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January 04, 2012

Silas holds his tongue

Some here and there on the heels of a fourth straight Charlotte Bobcats loss:

-- I really thought Paul Silas might blow them up after this one. It took forever for Paul to emerge from the locker room to be interviewed, and I suspect that was about composing himself. Silas knows this team is young and of limited talent. He'll do his best not to make it worse by failing to be positive. But this was a dreadful performance against a team Silas thought they could/should beat.

-- An advance scout from another NBA team told me tonight the Bobcats will be bad enough to get the first pick. I asked him how convinced he was of that. He replied that the Nets are the only team in the league he could argue is worse, and that's contingent on how long Brook Lopez is out.

-- It was obvious when I got Antawn Jamison alone post-game that he'd be really intrigued about finishing his career as a Bobcat. Jamison said three things would factor into his decision when his contract ends after this season: The chance to win a ring, the chance to be a leader/mentor and the chance to come home. The way he was talking, two of those factors could trump going to a contender.

Of course, none if this matters without the context of his salary and playing-time expectations. And the Bobcats already have a glut of power forwards.

-- One can only hope this was the worst game Boris Diaw or Kemba Walker will ever play as a Bobcat. Diaw got into instant foul trouble and went scoreless. Walker shot 1-of-6 with no assists.

I know a lot of fans think Walker should get more minutes. But he did himself no good on a night when D.J. Augustin was the Bobcats' most productive player.

-- Byron Mullens for a future second-round pick is looking like a truly great trade. The kid scores like crazy and he's starting to get it about being respectable as a rebounder.

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not to mention mullens' 2 blocks. he's looking very promising and playing with effort.

and you could see what silas was mad about. we lost the game because we gave up layups in the half court. they just drove by with ease. and it's tough when they were getting calls early and we weren't. guys get gun-shy so to speak on stopping drives. boris in foul trouble, white in foul trouble, bismack still learning how not to foul in this league......it's going to be tough. until bismack becomes a defensive force completely deterring teams from driving on him non-stop its going to be problematic. 2 steals by the entire team is pathetic. especially against the cavs.

and silas should have been steaming about a lot of those calls. they were pretty equally bad both ways but it felt like the ones we didn't get were complete momentum changers. i mean augustin was 10 for 18 but out of his 8 misses......how many of them included questionable amount of contact? not including the bs offensive foul (again).

as for walker.....dudes gonna have off nights just like augustin just had one sunday. just like morrison did when he was a rookie. but unlike morrison, we the fans need to not heap so much pressure on walker and let him do what he does. in this case, he had less minutes because augustin was hot early. when the shoe is on the other foot i would expect augustin to play less. he's got to learn to set other guys up though and there seems to be a little chemistry developing with mullens. but he's gotta be better about it.

nets are clearly worse talent wise, but i'm not sure the record will reflect that in the end. they might actually be better without lopez. that guy never won them any games.....how many games have they won while he's been healthy? 24 last year? 12 before that? 34 his rookie year when he was 3rd or 4th fiddle. okur is a huge upgrade.

there's no question washington will be in the mix. maybe sacramento and detroit as well.

we deserve a top 3 pick this year. could you imagine this roster without maggette but WITH harrison barnes? i'm drooling right now. he might not be durant but if he's mashburn or michael finley or mitch richmond......that's solid enough. we need that guy.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 1:16:34 AM

I just wish Kemba would get more players involve like DJ Augustin. Not that he is not allow to shoot whenever he wants but there are other ways to be a leader by dishing out to teammates. Look at Rondo he has a little bit shooting touch but the assists fill in the gap.

And what happen to up and down offense it seemed that we are going back to the same offense that should be forgotten. No fast break dunks come on.

Well, Knicks will be waiting because they are sharp on offense.

Posted by: vinh | Jan 4, 2012 1:46:34 AM

DJ already did what he had to do, shooted the ball and passed the ball. You can see he tried his best to let the teammates involve, but they still can not win the game. Speaking of walker, maybe he is a good shooter, but everytime he tries to pass the ball because no time left for him to layup or something else. He needs to help the teammate to score.

