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February 14, 2012

Augustin ready to play for Bobcats

Charlotte Bobcats point guard D.J. Augustin plans to play Wednesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the first time Augustin has been available since aggravating a toe injury Jan. 22 in New Jersey.

Augustin looked so good in practice Tuesday that coach Paul Silas said he’s seriously considering starting Augustin against the T’Wolves. That’s a departure from Silas’s original plan, to work Augustin back slowly.

Augustin has suffered from severe inflammation in his right big toe. Tuesday was the first day he has cut and burst off that toe in weeks.

Returning Augustin to the starting lineup would likely make Kemba Walker the backup point guard, rather than revert to a system where rookie Walker plays big minutes at shooting guard. Walker told the Observer about a week ago that he anticipated being a reserve once Augustin returns and he’s fine with that role.

Augustin is the team’s best playmaker and its most reliable shooter, Silas said. His return should perk up an offense that has struggled to shoot 40 percent or reach 80 points in several recent games.

The Bobcats hope to get back shooting guard Gerald Henderson (hamstring strain) by the end of this three-game road trip to Minneapolis, Toronto and Indiana.

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awesome. these next 2 are tough but winnable games. toronto looks like the perfect place to end this streak. hope d.j. is 100% and can regain the form he had at the beginning of the year.

this is going to be a fun game to watch tomorrow night.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 14, 2012 2:55:28 PM

Awesome! DJ coming back right at a month before the trade deadline should give us plenty of time to let him build up some value around the league where we can cash in.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 14, 2012 3:05:38 PM

cash in? what are we going to get in trade value for the guy? he's our best player and he probably can't command a lottery pick because of how deep this draft is......everybody projected in the lottery will hold hopes of landing a high pick over giving that chance to us.

so what exactly do we stand to gain by trading away our best player and a #9 pick from 4 years ago? at age 24. what deal is out there that we would actually benefit from making? i swear you guys are more trade happy than our front office is. you trade up with young talent to capture the potential upside, you trade down with old talent to clear cap room and rebuild.

we might could pull of a boris and DJ for curry and david lee.........if we threw in a lottery pick. but that's a big maybe and lee's contract is huge. that's probably a big step in the wrong direction for this club regardless of how nice curry is. if we could do it straight up 2 for 2......you probably have to do it but lee is due 4 years averaging 14 million after this year. you'd be better off giving up the top 5 pick next year and augustin and i don't think that's a good deal either.

what deal is out there for augustin that we actually stand to gain something? and please don't tell me brook lopez, chris kaman, andray blatche, or some other mediocre big man that isn't much better than the mediocre big men that we have except that they are older where ours are young and inexperienced and stand to be just as good if not better.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 14, 2012 3:19:07 PM

If i wrere dj i would make sure that half the plays start in the paint for easy buckets low block pick and rolls and pick and pops and curls and weak side cuts after two solid passes ..

The other half , i wud make sure i get the ball in the paint as the 76ers gds did or i gat in the paint . Everybody is being judged by jeremy lin. Hes the nba sensation by setting his teammates in the paint . We know dj can score.

If he stays and dishes in the paint and on the break , he will be he next tiny archibald almost.. And can write his ticket outta here. Kemba actually tried sometimes last nite but has a ways to go.

The pt gds that are revered are the ones who dish in the paint. Period. Derron, nash,paul,rhondo,lin, rose and parker.The rest jokes. Norris maybe for tge heat nd wall.

Dj , we missed you. Im tired of these bloggers doggin u, pls show them wat time it is baby. U will be another they will wish they had back next yr wen ur gone. Turn this thing out. I have come to respect u. Go down w the group above not like no clown like westbrook who shoots all nite and sets up no one but himself and makes no one better and is considered a real dummy. ...like the rest of the headcase shoot first pt gds.

Show em man. End this losing streak..

Posted by: Ironman | Feb 14, 2012 3:36:52 PM

We should not be sending DJ anywhere he is our only true point guard and LB did a good job teaching him how to be a point guard. Consensus of scouts and broadcasters is that he is an energy combo guard and not a true PG.

As for draft picks all you keep hearing is Davis, Barnes, Sullinger don't under estimate Robinson of Kansas scorer, defender, rebounder 6/10 and great charcter his background story is sad, interesting and impressive.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Feb 14, 2012 3:38:00 PM

make that "Consensus of scouts and broadcasters is that Kemba is an energy combo guard and not a true PG."

