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December 09, 2011

Derrick Brown headed back to Bobcats

Not that this is anything major on the free-agent front, but the Bobcats are bringing back Derrick Brown, their former second-round pick.

It's possible Brown will be signed in time to practice Saturday morning.

A 6-7 forward out of Xavier, Brown can play part time at either forward spot. He's been in Charlotte, working out with various Bobcats, in the days leading up to the start of training camp.

Technically, Brown is a restricted free agent with the New York Knicks. But the Knicks have to clear salary-cap space to sign free agent center Tyson Chandler, so matching an offer sheet for Brown makes no sense. Brown is scheduled to make just over $1 million in his qualifying offer from the Knicks. Logically, the Bobcats are paying him the same, I'd think.

The Bobcats waived Brown at the trade deadline last season to clear a roster spot for the various deals they made. They intended to re-sign him once he cleared waivers, but instead the Knicks claimed him. He played about 11 minutes a game in New York, about the same as he played as a Bobcat.

I'd think Brown might play more small forward here, since the Bobcats already have an over-abundance of power forwards.

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Rick, how about this:

"The Knicks might have to make some business decisions of their own to make cap room for Chandler. Multiple reports say that Chauncey Billups could be waived under the amnesty clause in the new CBA. Also, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the team is offering forward Ronny Turiaf and $3 million to teams with cap space to clear payroll."

I just saw this in ESPN, and I think this could be a good move for the Bobcats. Turiaff is a decent big, in his last year $4M (expiring contract) and the Knicks are also offering $3M Cash. This will not affect signing Kwame and it could even serve as insurance. This will give the Cats a decent big for about a $1M.

Posted by: RobC | Dec 9, 2011 6:21:50 PM


How does this affect the status on Dante Cunningham?

Posted by: RobC | Dec 9, 2011 6:26:43 PM

Any news is welcome news. Keep it up Rick!

Posted by: HPCatsFan | Dec 9, 2011 6:35:05 PM

Derrick Brown should be able to contribute with Silas as his coach. It was painful watching him play under Larry Brown.

Posted by: Cranky | Dec 9, 2011 7:45:47 PM

I was thinking the exact thing same about the Turiaf situation. It would really make a lot of sense for the Bobcats. Turiaf plays extremely hard, and you basically get him for free (relatively speaking). It would be a really good move...

Posted by: John Fox | Dec 9, 2011 7:51:19 PM

UPS always fun to watch, even if his only shot is the dunk. He loves the town and I think will thrive under Silas.

Posted by: eduardo | Dec 9, 2011 9:32:42 PM

Derrick played worse under Coach Silas. My hope is that he has matured some since the trade. He just didn't have that burning desire that it takes to really make a difference on a team.

Posted by: long | Dec 9, 2011 9:47:45 PM

Rip Hamilton.....this team needs some scoring.

Posted by: Chris G. | Dec 9, 2011 9:59:27 PM

Kwame Brown cannot be overpaid by this team. Let him go if he asks for more than $2.5m. Silas only cares about his one year here. I am sure they can find another cheap big. Charlotte is playing for a top 3 pick.

Posted by: crymeariver | Dec 9, 2011 11:53:35 PM

Just so incredibly impressed with the Bobcats actions the first day of Free Agency! I can still hear the crickets chirping!

Oooh, let's bring back more developmental league talent. You doomazzes blew it with acquiring Shannon Brown (signed a 1 year deal with the Suns yesterday). As of now, the Bobcats smurfy Point Guards will simply have their opponents 1's shooting over them at every opportunity.

There is NOTHING being talked about in the Bobcats camp, or at least the fans are led to believe this. Maybe we can sign Yi Jianlian for our starting Center, or better yet Alexis Ajinca! No chance we'd ever go after Nene, right Michael?

You cheap, fother mucking Owner! You want us as fans to pay outrageous prices for a developmental team? Yes, when you have a team of young, unproven and inferior players, you are a developmental team. That means, the ones who develop will simply leave the Bobcats for the Lakers, the Bulls, the Mavericks, the Knicks, etc.

Yeah, the 'Cats sign Derrick who? Oh, and now fans want Dante who? Wow, Kwame will make all the difference in the World!

