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January 26, 2012

Bobcats' Kemba Walker needs to listen and learn

                Remember when Antoine Walker was described as a “volume shooter?’’ It was a validating way of saying, “He puts up a lot of bad shots, but he’s talented enough that some of them go in.’’

               Kemba Walker is in the early stages of “volume shooter syndrome.’’

                This was a predictable phenomenon, and hopefully temporary. It’s somewhat a function of what he was asked to do at UConn last season, when either he shot a ton, or the Huskies were the eighth-best team in the Big East.

                But it’s having a half-life, and as the 4-of-19 performance against the Washington Wizards demonstrated, he needs to be reined back. Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas intends to call a lot of plays Friday against the Philadelphia 76ers, and I suspect that will be the norm until D.J. Augustin is back from injury.

                Silas hates calling plays because it takes the spontaneity out of his point guard. I remember last season when Silas took over from Larry Brown, and Augustin would constantly look to Silas as he advanced the ball. It was a learned response to the way Brown demanded a lifeline between himself and his point guard.

                Silas is dramatically less controlling. Augustin didn’t understand it at the time, but he needs that freedom. Right now, Walker doesn’t.

                Right now Walker isn’t a point guard. I get some grief when I write that, and that’s fine, but some of you don’t get that Walker is much more a scorer in a vacuum than a facilitator. That doesn’t make him a bad person or a bad player. As Silas is prone to saying, NBA players tend to define what they are, rather than coaches. If Walker continues down this path, he’s a combo guard off the bench. He’s not a lead guard.

                Nothing wrong with that, and we’re a long way from a final judgment. But when Silas said two games ago that it was Walker’s responsibility to think others get theirs first/Walker gets his second, this isn’t working at all.

                Change is coming and Silas is patient. Kemba should go with the flow and learn.

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I'm happy Silas is stating he gave Kemba too much freedom. I think Kemba has great skills and he'll get through it but he reminds me of Nate Robinson most times in that solid back up, instant energy type way.

As to the game. You've got to look at Tyrus, Matt, Higgins, Biyombo, and even Diop with quick hands got three steals. DBrown is steadily improving. For such a fast paced game, the Bobcats had pretty nice defense. Blow out! I know. Considering the points in the paint they had they could easily had been over 50% shooting but the Cats still scrapped. Had we a point guard actually running things, this could've been a lot different. Tyrus is trying to get his legs under him still and the refs let nearly unspeakable happen last night.

Posted by: Altheus | Jan 26, 2012 1:43:10 AM

Rick, you're right, Kemba is a 2, trying to learn to play the 1.

And let's hope he does, because 5'11" 2's don't usually last long in the NBA.

Posted by: George Hanson | Jan 26, 2012 3:01:27 AM

The Bobcats offense is terrible. Matt Carrol was the only player moving without the ball last night. Mullens tries to screen and roll at the top of the key for jumpers, but the other teams have seen that now and are ready for it. Everyone else just stands around and watches Kemba dribble the shot clock away until someone is forced to heave up a bad shot. Obviously, last night, Kemba did a lot of that heaving. Also, the interior defense and rebounding is just terrible. Bismack should start and play as many minutes as possible. Let us finish last and get Kemba and Bis tons of experience. High draft pick and development are really all we have left because this team in the last five games has been one of the worst NBA teams I've ever seen.

Posted by: JeffC | Jan 26, 2012 6:59:05 AM

The scouting reports have caught up to kemba. Choke off his driving lanes ,stay in his jock on his jumpshots bc he struggles w a hand in his face and do not worry about defending any pick and rolls w him involved as his teammate never gets the ball.

Do him a favor and ship him to the d league . Do the cats a favor and never trust him again to run the point bc he cant avoid jacking shots if his life depended on it. Nate robinson never struggled this mightily w a hand in his face.

Posted by: Ironman | Jan 26, 2012 7:10:16 AM

Is a #2 off the bench what the team was looking for in Walker?
We thought he was going to be more of a starter, scorer, star - not a Vinnie Micrwave Johnson bench guy who can get you some points.
Is this ANOTHER wasted top pick for this team?

