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March 15, 2011

Another 10-day for Temple; Przybilla still out

Based on conversations following Charlotte Bobcats practice Tuesday, it sounds like the team will sign Garrett Temple to another 10-day contract and backup center Joel Przybilla isn’t close to being ready to play, due to soreness in his right knee.

          Temple’s original 10-day expires tomorrow. Coach Paul Silas says he’s been happy with Temple’s performance in practice, so giving him a second 10-day is in the works. After that second 10-day, the Bobcats would have to decide whether to sign him for the rest of the season or drop him.

          Przybilla tried to practice Tuesday, but struggled physically. He sounded somewhat discouraged about the situation following practice and gave no timetable for when he’d be available.

          With Przybilla iffy, it sounds like Tyrus Thomas will continue coming off the bench, rather than starting, since he’ll likely play as much center as power forward the rest of the season.

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Hey Rick who do see as our Big Men in 2012 ?

Posted by: chris in union county | Mar 15, 2011 3:07:02 PM

This guy (Przybilla) has earlier expressed reservation about playing for the cats. could he be waive at this time? His production has declined considerably even while in Portland.

I like Thomas, but I think he's very erratic and you could see that with the game against Toronto. He either stepped out of bound or carelessly fouled. The coaches need to do a lot of work with him. Above all, he's a very good player.

Posted by: bobcats | Mar 15, 2011 5:20:37 PM

It looks more pressing than ever for us to draft a center or what I want is a real PF to replace Boris. We can get away with rotating Tyrus to fit our needs any given night. His style of play causes those type of decisions to be made.

Posted by: easye | Mar 15, 2011 8:32:33 PM

Would like to see the Bobcats "build" a star player...not overpay for older established star.
Would like to see Bobcats sign players with college experience...they have 5 roster players with NO college experience.
Would like to see Bobcats discard Przybilla, Najera, Diop, Livingston and Diaw...and draft two from Barnes/Peterson/Williams/Jones at SF. Then draft two from Delaney/Smith/Fredette/Wannamaker/Shumpert/Morris at PG. Then get either Ezeli/Leuer/Smith at C/PF.
Keep Jackson,White,Thomas,Augustin,Henderson,Cunningham and Brown. Give all these players lots of minutes. Play hard, play fast, play a lot.
Blend Temple, McGuire and Carroll(til his contract is done) and you'd have a team people would come see. Rotate a"line" of fresh players every 5 minutes like a hockey team does and you'd see a lot of wins come in the fourth quarter. Dare to be different. Give fans something different. Give the players a chance to win.

Posted by: jim | Mar 15, 2011 8:57:46 PM

I think you will want to keep Livingston

Posted by: ETsupports | Mar 16, 2011 4:33:11 AM

The Bobcats should seriuosly try to trade for Chris Kaman. The Clippers are very high on the Griffin/Jordan combination and Kaman has become expendable. They will not pay $11M for a backup Center. The cats could use Boris expiring contract a 1st Rd pick and include either Carroll or Najera in the deal to generate some extra Cap Space. He is a solid 28 years old, 7-footer who can give the Cats 30MPG-16PPG-10RPG every night, and we can resign Kwame to come of the bench. Plus Kaman will be an expiring contract next year as well, if it works out we can resign him.

Although I would prefer Nene, but it looks like he will stay with Denver.

Posted by: RobC | Mar 16, 2011 9:47:43 AM

This team is better off missing the playoffs and getting a better chance at a high lottery pick. At our current pace, we'll finish below .500. That dose not look very encouraging against teams with winning percentages above .700. Against any of the top three seeds we'd win one game in the series at most. What a waste of a season.

Posted by: steve | Mar 16, 2011 11:08:24 AM


What is your dream lineup for the Bobcats?

Kwame is doing so much better, but something is still bugging me about his performance. Does he not jump as well as other centers?

Posted by: long | Mar 16, 2011 11:13:17 AM

the bobcats will not make the playoffs base off the way the pacers are playing, but thats ok, we would have gotten sweep anyway, let's come better next year with another center, the kaman trade is not a bad idea, even give greg oden a try since he is expendable in portalnd and we now have a trading relationship with, we need a center, but i like the cunnigham and white trade for alot less the gw..bobcats will be better going foward just off that gw trade..finally mj is getting it right

Posted by: mr.jones | Mar 16, 2011 12:01:36 PM

Livingston is a keeper.

Posted by: Newsinz | Mar 16, 2011 4:28:10 PM

We don't just need a center, we need jacksons heir as well. And this time we need a legitimate number 1 guy. He can be a grant hill type playmaker (think florida's parsons) but he's gotta be able to shoot like jackson. We've clearly gone young and boris' days have been numbered since they traded for and overpaid thomas. Only old guy left is jack.

As for the 5 predicament...I could rant about how ajinca could have been developed to fill that but more realistically, I think a smaller lineup with thomas and white is in our future. I hated the mohammed trade because it gave up on this year, but this white kid is a starter. Possibly best deal we've made if we develop the kid to be a complete go to guy.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 17, 2011 7:20:23 PM

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