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February 25, 2011

Bobcats fans, share thoughts on trades

We're looking for Bobcats fans to share their thoughts on the team's trades of Gerald Wallace and Nazr Mohammed. If you're willing to share your thoughts -- and attach your name to them -- please respond to the questionnaire in this link.

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Actually somewhat thrilled over the trades...nothing against Wallace, loved his game, attitude, toughness...but he's on the down swing of his career after peaking last year, and we weren't going to do much better then the 7th or 8th seed as long as this team stayed together. Now we can look to the future and work to become an elite eastern conf team. I'm def good with the trades yesterday.

Posted by: Justin | Feb 25, 2011 12:26:05 PM

I like the Mohammed trade and think White has potential but it is taking a HUGE gamble that the draft picks we get for Crash will be anywhere close to him. He was my favorite player on the Bobcats and always personified hustle, work ethic, class, desire, etc. Not to mention our best defender. Nothing against Jackson but I would have rather traded him than Crash, even though I know Jax is a more consistent scorer-but Crash brought a lot in a variety of ways on and off the court.

Posted by: Sean | Feb 25, 2011 12:28:25 PM

Rick, we won't know if this trade is good for not for several years if one of the picks is 2013 or later and fenced from being a lottery pick. If the Bobcats don't spend some of the money they just saved to bring in a productive veteran in the off season I see this as a negative for the fans.

Posted by: carolinaz3 | Feb 25, 2011 1:14:47 PM

I am sad to see GW go. He was the sole reason I enjoyed watching the Bobcats. My 8-year old son almost cried.

Posted by: Jimmy | Feb 25, 2011 1:23:56 PM

I think White can be as good or better than Mohammed so that trade is a good one. I also think Cunningham and Pryz are good pickups. Pryz is a big guy who can be a solid backup to K. Brown when he is healthy. If he isn't healthy then they don't have to resign him. Cunningham has some talent and works hard - could be a steal. Henderson and Thomas will be free to score more now and I think are up for the challenge. There will be some good players left on the board when we use the 2011 pick. Nolan Smith and Chris Singleton are two... If we finish the season strong then we might get them both - if we finish bad we could end up with a real high lottery pick and even land Harrison Barnes. Bobcat fans should not be worried about this trade - only gives the team more felxability to address the real holes in the team. Forward was a place of strength with Thomas, Diaw, Wallace, Brown and Jax - somebody had to go...

Posted by: I-Like-It | Feb 25, 2011 2:04:38 PM

I understood why these trades were made, because we needed to save money and get a little younger. Yes, I will miss Gerald and Nazi. They have contributed well to the team; however, I think what were are getting in return will help us sneak into the playoffs. Furthermore, I believe we can get some really great draft picks in the forthcoming draft. I give kodus to MJ and Rod.

Posted by: Sherrod Gary | Feb 25, 2011 2:16:49 PM

The Nazi trade=Great, gotta get rid of that huge contract. Kwame is way less expensive and fits the same purpose as Nazi.

Gerald trade= blasphamy! This is a TERRIBLE trade. And for all of you with other opinions here is why:

1) even though we have draft picks, we draft terrible.
-May over Josh Smith
-Morrison over Gay
-DJ over Brook Lopez (sorry DJ, tough love)

2) Lost the face of our franchise and our CAPTAIN

3)Lost one of the leagues best rebounders when we already suffer a loss on the glass on rebound margin.

4)We just picked up a bunch of scrubs and we probably will not get a certain Chris Paul to play in Charlotte with cap space.

5)We lose depth on the wing and at the 4 position.
-Quality wing players: Jackson, Henderson, ??
-Quality 4's: Tyrus Thomas, Boris

We should have shipped Boris or Jack, not Gerald Wallace. This is poor! And a slap in the face to season ticket holders and real fans!

Posted by: jw317 | Feb 25, 2011 2:22:55 PM

I think this sends a clear message to current or potential future season ticket holders that the Bobcats have little to no interest in winning -- just in preserving the contents of the owner's wallet.

As an occasional purchaser of Bobcats tickets, there is little to no reason to buy tickets for remaining games THIS season since ownership has obviously decided to punt on a playoff run this season.

In theory, getting two 1st round draft picks for Wallace is good. Note however, that the upcoming draft is one of the weakest in a long time. Its VERY unlikely that any player close to the talent level of Gerald Wallace will be available with the extra pick in this year's draft.

Also, note the Bobcats have a "knack" for screwing up their picks. Example: Passed on Danny Granger to pick Sean May. Also, the Adam Morrison pick was less than memorable.

Posted by: WoodyJ | Feb 25, 2011 2:36:05 PM

Nazr trade made a little sense, since LB wanted to get rid of huge salary after he realize he couldn't play 40 minutes,,,but he was a decent big man. The Wallace trade was horrible, I still think we could have got a better deal, I read where we coulda got Jrich back from Orlando, this doesn't help...At the the end of the day somebody has to put the ball in the hoop..what now watch Jack launch 3s and 2nd year players try to rebound all night...

Posted by: JC | Feb 25, 2011 7:27:01 PM

what's JORDAN going to do with all PROMOTION that Wallace was bringing to the Jordan brand....TimeWarner will look different now....JUST PUT HIS UGLY BALD HEAD ON EVERYTHING...Stupid owner, he probably will comeback at 50 and make this franchise a mockery of his past sins with the Wizards

Posted by: JC | Feb 25, 2011 7:30:29 PM

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