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January 13, 2011

Some post-game thoughts

-- Paul Silas has always had this gift for making people believe in themselves. That’s what’s going on with D.J. Augustin, who needed that more than any Bobcat.

          So Augustin’s best game as a pro – 22 points, 12 assists and a single turnover against one of the NBA’s best, Derrick Rose, is a direct result of Silas’ psychology.

          Let’s say you were trudging along through a valley and unexpectedly encountered a mountain. Larry Brown’s approach would be to study the mountain, search for hidden trails and plot the most efficient path.

          Paul would look at you with that big, goofy grin, spit on the ground and say, “Man, isn’t this hike gonna be fun!’’

          Totally different guys doing the same job.

          -- Speaking of Silas, he was asked post-game about Kwame Brown’s 10-point outburst in the first quarter. Silas described Kwame as being “on fire,’’

          I’m guessing that’s the first, and perhaps the last, time Kwame’s offensive skills have been described that way. But I do love his post defense.

          -- The stint as a fill-in starter (for Gerald Wallace) was good for Gerald Henderson, but he regressed Wednesday, shooting 1-of-3 in 10 minutes.

I know some of you will suggest the limited minutes caused the performance, rather than the other way around. But note that Henderson didn’t have a rebound, steal, assist or block. He didn’t give Silas much reason to play him.

-- Speaking of the young draft picks, Silas left Derrick Brown inactive after not playing him versus Memphis. I realize many of you love Brown’s potential, but he lacks the utility-infielder versatility Dominic McGuire provides. So McGuire got the uniform (even if he only played six minutes).

-- Silas made a great point the other night that the key for Tyrus Thomas is him sticking to what he does best. His line Wednesday – 17 points, 13 rebounds, two blocks and 7-of-14 shooting – was efficient in a way Thomas often isn’t.

Thomas reminds me a little of Derrick Coleman when I covered him at Syracuse. Coleman had just enough skill to think he was something he wasn’t. Late in his college career, he started leaning on Jim Boeheim to play him like a small forward.

Boeheim replied (as only the magnificently blunt and sarcastic Boeheim can) that the best rebounder he’ll ever coach should get his butt back in the lane and do what will make him an incredible fortune.

It’s great that Thomas can square up and make the occasional 18-footer. You want him exploring his abilities. But ultimately he’ll be best if he sticks to his knitting – rebounding, blocking shots and drawing fouls with reverse layups.

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Ok.keep running starters in the ground. Thats just what brown did.design an offense that gets the bench off to utilize their skills. Its gunna come back to haunt you if not. Fantastic win but i see bench scoring as a problem in the future if the only play is steven jackson jackingnup shots and holding the ball when they play.

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 13, 2011 6:00:26 AM

Re: Henderson. 1-3 is regressing? You realize that's only 3 shots right? If he took and made one more would he be progressing? Honestly, I think you are trying a little too hard to take jabs at the pro-Hendo crowd out here.

Posted by: Kirk | Jan 13, 2011 7:37:35 AM

Bench had 23 points last night, with Tyrus having 17 of them - the bench did a great job of keeping the lead in the second quarter, giving the starters extended rest. DJ had 12 assists spreading the ball around...what game did you watch ironman?

Posted by: Matt | Jan 13, 2011 7:42:29 AM

Hey matt. I watched the same game u did but i reviewed it much better than u did.how cud the bench give the starters exteneded rest when jax played 43 min. And just reteurned crash played 41 min. And dj played 39 min. Do u have a clue what the average starters minutes should be to be sucessful.

Take a look at van gundys comments today stating howards minutes have to come down..after olaying him 35 in last nights game.i wont call u a fool here.but when u attack a comment know what ur talking about .

And dj was splendid. But he has a penchant to go to his main guys to the detriment of his role players whc will hurt the cats by not only diminishing their already tennuous play but play right in the hands of the top teams who will surely take that option away.

I want this team to flourish and post trends detrimental to progress despite their great gains.sorry ur just a fan that regurgitates what u read by these writers who never played a drop of ball in their lives.

By the way..the attack on henderson is a joke.he suffers from the same thing that plagues this team but whats a staple on better teams.they run an offense that gets these guys going that arent exp. At creating their own shots but can score if a passing,cutting,picking and rolling system is put in place. Forget henderson.if he holds the ball and stalls the offense and then chucks like jax,or takes it off the dribble he cud score like jax somewhat cept for jax 3 ball..somewhat i say.