MJ, if you don't have money to put a championship team on the court, sell the team! Don't tell us you're in another rebuilding mode. You can keep stocking and re-tooling YOUR Bobcats team with early 20 somethings forever...but you're not building anything but frustrated fans.

Posted by: Jack McCloskey | Dec 10, 2011 6:51:10 AM

They sell ten dollar tickets you loser. If that's what you consider outrages, you might want to pick up a second job. You can drop that point from you continued moronic arguments.

Posted by: Super | Dec 10, 2011 8:12:35 AM

the only way we are going to get good is through the draft and then hopefully some free agents will want to play with that star. it doesnt make sense to be a middle of the road team. it's called rebuilding. It takes some time but i think we may be on the right track. Go Cats!!

Posted by: Actual Real Fan | Dec 10, 2011 8:16:41 AM

Jack, name me all the championships won by signing mid level guys like nene?

You sign guys like that when you already have a contender a la dallas bringing in chandler last year. We SHOULD be looking at nothing but youngns to try and find our star of the future or even role players.

We SHOULD bring back ajinca, morrison too. 1 year minimum deals with options, imagine what silas could do with them based on what he did with kwame and hendo.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 10, 2011 9:13:48 AM

@Jack...we're in rebuilding mode. Why should be bring in a bunch of half-rate veterans and attempt to make the 8th seed in the playoffs...do you think that will sell tickets? It hasn't before.

Cho said it, sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. Right now this team is a lock for a top 5 pick, potentially top 3. Harrison Barnes? Anthony Davis? Andre Drummond? Jarod Sullinger? Yeah, I'll take a sh*tty season for a shot at one of those guys.

Posted by: dave | Dec 10, 2011 9:38:55 AM

I like the signing of UPS... Missed him last year when he wasn't with the team. He could potentially thrive under Silas where Larry Brown just didn't use him like he could have. I remember countless games where fans were screaming to give UPS more time.

Posted by: PantherDave | Dec 10, 2011 9:45:45 AM

WOW, all the opinions.

First...Hey Super, you sit in nosebleed seats. $10 tickets are all YOU can afford, redneck loser! Maybe you should think about getting something more than a GED, rebel! I don't pay for losing southern teams, you dumb hick!

Second...Actual Real Fan: the only way are going to good is through the draft?
Let us talk about those picks…
2004: Emeka and Bernard Robinson
2005: Felton and Sean May
2006: Adam Morrison and Ryan Hollins
2007: Brandan Wright and Jared Dudley
2008: D.J, Alexis and Kyle Weaver
2009: Gerald Henderson, Derrick Brown and Robert Vaden
Oh, I am SOOO glad we believe in YOUR philosophy and build through the draft!

Third...Charlottean, I guess you're used to settling for mediocrity. You're one of these knuckleheads that wanted to jettison GW3, right? Well, I am not paying a dime for a DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM! Bismack Biyombo is raw and Kemba is not even 6 feet tall. Bring back Morrison and Ajinca? Your recent lobotomy procedure was a success!

Fourth...Dave, why are we in rebuilding mode, AGAIN? I simply want to make the playoffs. The rest of you dreamers actually believe the Charlotte Bobcats are going to be a top 4 seed team? EVER? It's called reality, not fantasy. You crawl before you can walk; this team has crawled ONCE!

Posted by: Jack McCloskey | Dec 10, 2011 10:05:42 AM

Hey "Jack"!
I appreciate both sdes of the debate.... However you IGNORANT RETCH in case you've not lived here long. It is hard to find a Southerner anymore for smart ass northeners like you that have moved here. You're stereotypical name calling is dated and makes you look like a MORON! The majority of the fans here are not natives.

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Dec 10, 2011 10:18:09 AM

As usual you have no idea what I or anyone else can afford. I simply pointed out that they sell tickets for $10 completely destroying your "outrageous" prices point. But don't let the facts get in the way. Next.

Posted by: Super | Dec 10, 2011 11:03:50 AM

Hey, David Stern...if you ever decide to remove your head out of your azz, and not use the stereotypical, redneck word, "Moron," we might get somewhere. Yes, even though the majority of people who reside here are NOT natives, you still rear your rebel head. Tell me, d!ckhead, do you even know who Jack McCloskey is? No, you don't. You're so used to being the doormat of the NBA, you have no clue who the real players are...or were.