Posted by: BD | Jan 26, 2012 7:11:33 AM

LOL. This team is just so terrible all around I'm really shocked you would single Kemba out and make an article about his "volume shooting" like that's the real problem.
The real problem is way beyond Kemba Walker. The entire frontcourt does not know how to rebound, box out, set picks, roll properly, score inside, defend the paint, etc. They also settle for jumpshots on offense. Mullens, Thomas, White, Diaw, Najera, all settle for jumpers on offense. Why can't you call them "volume shooters?"
Maybe if the forwards and centers on this team played in the paint, did their job down low, and not take jumpshots all the time, and show some toughness down low, they could win.
Please don't try to make Walker out to be the reason they stink.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jan 26, 2012 7:48:33 AM

The problem is that no one can score. So there is a void. Tyrus Thomas cannot score at all. I mean what the heck. We traded a first round pick for him. Sweet you had 6 blocks and Bismack added 3. But no one scores. So Kemba has to through up 19 shots because no one can score. We better draft a scorer this off season or I am going to start to lose faith.

Posted by: Nick | Jan 26, 2012 8:43:02 AM

I think everyone needs to face reality that this team was built to lose this year. I have a feeling this team will look DRAMATICALLY different at the start of the 2012-2013 season, hopefully for the better. I agree though that this team has to draft a scorer, and if they swing the no 1 pick (looking good right now), I pray they don't draft Davis from Kentucky. He's another project on the offensive end, and we need a scorer now!

Posted by: Justin | Jan 26, 2012 8:52:27 AM

This team has to be so focused and work so hard to be decent. It is unrealistic to ask kids making millions to worry about one game when they get paid the same, win or lose. When you've got millions, you got lots of options for after hours entertainment. I would love the NBA if there was a merit system. The more you rebound, box out, pick, score and dish out assists, the more you make. If you don't produce, you don't get paid. Then you would see some real basketball. The model is broken. You can't force these guys to give maximum effort and sacrifice their bodies as a team when a victory is just one in a long line of games and really doesn't matter in the total scheme of things...especially in the pay check.

Posted by: Bob Knight | Jan 26, 2012 8:56:06 AM

I know patience is the key here, but these last 2 games resembled the Sam Vincent team too much for my comfort. Hope it is temporary.

I'm still not sold on the "build through the draft" model because this franchise appears destined to get screwed every time it gets in the lottery. Only Minnesota gets jobbed more than we do. If I'm a betting man, I'd bet my entire net worth that we'll have the worst record and the 3 over .500 teams in the West that miss the playoffs will get the top 3 picks.

Not that I'm bitter or jaded or anything...

Posted by: J | Jan 26, 2012 9:12:16 AM

With this garbage starting 5 we have...Kemba Walker is the least of my worries. He'll get this figured out, he's pressing right now, but he'll adjust and learn...he always has. I'd be writing articles on the group of inept "big Men" we have. Those guys just can't score...

Posted by: j | Jan 26, 2012 9:39:36 AM

Guys...get a grip. You guys are talking as if we were expecting the Bobcats to make the playoffs this year.

Not only we all knew this team was going to be bad, but they are currently missing 3 of their best player (Augustin, Henderson, Maggette) and a 4th player that could be pretty good (Williams). During the past 2-3 games, there were between 35-50 points sitting on the bench, if you add that DJ White was also injured.

Form the very beginning we all new this was a completly new team in rebuilding mode as half of the team is new with the Bobcats. Half of the team are players with 3 years or less in the NBA, still in their rookie contracts and there was no pre-season or training camps, to make matters worst.

I just wish that Silas plays the rookies as much as possible and let RICH CHO (nor Higgins) do some scouting for next years draft. We should have a Top 3 pick, hopefully. See if you can get rid of Diaw for a late 1st Rd Pick or maybe an early 2nd Rd Pick...this years draft is loaded with talent.

As for Kemma Walker, he will not be a waste of a pick. I truly believe he will be a Jason Terry kind of player. And just FYI, Kemba (unlike DJ) is really a 6-1 guard (in shoes). He measured almos 6-0 in socks and 6-1 in shoes (officially). He'll be key for this team, I just don't think it will be as a PG. But the Jason Terry role, fits him perfectly. A great scorer, off the bench who brings energy and can create his own shot, plus take the big shot and live with the consequences.

