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February 24, 2011

Silas was caught off-guard

I just got back to Charlotte and had a brief phone conversation with Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas. Silas confirmed what the NBA has not yet made official – that the Bobcats are trading Gerald Wallace to Portland, essentially for an expiring contract (center Joel Przybilla) and draft picks.

          You’ll note that Silas said at practice Thursday that the Bobcats weren’t making any trades and that was his preference.

          “There’s nothing going on. We’re not going to do anything,’’ Silas said late-morning. “I’m fine with that.’’

          Silas said everything changed later in the day, when owner Michael Jordan called to say he was pulling the trigger on these deals, involving Wallace and center Nazr Mohammed (headed to Oklahoma City).

          As of 7 p.m., the league had not yet signed off on the Bobcats’ deals. That’s what happens when so many teams do trades right before the deadline. Each trade requires a conference call to make sure a deal conforms to salary-cap rules.  

          Silas did his best to go with the program, but he knows these changes will make it harder to reach the playoffs.

          “I think we were on the right track,’’ Silas said of the two months since he replaced Larry Brown. “When you make changes, it takes time to get things right. But we’ll go at it.’’

          By the way, Przybilla wants no part of being traded. That could complicate things.

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A little confused. Did Silas not agree with the trade, and what could it mean if Pryzbilla doesn't want to be traded?

Posted by: mark | Feb 24, 2011 7:43:22 PM

Where do the draft picks fall and what year?

Posted by: Claydog | Feb 24, 2011 7:50:45 PM

Michael was a great player.

Posted by: JL | Feb 24, 2011 7:57:29 PM

I think its Hornets first this year and Portlands 2013 first.

Posted by: DanielTDenny | Feb 24, 2011 8:11:02 PM

I get the wallace deal. Its actually a really good deal when you think about 2 1sts for the guy. I mean guys like garnett and allen got traded for about the same. That's a lot of value for a guy averaging 15 and 7 and walking away from game tying free throws for a non injury ( still not over it).

The thing that kills me is the nazr deal. We already lacked depth at the 5 and that's the hardest position to replace in the league. We took back 2 power forwards today. We gave a 5 and got a 5 but pryzbilla has had injury problems far more often than nazr. Talent wise I think nazr was far superior. We just didn't get value back for mohammed unless dj white is an absolute stud. I can't believe that to be since he couldn't get pt over collison or green. That deal is about as mad as the dampier deal. I mean we added payroll this year and next and lost talent. Mo-pete isn't going to help here.

Aaaaaand now we have 2 guys we have to cut to make the deals work and the only way we win is if we cut guys that get picked up by playoff teams and save some money. The only guys that might qualify are in the deal and I think we have to cut 2 PRIOR to the deals completion although I may be wrong. If that's the case it means collins and mcguire get cut and even if they follow that by buying out some of the guys in the trade, we still have crazy amounts of 4's and little of everything else.

Wallace deal gets a thumbs up, but props to gerald on everything he did here and his quote post practice pre trade. Anything he owed charlotte, he paid it back. Diop owes charlotte not gerald.

Mohammed deal gets a huge thumbs down until dj white becomes the next anthony mason. And these deals lead me to remind all that we could REALLY use ajinca right now and next year and it wasn't necessary to give the guy away to get dampier. Jordan and higgins are losing right now. Big time.

Still playoff contenders but if indy had gotten mayo it would have been over for YEARS for us. Because of williams to nj and the youth rising in mil, indy, philly, wash......we really are facing contraction in a serious way. Fans aren't going to watch jordan mismanage this team continuously.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 24, 2011 8:32:24 PM

JP not wanting to be traded could simply mean that he'll want to be bought out of the last two months of his contract (all that remains on his deal).

Higgins and Jordan make the decisions about players, while Silas merely makes the decisions about who plays and how much each player plays. He is not like Larry Brown in that he'll work with the hand he's dealt (whereas Brown always wanted to mess with the roster).

Silas likely understands that the moves are
business-related with the long-term impact in mind. Two first round picks (if used wisely) could either give the team solid rotation contributors (if not starters) or the ability to package picks in one or both years in order to move up in the draft or bring in upgrades at positions of need.