Posted by: Sharon | Jan 4, 2012 2:53:28 AM

Maybe if Walker started and could get into the flow of the game, he wouldn't be off. You folks have to remember he did EVERYTHING at UConn. He is not use to coming off the bench playing in spurts. He will never be effective here as long as he continues to come off the bench and doesn't get a lot of playing time. Look at Irving, he was given the keys to the Cavs. Everyone knew he was the future and he would start. Kemba instead was not given the keys and told he would have to compete with a 3 year starter who has reached his ceiling, makes terrible decisions with the ball, plays horrible defense, and has zero court presence. How would you feel?
Anyways, this team is not young. I'm tired of that excuse. They just have ineffective, inconsistent players (Maggette, Diaw, Augustin, Carroll, Diop, Najera). All of these players are old and/or have played with this team for atleast 3 years now.
This team is going to be horrible anyways so why not let Kemba, Mullens, Biyomobo get the most burn? Isn't Kemba suppose to be the future? Why is he competing with a pg who would be nothing but a sixth man on another team?

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jan 4, 2012 4:35:42 AM

Walker is a undersized SG trying to play the point guard position. He's even undersized to play the point, why he was selected when we already have one undersized shoot first point guard is beyond me. Being a star in college doesnt mean you'll automatically be a star in the league. I know it's early in the season and everyone wants to to see what type of player we have, but to me he is a smaller version of DJ Augustin with less natural point guard abilities. In the long run, Biyombo should be the better player and it'll be a few years before he really becomes a good player. This is what we blew the playoff team up for though, a chance to suck so we can grab Harrison Barnes from UNC where Jordan played.

Posted by: Slick | Jan 4, 2012 9:11:59 AM


This is exactly what I was thinking after the game. Kyrie outplayed D.J., in only his 6th game as a pro, and what, 18th game since high school. Cleveland has let him know that he will be running the team.

Silas has put the muzzle on Kemba. Maybe D.J. gives them the better chance to win right now, but D.J. played pretty much at his peak last night, and got thoroughly outplayed by a rookie in his second week.

I would assume the reason they drafted Kemba was to see if he has more upside the D.J., so lets find out. I understand Silas wanting him to learn the game, but the kid plays with passion and instinct. D.J. plays with what appears to be no heart, and an attempt at surgical precision. We need our leader to be a passionate player, and our bench to be the competent reserve.

Play Kemba, see if he can be the future, and if not, go full chips in on trying to get Curry when he become available.

As for Biyombo, he's definitely improving at a decent pace. He's good at playing defense in the paint and in transition, and has great instincts, but man, he looked completely lost on a pick where he had to pick up a guard (Sessions?)and got burned to the hoop. No doubt he is a project, but you can see the talent.

Posted by: Chris | Jan 4, 2012 9:17:46 AM


Can you update us on what the conditions are for our draft picks for the next 2 years.

We owe Chicago our 2012 pick, but I know that it has protection (like 13-14th pick), with the protection decreases like 1-2 spots per year afterwards.

Also, Portland owes us their 2013 pick for GW, but that has protection too. The way they are playing this year, that protection might not come into play, but curious what the conditions on that pick are.


Posted by: Chris | Jan 4, 2012 9:23:59 AM

We really need Diaw to play well so we can trade him to a contender. I'd love to see him backing up Griffin in Lob City town, and if we could get back Bledsoe and/or a pick for the expiring...or Indiana for a pick/Stephenson.

Interesting to see Augustin, Mullens and DJ White leading the team in PER. Hopefully we can get them all back next season. We should have resigned White before the season on the cheap.

It's early but I haven't seen anything out of Walker or Biyombo yet to make me think that Brandon Knight/Markieff Morris wasn't the better route on draft night for those picks.

Patience. We've got $10M coming off the books this season in Diaw and Najera and another $8M next season with Diop and Carroll. Man that Chandler trade was dumb.

Posted by: sfinsf | Jan 4, 2012 9:30:20 AM

Chris, here are the conditions for the future picks.