Posted by: RobC | Jan 26, 2012 9:46:47 AM

Trade DJ Augustin and relieve him of this mess. Let the bobcats get what they deserve by trying to turn a volume shooter/scorer into a point guard and not signing DJ to an extension. Guess Jordan will sign another point guard in this upcoming draft. Uh..Uh..Uh

Posted by: cat_dog | Jan 26, 2012 9:55:49 AM

You cant look at these last 2 games so negatively. Regarding walker? He is what he is. But when you have a team as young and as bad as we are and start taking away the few experienced guys we have........of course we're going to lose badly.

Big problem right now is getting guys healthy, and getting mullens back to what he was doing. He lost whatever he had going, looks shaken right now. Keep him starting, but run the offense through him at some points to get him going.

Thomas must read these posts because a lot of us were very critical and the guy went out and played his a off. Very gerald wallace esque and thats what we need out of him. Imagine how good our defense could be with him, mullens, henderson, and biyombo on the floor at the same time when they all figure it out. Biz will learn how not to foul. Mullens will learn he's tall and long and use it. Thomas and hendo are already solid but will get better.

This season has gone great. The worst thing that could have happened was if we had squeezed out a bunch of these games, gained expectations and missed the top end of the draft order. I just hope when maggette comes back he doesnt play. We dont need him to lose. We can lose without him.

I'm also moving that cory higgins change his name. He showed a ton of balls last night but i cant find myself backing him in this situation. Not until his dad is gone.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2012 10:20:06 AM

Yeah the whole higgins thing is odd. Higgins "Mike you think we can sign my son with our last roster spot?" Jordan "If you can beat me two out of three in black jack". I guess Higins won.

Posted by: cat_dog | Jan 26, 2012 10:35:35 AM

Nobody in the draft can help this team. Jordan must get some guys through free agency. Michael Beasely seems someone to consider.

Posted by: Yoda | Jan 26, 2012 11:00:23 AM

This team isn't bad. I agree with trading DJ for either a legit starting center, or a low-to-mid UNPROTECTED first round pick.

I'll jump on the Barnes bandwagon because we need to find our long-term SF.

Curry should be available after next season, and he would be the long term PG. Next season, assuming we still have our 1st round pick, we can hopefully package it with the portland pick to move up a couple of spots.

Kemba won't be a waste if he can come off the bench and provide energy and points for the second unit. His defense is actually very good when he doesn't get posted up by a bigger guard.

I like Mullens, but he is obviously only effective off the bench when playing against lesser centers.

Realistic 2013/2104 Line-Up

Hendo/Williams/Carroll (if cheap enough)
Barnes/Magette (or other older veteran)

I could be convinced to start Biyombo at C, but probably not have both Thomas and Biyombo start unless Thomas turns into a player instead of an athlete.

That line-up is a top 4 Eastern conf team within 2 years of playing together.

Posted by: Chris | Jan 26, 2012 11:06:20 AM

Gerald Wallace

Posted by: ceasaro | Jan 26, 2012 11:09:34 AM

wallace is too old. i agree about going after beasley but highly doubt it happens. we could have had him last year for a 2nd round pick ala the mullens deal.

i'm not breezy enough to give up on mullens after a few weak games. considering this is basically his rookie season....we all have to be excited out of his potential. once he adds some weight, some more post play....he can be a franchise 5.

i also obviously like the idea of bringing curry in (who wouldn't) but i'm not going to trade augustin for a pipe dream that REALISTICALLY isn't THAT big of an improvement over augustin. he IS an improvement, but it's not drastic enough to give up the house at a chance at him. I would trade augustin and a pick (not the top 5 pick this year) for curry in a heartbeat but i don't think that gets it done unless the guy demands a trade and augustin looks great coming off this injury.

i really like the idea of keeping the guys we have. 3 guard rotation with hendo, walker, augustin all getting 30 mpg. then the front court you have some combination of thomas, brown, biyombo, mullens, white and either barnes or sullinger or maybe even davis if we keep losing to the wizards (which we should purposely do saturday).

thomas can play the 3 a la wallace. last night was proof it's there, but he's got to harness that. he's still only 25. could be the guy for the next 8 years there.


or you could swap davis for sullinger. or davis for barnes and move thomas to the 4 spot. we gotta keep the guys we have, they ALL have potential and all are young and fit all the roles. mullens is the big that can shoot. biyombo is the defender and rebounder. white is a post scorer off the bench think haslem or kurt thomas or mcdyess.

its just too good of a mix to dismantle. it's just missing the main piece. it's like if you took OKC's roster and took durant away. they would be a mediocre 30 win a year team that could play with anybody because of harden and westbrook but not win with regularity.

you just can't have high expectations for a group this young. you can't. nobody wins in the nba with a group of 23 year olds. it's never happened. 27-32 is when guys figure it out.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2012 11:56:09 AM

Getting rid of Wallace Keeping Jackson was Our downfall. Kemba didnt' score well but 6 rebounds 4 assist and 1 steal means he is active and the effort is there. Good young teams are built through the draft. trades dnt work look at the history.