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Feb 14, 2012 3:39:51 PM

Dj augustine is an average player at best. We won 3 games with him as the starter, I don't get this love fest with dj. I view this as a bad thing. Kemba is obviously more explosive than dj and has waaaaaaay more upside. So in a season that is done at this point for us, we bench the obvious future? This is a bad move, kemba has improved a lot since his first start at pg and would continue given the chance and a full roster opf players. We so need to move dj, who's a holdover from a previous regime. Jordan didn't even want to draft him. Dj does have value in a trade. More so for us than anyone else on the roster. I'd rather have kemba play and grow this season, than next year we have an extra pick from trading dj and a full year of kemba at pg. Its a win win...no matter how long a paragraph charlottean wants to write to disagree with me...

Posted by: j | Feb 14, 2012 3:42:56 PM

To J


Much briefer than Charlottean same sentiment.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Feb 14, 2012 4:10:41 PM

how does kemba have waaaaaaaaaaaaay more upside when he is doing the same things DJ did 3 years ago except DJ did it more efficiently?

how does he have waaaaaaaaaaaay more upside? both 9th picks. both mcdonald's all americans. DJ was an all-american in college as a sophmore, kemba as a jr. there is only a 2.5 year age gap and DJ is CLEARLY better and truer to the position. meanwhile kemba is putting up adam morrison numbers and getting crazy love while people continue to bash morrison.

rank nba point guards and look at their age. rank nba point guards under 28. you're talking about williams, rubio, irving, wall, collison, conley, westbrook, jennings, lawson, holliday, lowry, rose, paul, curry, lin if you want to include him already, felton, teague, and i think that is everybody of consequence. out of that group, how many are better? clearly better? I'm counting 7 or 8. the rest is completely debatable. dude is going to be a top 15 pg in the league for his career. is kemba going to be a top 5 point guard in this league or is he more likely to be a 6th man candidate every year?

why would you give up on the top 15 guy for another top 15 guy instead of keeping and improving on it and having 2 top 15 guys at a position? you gotta have 8 or 9 guys anyways. not 5. if there was any true trade value to it at all, sure do it. but there isn't. lateral move at best. at best. mavs had jason kidd AND jason terry. you have to have 4 or 5 guys and most teams don't have that perfect starting 5 that you saw from that 1 pistons team. most teams have overlap. like lamar odom with the lakers. toni kukoc with the bulls. ginobli with the spurs.

walker could be that for us and we could win. but you give up augustin to let walker be the guy and we don't move forward, we move backward.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 14, 2012 4:18:40 PM

J - name one other bobcat with a better 'J' than DJ. Let's get this all out on the table now..Kemba CANNOT run an offense...All we get are guys standing around not moving while Kemba dribbles for 15 secs leaving us with rushed shots...and don't get me started on his free throws (what a joke). Kemba is mediocre at best. DJ is the best player we got..just wait and see how the offense reacts once DJ is back...

Posted by: Cantwinwithkemba | Feb 14, 2012 4:27:55 PM

Average PGs wanting near 8 million per year is not a good match for a team in our position.

I don't get the love fest for average players around here who want a premium paycheck. Him being our best player is more a knock on the other guys vs. props for DJ.

Bottom line is Kemba's salary fits more with where we are.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 14, 2012 4:28:51 PM

"rank nba point guards and look at their age. rank nba point guards under 28. you're talking about williams, rubio, irving, wall, collison, conley, westbrook, jennings, lawson, holliday, lowry, rose, paul, curry, lin if you want to include him already, felton, teague, and i think that is everybody of consequence. out of that group, how many are better? clearly better? I'm counting 7 or 8. the rest is completely debatable. dude is going to be a top 15 pg in the league for his career."

The long definition for "average".

Posted by: spectre | Feb 14, 2012 4:30:22 PM

I say keep DJ/walker until draft night. if kendell marshal comes out on unc this yr & is avil. when we pick one of the two has to go!! dude is the next j kidd far as passing, lol

Posted by: 336nda704 | Feb 14, 2012 4:45:12 PM

how does top 15 at a position equal average? starters are already above average by definition since they are starting in the league. top 15 would be well above average but below elite. he's not in the class with rose and those guys but he absolutely could have a mike bibby, damon stoudemire type career. he is THAT. he's not more, but he's also not less. and you can win a lot of games and contend for titles with a guy like that as your point guard.

elite point guards get paid 14 million plus so an above average below elite point guard getting 7 or 8 million is market value. mike conley gets 8 million a year. calderon gets 10. stuckey just got 8. felton got 7.5. jameer nelson makes 7+. beno udrih gets nearly 8 to be a backup. devin harris gets 9 this year and 8 and change next and i think he had a front loaded deal that got him over 10 at one point. augustin is better and significantly younger than all of those guys. it's called market value.

