean if it hasn't already.

can you har yourselves......ajinca.....ajinca. i read some fans mentioned jarron collins.....jarron collins.when these are the names we have to resort to you know the ship has already sunk, mj just don't know it yet.

Posted by: Jellybean | Jan 4, 2011 5:19:58 PM

Ok Jellybean I am wit on that we are screaming ajinca like he is a first round talent. Please and Charlottean referring to previous comment.
It does sound like you have a pretty good basketball IQ but I was a big New York Knick fan before moving to Charlotte years ago. Oak, Ewing, Houston, Ward, and others never won a championship because the u know who owner. This team had toughness like the current NY team seems to have. Drafting doesn't mean you are going to get championships don't you see all of these teams making big trades to get these big market teams right. They don't want to help these small market teams get championships. We need to get young but maybe a center like Brandon Haywood or Thabeet someone that looks like we may be able to grab. Guys on the roster have talent but lack knock down shooters or bigs inside. Dj man I like him a lot but cmon man he is not championship builder along with Diaw. You need a savy veteran guard to run that offense say like a Devin Harris or Brandon Roy bigger guard and defender. We have know big skilled center and Nazr has some offensive skills, but lacks defense and mobility. Jack is getting older but needs to be pushed back to sf spot. He does not need to be pushing the ball up court. He needs to spot up shot or get in the post. Our record is an indication that Ray was the better guard and Tyson with Theo better defenders and shotblockers and rebounder.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 4, 2011 5:31:34 PM

Devin Harris is certainly not a leader. Neither him or Lopez the guys you all
drool over. They both are suppose to be studs and can't win 20 games. Devin Harris the savy vet as you say has led New Jersey with a suppose dominant big man to the WORST record in league history. Give me a break.

Posted by: Cat_Dog | Jan 4, 2011 6:10:02 PM

Hate to say it, but sit or play, Jack doesn't make enough of a difference anymore. T'Wolves blew the game when they were here, they'll get their revenge tomorrow. And MJ, please hit the rest button. It's now obvious coaching wasn't the only problem; it's the roster and their attitudes just as much. It's a bad team; blow it up before you lose anymore of us dedicated fans who are growing increasingly weary of the direction we're headed...

Posted by: Michael | Jan 4, 2011 8:19:56 PM


I'm just not seeing it with DJ. If you're 6 foot, you better be extremely good (Chris Paul) or extremely tough (Jameer Nelson, Derek Fisher, Ray Felton, Aaron Brooks). DJ is neither and that's not a knock on him...he's just more slated to become a PG who can knock down open shots and increase the tempo off the bench.

I would love to keep him as a backup, but he can't be a second or third option...which is what he is when GW or Jackson go down. He has great shooting nights, but he can have the same effect on the bench while we have a PG who can guard and run the entire offense in crunch time.

Posted by: cornchip | Jan 5, 2011 5:58:03 AM


ewing came very close on numerous seasons. they were perenial (sp?) conetenders. you CANNOT compare the talent we have with those teams. in most cases the knicks couldn't win it all because of jordan and injuries. houston and johnson were constantly injured and jordan was constantly beating EVERYBODY.

i think you have to give more time......the guy has what? 32 nba starts? you're comparing him to guys 6 and 7 years in the league. that's crazy. his strengths are in his speed and shot which are better than ALL of the above mentioned. he's got one of the best handles in the league. he's got to get tougher defensively and he's got to get better instincts when it comes to getting some steals but those things CAN come with time. a lot of veteran guys are way better defensively than they ever were as a young'n because they "get it" now. i think he needs more time. he's an elite shooter in this league.

we're screaming for ajinca because there aren't any other young 7 footers available. the kid has raw talent. he's like 22 or 23. he wasn't even given a chance here. he dominated the d-league last year and had a weak summer league. you COULD attribute some of the summer league weakness to how great hendo and ups played. and sherron collins but really i don't want to make excuses, dude played weak in summer league and for the french team. but he's still young and he's still 7 feet tall and he's contributing for the mavericks right now while we have no backup center. he was part of our next generation and we gave him up for a bad contract that we didn't need to get the dampier deal done. it was just stupid and now we're paying for it. we have an old guy with an expiring contract and injuries, we have diop who is worthless, injured, and under a horrible contract for 2 more years, and we have kwame brown who hasn't done much of merit at all and is HORRIBLE in the pick and roll and he's not under contract OR young enough to have faith in an upside .

the ship sailed this summer when we waited until kwame was the best option available. we would have been better off going all david kahn and giving big money to darko. but now........ajinca is the best guy that MIGHT be available. and he might not be. we can't get camby because he said openly he refuses to play here. we can't get a lot of guys for that reason. there aren't a lot of young tradeable bigs. and ajinca DOES have raw talent. a lot of it. he can do everything diop can do, for less, and he's younger, and he adds offense on top of that. there was no reason we needed to throw him into the deal, dallas didn't want him. they took him because it was the only way to make the deal work while still including 2 bad contracts. we could have gotten the deal done excluding ajinca and najera. but we didn't. now we can atleast get the kid back (i think).

it's not a testament to ajinca, its like you said, its a testament to where we're at. but he's better than you're making it out like. name a better option in that price range. and name a 7 footer that ISN'T a 1st round "talent".

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 5, 2011 11:26:21 AM

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