While I am not a big fan of the trade for the short-term, I remain optimistic that the deal could work in our favor long-term.

Posted by: The A-Train | Feb 24, 2011 8:34:04 PM

Rick...sorry for your recent family loss....

Posted by: bull123 | Feb 24, 2011 8:39:12 PM

Rick...you really missed on this one...get us updated on the picks & players with some specifics about the picks & some bio info on the players

Posted by: bull123 | Feb 24, 2011 8:41:08 PM

jordan will be caught off guard when the fans turn on him!

Posted by: joe cool | Feb 24, 2011 8:41:21 PM

I guess we all know now why Paul Silas got only a 1 year extension. Jordan will make him take the blame for the Bobcats' demise this and next year so he can walk away squeaky clean. If I was Silas, I'd tell Jordan that he wants to re-neg on the extension for next year until he can produce a winning team on the floor before start of next season.

Posted by: KYL | Feb 24, 2011 8:54:25 PM

If we buy out pryzbilla instead of mcguire or cunningham and peterson we will have kwame brown as our only center. And considering we are going to figure out a way to blow the money we save by dumping wallace, we would have been better off money wise with the playoff revenue.

And you have to think we could have landed kendrick perkins or galinari or someone of the like. Its as though we are only in the league to hold players until contenders can take advantage of us.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 24, 2011 9:20:16 PM

People act as if two 1st rounds pick mean that much. Don't mind cutting cost, though that could alienate the fanbase if you don't show you have a long term plan, but you got to get something back in return (something of value). In the NBA draft picks are traded around like a loaf of bread. In the NFL draft picks are gold. The picks the Bobcats received are probably middle to late 1st round picks. Have to understand the history of MJ drafting and the whole organization. We can't draft good players to save our life. If Gerald Henderson and DJ Augustin are your lone two 1st round picks that you still have out of how many? Okafor, Felton, May, Morrison, Dudley, and Ajinca are most of the rest. Learn to draft and if you want to attract big ticket FAs in a smaller market, better keep the good pieces you got around. Wallace isn't close to a superstar and is a borderline star player, but he is a perfect complement type player with all the things he can do. Let's hope the Bobcats aren't planning to draft their way to the top, because they haven't shown they can draft with top picks and it isn't even close.

Posted by: ep23 | Feb 24, 2011 9:54:26 PM

Jordan, go back to Chicago or spend some money. Bring us Postolos or maybe the NBA wants to own 2 teams?

Posted by: tattoo | Feb 24, 2011 10:09:36 PM

What a shame. Jordan continually reveals himself to be a total hack, unsuitable to run a shoe shine stand, much less a half billion dollar NBA team.

What a shame that one of the rare killer players in the NBA that will actually consider Charlotte... strike that... WANTED to be in Charlotte... is shipped off as a gift.

I suppose His Airness will reward the dwindling number of season ticket holders with more first round picks like Kwame Brown.

Posted by: bama | Feb 24, 2011 10:11:38 PM

Jordan reminds me of the guy who dreams of owning a Mercedes Benz finally buys it and has no money for insurance, gas or repairs and so every day he sits in the car in his driveway and makes motor sounds with his mouth. To all of you who wanted MJ instead of professional owners like Postolos consortium enjoy your CYO basketball team. The reason that the Postolos Consortium was offering less is because they knew they needed to spend money to build a winning team.