I bet DJ could be kept with a 4 or 5 year deal at 6m a year if we offer it NOW and basically tell him if he doesn't take it this summer that he will be traded. that's just business. even if we DID overpay augustin, he would be the right guy to overpay and we could front load the contract so that it doesn't hurt us long term but actually helps us. we don't need the cap space next year or the year after but we will need it down the road. especially when we're looking at paying all these young guys that we have and will have.

but to trade him for basically nothing or to let him walk for nothing is worse than overpaying him. we can't get anybody better in free agency so we would be holding out hope for a replacement in the draft of that walker completely changes the player he is and always has been. you win more by keeping augustin.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 14, 2012 7:02:27 PM

2 questions:

1. Will DJ want to re-sign with the Bobcats?

2. Will MJ want to pay him what it will take?

The trading deadline is March 15th.

Posted by: George Hanson | Feb 14, 2012 10:28:58 PM

When DJ doesn't get this team turned around what is Silas going to use for an excuse then. The Bobcats have used injuries,youth and other excuses since they arrived.Just like the Clippers for 30 years they think a top draft pick will be the answer every year.

Posted by: bg | Feb 15, 2012 10:01:10 AM


You are wasting your time responding about DJ. Ninety percent of the people on these blogs don't have a clue of what a point guards role is. They like Kemba's scatter bug out of control style and he has a cool name. These same clowns will be bitching about Kemba in 2 years.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Feb 15, 2012 11:15:52 AM

Did any of you guys receive the season ticket letter from Whitfield where he spelled out the 4 player core we were going to be building around next season?

Guess who wasn't on it.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 15, 2012 11:16:16 AM

"I bet DJ could be kept with a 4 or 5 year deal at 6m a year if we offer it NOW and basically tell him if he doesn't take it this summer that he will be traded. that's just business."

Ok...first off the deadline for re-signing him is over, so he can't be offered anything "NOW". 2nd, rumor has it that he turned down 6 per from us already.

3rd this offseason he's in his qualifying year. As much as he's become a rental now he'd be even more so then as he'll pretty much have right of refusal in trades while he's on that QO.

Also...just because other teams overpay for average PGs doesn't mean we need to. As a small market team we especially need to refrain from doing that.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 15, 2012 11:21:46 AM

I deleted the e-mail but do tell us what 4 players are they going to build around? Other than keeping the cheapest salaries I can only think of 2 players worth building around?

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Feb 15, 2012 1:57:38 PM

So you're a season ticket holder but just deleted the email from Whitfield?

LOL ok. Anyway:

"Going into next season we have a core of young players like Gerald Henderson, Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and Byron Mullins. We will be adding at least one of the premier college players in what is regarded as the best draft in recent memory."

Posted by: spectre | Feb 15, 2012 2:29:28 PM

2 months ago it was henderson and augustin. they follow the flavor of the month as much as anybody. either that or talks have gone HORRIBLE with his agent.

i can't blame him for turning down 6 a year but did they give him 3 years or 5? the point i made with all those guys making that kind of money is that he's better than them so he SHOULD get that kind of money. we can afford to overpay HIM. he's our best player right now.

here's what we're looking at:
2012-13 - we have 43.255 million committed to 9 guys and you have to figure another......4-5m for the draft pick to make 10. that leaves us around 48m with augustin, derrick brown, and d.j. white to be signed. you give augustin 7, brown 3 and white 2 and you're at 60m which based on this season's salary figures........would have us ranked somewhere around 22nd-23rd. and that's based on this year, not next year which will probably go up a bit. it also isn't in the tax. and that's 13 guys under contract and no cost saving measures regarding thomas or diop or maggette done prior to next year.