But this helps loads k.brown.d.brown.thomas and his inconsistency.and even crash some. If u want to see a winning team in the next few days, weeks and beyond this is a must.our record is off bums. Chicago misd noah and have no two gd.the rest of the wins wer from losers or depleted teams. Great wins yes but if we dont fix these ills will be fodder for the real top teams.

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 13, 2011 8:39:44 AM

Really impressive win. Rick - to further your mountain analogy. LB's hyper analytic approach is his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. The problem is that once he analyzes the mountain, defines the best way to tackle it and then communicates this to his team, he doesn't let them go about the business of hiking. He critiques how they walk, how they wear their backpack, the order of the hikers, what SPF of sunscreen their wearing, how much water they drink, etc. And once the path has been determined, there's no veering from it - if the path he prescribes (our offense) leads to an unexpected roadblock - he blames it on the other hikers.

The most value LB provides is in the initial assessment of a situation - once it comes to the "hike," he's self-admittedly less enthusiastic (albeit just as critical) and, in my opinion, less capable.

In any case, loving this team right now and very happy to have Silas back on the bench. DJ has been looking, god forbid, All-Star like.

Posted by: Zed | Jan 13, 2011 8:47:09 AM


Posted by: Cat_Dog | Jan 13, 2011 9:25:32 AM

Nice stat, Cat_Dog.

Posted by: Zed | Jan 13, 2011 9:29:50 AM

Honestly Rick you must be on Larry Brown and Raymond Feltons payroll or something because, you obviously dont want to give the current team credit for much of anything. LB in my mind was the worst coach for this team an any team for that matter. He may have been once a great coach, but times do change an in order to progress you must also change and adapt. Augustin is looking great, but you barly speak this kids name in most of your articles mainly becuase you think Felton was better and you liked him more, maybe yall had a personal relationship IDK, but he is no longer here give the kid credit for his remarkable turn around and the fact that he has been a stand out player since Brown has left and has proven that he was better than Raymond "turn over" Felton ever was. I hope he does great and I guess I will have to read the NBA, ESPN or other websites to get some real journalism.

Posted by: Kevin | Jan 13, 2011 9:33:15 AM

I get a kick out of the LB critics you were probably singing his praises last year when we made the playoffs. LB has his faults but calling him the worst coach is complete ignorance. I agree with some of the posts that we need to play the subs more. I disagree with Rick's love of McGuire he has been ineffective in the last 2 games. I would prefer the subs to be worked into the lineup along with the starters like maybe 3 starters & 2 subs on the court when possible. When we play 5 subs they look lost like who is supossed to be the leader, mixing them with the starters puts less pressure on them to develop and still gives the starters less minutes.

I sometimes get confused with Rick who at times follows his guru LB who says "there is more to this game than statistics" and then criticizes players Hendo, TT etc. using statistics.

People say if you don't like Rick why do you read the column and the answer is this is a one horse town and there is only one choice as we don't recieve national coverage. Any chance we could give a junior writer a chance and maybe get a fresh perspective on the Bobcats.

Posted by: Bob | Jan 13, 2011 10:08:44 AM

Re: Derek Brown. Surely, his college career was marked by something other than dunks. What justified his high draft status? As a Bobcat, he's only been seen around the rim. Does he have a shot?

Posted by: eduardo | Jan 13, 2011 10:11:29 AM

Yeah I agree the boys are playing a lot of minutes, but still this was a good win! Lets see what they do in Boston and lets hope the bench starts to have an identity and see were they go from there.

Posted by: acc04 | Jan 13, 2011 10:12:42 AM

Great win, but why does the 3rd quarter always seem to be a problem for the Bobcats? It would appear to be more related to the players since they have the same problem under both LB and Silas.

Also, I'm getting confused now; is McGuire or Brown Rick's guy? He goes back and forth about which one is better for the team. Then again, the fans will probably be blasted in the next blog with the usual "you all don't know what you're talking about and I'm the well-respected expert" bit.

Posted by: Phillip | Jan 13, 2011 10:19:30 AM

Bob - LB is good at quickly remedying an existing problem (which he did last year), then he's good at creating new problems (which he did this year). This is his MO wherever he goes. Criticism of LB this year has nothing to do with his stewardship of the team last year. I agree that he was good for this team last year and I agree that he needed to go this year. The two sentiments don't conflict with one another.

