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March 06, 2012

Charlotte Bobcats, Boris Diaw need to part ways

Boris Diaw and the Charlotte Bobcats need an amicable divorce.

There’s nothing left to tie Diaw and the Bobcats except the remaining guarantee on a $9 million salary. Diaw’s contract expires after this season and the chances of him playing here beyond that are slightly better than me guessing Wednesday’s winning Powerball numbers.

I’m sure he’d love a reunion with former Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’Antoni, as a New York Knick. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind returning to Phoenix, where I believe he still owns a home.

Any relocation would be beneficial, because Diaw isn’t doing much to help the Bobcats on the court, and that will no doubt be reflected in his playing time the rest of the season.

Diaw will be 30 at the end of this, his ninth NBA season. The rebuilding Bobcats have two younger power forwards in Tyrus Thomas and D.J. White. Getting Thomas out of his slump and further exploring White’s potential are both better investments, long-term, than continuing to play Diaw for long stretches in the last 30 games.

Former Bobcats coach Larry Brown loved Diaw’s wide skill set (he might be the most versatile player in Bobcats history). That meant Brown looked past Diaw’s nonchalance. Whenever I asked Brown about Diaw’s lack of intensity, Brown would shrug and say, “He’ll never change.’’

Now-Bobcats coach Paul Silas is less forgiving of Diaw’s laissez-faire approach. Diaw and Silas have never had good player-coach chemistry, and I can’t see that changing, certainly not between now and the season’s conclusion in late April.

There are two ways to handle this: The Bobcats could make a deal between now and the Mar. 15 trade deadline, exchanging Diaw for a draft pick or a young player. That’s difficult because the other team would likely have to send a salary similar to Diaw’s back to Charlotte. The Bobcats are protective of their salary-cap room this summer, so they’re not going to take on a burdensome contract just to trade Diaw.

In the alternative, Diaw could offer to give up some of his remaining salary in return for the Bobcats waiving him. That, in NBA terminology, is a buyout, and Diaw’s agent has already broached the subject to Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins.

That would have to happen soon after the trade deadline. Diaw would have to be waived by Mar. 23 to be eligible for another team’s playoff roster. Presumably, he’d be doing this to sign with a playoff team. And presumably only playoff contenders would be looking to rent him for the rest of the season.

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his buyout should require him to pay gana diop's salary next year.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 6, 2012 3:24:26 PM

I still don't understand why Silas continues to let Diaw play. He certainly isn't helping the team win. Given his lack of effort and his extreme reluctance to shoot the ball, I would deactivate him for the remainder of his Bobcats tenure.

Posted by: Yo Yo | Mar 6, 2012 3:35:19 PM

Free Diaw, let the younguns play

Posted by: jiyugh | Mar 6, 2012 3:50:12 PM

Diaw should pay back his entire salary from this year.

Posted by: James | Mar 6, 2012 3:56:10 PM

So let me get this straight: Diaw's $9 mil comes off the books regardless of what happens right? So if he agrees to let's say a $7 mil buyout then the cats are saving $2 mil but still getting the same amount of cap space this summer?

Posted by: apauldds | Mar 6, 2012 4:02:09 PM

Dissapointed in Diaw. This is why the NBA's system is so flawed. Guys earn a 10 million dollar contract then they can decide to take nights off, lolly-gag, do what they want and they are still guaranteed thier salary.

There needs to be some kind of incentive these contracts for a player to play up to the level of the contract or else it can be restructured or cut entirely.

Posted by: Smitty | Mar 6, 2012 4:07:22 PM

Agreed, Smitty. Lots of guys with long-term deals play hard because of professional pride. But there are some players who put it in the deep freeze if they have a big contract, and their teams are stuck with these bad deals. That is a big problem in the NBA.

Posted by: Gso Cats Fan | Mar 6, 2012 4:19:53 PM

What really ticks me off about this situation is the fact that Diaw and his agent couldn't just shut the #$@% up and let the organization try to work a trade. Now that they've mentioned a buyout in public, his trade value has diminished. We will be lucky to trade him for a bag of chips. I'm sick of these players trying to force the team's hand just so they can go to a contender and piggyback a championship.

Posted by: Piff | Mar 6, 2012 4:26:55 PM

"The rebuilding Bobcats have two younger power forwards in Tyrus Thomas and D.J. White."

Tyrus Thomas may have been thought of as a Power Forward in previous seasons, but this season he is a scrawny small forward with a below average outside shot.

He used to be an upcoming Gerald Wallace type player. Now he is more of a Matt Carroll type has-been.

Posted by: TTimeNot | Mar 6, 2012 4:36:34 PM

Thomas played hard last year, got his contract, and now he's just another overpaid player.

Posted by: whatever | Mar 6, 2012 5:05:46 PM

Before we pin all the blame on Diaw, and he certainly deserves a lot of it, let's not overlook Silas' coaching ability. Or inability. He's a nice guy, no doubt. But his winning percentage is .455 in his career. How he maintains a job as a head coach is beyond me. Get a young, up-and-coming coach and I'm pretty sure he coaches this team to more than 4 victories in 35 tries. That's pathetic. Don't believe what I'm saying...just watch tonight's game and check out the plays that are called out of a timeout. There's no better judge of coaching than that.
.455...that's a joke.