2013 first round draft pick from Portland
Portland's own 2013 1st round pick to Charlotte (top 12 protected in the 2013 draft, top 12 protected in 2014, top 12 protected in 2015, and unprotected in the 2016 Draft). [Charlotte - Portland, 2/24/2011]

2012 first round draft pick to Chicago
Charlotte's own 2012 1st round draft pick to Chicago (top-14 protected in the 2012 Draft, top-12 protected in 2013, top-10 protected in 2014, top-8 protected in 2015 and unprotected in the 2016 Draft.) [Charlotte - Chicago, 2/18/2010]

2013 second round draft pick to Oklahoma City
Charlotte's own 2013 2nd round pick to Oklahoma City. [Charlotte - Oklahoma City, 12/19/2011]

2016 second round draft pick to San Antonio
Charlotte's own 2016 2nd round pick to San Antonio (top 55 protected in the 2016 Draft). If Charlotte's own 2016 2nd round pick is in the top 55 picks, then Charlotte's obligations to San Antonio shall be extinguished. [Charlotte - San Antonio, 2/18/2010]

Posted by: Keen Observer | Jan 4, 2012 9:33:45 AM


Please tell me you really didn't have to consult an "advance scout" to determine that the Bobcats are bad enough to earn the #1 pick? In other news, today is Wednesday and the sky is still blue.

I would go so far as to say this is the worst professional franchise ever in the city of Charlotte. Worse than the 1-15 Panthers. In a landslide. Thanks MJ.

Posted by: Ron | Jan 4, 2012 9:55:22 AM

you guys are nuts about walker vs. augustin.

1st off........everybody has to earn playing time. augustin had to. felton had to.

walker was an elite scorer at uconn, he was NOT an elite point guard. name one elite scorer under 6-3 that has had success in the nba in the past 20 years NOT NAMED ALLEN IVERSON. because dude is not iverson. he might be jason terry but he's not iverson. he hasn't even dominated against 2nd teamers and you guys want to elevate him to starter already?

and you guys are acting like augustin is 30 or something. dude is 2 and a half years older than walker. he's only had 1 year of starting experience and that was the disaster that was last year in which he put up respectable numbers.

i could understand if walker was going all ricky rubio and out playing the starter consistently but that's not at all what we're seeing. they've each had a dud game or 2.

tyler hansbrough comes off the bench too. and that dude has put up BEASTLY numbers and played great even in playoff games. let walker pay some dues. give him his 20 mpg. give augustin his 32. if one is hot any particular game you let him run long. but why would you let the development of the 21 year old get in the way of the development of the 24 year old? you have time to figure walker out....augustin needs an extension in the next 7 months. You have to see what augustin can or can't do first. and you have to compare that to walker. keep in mind both were #9 picks but augustin's draft class looks to of been a lot stronger with names like rose, westbrook, love, gordon, gallinari, beasley, mcgee, hill, ibaka, batum, white, jordan, chalmers, dragic, walker, etc. very deep draft class. can't compare yet to walker's class but the point is......the credentials are being forgotten.

there's absolutely no doubt in my mind from the little that we've seen thus far that walker will not be an elite nba point guard. but he is definitely a player. he might tebow his way but i doubt it. this isn't ncaa where one guy can score 30 and that wins the game. ask monta ellis.

walker put up 23.5 and 4.5 as a junior in college and augustin put up 19 and 6 as a sophmore. shooting %'s favoring augustin. no question walker is the better defender skill set wise but he will be abused the same way augustin has been/will be. size is a premium in the big leagues. pg's aren't 5-11 anymore, they're 6-4.

i really like walker and hope we keep BOTH guys long term if they can mesh and play off each other for the kind of time slots they have thus far. you need 8 or 9 guys, not 5. We have 8 young guys in our rotation RIGHT now. mr. barnes will fill that out nicely and THEN you sit back and let them figure out how to win together. if the entire team is 25 and under......you have a 10 year window to grow.

but right now and probably permanently augustin is the better point guard PROSPECT. not just point guard right now but PROSPECT. i'll take the guy who can shoot and pass over the guy that "scores" any day of the week.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 10:25:31 AM

Rick, what is up with Rod Higgins son playing for us...Isn't that like a conflict of interest or something. I don't like it. Yes Kimba is a rookie but he should get more minuite's than this guy. He is our #1 pick.