Posted by: True BBall Fan | Feb 24, 2011 10:38:06 PM

When you think of the Bobcats, you think Gerald Wallace. Bobcat=Gerald Wallace. You've got a player from Day 1 that has put his entire career on the line night in and night out by the way he plays. A GOOD, UNSELFISH, HARDWORKING, TEAM ORIENTED basketball player who makes everyone around him better, and WANTS to play in Charlotte when every other ALL-Star wants nothing to do with Charlotte. You've got a city that is struggling to support the franchise and you take away the one player that every bobcat fan in Charlotte loves and appreciates. Not Good.
While the Bobcats were not going to win the Championship, you could feel the support growing. . . slowly. . . but growing. This is not the guy you trade when your STILL trying to bring the NBA back in Charlotte. I understand that the Bobcats have to make moves, but you don't trade this guy. I fear that there are a lot of fans like me that feel as if they have been smacked right in the face. The one person everyone was eager to see play every game is no longer a Bobcat. Gerald Wallace was quoted saying that he owed the city of charlotte. He doesn't owe us anything, the city of Charlotte was lucky to have him, and the Bobcats were lucky to have him. While the arena isn't even close to being full, I suspect there will be a significant drop off in attendance starting tomorrow night.

Posted by: PB | Feb 24, 2011 10:59:01 PM

I will not attend another game this year nor will I renew the season tix I have had since day one. This kills it for me. Stupid move.

Posted by: Steve simonetti | Feb 24, 2011 11:10:57 PM

MJ is clearly collecting assets (draft picks) to trade for Chris Paul this summer. Send the Hornets 2 2011 1st-rounders (one of which was their own to begin with), 2 2013 1st-rounders, DJ, and Boris. I guarantee you MJ is saying if Prokhorov can pull off this type of deal for Deron Williams, he can do the same for CP now that he has enough assets. And no one knows exactly what the new CBA will be, but it has been reported that it will likely be a hard cap of about $70 million, which means we'll have plenty of cap room to sign a top-flight center to play alongside CP, Henderson, Jack, and Tyrus.

Posted by: Bronsyn | Feb 24, 2011 11:27:00 PM

I believe what people are failing to see is that we got the best of what Gerald Wallace had to offer. He is now passed his prime with his injuries. He is now really nothing more then an over paid 6th man or energy guy. People in this town get too attached to players that are not that good. Wallace is not a star and he never will be. This team is losing a lot of money right now because no one wants to support them. The East is becoming a beast and there is no reason to have over paid players and no assets if you are going to be a losing team the next 2-3 years. Lets support this team the rest of the year and see what happens in the next two off-seasons with everything we just did yesterday. We still have a shot at the 7 or 8 seed this year.

Posted by: kman | Feb 25, 2011 7:40:17 AM

Michael Jordan owns the Bobcats. Thing about that for a second, Michael Jordan, owns the Bobcats.

For all the great things he did on the court why cant he get a marquee name to come to play for him?


Posted by: MJ | Feb 25, 2011 7:47:19 AM

I really thought Jackson would have been the one they moved out...

Posted by: Sportsdon | Feb 25, 2011 8:10:54 AM

Who the hell is Joel Przybilla to "want no part of being traded"? You think you're THAT good that we just had to go out and get you? Know your role, come in here and be professional for the rest of the season, and I can all but assure you that the 'Cats won't tender an offer to your goofy azz. You're simply here because you're contract comes off the books after the season.

Posted by: Keith | Feb 25, 2011 8:58:33 AM

The ultimate "Brain Trust" of Higgins and Jordan strikes again. MJ, did you get any education at UNC? This trade MAY make sense down the road, okay, I give people that. But as a fan I want to win NOW, and I want the face of the team ON THE TEAM! COME ON! This is a swift kick below the belt to REAL fans and season ticket holders.

Posted by: jw317 | Feb 25, 2011 9:30:04 AM

Keith, you are exactly right. The nerve of the Vanilla Gorilla acting like he's a prize or something. What are your other options Joel? Take your talents to South Beach?

One thing people are forgetting is that we owe a 1st round pick to Chicago as part of the Tyrus Thomas deal. So basically we traded Crash for a couple of duds and a draft pick of the Alexis Ajinca variety if we're lucky. Cap space is the only short term benefit and with the good players dictating where they will play it loses a lot of its value.

Posted by: apauldds | Feb 25, 2011 9:44:17 AM

Pryzbilla is on the verge of retiring that's why. Mohammed would feel the same way if he wasn't going to a contender.

Cosign the point about getting the best out of wallace. These guys have expiration dates and to get 2 1sts for the guy plus a young big in cunningham....its not a bad deal. The mohammed deal was.