Posted by: ceasaro | Jan 26, 2012 12:00:24 PM

We knew he was more of a scorer vs a facilitator didn't we? Yet Silas thought he could just throw him out there with Mullens (no real previous NBA PT), Tyrus who's struggled mightily this year, Derek Brown (LOL!) and Hendo...tell them all to "play hard" without giving them any plays or structure and we expect success?


I'm sorry for Silas that he might have to work up some sets for these guys. Just sucks to be him I guess...and our tough luck that we couldn't draft anyone at 9th that would come in and be able to just "wing it" and win games all by himself.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 26, 2012 1:36:44 PM

i don't think that is literally what he meant. they were running pick and rolls and basic sets, like most nba teams (and even some college) do with the pg calling the plays. silas is saying he has to literally tell them what play to run dictating where the ball goes and to who. otherwise the ball doesn't move.

it is EVERY single possession if the ball starts in kemba's hands, it doesn't make it below the free throw line. he dribbles the clock down, gives the ball up if he gets in trouble and then goes right to get it. this is the exact same lineup augustin has been working with all year so noting the disparity is accurate. it's part experience, part mentality, part skill set.

I mean he's made some very nice reads and gotten assists thus far. but generally speaking his passes are horrible. he throws it where guys can't catch it. he puts it where they can't make a play if they even are able to catch it. and he passes with less than 5 seconds on the shot clock WAY too much.

it's EARLY in the year. we have to be patient with the guy. but its funny how the same people that are talking about trading augustin because we have kemba are the same people that hated on adam morrison and called him a bust after he put up the same kind of numbers as a rookie that kemba is putting up now. the same exact kind of numbers. with the same kind of horrible team.

this group is fine. we need to resign all of the young'ns. if thomas stays on track with games like last night, he stays too. we draft our centerpiece in June and we let them all grow up together.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2012 2:04:54 PM

"it is EVERY single possession if the ball starts in kemba's hands, it doesn't make it below the free throw line."

Really...every one? Didn't he catch Mullens last night going to the basket for a dunk?

If guys aren't moving you can't expect Kemba or any other PG to get the ball to them.

Players haven't been moving with Augustin either...so from that perspective it's accurate. Augustin's go to move for an assist up til he got hurt was Mully's pick/pop where he drained an outside shot. Another guy good for an assist is White...but now he's hurt too.

DJ vs Chicago - 3 assists in 26 minutes
DJ vs Orlando - 5 assists in 40 minutes
vs Houston - 3 in 28
vs NYK (2nd) - 4 in 36
vs Indiana - 4 in 39

He's had games with a good amount of assists and overall I've been ecstatic with the strides DJ has made this offseason in learning to run a team; the above is just pointing out that it's not the PG...it's having no overall team concept.

DJ is a 3 year vet and he knows most of these guys already. At this point he can play a lot of the time with no structure (but obviously a lot of the time he can't else movement wouldn't be an issue). To expect a rook PG whose responsibility wasn't facilitating before he came here to just figure it out as he goes along is ridiculous.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 26, 2012 2:40:26 PM

Diaw has value because his contract is expiring. Maybe a star heavy team will give us their late 1st round pick to lighten the salary load. Dream I know. What's worse is that we still owe Chicago a 1st round pick for Tyrus. If I'm write, the pick we got from Portland will cancel out with the pick we owe Chicago and we're screwed again. I'm not certain we have the tools to build through the draft.

Posted by: Nick | Jan 26, 2012 2:56:04 PM

Okay Rick, now that you've heaped the blame on the rookie we need an article on that complete waste of space Boris Diaw.

Posted by: apauldds | Jan 26, 2012 3:35:04 PM

Did everyone not think this was a rebuild year?? We have been crushed with injuries!
Kemba has high energy and excitement and I love watching him play as does it seems every fan in the stands.
He is a rookie forced to learn. He has had some great bright spots and now some bad ones to learn from. Thats actually a good thing. And can anyone shine when 4 other players do nothing and someone has to launch a shot with the clock running out.