Posted by: JMays95 | Jan 4, 2012 10:35:34 AM

I've been down on Augustin for years because of his inability to lead the team. Is he a better shooter, is he a better passer than Walker, probably, but it seems like that most of the time he is going through the motions of running the offense.

I always thought Jack's problem was more that he tried to be the PG because Augustin couldn't run the offense. Obviously Jack had ball security issues, but I think we've seen for the last 3 years that Augustin has creativity in small bursts and an occasional complete game. Games where he controls the offense, attacks the rim, dishes out when he draws double/triple teams.

His whole passion was summed up in the play where Kyrie blocked his lay-up. He knew Irving was chasing him down but had a good lead. Instead of finishing strong at the rim, he casually put it up. The player who wants it more won that play.

Again, I have no idea if Walker can learn to move the ball effectively in a half-court offense. So far he hasn't, but if we are going to be a championship contender, Augustin is not going to get us there, so we should figure out if Walker can, or like I said earlier, go all in on trying to lure Curry here.

Posted by: Chris | Jan 4, 2012 10:42:20 AM

Play kemba more than 13 spotty minutes and I bet he will shoot better than 1-6. He's pressing on the floor because he's afraid of getting pulled...we really don't know what we have with this kid...he has the "IT" factor DJ lacks...talk the handcuffs off kemba and he'll resemble the player everyone saw at Uconn!

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 10:47:27 AM

In response to charlottean...derrick rose is like 6'2 or below it and last time I checked he was doing fairly well.

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 10:54:25 AM

nobody has ever won a championship with a 5-11 scoring point guard playing 36mpg. not in the last 30 years anyways.

does walker deserve more than 13 mpg NO EFFING QUESTION. but does he deserve to be handed the job that augustin had to wait for even though he outplayed felton as a rookie? no. and whoever said augustin was "outplayed" by irving last night is nuts. we were winning that game until that 3rd quarter run where gibson and sessions were on the floor and hit back to back 3's and a thompson had a bunch of easy layups. we were up by like 13.

chris i think jack commanded that kind of ball runs through me situation. i don't think that had anything to do with anybody but jack. augustin played great before jack was here and he seems to be back on that kind of gameplan now.

justin, that whole "it" factor that you're talking about is what makes the guy absolutely perfect for being our 6th man. the guy can play 20 mpg for sure and more if he's hot. he can take all the shots on the 2nd team and it won't hurt us. but if he brings that kind of pg play to the first team, we will never win anything. he won a championship last year on a 10 loss team. they won the big games. they won them on his back. but they lost a lot of games on his back as well and against lessor opponents. let's keep all that in mind.

the guy is jason terry. he's not allen iverson. we wouldn't even be having this conversation if he was iverson. and we would need a big pg a la eric snow to pair with him if he was.

and yea higgins has no business on this team. it's harmless him playing 5 mpg at the end of games we're clearly losing or winning but those 5 minutes are better suited going to somebody else. it's a slap in the face the fans to even have to look at that kid considering how bad of a job his dad has done. if it was seth curry, you could say "oh well he can contribute something and his dad did so much for basketball in charlotte....we'll let it pass" but for rod higgins kid? no effing way. if i were the kid i would have changed my name after the dampier trade.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 11:09:44 AM

watch derrick rose matchup against augustin/walker. they are NOT the same size. derrick rose has at least 10 pounds of muscle on them both and 2 or 3 inches in height as well. he's listed 6'3 190.

and he averaged 25 and 8 assists a game last year. if we had given augustin the keys from day 1 he could probably be offensively what rose is but never what he is defensively. when they went head to head as rookies, they looked equal.

but yea when walker starts dunking on dudes and dishing out 8 assists a game we can start talking about how that size differential isn't a big deal.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 11:24:19 AM

Dj can score and that is it. He's a liability on defense as seen last night. Didn't see him stop kyrie from getting into the paint once. Kemba is better than jason terry and if you can play height doesn't matter...see jj barrea in the finals. What kind of player that has an "it" factor comes off the bench? Did cp3 have to wait to play as a rookie? No. Kemba is not be the shooter dj is, but he is better at everything else. Were getting mopped off the floor right now, every game, pretty sure dj isn't making the players around him better, isn't that what your supposed best player should do? I've seen what dj can do and its not get us to the playoffs

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 11:32:29 AM

Ok I have to say this, I'm a diehard Bobcats fan and will continue to be one till the end of the day. But this team is not that great. How the hell can you compare two player's off just five games????

