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July 28, 2011

Any good questions for Tyrus?

Charlotte Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas would like to have a conversation with the fans.

He's reaching out, through one of his marketing representatives, for questions you might have. They approached me, so here goes:

What would you like to know, that he might offer, about being a pro athlete? If you're curious, then email your questions to me at rbonnell@charlotteobserver.com.

We'll look to post Thomas' responses in future blogs.

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What does TT plan to do to make sure he stays in the game more and not get into foul trouble, of which he did so often last season? Is he aware that the team needs for him to grab 7 to 9 rebounds each game and score 12 to 16 points on a consistent basis? Does he have a plan to correct these problems and if so what is that plan? What is he doing to correct his injury prone problem? Has he been working on something to correct the problem, in the off season to become totally healed from the leg injuries he had last season? What is he doing basketball wise to improve his game, Free Throws, Jump Shots, etc. How many free throws is he shooting in the off season to get better at the free throw line?
I thank you for his response.

Posted by: SEW Jr. | Jul 28, 2011 10:34:54 AM

how does he spend all that caaaaaaaash

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 28, 2011 10:55:37 AM

If you were a Bobcats season ticket owner, wouldn't it drive you crazy to have to pay $7 per beer at the games? Just curious.

Posted by: mp | Jul 28, 2011 11:12:34 AM

Is he working on being able to hit an open 15-16 footer?

Posted by: Mike Buie | Jul 28, 2011 12:26:02 PM

If he were to try to promote Charlotte and the Bobcats as a destination to a pending free agent, what would he emphasize as the selling points of our city and our NBA franchise.

Posted by: Vote for Pedro | Jul 28, 2011 1:04:23 PM

@ Mike Buie Do you watch Bobcats games?

Posted by: TherealJD | Jul 28, 2011 2:05:30 PM

Does he plan on working on his back to the basket game in the off-season. Seems like if Tyrus could develop a low post game to go with his mid range jumper that would be a solid combination.

Posted by: Gary | Jul 28, 2011 2:54:19 PM

Is TT planning on playing in Europe or Asia during the lockout?

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 28, 2011 2:58:57 PM

Which player on the roster, aside from yourself, do you feel has the biggest breakout potential for this upcoming season? Why?

Posted by: uahal | Jul 28, 2011 3:41:34 PM

How does Tyrus plan to improve his game during the lockout. Things like maintaining / improving strength/stamina, working on fundamentals, etc.

Also, from a players perspective is the lockout a smart move or a very questionable move...given the monetary issues the league has had in the past few years.

Posted by: CB | Jul 28, 2011 8:01:36 PM

Hey Tyrus ,how do you deal with all these idiotic fans in Charlotte?

Posted by: bryant80 | Jul 28, 2011 8:07:39 PM

Hey Ryrus. Saw you at a party at UNCC smoking a joint. How's that going for you?

Posted by: Jason Warren | Jul 29, 2011 3:31:09 AM

Hey Tyrus! Do you hate your given nickname( given by our bocats commentators), "T-TIME" or "T-TY" as much as I do? What do you think your nickname should be or if you have one already what is it?

Posted by: Jeremy | Jul 29, 2011 8:28:59 AM

Have you ever been in love?

Posted by: AdamRox187 | Jul 29, 2011 8:58:59 AM

If this is the extent of roster tuning that the front office makes for this (hopefully) upcoming season, how much are you willing to move around btween the 4 and 5 spots? How do you expect all the Power Fowards on the roster (You, Biyombo, Diaw, Cunnigham, Najera) to co-exist and be able to play to their strenghts?

Posted by: Danny | Jul 29, 2011 1:40:18 PM

danny you forgot DJ White, who might be the best of the bunch (true power forward at least)

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 29, 2011 2:25:18 PM

I would like for you to ask him this. If this team starts the year with the same roster it has now what would be his chances of being a starter?

Posted by: Mike J | Jul 29, 2011 3:41:22 PM

F-off you idiots and little rednecks. Tyrus these ar mostly teabag racists. Don't answer these morons.

Posted by: Moneyman | Jul 29, 2011 9:24:58 PM

When are you going to supplant BORIS DIAW in the lineup?

Posted by: Cheah | Jul 30, 2011 12:49:37 AM

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