Personally my thoughts:
Start Bismack and reel in Kemba. get the rookies the time and practice.
Keep Gerald as he could be all-star material with a decent support staff next year. Keep Mullens as backup.
Those 4 and TT only ones every really dying to win and hustle looks like.

Now trade DJ as he has value, Diop and Diaw, TT if anyone want them. Najera, Carroll. get rid of them all for another 1st round pick to go with clearly our future top 3. Then spend and get Curry or a big time player. The attendance goes up 2,000 for each game he plays here. He would easily justify substantial payment.

And Davis looks awesome but Andree or Lamb or another UNC man mid pack!! They have sullinger going like 8-10th. Can you imagine a team of.
Henderson/ Sullinger to build and add to with some money...

Now that team would make playoffs deep

Posted by: Chris | Jan 26, 2012 3:47:01 PM


not trying to disagree because i'm not gonna argue that we have some stud options to dish to. it's not all about assists because a guy can make 4 passes and get 4 assists the same way a guy can make 50 passes and get 4 assists. it's the way the offense runs as a whole. and i'm being patient with the rookie......i always preach patience in these cases. but there's also a big difference between what a guy could be and what a guy never will be.

what do you guys see walker being in the end? because I just cannot see a point guard in the guy. not a 36-40 mpg starting pg leading a winning team. he could absolutely be james harden or jason terry to a winning team, but i don't see him being derrick rose or russell westbrook. thus I don't see taking away from DJ's development to cater to walker. DJ is the better pg prospect of the 2.

note that those 5 games you mentioned......all against playoff bound teams. all relatively close losses except the indiana game. he also isn't 4 for 19 in those games. a couple 4 for 13's with free throws sure. but not 4 for 19 without. you got a 20 point game, and the bulls game where he was clearly hurt. and you're taking his worst games. you compare that to walker's best games.

to be fair we could compare to augustin's rookie year. augustin was putting up games of 25 and 26 and 21 in his first 20 games too. and he also had an 11 assist game. and shooting way better %'s.

i like walker. a lot. but you DO NOT trade augustin and hand the keys to this guy.

that's like detroit handing the keys to rodney stuckey.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2012 6:09:36 PM

I made a point of saying that the list was about DJ's teammates...not him. Those were against playoff teams, but DJ has 3 years of experience. If the surrounding cast was playing like a team DJ wouldn't have those low assist games.

When he was a rook he was playing in a structured offense with guys like Crash & Felton leading the team and executing (mostly). Kemba has had no training camp and is getting no practices. The talent he's surrounded by is a LOT less.

After the 1st year DJ was averaging just over 3 assists a game, shooting around 38% inside and around 40% outside the arc. 2nd year wasn't much better. THIS year tho he's showing signs of real leadership and I'll admit I was wrong about him.

Given the circumstances there is absolutely no way to predict what Kemba might grow into.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 26, 2012 9:04:28 PM

Not to argue your point but DJ shot 43% from the field, 44% on 3's and 90% on FT's as a rookie.

I don't disagree that augustin had training camp and everything. the roster was not good, but it was veteran.

but the whole point that I get upset about is that everybody wants to give up on augustin for walker (new car syndrome) and a few years ago augustin WAS walker. and now he's a few years along and ready to actually develop into the guy you want him (or walker) to be when you draft them and instead of moving forward, everybody is crying to take a 3 year step back (to walker) for a guy that is less than 3 years younger. both were 9 picks. both were great in college. both were mcdonalds all americans. both were 1st team all americans in college (although augustin as a sophmore, walker as junior). but all along then and now, augustin shoots better %'s and gets more assists. the only real advantage walker has in comparison is steals. he gets about twice as many steals than augustin.

and you're absolutely right about there being no way to predict, but it's not like guys wake up and change their game top to bottom. I mean it's not like biyombo is going to start shooting like mullens or mullens blocking shots like biyombo. walker looks way more like nate robinson than anybody else in an nba uniform.

I just don't see it. if it happens, great. but even if it happens, the chances of augustin being a better nba point guard than walker are so much greater than the other way around. We couldn't resign felton because we already gave all of our money to jackson, wallace, diop, thomas, carroll, diaw, etc. but we don't have that excuse with felton and if we let him go, its just another huge step back.

rodney stuckey.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 26, 2012 9:50:52 PM

you're right...went from memory on DJ's rook stats. However his 2nd & 3rd years were around what I said (39/39 & 42/33).