Clearly Kemba is the better closer. DJ and Kemba are two totally Different players! I think they both can play great together giving the chance they had against Mil Bucks in the First game.

Mullens, Henderson and Diaw are not getting there credit this season all three are playing great basketball right now and are overachieving. I'm glad to see that Henderson has develop a Jumper to go with his great Defense.

Diaw is a SF playing Center enough said off that. If G. Wallace was still here he would be the Center. I'm Just saying the whole organization is horrible.

We need to make a change and get a big man in here and a quality bench.

Posted by: Brandon | Jan 4, 2012 11:33:07 AM

Silas played Walker less bcz he was tired and worn out. He hasn't played this much, so much, so fast, ever.

DJ outplayed D Rose last year and Chalmers and Teague this year. DJ managed a great game last night but look at the +/-. Bismack's growth will bring the team down. Not DJ.

Also, we lose because DJW is giving up inches on the defense. Then Bismack comes in raw. PG, SG, and sometimes SF are fine. Our big men need time to develop.

Posted by: Altheus | Jan 4, 2012 11:40:40 AM

Never said kemba could guard d rose one on one...but I'll say he would def do better at it than dj. We already saw the bobcats put kemba on brandon jennings at the end of bucks game. Don't think jennings scored after that.

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 11:45:36 AM

DJ is the better shooter, passer and ball handler.

and you just compared j.j. barrea to walker. which is my point exactly. I LOVE WALKER ON THIS TEAM, he's just not your starting point guard. he doesn't drive a dish, he doesn't play pick and roll, he doesn't move the ball, he's not a spot up shooter. he is IDEAL for the 2nd unit.

and wait.......we're getting mopped every game? out of 5 games......we got mopped once by the heat. we lost last night but we were up big in the 2nd half and then there was an 18-2 run late in the 3rd. that's not getting mopped. we lost by 1 to the heat. we've been mopped twice. by dwight howard going against who at center? and by miami. what does that have to do with augustin vs. walker?

and cp3 hasn't won any rings either. if he does win a ring it's because he's got griffin and jordan and butler and billups, etc. that's the whole point.........we need augustin to be our POINT GUARD. not the man. and walker would never be the man on a championship team at this level. he can be the 2nd or 3rd man NO DOUBT. he could be the man with the game on the line NO DOUBT.

jason terry. david wesley. etc. etc. he could be GREAT for this team. but he's not a starting point guard. talk to me when dude is 4th in the league in assist to turnover and shooting 40% from 3 and 90% from the line.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 11:48:17 AM

In no way did I compare kemba to jj barrera, that would be absurd. My comparison was height vs the ability to play. Dude your in the minority, not many people want dj as the starter. Dj is basically the same size as kemba, been in the league 3 years and is a lot slower playing the point. I like dj, just don't think there's anything special about him. Kemba has the ability to be special, much more upside

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 11:59:44 AM


I was on the SAME page with your comments UNTIL you mentioned Diaw's name. If you wrote this about a week ago, I'd have agreed; however, these last 3 games of us getting blown out, Diaw has been absent. Last night was the epitome of what we've all thought about him as an NBA player: unpredictable.

It's not a coincidence when Diaw plays well, we are in competitive battle with our opponent. When he doesn't, we're pretty much screwed. As Larry Brown and Silas has repeatedly put it, Diaw is the MOST GIFTED athlete on this roster, but his head isn't right for the game. One game, he's assertive and looks like Magic Johnson on the court. The next, he totally disappears and doesn't seem enthused in playing.