Posted by: Zed | Jan 13, 2011 10:31:11 AM

I agree, Phillip. I can't figure out what happens to them toward the end of the third quarter. It happened under LB and it is still happening with Coach Silas. Is it that the bench is not deep enough to change out some of the key players or something else? I don't think we are playing Gerald Wallace and Jack as many minutes as we were.

We really got hemmed up in the 3rd when the Bulls started playing fast and they came back by what 10 points in a couple minutes?

Oh and I'm really proud of Jack for watching his mouth with the refs. I just knew he was about to get a technical last night. I guess they put him on the Ron Artest plan.

Posted by: seasonticketholder | Jan 13, 2011 10:36:33 AM

Instead of engaging Rick on his analogy, the focus should be on what this team is doing now. Silas recognized that they should be more of a up tempo team, an now they are winning. Let's hope that he is able to work in more of the bench, as he learns their skill levels. As for Thomas, he might not be the best shooter, but he has to take those open jumpers if their available. If nothing else, thomas makes the games worth watching with his energy.

Posted by: joe | Jan 13, 2011 12:38:53 PM

Stephen Jackson can't be our number 1 guy. He is a solid player, but he is not going to win us a championship if he is our #1. Too many turnovers, questionable decision making, and lacks the ability to consistently create his own shot.

Posted by: Jeff | Jan 13, 2011 1:00:05 PM

There must be too many comfy leather lazy boy chairs in the locker room at half time, throw them all out. That must be the reason we tend to struggle during the third qtr. In all seriousness any given night we can struggle in any quarter, we need another scorer in the starting line up besides DJ and Jax. Boris can be that guy but he is happy just the way he is inconsistent. Go bobcats, LB could not adapt that's why he failed this year.

Posted by: easye | Jan 13, 2011 1:50:31 PM

Damn, rick still finds ways to criticise Tyrus, in the absence of no name calling i would just like to say rick you are the worst sports writer on the planet you *insert curse word here*.

and yes the only reason i read this *****bags articles is he's the only choice we have as cats fans.unfortunately.

Posted by: Jellybean | Jan 13, 2011 4:04:59 PM

Actually, their locker room is pretty sad. The workout room is too.

Posted by: acat | Jan 13, 2011 6:03:22 PM

Rick the difference between Tyrus and D. Coleman is Tyrus had little organized ball experience with no defined role or position, while Coleman was a well groomed big who wanted to (according to you) play like a SF. Teach Tyrus how to play inside and he'll play there.

Posted by: Clyde | Jan 13, 2011 7:35:50 PM

The 3rd qtr is full of turn overs,poor defense, a stalled offense cos the starters , some of them begin pressing a bit for their averages.The opposing team plays tuffer d. Attempting to break our backs. We play ,jax does the most but the burdens on him,too much one on one in the 3rd qtr.all of the aove happens ea. Game.

Silas shud jerk some of starters when they play bad early in the 3rd qtr.he shuttles the entire bench in at the top of the 4th whc is a bad move for a myriad of reasons.thats what you do with ten yr olds.

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 13, 2011 9:26:26 PM

tyrus doesn't play inside because he weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces. doesn't matter, the guy has a sweet jumper. sure he misses em sometimes but he makes way more than most of our "jump shooters" and he gets more open looks than they do too. i'll live with that 12 footer all day over wallace launching 3's (although he did hit them yesterday).

not to be splitting hairs here but DJ did put up 29 and 7 as a rookie against rose and chicago so.......i wouldn't necessarily run and deem this his best game as a pro. it was a huge game and he was putting in work and putting a large array on display but i mean it wasn't like a coming out party or anything. dude's had games like these on several occassions. not the assists but the points and a few less assists. and against legit opponents too.

and that's the biggest reason why DJ > brook lopez. lopez stat stuffs against garbage teams or teams with no big men. and in losses. DJ has great games against great players IN WINS. lopez' biggest games have come against francisco elson, dalembert/speights, brian scalabrine , nick collison, al horford (not a knock on him but he's like 6-8), david lee (same), jason maxiel, etc. etc.