Posted by: MP | Mar 6, 2012 5:29:48 PM

MP, you can call that a joke if you want to but look at the teams he was given.......he coached the hornets successfully and has had losing stops with the clippers, the cavs (until lebrons rookie year), and now the rebuilding or rather unbuilt bobcats.

phil jackson couldn't coach this team to a 30 win record.

as for your statement of it not being all on diaw, it isn't. you can blame silas' system or whatever, but he and DJ were looking GREAT in it the first several games of the season. i don't know what happened from there and then DJ got hurt and it went way down hill. I would imagine the guy was completely unmotivated by playing and losing with a bunch of young'ns and the team telling him he wouldn't be back regardless of how well he played. that's my guess.

he SHOULD have been motivated by it being a contract year but I'm guessing he's as nonchalant about money as he is about basketball.

at the end of the day though, i didn't notice a huge lack of effort just a huge lack of leadership when there was a huge void. maybe guys just didn't like boris. maybe guys didn't listen when he tried. but every night you watch the guy play, sure he passes up shots but he also boxes out EVERY single play. he runs the floor every single play. and as much as it KILLS me that the guy doesn't exert himself more.......we can't say that everybody else on the roster is boxing out and running the floor every single play.

it sucks cause he could have been the perfect fit as a glue guy off the bench for the rebuild, but the fans here hate the guy in general (even though charlotte sports fans are mostly ignorant and hated john fox and jake delhomme too) and its just run its course.

i say we just don't buy the guy out. we just bench him. eff him. if he wants to ball out, he can do it here. if he wants to ball out elsewhere, he can do so next year. if we wanted to save money we should have cut cory higgins before his contract became guaranteed.

or not made the dampier trade summer before last.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 6, 2012 5:44:01 PM

MP: that's the exact same comment I heard about Sam Vincent and Larry Brown...so do we just keep churning coaches and players?

Just a small observation...when Crash was a Bobcat, you could count on him making a play in 8 out of 10 games that would just make you get up out of your seat and go WOW! He might not have been the best player ever to play in Charlotte, but he was the most exciting - perhaps ever - and he gave 150% night in and night out. I was just comparing him to Diaw and Thomas and the rest of the team. When was the last time you felt the entire team gave 150% and when was the last time a Bobcat player made you stand up and say WOW!

Posted by: Dikembe Mutombo | Mar 6, 2012 6:13:05 PM

I really doesn't understand some comments.
Sure Diaw is frustrating, but why talking about that THIS season ?
It's certainly not the moment to judge him, and I am not sure we can judge Silas this season too.
Why ? because they are tanking like they never did before.
The goal this year is to get the best chances of getting a good pick. How can you blame players this season for not being motivated when owner is clearly asking to play for a good pick ?

And nobody was talking that much of Diaw attitude when he came here with Bell and they helped to turn this team into a interesting team, even if they got swept in playoffs.

Why this team is like that today ?
Certainly not mainly because of trade that brought Diaw here, but because of trades like Chandler out, like Jackson in, Maggette in, Wallace out, Felton walking away for nothing...

It doesn't help anything to put everything on Diaw, or Silas, just because they are the last guys to be here since lots of mistakes happened.

Posted by: Gil | Mar 6, 2012 6:41:15 PM

My point is this...if they're rebuilding their roster, do they really want to leave it in the hands of an older, below-average coach? Is the plan to get better, younger players (yes), and then have Silas coach these young guys up? He hasn't proven he can do it with other teams. I don't care what the talent level was where he was before....if he were a good coach, other teams, good teams, would have sought him out for his services. They didn't. They haven't. He's a stopgap coach who was hired on the cheap. The Bobcats need to focus as much on the coaching staff as they do on rebuilding their roster.
One last thing...have you seen the effort these guys put forth? It's pathetic. They're going through the motions. If that isn't a sign of bad coaching, I don't know what is.

Posted by: MP | Mar 6, 2012 6:52:42 PM

The Tarheels beat the Bobcats in a seven game series! Game 6 and 7 not needed!

Posted by: joe cool | Mar 6, 2012 6:59:53 PM


You clearly don't know much about either the NBA or Silas. Silas is old, yes. His winning % may be slightly below .500, yes. So that technically makes him an older, below average coach, if you go purely by numbers. Fact is that he was(and remains) the best coach in Hornets franchise history. He took a team that underperformed under Dave Cowens and eeked the best playoff performances out of those squads. He also developed young talent on those teams like Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, Eddie Robinson, Brad Miller and Jamaal Magloire. Maybe you've heard of a couple of them.

In Cleveland, he successfully developed DeJuan Wagner, Carlos Boozer and LeBron(who might have other-worldly talent, but you can't deny that his transition to the pros was seamless, thanks largely to Silas).