I've been down here for two decades, my GED-challenged nemesis. So you would really know how to build a Championship-caliber NBA team around here. See, the smartass in me (don't forget conceited and arrogant, too) KNOWS what it takes to win NBA Championships because my team wins NBA Championships. I just love coming down here and showing the double-digit IQ crowd, like yourself, how it is done THE RIGHT WAY!

Look up who Jack McCloskey is and maybe you'll learn how to add 2+2.

Posted by: Jack McCloskey | Dec 10, 2011 11:11:59 AM

If I remember correctly 99% of all players in the league get drafted. Alonzo mourning, larry johnson, kendall gill, rex chapman, scott burrell......all early hornets draft picks. Felton and okafor are starters with large salaries. Henderson and augustin are starters in this league as well.

We haven't drafted well. Changing that is how you change your franchise ask san antonio, okc, portland (even with the injuries), boston, indiana, milwaukee, memphis, etc.

And we just hired the first real gm in franchise history and the first real developmental coaching staff. Fixing the organization will fix the outcome.

And you not willing to pay to watch the development shows you are a bandwagoneer.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 10, 2011 11:14:34 AM

Look up the Origin of the word moron,Moron!
As my dad would say "you got a bad case of the dumdasses"!
You are by far delusional. Not nearly as smart as you think you are... So in what years were The Charlotte Hornets kicking your championship teams ass?? Who gives a sh!t what Jack and Detroit did in the past.

I have a life and you seriously need to get one, don't have time for stupidity. Your 2nd paragraph makes no sense. So blah blah I am finished with you.

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Dec 10, 2011 11:43:27 AM


Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Dec 10, 2011 11:44:15 AM

Jack is an angry elf!

Posted by: Jan | Dec 10, 2011 12:15:22 PM

Great to have UPS back!

Posted by: apauldds | Dec 10, 2011 12:25:53 PM

Sounds like someone took Jack's lunch money again. I would rather you not attend games to be honest. You should forget about the Bobcats and follow the pistons because they are winning so much lately and just resigned Prince to a hefty contract.

Posted by: DanielTDenny | Dec 10, 2011 12:32:39 PM

"duh, huh...mah daddie says, what mah maw maw said to him, what mah. You dumb redneck! You used the word, "Moron;" so, you obviously have no college edukashun!

Really, So now you know who "Trader Jack" is; I am impressed with your Googling skills. Let me see, your team has won the same amount of Championships as Mr. Blutarsky's GPA...0.0!

Yeah, David Stern, I'm really astounded by your NBA IQ! Let me see, if I recall from your past two posts, you have offered absolutely NOTHING but a response to me...because your fweelings were hwurt! You need a tissue? You have a life? No, I can't see that. You are only a sensitive little rebel. You just don't like the fact I came down here and told you how to do it!

The Bobcats have the ability to still make 3 transactions which will propel them to competing for the playoffs.
1) Obtain a Proven Center...Nene does the trick. He's only 29..yet, why would he want to come to this cheap franchise? I guess the Bobcats will have to settle for that 2AM chick at the Bar.
2) Obtain another promising Center...Spencer Hawes of Philadelphia is the perfect fit for this request. Too bad the Bobcats are so worried about Kwame.
3) Sign a 6'4" Point Guard...Well, you already missed out on signing Shannon Brown. Jamal Crawford and Rodney Stuckey (restricted) are still out on the market if you act quickly...oh, I am talking about the Bobcats.

Now, for some basketball insight from David Stern...
Hmmm, echoes with the sound of silence.

Posted by: Jack McCloskey | Dec 10, 2011 12:52:49 PM

Oh great, I get comments from Disco Denny Terrio. Gee, like I am going to listen to you. So, you were uptown when the Team's name was announced? You were there when the expansion draft took place? You were there when the 'Cats took Emeka with the 2nd pick? You were around Jillian's with Adrian Branch and the 'Cats, cheerleaders when Raymond and Sean were mistakenly chosen?