I never said anything about retaining DJ, but I suspect his salary will be more than we'll want to pay. Just like Crash's salary was more than we were willing to play. Both might be worth it, but given our position and the years it'll take to get back to being competitive I doubt they'll want to make that kind of commitment.

And why would DJ want to stay? He's been losing for 3 years...why would he want to continue to lose for 3 more? He didn't even want to be drafted by us!

But who knows. If we can re-sign him for something reasonable I'd like for them to do it just so we don't let an asset walk.

Back to Kemba. Again, I didn't think DJ could run a team til this year. DJ had a big reputation of not being forceful enough to control the other guys. Remember the rumor about Flip Murray intimidating him? He's overcome a lot of that. If he could do it then we should definitely not try and make a call in Kemba after a couple of months...especially given the circumstances.

Give him and the other young guys time.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 26, 2012 10:07:01 PM

I'm not making a call that he can't be a player in this league. I'm just saying thus far, we've only seen a 2 guard not a point guard.

It's like comparing armanti edwards to legedu naanee (if you ignore that they are both far below average). armanti never played wide receiver. he might be equally or more talented than naanee. but we aren't letting edwards play QB, we're asking him to play wide receiver. he COULD learn. but there aren't a lot of cases where guys have learned to be passers instead of shooters. guys have become better defenders, better shooters, better ball handlers, better rebounders, free throws, etc. but mentality and game entirely changing? doesn't happen often. happens. but not often at all.

and crash was old. DJ is 24. You have to lock that guy up long term. Fortunately for us, the teams with cap room for a free agent almost all just drafted a point guard or 2 early in the draft (sacramento, washington, detroit, cleveland, etc.)

the biggest threat are teams like dallas (if they don't get williams) or new jersey (if they do). new orleans (if they are sold), orlando (if they rebuild), maaybe toronto. but other than that.........there's nobody that needs the guy with money to spend. we should be poised to get him in the 5-6 a year range for 3 years. and they HAVE to stay within the cap floor structure. It's a no brainer.

there's no real market for the guy to get felton/conley/calderon money even though he deserves it. there's just no incentive to let the guy go. even in a trade. he's not going to bring back anything more valuable unless it's a top 5 pick and that's not going to happen.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2012 12:49:42 PM

5 or 6 isn't going to cut it...from a fairly good source he's asked for 7.8 average which we wouldn't do.

I see the main threats being NOLA, Toronto & Utah.

HAVE to stay within the cap structure? You mean we need to meet minimum salary requirements? That's nothing; the penalty for that is you take the difference and it gets divided up between the other players on your team.

Either way spending the money was never a problem.

Crash was in his prime...had just came off being 1st team defense. DJ is a middle of the pack PG and IMO isn't worth that much to a team in our situation.

Even more so Crash WANTED to be here.

I think you're too wrapped up in defined roles in your football references. IMO it's a lot more versatile in basketball. For instance look how Philly made AI fit in, pairing him with a big PG (basically making the SG the distributor). There are lot more options than trying to make Kemba this "pass first" PG that some dream about.

...and I will continue to say that "what we've seen so far" is not a fair sample nor is it indicative of what Kemba will ultimately become.

Tonight it's going to be Kemba/Carroll/Brown/Tyrus/Diop. All told that group averages what...about 30 ppg? Should we be expecting a rook with no training camp blah blah blah (seriously...I think I've typed this line like 1000 times on different sites)to come in and be some great distributor...totally ignoring the fact that he's NEVER been a great distributor when he actually had some talent around him?

Just not enough info to tell anything.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 27, 2012 1:56:56 PM

At Yordan:

The first 10-15 Picks in the 2012 Draft will be better players that Michael Beasley. He is a good player, but just a complement, nothing more than that.

I do believe that if the Bobcats end-up drafting a big, such as: Anthony Davis, Andre Drummonds or Perry Jones; they should seriously consider making a real offer to Jeff Green or Michael Beasley to play SF. I prefer Green as he is a better talent and lower maintenance.

If they end-up drafting Harrison Barnes, then they should compete for Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee or at least Chris Kaman (If the price and length of contract is right, Kaman is to injury prone and is 30 years old already).