there are a few exceptions but that's the rule. the guy doesn't win and he stat stuffs against second teams and you kids on here have cried and B'd for the past 2 years about how we passed on him for DJ WHEN WE HAD OKAFOR AT THE TIME and the kid is absolutely the better player. he's already won more games as a starter this year than lopez did all of last year. we're not even half way through the year. and you can't tell me that there's not a legit comparison in talent when you look at who we've started this year because mcguire, henderson, carroll, kwame brown, derrick brown have all started games this year and all of them are on par with guys from jersey's team last year (starters) and devin harris has to count for something as much as i don't think he's worth ish (and can't believe we considered trading for him) but he WAS a starter for dallas for a year or so before traded.

but you look at those rosters and you factor in the CDR is hooping out in milwaukee and courtney lee was a starter on a finals orlando team and terrence williams has shown he has insane amounts of talent and kris humphries and yi are starters in this league still......you can't tell me that there is any justification for lopez as the go-to guy to lead that team to 12 wins and say that he was "passed on" for DJ.

i hate to make an anti lopez disclaimer rant out of this day but for all you DA's (no district attorney) that wanted to rant all last year about how we passed on Lopez.....you need to hear it. and for all the people that b'd about felton last year and then b'd about them not resigning him.....yall need to hear it too.

if we're gonna talk felton......the stat bars are as follows.......

44 wins....14.4 ppg, 7.4 assists per game, 3.8 rebounds, 1.5 steals, 2.1 turnovers, 45.9% fg 38.5 % 3's 80.5% ft's, 49.4 eFg% 6.5 winshares and 15.2 PER

that's felton's career highs coming into this season. not from 1 year but scattered from his statisticals bests amongst all 5 of his seasons here. augustin is smashing half those this year. he might beat all of them except wins steals and rebounds. everything else he's on pace for topping felton's career bests in his 1st year. and you guys were steady on here talking about how much better felton was.

[/rant] you guys are now free to jump on the bandwagon.

that 1 turnover last night looked like a foul on rose from the tv angle. looked like he pushed DJ down going for the loose ball.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 13, 2011 11:05:15 PM

How well would Silas have done with last years team? I bet we would have won more games and won a game aginst Orlando. Look at how well Chandler and Felton are playing.

I have nothing to say to anybody that justifies McGuire playing 40 plus mins while Tyrus played 5 mins.

Posted by: crymeariver | Jan 14, 2011 12:40:45 AM

Did you hear? Wallace is on the market and their are reports that he will be traded to the Cavs to trim payroll trade exception. It sounds like nothing in return due to financial losses. No matter how you look at this one it would definitely hurt the Bobcats. But maybe Jordan has something else in mind. OH yeah Jax has been a major turnover machine but last game was great. He hit a big shot, but just can't stop hating on the man. Geez..

Also to add they may use that trade exception to acquire some other young talent.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 14, 2011 6:07:27 AM

Charlottean you starting to make a little sense now with that comment. Minus the Jax bashing......But I understand I will ride wit ya on that one.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 14, 2011 6:10:40 AM

Now the kind of fodder we need charlottean.real deep.

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 14, 2011 8:48:31 AM


All of those Felton numbers were done in the Larry Brown system that about broke DJ, mixed with Bickerstaff and Vincent ball, so it's apples to oranges. You're smarter than that. Ultimately, I think JORDAN deserves credit for fixing a situation that could have set us back greatly.

Michael Jordan deserves a lot of credit here for not compounding mistakes and changing the game at the right time.

Time Line of Events:

1) Jordan planned to take Lopez (the right move at the time) and to not overpay Okafor (who is doing no better with Paul than he did here as they don't try to force the ball to him like we did).

2) Larry Brown is hired and mistakenly thinks Felton is a combo guard due to the Bickerstaff/Vincent utilization and PUSHES Jordan to get Augustin against Jordan's better judgment at the time.

3) Brown realizes that Felton is a better pg than he realized, likes him as a player, and wants him to stay to be his pg as the early love he had for Augustin what it was when he sold DJ on the pick. Typical LB.

4) After Felton and the team's (Jack gets way too much of a free pass) performance in the playoffs, Jordan decides that he is either going to get Felton on the cheap or he is going to find out what he has in DJ, the lottery pick LB talked him into taking over the skilled big man he wanted at the time. "LB you wanted to buy these groceries, now get your ass in the kitchen and cook with them."

5) DJ and the team struggle under LB, regressing from the year before, while LB continues to want to play other guys besides guys Jordan wants to evaluate.