2013-14 - with diop, maggette, carroll and williams expiring after next year, we have only thomas, walker, biyombo, and QO's for mullens and henderson. we aren't going to land any free agents worth landing between now and then so if you front load DJ's contract, it should make him happy AND allow us to actually build. you overpay him you lose a little bit. you lose a million or 2 a year off the cap that you wish you would have saved. you let him go......you lose everything.

we're looking at being wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy below the cap floor 12/13 and you're worried about overpaying the only guy obviously worth keeping. incredible.

they're even REQUIRED to spend the money now. so if they don't give it to him, they're going to be giving it to somebody even less deserving (diop-esque) and none of the 10 (maybe) point guards better than augustin are moving. they're signed long term or are retiring soon (nash/kidd). how you guys don't see this is mind blowing.

augustin/walker/henderson/biyombo/mullens and maybe thomas, plus either barnes/sullinger/hopefully davis is going to equate to a good solid core. we're going to win with that group. you don't know basketball if you don't see that. it's like looking at carolina's roster when they had felton, may, mccants, manual, noel, etc. when they were all underclassmen and losing regularly. have some patience, this group will win if kept intact.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 15, 2012 5:18:08 PM

The cap is going to go down due to the new CBA. Stars are still going to get their money...but the reduction HAS to come from somewhere. Those who get reduced are the average players. Today 8 million would be about 2 million too much for DJ. In two years it'd be about 4 million too much.

We've ALWAYS had to spin a minimum salary, and it's very easy to do it. We had a luxury tax team the year after we got swept in the 1st round until Jordan dumped players! We should NEVER overspend for average players.

For you to think losing DJ would mean us losing "everything"...well, I just don't know what to say to that. Kobe Jr. I guess?

Posted by: spectre | Feb 16, 2012 5:46:19 AM

I would have said DJ and Henderson as the core of young players. Nobody else on the current roster worthy of that monicker. Was watching the 4th qtr of Portland Golden State game last night and Nate Robinson had 20 points and was feeling it then the game was on the line and he needed the ball in his hands, head down,poor decisions, poor shots and no points in the last 2 minutes. For a second I thought I was watching the Bobcats game and it was Kemba (a.k.a Mr Hollow Points), So if you haven't figured out why those 4 players were named Henderson (Jordan likes him although it was Larry Brown who pushed for him to be drafted), Kemba and Byombo (of course you can't admit you made a mistake with these two as they are part of the "plan") and Mullens (see what you get for virtually nothing proving the small market approach). Keep drinking the Kool-Aid spectre your Jonestown will soon be here!

Posted by: True BBall Fan | Feb 16, 2012 7:16:29 AM

Of course you would...as you've repeatedly demonstrated you have no problem proclaiming average players "The Core" and giving them a bloated contract.

The sad thing is you (and others) hating on our rookies who have played pretty darn well after only 25 some odd games w/ no training camp/off season and a coach who hates to call plays. Kemba has been the best player on the court more times than not regardless of having no real offensive force to help him and a sieve of a backcourt on defense. Bismack is as raw as they come...but already he's showing flashes of what he could develop into.

And you call yourself a "true" fan. IMO there's a lot of people professing to be Bobcats' fans who have no idea what the word "true" means. They're much more interested in their own little petty agendas.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 16, 2012 8:44:40 AM

BTW...NBA Rookie Rankings:

3. Kemba Walker - Charlotte Bobcats

The song remains the same for Walker -- the 'Cats keep losing, but Walker keeps scoring. And in their latest contest, Walker nearly helped Charlotte to an upset over the Sixers, scoring 21 points with five assists Video in a 98-89 loss. Walker earned the praise of Sixers coach Doug Collins, who said afterward, "It's no surprise Michael Jordan would like him ... He has no fear." In his last five games Walker has averaged 17.4 points, but even more impressive is Walker's handling of the rock -- he has just six turnovers in his last six games combined.
-- Feb. 15

At least he's getting recognized outside the "true" fans.

Posted by: spectre | Feb 16, 2012 8:56:54 AM

Kimba Walker is another Nate Robinson only without the shot.

Posted by: bg | Feb 16, 2012 11:36:00 AM

Ok Kemba may not be the man but can anyone shine with the team around him currently. And he wills wins almost. get rid of DJ for something of value but don't pay him $8mm a year. Now granted we thought nothing of paying thomas (glass) that and he sucks.
Kemba may not be ultimate long term point guard for us but I think Curry or a draft pick in two years could be the ticket and make him perfect 6th man guard anyway

Posted by: Chris | Feb 17, 2012 11:07:04 AM

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