And we aren't getting chris paul. He won't come here over orlando, la, or nyk. And 4 1sts is demasiado for that dude. They got williams for 3 1sts counting favors and a overpaid pg who doesn't win. Chris paul is NOT that much better than augustine. He's better but not 4 1sts boris AND dj better. And he's not coming here.

We gotta stop bringing back bad contracts. I mean we're lucky to get some insurance money from diop but we still have him on the books for 2 expensive years and matt carroll too. We still can't let contracts die as we showed yesterday with mohammed. Instead of using mohammed and then resigning him for the minimum, we take back dj white who may work out but I have doubts about the guy that couldn't get tick over a banged up nick collison or jeff green etc. Those guys aren't better than thomas or diaw so how does that make sense? Is he better than derrick brown?

And meanwhile ajinca is still 7 ft tall and cheap labor and we gave the guy away instead of developing him. The picks aren't the problem, its the organization.

This is so frustrating.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 25, 2011 9:58:32 AM

ep23 is exactly right about these draft picks. This isn't the NFL, where draft picks are like gold. Mid- to late first round picks in the NBA just aren't that valuable.

Let's call this trade what it was - a salary dump.

Posted by: GSO Cats Fan | Feb 25, 2011 10:01:40 AM

appauldds, charlottean, and GSO you are all correct. After the first 10 draft picks or so who cares? This draft class this year is weak anyway. If we don't land Terrance Jones from Kentucky I think its a bum deal. CP3 doesn't impress me that much and he won't be heading to Charlotte. I'm crushed to see Wallace go. That is who I went to see play every game after Felton left who was my other favorite player on the team. Which leaves one solution....


Posted by: jw317 | Feb 25, 2011 10:25:29 AM

I heard from an inside source that he is cleaning house and bringing back the hornets name to Charlotte. Once the name is back he will be adding a NBA Superstar and building a good supporting class around him. Kinda like the bulls back in the day...

Posted by: Kelly Tripuka | Feb 25, 2011 10:54:56 AM

I can't believe how lame some of you guys are. You don't know anything about Joel Przybilla, so you decide trash him because he's seriously considering retirement? He's one of the hardest working guys in the league fellas. Do you even know what he's had to go through, just to be able to play this year? Nope. You just pass judgement because you're pissed. Get over it.

As far as the Chris Paul to Charlotte thing...ya, good luck with that. You guys need to quit drinking whatever is mixed with your koolaid and wake up.

Posted by: wow | Feb 25, 2011 1:47:20 PM

Re Joel Prisbella: As a Trailblazer fan, no one (me included) wanted Joel to be traded, although we knew it would happen b/c of his expiring contract. He is a great guy, locker room leader, blue-collar rebounder, Kobe-blocker, and a tough SOB who mixed it up with Garnett and some of the blowhard big men.

Bobcat fans will not get to know him, or learn to respect his game (yeah: non scorer and frightening free throw shooter.) But, to a person, he was among the most respecred Blazers. We fans loved the guy, and were thrilled when he stayed a Blazer when he had an offer of more money to go elsewhere when he weas a free agent.

Why is he whining today? Because he could have signed for more money on his last contract to go elsewhere, and he decided that Portland was where he wanted to live and raise his family. If Bobcats talk with him about an extension, then he may be OK with the move. If not, Joel is like most of us: who wants to be uprooted for two months and yanked away fr his family-- esp when he tought he would finish his career in Portland? The critics who have responded already who point out that he is a pro basketball player who needs to conform to the standards for players who are traded are correct, and I agree with them. I hope Joel agrees to come to Charlotte, works inside to clog the middle, takes tough fouls, is a rebounding machine, and wins a game or two with a key 4th quarter block.

In Cunningham, you have a guy who should have a big upside. He played more than anyone expected so far this year because of the injury curse that cut down so many Blazers. Cuningham gets good position on both ends, can slash to the backet, and jumps and rebounds well. From what I hear, he is a good locker room guy, too.

Posted by: Northwesterner | Feb 25, 2011 2:17:47 PM

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