Yeah, let's talk about the REAL Bobcats fan. I was there every step of the way...which makes me seethe that much more. The Front Office's ability to make empty promises and give false hope just rubs me the wrong way. This team is being built for the economically challenged, and I'm calling them out for it.

Why don't you become a FAN first, before you even start telling others which team to root for. I am a Bobcats fanatic...or I wouldn't waste my time being so pssd off!

Posted by: Jack McCloskey | Dec 10, 2011 1:05:36 PM

Jack. Ever think you might have a problem? Start with this. It is impossible to always be right. Ok. Now that we have established that. Take a deep breath and reach out to a therapist.

Posted by: Super | Dec 10, 2011 2:23:47 PM

No it's not! I'm always right! You gotta problem with that?

Posted by: Mike Ditka | Dec 10, 2011 3:23:42 PM

Hey Jack some of your logic is somewhat meaningful and the other 50% is wtf...I like the idea of a trade for NeNe, Crawford, Shannon Brown, and Stuckey. But K. Walker and Bismack will be proven stars in this league in the future guarantee. They did a honorable job in free agency this year. They even had nice drafts but traded them out due to poor management by Rod. I think the Cats have a shot with a big trade like NeNe Crawford. But Tyrus, Henderson, Augustine, even Diaw are no scrubs look at the record towards the end of the season without Jack. I think this team with a shooter and good center will have a shot to move up in the NBA.

Posted by: tbird | Dec 10, 2011 3:26:30 PM

what is the point in chasing the 8 seed every year? signing nene doesn't make us championship contenders, it doesn't even make us eastern conference contenders. so what's the point? so we can make the 8 seed? and kill any chance that we develop one of our young'ns INTO nene? for less money?

you talk a lot about how nobody is as smart as you yet nothing you've spoken on holds any merit. you have to treat a basketball franchise like any other business involving asset trading. we haven't thus far and that's why the franchise has failed thus far.

you draft a guy, you develop him into an asset that holds equity and you either retain the asset and the equity or you trade it to capture his upside. by signing a free agent 9 times out of 10 you are overpaying for a guy that has already peaked. the 1 out of 10 you are usually reaching on the idea that somebody else's backup could really be your starter and the risk/reward on that scenario is great.

you build through the draft. even the lakers drafted *technically* kobe, magic, worthy, bynum, etc.. even the yankees drafted derek jeter and andy pettite.

we develop our young talent this year.....lose enough to get a top 5 pick....we grab our go-to 3 of the future and we have augustin, henderson, walker, thomas, biyombo, white, brown, etc. to go along with him.

kobe is 33. pierce is 34. KG is is 35. dirk is 33. we aren't competing with them. they are right now teetering on yesterday.

that group of wade, howard, williams, melo...they're all 26-29 and we aren't competing with them. we missed the boat on that group by bad luck. we didn't exist for the 03 draft and we just missed dwight howard and deron williams. they were tomorrow but NOW they are right now.

we're looking at derrick rose, kevin durant, blake griffin, etc. and hopefully we are adding jared sullinger or harrison barnes next year. or in a miracle by the grace of god and the minnesota timberwolves wanting somebody we have enough to give up their draft pick next year....both.

then and only then we compete for real. you sit back, you enjoy the basketball and the growing pains and when and only when you draft a legitimate GREAT player, do you bring in veterans to surround that guy. and only if you need to. otherwise we will continuously be the atlanta hawks.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 10, 2011 7:01:04 PM

Charlottean look out this scenario please, with Hendo, Bismack, Walker, Thomas, Augustin, and Maggette. Bobcats are not going to suck that easily. Yes they are 7th and 8th seed, but were not going to stink it out with these guys. The celtics are going to win but they are too old. Howard will be moving to nets but they are not a top 5 contender, so are the knicks. Top 5 Boston, Miami, Chicago, Philly, and Milwaukee-surprise, surprise. These are going to be the top 5. The bobcats are not garbage as everybody putting it out there as the worst team in the nba according to reports and sources. I doubt that...

Posted by: tbird | Dec 10, 2011 7:14:11 PM

Don't worry, Charlottean; MJ doesn't have the bucks or the motivation to even sign a player like Nene. That guy will command an annual salary of $14 Million per, and we all know MJ's too cheap for that.