That is why Diaw should NOT be credited with your high praise, and I truly believe if he has any trade value where we can get something decent in return for him, you do it NOW. Either way, it'd be idiotic to keep him knowing a team will be desperate enough to drop $6-8/mil per year on him and his contract expiring within a season's time. No point in waiting this one out.

Time to play Mullens and Biyombo exclusively to see what they can do, and Diop can fill in off the bench to give us a big body and 6 fouls.

Posted by: KYL | Jan 4, 2012 12:02:10 PM

After numerous years as Bobcats season ticket owner, I dumped them this year because the writing was on the wall that this team was going to be BAD. Plus add the lockout, it was best to let them go until the team shows us something.

Posted by: PSL OWNER | Jan 4, 2012 12:12:22 PM

When are you wanna be fantasy GM's gonna learn? Kemba was a wasted pick because he is a minature 2 trying to play the 1. DJ, while undersized in this day and time, is at least a legitimate 1. So all Kemba will ever be is a "backup" player off the bench.Biyombo is a multiple year "project". Not what you use a 1st round pick on. So this 2011 draft class is basically a wasted draft. Will it get any better with the first pick next year? Not if all they do is draft UNC players.

Posted by: Superguru | Jan 4, 2012 12:50:19 PM

Thanks PSL Owner, since you dropped out I've been able to upgrade my seats at no additional cost. See you in a few years when the Cats are acceptable enough for you to jump on the bandwagon.

I don't think DJ and Kemba can coexist. I think we need to trade DJ now while he's at his peak. It would be nice to have Kemba as a starter and have a tall PG coming off the bench to keep the defense honest. There's a PG out there but I can't remember his name. I think it rhymes with Lon Spivingston.

Posted by: apauldds | Jan 4, 2012 1:22:52 PM

Trade Maggette for Jamison ASAP...add a future 2nd Rd Pick if necessary and/or the trade exceptions from the Wallace and Livingston trades. That would be AWESOME (Salary Cap wise), if Cleveland is willing to do it. Why?

1.) Maggette is owed $21M between this and next season. Jamison is due $15M but his an expiring contract. Jamison can play the SF spot for one season and do pretty much the same as Maggette. The Cats save $6M.

2.) The Bobcats are expected to have $11M in Cap Space next year. That trade will give them $11M more. If they also waive Diop through the amnesty clause, that goes up to almost $30M in Cap Space next Season. Plus the Cats will still get a Top 3 Pick and keep their young talent.

3.) Draft Harrison Barnes and then make a "Splash" in Free Agency. Go after both Deron Williams and Dwight Howard. Resign DJ White, trade Augustine for a bigger combo G (i.e. Leandro Barbosa) and sign Jamison for the MLE. Charlotte will be a Championship contender next season.

D. Williams/K. Walker/L. Barbosa
G. Henderson/R. Williams/M. Carroll
H. Barnes/A. Jamison/D. Brown
T. Thomas/B. Biyombo/ D.J. White
D. Howard/B. Mullens/Sign C

Posted by: RobC | Jan 4, 2012 2:03:45 PM

I Hear you all I been a Season Ticket Holder since day one so i understand how everyone feel. But can you blame Diaw?? Hell can you Blame anyone on this team??

I would love to see us Draft a big men like Kidd-Gilchrist or Jared Sullinger. As far of us getting Howard or D. Will It will not happen because nobody want to play for MJ he horrible.

I'm sorry this guy has trade away all his key pieces to a playoff team that got sweep. Now Portland/Dallas/LA is saying thank you for our shortcoming.

Posted by: Brandon | Jan 4, 2012 2:20:20 PM

^^^^ is what they should have done 2 years ago to already have williams and howard here with say......thompson or derrick williams or someone of the like.

it won't happen. there's no way they convince howard and williams to go to charlotte over orlando, new jersey, LA, dallas, etc. the lakers will make whatever move necessary to sign them if at all possible. they prob like bynum as much as howard but if they can clean house to bring in both williams AND howard you know they would. anybody not named miami or chicago would.

justin, you just did it again. i didn't mean to imply that you were saying walker is only as good as barea but that's the only example you can come up with. of course walker has more upside than barea......that's why i say jason terry.

