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August 27, 2011

Crittenton: Another Rae Carruth?

It looks like the Charlotte Bobcats avoided having their very own Rae Carruth when they cut Javaris Crittenton last preseason.

Crittenton, the former Georgia Tech star, had an unguaranteed contract, and the Bobcats cut him midway through the preseason. Now he's being charged with murder in an alleged street-shooting of an Atlanta woman.

Police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution they believe Crittenton was seeking revenge after he was recently robbed of jewelry. Shots were fired from a black SUV and police believe Crittenton was the shooter.

Carruth, the former Carolina Panthers receiver, is in prison after being convicted of conspiring to kill a woman he had impregnated.

Crittenton was already infamous for his role in a gun incident in the Washington Wizards locker room. He and teammate Gilbert Arenas were bickering over a gambling debt, and both brought firearms into the locker room. Crittenton ended up with a record for an unregistered firearm.

The Bobcats gave Crittenton a look because they were searching for a third point guard. Crittenton showed little in the way of point-guard skills, so he was waived.

Considering what's just happened, that was a most fortunate decision in terms of the Bobcats' image.

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August 18, 2011

Charlotte Bobcats 2011 exhibition schedule

The Charlotte Bobcats have announced their 2011 NBA exhibition schedule, subject to settlement of the current lockout of NBA players.

 Date            Opponent                         Time (ET)

Oct. 10       at Chicago Bulls                  8:00 pm

Oct. 11       at Memphis Grizzlies            8:00 pm

Oct. 14       at Oklahoma City Thunder    8:00 pm

Oct. 19       vs. Miami Heat                    7:00 pm (RBC Center, Raleigh, N.C.)

Oct. 20       vs. Dallas Mavericks            7:00 pm

Oct. 23       at Detroit Pistons                6:00 pm

Oct. 25       vs. Chicago Bulls                7:00 pm

Oct. 27       vs. Memphis Grizzlies          10:30 am

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August 07, 2011

Hawks about to be sold

Interesting development today in Atlanta, where a deal has been struck (pending NBA approval) to sell the Hawks to a Cuban-American businessman, based in Los Angeles.

Among other things, this means Michael Jordan won't be the only minority with ownership control of an NBA team. Diversity is always a plus in a league where almost all the owners are white and most of the players are African-American.

Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote this quick profile of the new owner on-line:


I couldn't help but chuckle, reading how the man described his entire history in Atlanta as passing throught the airport a few times. Seemingly that means he's never been to a Friday night Bobcats-Hawks game, where entire sections of Phillips Arena have looked deserted.

This guy sounds like a builder and a visionary. He'll need both in Atlanta, where the Hawks are fourth in popularity behind (I'd say) Georgia football, the Falcons and the Braves. 

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August 05, 2011

Tyrus answers your questions

I recently asked readers for some questions to pose to Charlotte Bobcats forward Tyrus Thomas. Here are some of his responses:

1. If you were recruiting a free agent to the Charlotte Bobcats, what would you emphasize as the selling points of the franchise and the city?

 "If I were recruiting a free agent, I would simply sell the Queen City’s vibe.  It has the feel of a big city, yet it’s like a close-knit community.  For me, coming from Baton Rouge, LA, it’s a perfect balance.''

 2. Your friend and teammate, Garrett Temple, is playing overseas this season. Have you looked into the possibility of playing elsewhere next season, should the lockout drag into the regular season? Have you been approached by any teams?

"I’d like to first say that I’m very proud of and happy for Garrett.  Given the lockout, and his current position as a player trying to prove himself, I think going to Italy was a great move for him.''

 3. Which Bobcats teammate do you think has the most breakout potential for next season, and why?

 "I think the player that has the most potential for a breakout season is Gerald Henderson.'' 

 4. Foul trouble sometimes limited your minutes last season. Anything specific you need to do in the future to avoid foul trouble?

 "To stay out of foul trouble I think I just have to be better prepared for my opponents.  That means studying more film.''

 5. What are you doing this off-season to stay in shape and work on your game? Is it tough, during the lockout, to find competition to stay sharp?

"To stay in shape during the offseason, I’ve been working on my basketball skills, as well as yoga, and experimenting with other sports.  The toughest part of the lockout has been adapting to everyone else’s time.  Without being able to use our own facilities, I have to work around the schedules of others.''

More from Tyrus in Sunday's Observer.


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August 02, 2011

Hanners lands in N'Awlins

Glad to hear that Dave Hanners, Larry Brown's lead assistant with the Charlotte Bobcats, is joining Monty Williams' staff with the New Orleans Hornets.

Hanners was easily the sharpest guy on Brown's staff. He's very smart and an excellent teacher, which I should think are the two qualities you look for first in a coach. And he's a stand-up guy: Honest, fair, a gentleman. Those aren't things you always see in the NBA.

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