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March 21, 2011

Jackson says he'll play vs. Pacers

Charlotte Bobcats leading scorer Stephen Jackson, who sat out Saturday's loss in San Antonio after aggravating a strained hamstring, said he intends to play Wednesday against the Indiana Pacers, in what figures to be a virtual must-win situation.

The Bobcats are chasing the Pacers for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Jackson didn't run or jump in practice Monday and might not test the injury until pre-game Wednesday. He says it's the first time in his 11-year NBA career when he had an injury that nagged as this one has.

The pain and stiffness particularly hurts him defensively, when he can't close out on shooters, and in his ability to drive effectively -- particularly in stop-and-start situations.

On a separate injury note, assistant coach Charles Oakley missed practice Monday to get an MRI, after suffering severe back spasms during the Spurs game. Oakley had to be carried off the court in the first half by two players.

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Does it really matter at this point?

Posted by: steve | Mar 21, 2011 3:25:35 PM

Only thing that matters is June 23rd.

Posted by: Gary | Mar 21, 2011 3:39:59 PM

Rick... The playoffs seem like a longshot at this point. The Bobcats are 3-9 since the Wallace trade and currently sit in 10th place in the Eastern Conference. It seems like a smarter move to let Jack heal and lose as many games as possible to improve Charlotte's lottery pick this summer. Or we can continue to pretend that this team as currently configured has a legitimate shot of claiming the eighth and final playoff spot.

Posted by: Sam | Mar 21, 2011 3:46:22 PM

Getting a win is what matters.

Posted by: bobcats | Mar 21, 2011 3:54:31 PM

I certainly appreciate your frustration and I think if they thought Jackson was in danger of long-term injury, they would shut him down.
However, I have never bought into a lose-to-win strategy. The draft lottery is so weighted that tanking games this late in the season would have minimal value in lottery chances. Remember: only the top three picks are decided by the lottery and the worst teams get almost all the chances at those top three picks.
I think it's always risky sending a message to players and coaches that it doesn't matter whether they win.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Mar 21, 2011 4:21:22 PM


They already sent that message when thet trade Gerald and Nazr.

Posted by: bobcatrich | Mar 21, 2011 7:57:54 PM

Sit Jack and Tyrus, let the young guys play. If they manage to pull out a couple of decent wins it will help their confidence for next season, whenever it starts. We are not going to the playoffs, stop kidding your selves.

Posted by: easye | Mar 22, 2011 3:21:24 PM

Tyrus IS a young guy. He needs the reps more than anybody. You could sit jack and play boris and carroll as minute fillers and let the youngns build chemistry. But we are def still alive right now. 2 games back with 10+ to play. tonight is however critical.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 23, 2011 12:03:23 PM

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