be realistic. i'm not a guy that falls for the "he's too short to play" gimmick. i watched muggsy. i watched brevin knight and earl boykins. spud webb, tim hardaway, etc. etc. etc. but the truth is, that makes all of those guys defensive liabilities (including augustin). and in the case of walker, he's not the passer that all these other guys are. he's not the shooter OR passer that augustin is. so how can you reasonably give up on augustin's potential for this guy? what has he done to show you that he's worthy of that?

don't get me wrong, if augustin gets hurt and misses 10 games and walker comes in and puts up 20 and 10 and we win a bunch of games.....i'm all on board. but he hasn't done that yet. augustin HAS made big plays. he HAS made game winning plays at this level. and he looks to be a sure 17/7 guy NOT AN ALL-STAR but a reliable, solid shooting, solid passing, low turnover point guard. a top 10-15 pg. why give that up for the unproven? its just not justified yet and my opinion is that it won't be.

i think walker will be GREAT as a 6th man.

and yea i hate that we gave up on lon livingston too. his brother was okay.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 2:34:33 PM


Agree with you 1000% on DJ. The problem is you didn't stop at the front door and pick up some of those magical Alice B Toklas brownies that Justin and Chris indulged in before making their comments regarding DJ. Walker would not be any different if he had 30 minutes, he needs to have the ball in his hands to be even remotely effective. If his shot isn't on he brings nothing to the table. If you followed his career at UConn that was his MO.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Jan 4, 2012 3:08:41 PM

but that's also why the guy is AWESOME for this team as a 6th man. james harden probably isn't the best example to reference because they are such different players, but the role within the team is perfect. We have a lot of talent on this team but we do not have that cam newton guy. A lot of people are wanting it to be walker....i can understand it. but its just not realistic.

It's the flavor of the week because walker won the ncaa tourney last year. they weren't the best team. they were the hottest during the tourney. and he won that on his back. but does that mean what he did in college trumps augustin's texas team going 31-7 and making it to the elite 8? they lost 9 games TOTAL that year. oh and who did they lose to that year in the tourney? funny you should think to ask........derrick rose's memphis team.

that was his sophmore year WITHOUT DURANT and he led that team. he's not a leader now? its not his fault this franchise has poorly handled every single rookie they have ever had. they either put too much on them or not enough but they almost NEVER got the roles right. they even had okafor thinking he was going to be up against nowitski and duncan as a 4. augustin's college career was more impressive than walkers.

we......as fans......need to get behind augustin before we're kicking ourselves when he goes to the knicks or the heat and we're facing them in the east every single year. and walker's scoring 30 a game in losses monta ellis style. shooting 36% from the field and ish.

learn basketball.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 3:24:55 PM

Charlottean, your hearing what you want to hear no matter what I write...fact is dj hasn't been able to carry this current team anywhere but outside the playoffs...its time to let the guys play, whom we traded our best players away for. They would have never drafted kemba if the powers that be thought dj was the future at point. I'm not saying kemba is a star at the nba level yet. But he has way more potential than dj ever thought about having. Also, kemba is a bit more than just a scorer. That tourney run wasn't just kemba, he got a ton of role players on uconn involved and made a group of freshman on that team into a national champion. Kemba can fascilitate, he was forced into the role he played last year due to uconn having such a young team. His first 2 years at uconn he was a pass first pg. Look at his numbers. But again I don't hate dj, I just don't think he's the type of guy you want as your leading scorer. I'd rather see what the young guys have, we're probably gonna lose either way. I've seen enough of the guys we've had the last 2-3 seasons and it isn't pretty. Dj has a ton of value right now in a trade

Posted by: justin | Jan 4, 2012 3:34:34 PM

i didn't NOT hear any of that.

I'm saying.....i don't want DJ as my leading scorer either. I don't want walker as my leading scorer. I want DJ as my POINT guard and maybe 3rd or 4th leading scorer and walker as my guard off the bench that is either 3rd or 4th in scoring. You get somebody like barnes in the draft to be the GUY and somebody steps up as the go-to big whether that be mullens or biyombo or white or thomas or someone we don't currently have.