Charlottean, do you want us to wake you up...or do you want to continue to believe the Bobcats will be a NBA Championship contender? I mean, no one here will ruin your dream...but no one is going to take you seriously, either. We'll treat you like a kid who still believes in the Tooth Fairy.

You're not building anything in Charlotte, except filling out a NBA roster. As it stands, this Bobcat team is nowhere near making the playoffs, again. What makes you think you're going to get a GREAT player? Portland thought they had GREAT draft picks in Brandon Roy and Greg Oden; how is that working out? The Bobcats are not adding Harrison Barnes, you freakin' homer! Quit hoping, praying and wishing for things to happen in the future!

You waste everyone's time with your wishes. You think a high draft pick does the trick? Yeah, Emeka at #2, Adam Morrison at #3, Raymond Felton at #5...oh, we took Brandan Wright (traded him immediately), although Joakim Noah was selected by the Bulls with the next selection.
I feel like I've had this conversation with Bobcats fans over and over again, yet their comprehension skills are quite low. This Bobcats team CANNOT DRAFT, so why waste your time praying for tomorrows?

You have no merit and NOTHING to back up anything you have said. In fact, you're a pathetic loser, buying a lottery ticket every day and hoping one day you'll win. You're not a realist and you have no idea how to build a winner today. In this age of Free Agency, players don't stick around for 10 years with one team. This Bobcats team will not make the playoffs AND next year's Bobcats team will not make the playoffs...UNLESS aggressive moves and more spending takes place IMMEDIATELY.

Posted by: Jalen Rose | Dec 10, 2011 10:47:14 PM

tbird...please purchase season tickets. Someone has to support this developmental team. This season is 66 games long...the 'Cats won't win 26.

You can't evaluate talent or even begin to understand the NBA. Therefore, you purchase your orange pom pons and go to every home game. At the end of April, you'll know I'm right when MJ's team has lost 40 games.

Posted by: Jalen Rose | Dec 10, 2011 10:54:54 PM

Twas two weeks before Christmas,
I logged on to blog,
the only creatures stirring
seemed lost in a fog,
A title for us, maybe two said a fan
Bottom 3 said an elf,just watch man.

If I knew the rest,
I would continue this jest,
But I have been shopping non-stop
I'm about to drop!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,
Tip off is coming,
let's give it a fight!!!!

Posted by: Kris Kringle | Dec 10, 2011 10:55:23 PM

Good to see D.Brown back, miss the dance, he a true Bobcat. And wanna see us re-sign K.Brown, Vince Carter to a 1 yr deal would be fun, sell some tickets

Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Dec 11, 2011 12:27:27 AM

tbird, I'm not disagreeing. I think the team looks better than it did a year ago. and the growth potential is there big time. the problem continues to be depth when we have around 15 million in wasted salaries on diop, carroll and najera.

as for j-rose....dude nobody is dreaming, you're talking about getting nene at 14 million a year. what does that do? why do you want nene so bad that you would put him on a team with nothing but young guys.....does that win? do we do anything better? does a team with nene stephen jackson nene boris and felton win? maybe for a year MAYBE.

if we aren't trying for the championship then what are we doing? i'm not arguing about the past, I have been the biggest complaint filer on here regarding the mismanagement during our earlier years but you have it backwards. our problem wasn't the draft picks, its what we did with them after they were drafted. the luck is NOT 100% skill based. scouting is a whole lot of research and a whole lot of guessing.

we didn't guess wrong with any of our picks. we failed to develop those guys. deron williams was on teams surrounded by great veterans with a great coach. felton wasn't. he was busy playing the 2 guard while we started jeff mcinnis at the point. with sam vincent coaching.

guys like roy and may and morrison and oden aren't bad picks. oden was because he alwayss had the problems but may was a 13 pick and was GREAT when he was on the floor.

you sit back, you draft and when you get that guy you build around him. it's the ONLY formula that has worked consistently. and it HAS worked in small markets.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 11, 2011 7:15:18 PM

I agree with charlottean we have drafted well, just didn't develop them into contributors.

Posted by: long | Dec 12, 2011 4:45:20 PM

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