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March 03, 2011

Thomas back Wednesday?

-- There's a chance -- maybe not a strong one, but a chance -- that Tyrus Thomas will play Wednesday at home against his former team, the Chicago Bulls.

Thomas, who hasn't played since late January due to a meniscus tear, practiced for the first time, Friday at UCLA. He was held out of contact drills, but looked good and if he doesn't have a setback, there's a chance he'd be cleared to play as soon as the Bulls game.

-- Stephen Jackson (hamstring strain) sat out contact Thursday, but I'd be surprised if he didn't play against the Lakers Friday. Still, this is going to be one of those rest-of-the-season issues, because the only thing that will fix Jackson's hamstring is some lengthy rest.

-- Dominic McGuire looked like that week away from the team didn't diminish his conditioning.

-- The Lakers might get back Matt Barnes for the Bobcats game. He's been out for an extended period with a knee injury.

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Thanks for an update on practice and personnel.

Posted by: Altheus | Mar 3, 2011 8:11:24 PM

This is a different team without Wallace and Nazr and UPS so it won't seem like the regular match up on Valentines Day. I hope these Cats get it together quick. That Denver game is like playing 2 good starting line ups so I expected them lose, but hopeful Pryz and the rest of the squad can adjust. I hope Jack is ok because we definitely need him. DJ needs to get more consistent with his shot because I still want Liv to start or get a premier pg. We need to win against top teams period or we get that early season. Still hope we can make the playoffs.

Posted by: tbird | Mar 3, 2011 11:45:02 PM

Pryz reminds me of a poor mans Jake Vosgul.

Posted by: chris in union county | Mar 4, 2011 7:48:24 AM

Pryz reminds me of the days when we had Primoz Brezec running center. Those are not good memories.

Posted by: QCKing | Mar 4, 2011 9:25:46 AM

Can we see if we can redo the trade with the Blazers and see if we can get a few orange utility cones instead of Pryz this way we cut salary and get as much productivity. Problem solved. Higgins just needs to think out side the box.

Posted by: Bob | Mar 4, 2011 9:56:26 AM

Rick, do you think the Bobcats would (or should) eventually move to a DJ/Jack/Diaw/THomas/Brown starting lineup, with Henderson as the sixth man? For what its worth, I think they should, provided Henderson gets enough minutes to keep his development moving forward.

Posted by: HJ | Mar 4, 2011 10:45:00 AM

Silas prefers not to play Jackson at shooting guard. Says it's hard for Jackson to guard 2s, and Jackson agrees.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Mar 4, 2011 10:52:56 AM

HJ -

I agree with Rick, plus right now Diaw is not in condition to guard most SF in the league. He can get away with it, maybe once or twice in a game, but there is no way he can do that for an entire game.

I say, if we are already at risk of not making the playoffs, just give henderson every possible minute. He has been playing some solid basketbal, and he can just get better. And if he is not our SG of the future, at least he is looking good enough for any team to be interested in him and maybe a trade could be done for some elite starter wher we include Hendo someone else and some picks.

I don't know what will happen with the Pacers, since they seem to have a chance at the playoffs and they are playing good basketball. But back in January, there were rumors of Larry Bird willing to trade Granger for Picks, talent and a starter. i wouldn't mind trading Jackson and either DJ or Hendo and a 1st Rd Pick for Granger.

I would prefer for a trade like that to include DJ instead of Hendo. That would make it easier for MJ to try and get Chris Paul in 2012 and Henderson can be our defensive minded SG. That would give the Cats a solid core with: Paul, Henderson, Granger, Thomas and maybe we can sign Nene or Kaman. In 2012 the Bobcats will have the Cap Space to do that. That is a solid strting lineup that can score and play some solid defense.

Posted by: RobC | Mar 4, 2011 11:31:11 AM

I guarantee you the Pacers would not trade to bring back Jackson. The fan base boos him every time he touches the ball at Conseco. No chance of that.

Posted by: Rick Bonnell | Mar 4, 2011 1:12:35 PM

Hope Thomas can make it back. He is key to us getting into the playoffs this year.

Posted by: Tyler | Mar 4, 2011 10:32:46 PM

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