DJ only has 1 year of starting experience so i don't see how you can say you have 2-3 seasons of watching him and haven't seen it. dude played less minutes year 2 than walker will this year. the guy was GREAT as a rookie. he was solid last year but he wasn't the guy. you're gonna put that on him? that wallace and jackson didn't get us over the top? that we traded tyson chandler for najera and carroll? that's not on him. the guy was solid. he gave us 14 and 6 through all the coaching turnover and player turmoil and trades etc. and was what? 4th in assist to turnover? that's what you want for your pg.

now if augustin doesn't show improvement or consistency THIS YEAR.......then you give the reigns to walker. but THIS year is augustin's. then you either extend or trade him. or let him walk on an offer sheet (and there WILL be offers). but you don't give up on the guy that put up 29 and 7 against derrick rose or 28 and 7 against chris paul or 27 and 12 against curry or whatever.

why would you bail on that guy.....for the guy that hasn't. when walker proves he's better, you trade augustin. you don't trade him before. walker is under contract next year. and options for 2 more years. there's no real rush with him. don't rush it. he's not there yet.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 3:57:46 PM

Not blaming DJ for our current problems at all. Its def not his fault that our front office has been garbage and hasnt managed our players very well. With that being said, RIGHT now DJ is our leading scrorer and isnt making anyone better on this team, but himself. I dont want him or Kemba scoring 30ppg. We need a guy that defenses will game plan for to stop, not allow him to shoot wide open shots cause they arent worried about athletically. Am I the only one who watched Kyrie last night pretty much do whatever he wanted to? My philosophy is if we are going to suck either way, why dont we just start Biyombo, Mullens and whoever else, then make a deal for someone who is an upgrade at another position of need? Dont get me wrong DJ is ballin....but we are still losing. No question that in a future trade DJ could get us the most in return, dont forget they almost moved him prior to last season. I really doubt the Bobcats picked Kemba with the 9th pick to have him as our long term 6th man. But we'll see, got the knicks tonight so it doesnt get any easier. I just dont see how much longer they can run with this current line-up.

Posted by: Justin | Jan 4, 2012 4:15:08 PM

that logic just lacks sense to me though. i look at it like you have 8 or 9 rotation spots but more specifically 5 starting positions. if you already have a solid pg AND a solid backup, you check that off and move on to the next.

eric maynor is a solid pg, 1st round pick great college credentials too.....and he backs up westbrook. barea backed up kidd. you can have 2 guards.

we need a 3. we need to keep dj AND walker. we keep letting guys go and we're not getting better. we need to KEEP all of the guys on the roster under 25. solidify roles. let guys like diop, maggette, carroll, age out and not resign or resign for significantly less in the case of diaw or carroll......and get barnes. that's it. then we will win 30 games next year. 40 the next and hopefully 50+ for the following 5.

i don't see how you can say augustin isn't making guys better when the ball moves great. augustin wasn't the only guy checking irving and while irving put up 20 points, augustin put up 26. guys like irving can beat just about ANYBODY off the dribble just like augustin can. shoot, I CAN. it takes good team defense to keep guys out of the lane and we didn't have that when irving was getting all those wide open layups. thats like a running back running the dive play for 90 yards and you're blaming the DT and not the LB's and the Safeties.

augustin is NOT a great defender. he NEEDS desperately to get more steals a game. but he IS getting better from where he was. he's picked a few this year but he needs a lot more. but walker isn't shutting guys down yet either. neither one of em is rondo.

you need to get behind BOTH guys instead of trying to pick between the 2. whichever one earns the minutes will get them but either way, if we keep BOTH and play them a combined 50-55 minutes per game......it will work out. but walker is always going to be less of the POINT GUARD than augustin.

Posted by: charlottean | Jan 4, 2012 4:30:36 PM

OK OK OK...enough arguing back and fourth...Lets just bring Raymond Felton back....

Posted by: JMays95 | Jan 4, 2012 5:11:17 PM

Go Wizards, I mean Bobcats, no, no getem Nets.

Posted by: brown | Jan 13, 2012 2:16:52 PM

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