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March 07, 2011

Bobcats make Temple official

As expected, the Charlotte Bobcats signed D-League combo guard Garrett Temple to a 10-day contract.

According to asssistant coach Stephen Silas (who worked him out when he was with Golden State), Temple is more of a shooting guard than a point guard right now, but he's a good defender with size (6-5).

Paul Silas wanted a third player who could play point, particularly in light of Shaun Livingston's past knee problems.

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yeah go bobcats, what a joke of a franchise!

Posted by: JD | Mar 7, 2011 1:26:48 PM

You should know JD. Your post is a joke.

Posted by: Gary | Mar 7, 2011 1:56:06 PM

We love cheap things and so we get cheap results. You're saving cap space at the expense of winning. Overall, unless Jordan and the cats can draft a player of Lebron, Griffin, Camelo, etc type, trading Wallace and Mohammed at the same time was a dump mistake. I can bet that they'll draft poorly.

Posted by: bobcats | Mar 7, 2011 2:49:22 PM

Hey Gary, you are the joke if you think otherwise!

Posted by: JD | Mar 7, 2011 2:54:54 PM

Can't wait to watch Blake Griffin tonight

Posted by: Joe | Mar 7, 2011 3:37:57 PM

JD, u shuld probaly just shutup

just sayin

Posted by: Andre | Mar 7, 2011 3:54:48 PM

Yall are funny to me. I'm not gon call mj cheap just yet. He's just not gonna pay top dollar for a perennial 8th seed. That he can accomplish cheaply. Lol. If he wasn't willing to spend, I don't think he would have even entertained bringing Melo to charlotte. I love Gerald but on a top 3 east team, he's a 6th man at best so y pay him that much. But this plan only works IF we draft well.

Posted by: chill | Mar 7, 2011 3:58:39 PM

Not sure why the turmoil by the Observer and everyone on this site...why don't you folks complaining about the trade of Wallace attend games? Remember the Laker, Heat and Celtic games? Louder cheer for visiting teams than for Wallace. Now all of a sudden you're upset? PLEASE

Posted by: Get Real | Mar 7, 2011 4:57:35 PM

Yeah go JD, what a joke of a poster!

Posted by: Gary | Mar 7, 2011 5:33:26 PM

Just because the media "leaked" that MJ was talking to Melo it was only put out there by MJ's people to make it look like he was trying. MJ would have had a heart attack if Melo said yes. Like they say in politics only ask the question if your know what the answer is which is what MJ was doing.

Posted by: Bob | Mar 7, 2011 5:51:33 PM

And you known this how Bob?

Posted by: Gary | Mar 7, 2011 5:55:22 PM

Why are the 'Cats not looking at Danny Green (UNC) who's lighting 'em up in D-League at Reno. Would have big local appeal.

Posted by: eduardo | Mar 7, 2011 6:11:32 PM

Yeah are depressing, ok we were a 7 or 8th seed, but the way philly is playing we are or would have been locked for a 8th seed. I am Gerald W. but cmon the crying has got to stop people. He is not coming back and I appreciate his loyalty and respect for the game. We need some all star quality or superstar guys. I like the core of DJ White, G Hendo, DJ Aug, and Tyrus as a solid core. Hell I hope we use Temple the guy can flat out shoot and very defensive minded player. Get young with that core, and I am big Jax fan but he is aging so the best is behind him. I don't think MJ wants to pull the plug on Jax because there is no flat out scorer on this team.

Posted by: tbird | Mar 7, 2011 6:11:52 PM

Wallace wasn't scoring big points, but his presence on the court inspire teammates, and fans. Now the team is a real joke for this season. You praising the trade, I want you to predict how many more games the cats will win for the rest of the season. 2, 3, 5 games? come on, I want your prediction. If Indiana cannot qualified for the eight seed, the Bucks will be the likely contender for that spot, but not the cats. Go sleep MJ with your mediocre players. Gerald Wallace and the Portland TrailBlazers will be in town on Friday, March 11, 2011.

Posted by: bobcats | Mar 7, 2011 9:49:00 PM

We now have a D-League team. don't rush back hurt guys to make a point. I hope MJ wont prove all the nay sayers right about his management skills. They better get it right or he will lose more money than he's losing now. Good luck on the pin pong balls.

Posted by: easye | Mar 7, 2011 11:18:49 PM

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