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February 08, 2011

Quick thoughts on beating Boston

-- Eddie Najera told Kevin Garnett what he could do with that tired bully act, and wasn’t that fun?

          Garnett is a fraud. I’m not saying he isn’t a great player. I’m saying he only picks on people he thinks are weak. Call his bluff, and he backs off in this really wormy way.

          Najera, who would be the first to say he’s way beyond his prime, stood up to Garnett’s B.S. Monday. When Garnett elbowed him in the mouth, Najera reminded him he’s no more tough than Najera’s grandma.

          That’s classic. I’d heard for years that Garnett is a phony, the bully who doesn’t know what to do when he’s called out. Good for Najera.

-- Shaun Livingston is so old-school that I’m not sure Bobcats fans get his value. Dave Cowens used to say the worst thing about the 3-point line is devaluing the mid-range jump shot. NBA players used to work the clock incessantly to find a mid-range jump shot.

That is Livingston’s thing, long after that horrible knee injury robbed him of his explosion. Shaun is so much taller than almost anyone guarding him that when he drives, stops and elevates, it’s a ridiculously open shot 12 to 18 feet from the basket.

    -- I haven’t mentioned Stephen Jackson, have I? What happened Monday was predictable in the worst way. I love Jackson’s passion, his toughness, his absurdly wide skill set.

          But, no matter what he says to the contrary, he’s oblivious to how his temper hurts his team.

          I’ve written this before, but I guess it needs to be said again: Jack has an overly-defined sense of right-and-wrong. In his mind, this is about him getting ripped off. It’s not. It’s about restraining yourself enough to do what’s best for your teammates and the organization paying you more than $8 million a year.

          I’m tired of hearing this is all about his passion. Sure, he’s passionate, but that doesn’t excuse him not being there three games, due to ejection, and one more, due to suspension.

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pretty solid game by the cats. im off to read the best blog about charlott ... thecharlottejohn.com cya CO

Posted by: Jackson | Feb 8, 2011 5:48:17 AM

Jack is no doubt quite a skilled player, but you could be Michael Jordan in his prime and not be able to help the team from the locker room. Jack, You need help man. I love your passion, but you're going to find yourself in Cleveland for Jamison if you keep it up. Trust me Antawn wants to be here

Posted by: Percy | Feb 8, 2011 8:58:09 AM

that might have been livingston's best game as a pro. dude has such a feel good story you just can't help but be happy for him after games like this. after it looked like he was on his way out of the rotation, dude completely redeems himself and looks like he's earning the money they invested in him. we're going to need that kind of change of pace from DJ against teams that try to abuse him defensively. both played great complimentary games last night and I see us have 10 guys at 5 positions that do just that.

regarding jack, it's days like this that remind me of how I felt when we made the deal to begin with. we traded radmonovic (who makes boris look intense IMO) and an out for the season raja bell for jackson. the problem with that was the extension. the guy has 2 more years after this year that make him incredibly hard to trade until maybe next trade deadline and even if we do we're more than likely taking a big step back. so we're stuck with the headcase that brings the team down with the negativity.

the officiating was horrible. garnett was flopping all night BADLY. pierce CLEARLY walked. the foul by pierce on wallace was by nba definition a flagrant 1. he didn't go for the ball, the guy was in the air and he was behind him. you play the ball or you let him go and pierce tried to tackle him. didn't try to hurt him but by definition it's a flagrant 1. if he had tried to hurt him, that's a flagrant 2. it's as if they completely ignore the rules for certain teams and then go overboard with them for others. that's not good for the game. good teams will win WITHOUT the calls. i don't expect them to get all the calls right, any one of those would have been dismissable had it only been 1. but it's the constant bad calls that you can't justify when you have 3 guys on the floor. nba has got to get better at this. ncaa is far ahead in regards to officiating. even the smaller conferences.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 8, 2011 9:34:46 AM

Rick, your comments about Jax are appropriate and appreciated. All the passion, skill, community service, etc, do not mask a truly troubled individual. But mostly, it puts his fellow teamates in a really bad spot. Should they dare criticize his childish behavior, they appear as divisive, so they are forced to watch his antics hurt their efforts game after game. I thought 'captains' were supposed to be leaders.

Posted by: eduardo | Feb 8, 2011 9:51:02 AM

Garnett is a punk. More people need to shut him up and down.
Jack is well, Jack. He can't see the forest for the trees. What can you do? The sad thing is that there isn't one person on the team that can or will, step to him and give it to him straight, no chaser! I believe he has respect for his coach, but Silas has already stated how he feels about the situation, and he's probably correct.

Posted by: digal704 | Feb 8, 2011 9:55:06 AM

Jack this, Jack that but people forget how dirty the Celts could be. The refs just stand there like it is part of the game. Pierce's flagrant foul, walk, and complaining to refs. Perkins should have been called for a flagrant for a blatant arm across Kwame's face and Garnett's flopping and dirty plays. This team rallied when Jack went out and took some of that passion and fire that he has on the court. Yes, not defending his 2nd tech but I think the refs need someone to throw them out of the game. They are given too much power for making obvious mistakes on the court. David Stern thank you very much.

Posted by: tbird | Feb 8, 2011 10:10:53 AM

the best way to sum it up is what livingston stated, they some of these ref are paid by bookies and they are frauds along with kg, i think that donahue ref who went to prision is telling the truth with these bogus refs and they bogus calls, they wanted the celtics to win so bad that even some of the obvious calls were bad, like livingston fouling pierce on a 3 attempt, didnt even touch the guy, i wonder will he be fine for his after game comments..

Posted by: callingitlikeiseeit | Feb 8, 2011 12:08:53 PM

I think it's time for Jordan to cut ties with this immature player and go forward with the talented young players who show that they appreciate the opportunity to represent this city with dignity!!

Posted by: Donald R. Turner | Feb 8, 2011 12:51:38 PM

Good stuff, Rick! From afar I always like KG when he was in Minnesota. Since I've become a ST holder and seen how he acts on the court, he is maybe my most despised player ever. Eddie's the man!
As for Jack: he can't leave Charlotte quick enough.

Posted by: Michael | Feb 8, 2011 7:12:31 PM

@Donald R. Turner:

What does the "r" stand for? Nah dude I'm just kidding. But seriously, I dont think Jack is a bad person, just that he has problems with self control on the court.

Posted by: uptown | Feb 8, 2011 10:29:44 PM

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