6) The guys quit on the offensively restrictive, defensive minded and SLOW TEMPO LB, leading Jordan to bring in Mary Poppins in Paul Silas who brings in an UPTEMPO SYSTEM (something that the previous pg also would have thrived in, but never played in during his tenure here) and pushes all guys to take the 1st open shot they see and have fun.

7) The team is in the best of both worlds as they still have some of the defensive principles of the previous coach, but now are offensively emancipated with the ability to be better in transition and the halfcourt (similar thing has happened with Felton in switching situations this year).

8) Jordan gets to play with house money in Paul Silas who shows himself to be the perfect remedy offensively while his defensive plan against Rose shows that there is more to his coaching than rolling the ball out and having fun.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 10:14:54 AM

If we need to save money I'd rather trade Jackson & keep Wallace. If we are going to lose this season for the sake of the long run then I'd rather have a player who has sacrificed for the organization and has class over someone who continually acts like a 2 year old and sets a bad example for the younger players. TTime would mature quicker being around Wallace than a head case like Jackson. Please don't say Jackson's attitude is because Jackson is competitive. Was it his competitive nature that sent him into the stands in Auburn Hills or flash guns at a club?

Posted by: Bob | Jan 14, 2011 10:16:15 AM


I'm about moving forward, but again if you gave the choice AT THAT TIME of Felton and Lopez with more money as Okafor was on the way out vs. Felton, DJ, and Okafor with a 6 year contract at 12 million per year, I would take the former and run as there is a lot you can do with that 12 million per that Okafor got. Something tells me, that is what Jordan was thinking before LB talked him out of his pick.

Finally, since you want to NOW talk about Felton in comparison, the point is the team lost a step in his absence and if Jordan doesn't make the move to switch to Silas, we go in the tank this year.

As far as Felton goes, he is excelling just fine in a more open offensive system the same way DJ is excelling in a more open system now. Both guys are in better situations and the Bobcats are NOW in a better situation with Paul Silas than they were with LB. I think comparing Silas and LB makes more sense than Felton and DJ right now as both are excelling and you can't make apples to apples comparisons. Felton is helping his team improve while excelling against top flight pgs himself and helping put his team in winning situations.

But since some (not you charlottean) want to take this as a chance to take a shot at folks who advocated for resigning him,

Felton is currently:

*Averaging 18.3 pts and 8.9 assists
*2nd among pgs in double doubles (Nash)
*2nd in the NBA in 20 pts 10 assist games (D. Williams)
*1 of 2 pgs in the league who is in the top 5 in pts (#4) and assists (#5) among pgs (D. Williams)
*Top 5 in pg steals and #6 in rebounds
* 6-3 record vs. Paul, Williams, Rose, Wesbtrook, Rondo, Parker, and Nash
* Averaged 21 pts and 10.5 assists in the 9 games against the above elite pgs

Instead of making it DJ vs. Felton, I suggest accepting that both guys are in situations where they can excel more and to THANK MICHAEL JORDAN for making a tough decision that did not compound previous issues.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 10:33:53 AM

So we would trade Gerald to Cleveland just for a trade exception? And we might have to throw in a first round pick b/c Gerald is injury prone.

I'd at least want Hickson or Boobie Gibson back.

Posted by: tom P | Jan 14, 2011 10:52:52 AM

perspective you've missed me entirely.....

1- i'm just stating facts. i never said i'd take DJ over felton. i would definitely take him over lopez but he and felton are equal grade in my opinion. a complete wash. DJ is the better passer and shooter but felton is the better defender and leader. exactly what you've said is what i have been saying all year. DJ is doing exactly what ray did in larry brown's system. and ray is putting up big numbers in a different system. people were trying to compare felton's numbers there with DJ's here and that's not an accurate depiction of the truth.

and DJ's current numbers are only 8 games into the silas era....and silas is not d'antoni. while we've been more free and scoring more points, it's not d'antoni at all. d'antoni is entirely run and gun and numbers are bloated by the number of possessions that style produces.

2- i definitely thank jordan for making the move now instead of later because it saved this season. it will be interesting to see if he has the balls to move wallace at the same time. and fans can't complain if he does it for nothing because the "fans" aren't going to the games, buying bobcats gear, or watching the games on tv every night. guys gotta save money now so that he can spend it when we actually have a team that can do something. i'd rather have a financially stable owner than a poor one so if it's good for business it's good for charlotte bobcats basketball.