Posted by: RobC | Jan 27, 2012 2:28:08 PM

robc, i agree with what you're saying. adding davis and beasley or barnes and hibbert would be a solid move. NOT KAMAN, too old, too average. no need. not unless it's a one year deal for depth to take boris' spot more or less.

i also agree with what you're saying. i think his value based on comps of felton, conley, andre miller, etc. i mean he's better than rodney stuckey and stuckey got what? 8 a year for 3 years?

the trick is to front load the contract. that way it doesn't hurt to spend it. my comment about the cap floor was that its more worth it to spend it on augustin than not. his QO is 4.3 so i mean 6 a year is not a bad gig if they give it to him prior to next year. especially if it's front loaded. 7-6-5. 18 total. he plays out his QO and then gets 7 a year and it's basically the same deal. we have so many guys on rookie scale that we can afford to pay DJ and henderson no question. mullens and white can still show and prove but if they continuously let the guys they draft go with no compensation, they will continuously struggle.

and i agree about middle of the pack. but that's NOW. at 24. he's going to be top 10-15 pg for the next 10 years. if you have the top 10-15 guy at every position you're a contender. ask indiana. ask memphis. ask atlanta. and then the difference between them and championships is whether or not their GUY turns out to be a top 5 in the league player. or if they get hot in the playoffs. if we have guys like augustin and henderson and say biyombo mullens thomas white turn out to be as solid as augustin henderson and then we stir in a barnes or davis or sullinger......we can absolutely win for a long time.

we gotta let these guys play together for a while and not resigning augustin is a huge step in the opposite direction. even if it turns out to not be the right fit later, you can trade him.......later. but to let him walk or to trade him NOW is just not getting us anywhere.

and wallace walked away from game winning free throws for a non-injury. you always trade a guy that does that that makes 10 million a year. especially for 2 first round picks. that was not a bad trade. if augustin was making 10+ million on THIS TEAM and had 3 years left on his deal and was 30 years old.......yeah you trade him.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2012 2:47:17 PM

"and wallace walked away from game winning free throws for a non-injury."

If you wouldn't mind please refresh my memory on that one?

I HATE losing an asset for nothing. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

DJ is an asset. I know (from the same source) that we offered DJ 6 per and he refused. I can't help but think that for him to stay here it will cost us retail...which isn't such an easily tradable contract.

I'm not disagreeing with you IF we can do it and his deal not be detrimental to the team. Just saying that from everything I'm hearing it would be.

And I don't blame DJ one bit. If I were him I'd be doing the exact same thing.

BTW, this was posted on BCP:


which just reinforces the idea that the Jazz will most likely be interested.

Posted by: spectre | Jan 27, 2012 3:09:56 PM

no question the jazz need to dump harris, but can they? will they?

and the contract can't really be detrimental if it's a 2 or 3 year deal. we have nothing on the books past next year except thomas and rookie scale deals. we have more than enough room to lock up augustin, henderson, anybody else that earns it out of white, mullens, brown, AND the top 5 pick we're about to have AND still have plenty of cap room. maybe even max cap room.

let's say he went for 8 which would be the max he could possibly command from any team. you could give him 9-8-7 and it absolutely not hurt the teams cap situation at all. leaves plenty of room for everybody else AND future flexibility. that way, if dude doesn't look like he's cutting it, he's easy to trade and easy to move to the bench. and i don't think it's going to take 8 to get it done. he's smart for turning down 6. he'll get bigger offers than that this summer. at least 6.5-7. we just better match em.

regarding the wallace free throw incident. i would have to look up the game to know which one, but it was around january and he got fouled at the end of the game down 1 or 2. instead of attempting the free throws he leaves the game allowing the other coach to select kwame brown to come off the bench to shoot the free throws. kwame misses em and we lose. wallace is at practice the next day and plays in the next game. it's just one of those unforgivable things. middle of the game......sure. 4th quarter......maybe. GAME ON THE LINE? never. not even if you were injured. and he was only hurt. all he had to do was stand up and ATTEMPT the shots and we stood at least a 10% better chance than sending kwame out there. I'll never forget that about the guy. that and the way he played when he got on big stages like the team usa tryouts, the dunk contest, all-star game, etc. really really good player and fun to watch. Fun to watch him grow up here. but we absolutely made the right move trading him while we could.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 27, 2012 7:31:17 PM

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