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February 06, 2011

The best show might be Monday

I totally get it why Charlotte NBA fans would want to see the Heat or the Lakers (next week), even faster than they'd want to see the Celtics Monday.

The Lakers always have sex appeal, and you don't know how many more times Kobe Bryant will be around for a once-a-year visit. And the fact that the Bobcats beat those guys regularly is odd and intriguing.

The Heat is a curiousity in the free-agency era. Like when you were a little kid and you mixed Cap'n Crunch with Cocoa Puffs with Frankenberries. The Heat's off-season was the ultimate sugar-rush and you want to witness how it all works out.

But isn't it cool that the Summer of LeBron could end with two old-school, hanging-on teams -- the Celtics and the Spurs (Tim Duncan-Tony Parker-Manu Ginobili) -- playing a Finals series that would be such a throwback to the fundamentals that built basketball?

I was talking to Paul Silas after practice Sunday about what makes the Celtics so good. He captured it: They value defense, and on offense every player understands what he is and isn't, and doesn't extend beyond that. Big Baby is a great example of that: He could be a real hassle, a player extending beyond what he does best, but the positive peer pressure works on him.

It's funny, looking back, how many pundits thought Garnett, Allen and Pierce could never collaborate without imploding. Three guys headed to the Hall of Fame have completely submerged their egos for something more important and historic.

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Very true Rick. I'm for an old skill finals.
I was watching some old Pacers-Knicks, Pistons-Bulls from the '90s and it's amazing how much better fundamentally the players were then than now. There are exceptions and the best players are skilled. There is just not as many as there were earlier.

Posted by: Major Minor | Feb 7, 2011 1:32:34 AM

Maybe we could keep Jack and Crash if they could do the same thing. I still haven't figured out why Wallace feels like he needs to play everyone's position. I hope the coaches are working on that. A lot of our poor rebounding is due to him trying to be everywhere and bumping people. On balance, I appreciate the effort he shows, but goodness.

Posted by: analysis | Feb 7, 2011 9:27:30 AM

Not sure how cool it would be if I'm honest. I think I'd prefer a Bobcats/Lakers Finals but realistically, Heat/Lakers. The Spurs are brutally effective at NBA basketball but with no-one truly likeable or even that distinctive on their team (personality-wise), I can't help wishing they fold in the playoffs, Mavs-Goldenstate style!
PS I'm a 'cats fan in the UK for one reason - Gerald Wallace. I appreciate it can appear at times as though he's playing everywhere and everyone but there's no fake hustle or ego there. He seems, to me at least, to have an absolutely flawless all-round game and attitude and perhaps it's his strength in every area that makes him feel he needs to do a bit of everything. Energy is G-Force's game and I truly believe he's been the most under-rated player in the League since Walter Herrmann disappeared. GO CRASH!

Posted by: Joseph Harake | Feb 7, 2011 1:30:49 PM

That's sweet of you, Joseph. I hope Crash reads both of our posts.

Posted by: analysis | Feb 7, 2011 2:22:41 PM

A Bobcats fan in the United Kingdom?!?!?! Wow. That's cool. Hopefully, the 'Cats will take care of business Wednesday night.

Posted by: Will | Feb 8, 2011 7:58:45 PM

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