3- brook lopez at rookie scale vs. okafor getting 12 million a year is a no brainer. but that wasn't really the option at hand and okafor is a far better rebounder/defender/shot blocker than lopez. by extreme amounts. and he's a capable scorer, he's just not the skilled threat lopez is. you can't just drop the ball to okafor 20 times a game. but again, even okafor has always won more than 12 games a year and his expansion team in which he was the go-to guy, won more. that says A LOT.

4-you have to remember in that timeline that we already had nazr mohammed and his bad contract on the bench backing up okafor. we had ryan hollins also. we didn't have a legitimate backup pg. we had a 90 year old jeff mcinnis the year prior. they nailed that draft what they didn't do is a great job in developing augustin and ajinca early.

if i'm not mistaken felton declined an extension offer prior to the draft that year. might be mistaken on that but i'm pretty sure he declined it then and declined it the following summer also which left this summer looking gloom. if we had taken lopez with that pick, we STILL would have needed tyrus thomas and we STILL would have been at a contract stand still with felton. it might have been worse because while we wouldn't have traded for diop, we still would have had carroll and we probably wouldn't have traded okafor for chandler. we could have been left without felton OR augustin very easily.

the draft picks haven't been the problem, the trades for overpaid centers and signing carroll and okafor to too big of deals has been a big problem. and not developing the draft picks. that along with the bad luck of the injuries to may and morrison has done a lot of bad. but we've still got pieces to move forward. one of wallace or jack has got to go. and wallace looks like odd man out given jack's importance in the clutch. he owns moments that wallace cringes in.

speaking of the "slow start" this year.....we were 17-19 last year at THIS point. at the point where brown was fired this year we were 9-19, last year we were 11-17. 2 games can mean a huge difference but that's not THAT drastic. we lost 7 in a row early on last year. we didn't do that this year. and i think we had a more experienced, more talented group last year (or atleast after the jackson trade for sure which prior to we were worse off last year than this year).

just things to think about.

again not saying i would take DJ over felton or that he's better, i think their strengths are a wash and just wanted to point it out for all the people on here crying about felton being gone.

however, it's no question augustin > lopez. no question.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 14, 2011 11:21:48 AM

I would think Jordan would at least invest in a Jamarion Moon/Leon Powe with Ryan Hollins to have another big. That would be 3 mill on the books. I don't believe that he would just want to fly in the wind with the people on the roster. I am big Jax supporter and feels MJ would not make the mistake trading Jax unless for a bonifide star. But Wallace is on the decline, but still an exceptional player. Trust me I am big fan of Wallace. But MJ needs to have the financial backing to play around with in the future. I can understand everyone's gripe the head of the franchise.

Posted by: tbird | Jan 14, 2011 11:32:17 AM

Good stuff. As to record at same time, we also hadn't made the Jackson trade, had a hurt Raja Bell, etc. So again, it's apples to oranges.

I'll respond on the points by the way you numbered them.

1) DJ was chosen b/c LB didn't expect to like Felton. Period. He was being chosen over Felton by LB until he realized he liked Felton more than he expected. Jordan was ready to let Mek walk and take Lopez. We were fine with Nazr and could have had another C option with the 12 mill we paid Nazr. Or even found a way to get Deandre Jordan in the 2nd rd or Mario Chalmers from a back pg standpoint. Going after Lopez was a situation where Jordan was right at the time.

I will give you DJ being a better shooter (although Felton is much better than folks give him credit for), but Felton is a better 2 pt scorer and I can't concede on passing either. They didn't do te exact same things under LB, however. Felton was more effective under LB than DJ and the team was more effective. That can't be debated. Who knows what Felton would have done under Silas. Like I said it's apples to oranges. Felton was able to keep LB's criticism from affecting his play more than DJ while also being a leader that kept the guys on track more. Again, I don't think this retroactively justifies things as much as it justifies Jordan making the right CURRENT move in switching coaches; for if LB were still here, we certainly would not be on pace to go in the direction we went last year.

2) Agreed.

3) For all of those things you mentioned about Okafor, we still did fine without him by mixing in other C's which we could have with the money we payed while also having a legit pick and pop and offensively skilled C that Felton and the others could have played with. And again, we would have had 12 mil to do it with while still being able to do a sign and trade for Chandler's quicker expiring contract if we chose. And the Nets had plenty of issues that would be less issues here as we had better intangibles while also being solid at other positions on the floor.

4) To me this is a faulty premise as Lopez did not need to come in and lead the team. In fact the issue with Mek was that we expected more from him than he was capable of. He would come in here and been great with the guys we have giving us a frontcourt weapon while we still could have had depth a C.

I think that again, they had other C and pg options in Jordan or Chalmers that were 2nd rd picks where he could have traded up 3 spots to get where we took Kyle Weaver or traded down on the 2nd 1st rd pick. I gotta disagree about nailing that draft.

I know some others probably are tired of the novels we are writing, but I enjoy the discussions with you.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 12:03:56 PM

PS: For comparison's sake:

Last year with LB and Felton as the starter and after the Jack trade, the team was 41-32 which over 82 games is equivalent to 46-36 (.562). That's much different than 9-19 (.321) it was with LB and DJ which is on pace for 26-56. I think it would ultimately have been better, but certainly not 20 games better. Ultimately, LB wore on DJ more, but DJ didnt have the confidence to be a leader in the way that Felton did and that's OK, b/c we have since remedied these issues.

So again, my point is that whether we want to accept it or not, we did lose a step in losing Felton with LB as coach. HOWEVER, the story is that MJ made the right move in switching for Silas to help us get back on track. Who knows, if Silas coaches last year's roster, we possibly win at an even higher clip. I think that if folks want to continue comparing Silas and LB, that would make more sense as it is apples to apples. But the comparing of Felton and Augustin is going to be apples to oranges, no matter how you slice it up unless you want to go by the first 28 games of the year when we had LB as coach.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 12:36:17 PM

Wasn't it Lopez who refused to come in for a tryout with the Bobcats prior to the draft. I guess the response will be that he knew of LB preference for DJ which is BS.

We are still better without Lopez.

If Wallace goes then we better give Hendo & UPS a 50/50 shot at SF. If the goal is to move Jack to SF and Hendo to SG then the trade is a waste.

Posted by: Bob | Jan 14, 2011 12:46:02 PM

For the record, I am very pleased with where we are, especially with the coaching change we have made. I did not like the team with the previous coach, however, as I did not think the fit was right.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 1:19:09 PM

it's not apples & oranges its point guards and point guards when talking felton/augustin.

when talking lopez it's more like apples (augustin) and lemons (lopez).

if we get that big ash trade exception we better use that to grab us a big man. you see what augustin is doing with silas....imagine what ajinca would be doing working with charles oakley. use that exception to grab the kid back matt carroll style. even if nazr gets healthy this year, his deal expires and he's in his mid-30's. think long term. augustin/henderson/brown/thomas/ajinca......sounds a little like atlanta did 5 years ago with horford/smith/williams/childress/etc. let jack ride it out until the right deal comes in to grab a franchise guy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 14, 2011 2:47:18 PM

We were discussing different points.

Apples and apples is the the 73 games with Felton as starting pg and the Bobcats with Jack and LB as coach and vs. the 28 games with DJ as starting pg and the Bobcats with Jack and LB as coach. That was what I was talking about when making comparisons. There are way too many other variables in the other comparisons. That was the point I was making when I said the thins you mentioned in some instances were apples to oranges.

As far as Lopez goes, the point was Lopez here with Felton and the stability of the Bobcats vs. injury plagued Harris and the instability that is the Nets. Seriously, we were plugging in centers throughout the year last year. But as stated, that is all in the past and we are moving forward.

As for long-term, I good with your ideas.

Posted by: perspective | Jan 14, 2011 3:55:48 PM

I was a DJ hater but must admit I am surprized to see him succeed in any situation. Overall, I am thankful that he is flourishing and that MJ had the guts to make a tough decision you do not see that enough in sports(see Panthers). If Wallace goes I would rather see him go to a contender because if anybody deserves a chance to win it all he does. Go Bobcats!

Posted by: moboythunder | Jan 14, 2011 4:31:01 PM

not after not shooting those free throws he doesn't.

and perspective again about the lopez/felton thing.....there's no guaruntee we could have kept felton just because we drafted lopez anyways. the reason the numbers didn't work this past summer didn't have anything to do with DJ vs. lopez. they HAD to draft DJ because they would have DEFINITELY been over the tax if they kept felton at 8 a year. they didn't plan for extending felton 4 years ago when they should have.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 14, 2011 5:47:23 PM

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