So he has a proven track record of being able to develop young players. The fact that some players on the Cats lolligag and don't hustle(Diaw) has nothing to do w/ coaching ability. For Diaw, it probably has to do more with the fact that he's a soft Euro-forward than the fact that he lacks motivation.

If you think it's so easy to hire a 'good' coach, then why don't more teams do it? It's not a matter of getting a 'stop-gap on the cheap.' It's because it is extremely difficult to achieve success as a coach in the NBA. Who would you suggest they hire? It's not like good young coaches just grow on trees. The kind of gamble you want the team to take is precisely what they did w/ Sam Vincent. Vincent might have gotten the job b/c of his friendship w/ Jordan, but he was still a young coach on a successful coaching staff(Dallas). Very few coaches are sitting out there w/ sterling coaching resumes just waiting for a job, much less one w/ the Bobcats. You need to get real and realize that this is a rebuilding phase, the team is going to be bad, and in reality the front office probably doesn't want Silas to succeed to the point that the Cats move out of last place and a 25% share of the lottery balls for the draft.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 6, 2012 10:04:36 PM

Boris is not the reason the Bobcats are a bad team. He may be a portion of it, but certainly not the reason. The team, coaching staff and management need a complete overhaul. Biyombo and Walker are the only ones who get a pass. Silas needs to hang up coaching. He may be a great guy and formerly a good coach. That TI e has passed. Biyombo and Walker aren't even getting a fair shake. Is anybody helping them develop? If you think Diaw is the only one who wants out, you're mistaken. He's just the only one you've heard about. There is at least one more that has asked for a trade. Don't know if he will get it, but he wants it. I don't blame them, I would want out too.

Posted by: Digal704 | Mar 7, 2012 1:09:22 AM

Digal, DJ asked for a trade, that's fairly common knowledge, but he's smart enough to not tell anyone publicly because that kills his value. As to Boris, he is the most talented player on the team, yet he's the least productive. If I were the Bobcats, I wouldn't buy him out until after the deadline for him to join a playoff team. And as for Silas, like Jeff Van Gundy said this past weekend at the Sloan Conference, he should get Coach of the Year -- he's being paid to lose games! Rich Cho was hired as GM to rebuild the team, and that's going according to plan.

Posted by: onewhoknows | Mar 7, 2012 3:05:39 AM

Nothing left to say except what took you so long. I would have gotten rid of him last year. He wanders around the court like a doofus passing up high percentage shots for some stupid pass that results in a turnover or a missed outside prayer at the buzzer. If I hear one more time how talented he is I'm going to throw up. Where is the proof? The guy has no heart. MJ was not only talented but he was one of the fiercest competitors in any sport. Talent without desire is worthless. Give the guy a pocket full of francs and a one way bus ticket and let's move on. Go Cats!! Bismack may be raw but he is proving he wants to play. Diaw wants to ride around town on a scooter and contribute if he feels like it. Good riddance.

Posted by: Claydog | Mar 7, 2012 6:15:56 AM

Gso Cats fan, guys "that play hard because of professional pride", you mean like Gerald Wallace?

Apparently there's no room in the inn for a Gerald Wallace...

Posted by: George Hanson | Mar 7, 2012 7:16:03 AM

I cannot begin to express how much I will rejoice when Doris Meow is outta here. We should have traded him when he had some value last season, or at the very beginning of this season. His manner is beyond explanation, beyond being "French". Diaw frankly is a spoiled brat, who plays the game at his own choosing. I wouldn't do the guy any favors...either the buyout is big money or he can rot at the end of the bench, retreiving sweaty towels for those who really want to play.

Posted by: Bassman | Mar 7, 2012 8:40:13 AM

The difference between Boris this year and in previous years is this: in the past, he would fade in and out of productivity due to (a) lack of effort; (b) lack of focus; (c) lack of conditioning; or (d) thinking about his next meal. Now, there's no fading in and out, he's just taking every single game off. I can't believe it has taken Silas this long to bench him. If we can't trade him, I would not work a buyout for him just so he'll be obligated to sit at the end of the bench every night.

Posted by: Yo Yo | Mar 7, 2012 9:02:57 AM

I'm just curious...do you think there is any way we could have an exhibition at the end of the year where the current NC Tarheels would face the current Bobcats? Wouldn't this be great? Have Biyumbo face up against Zeller? Play the game at the cable box? Should be easy to schedule. I think it would be interesting to have the nation's best basketball team (or one of them) play the worst professional team and see how it would play out. When I look at UNC and Kentucky, I do see professional teams playing in college. I wonder what the odds would be for UNC Bobcats? I'd say Bobcats by 10-12.

Posted by: Jo Jo White | Mar 7, 2012 9:21:37 AM

I'm happy for Diaw, watching this train wreck can't be fun. Yes he has been inconsistent in previous years but this season after the first 15 games he basically shut it down. Hope DJ finds some place good no need to waste his talent with these clowns. Silas is here because he is being paid to lose, when they have enough of a core of young players I'm sure him and his clipboard cronies will be gone.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Mar 7, 2012 10:20:46 AM

Jo Jo, Ben Swanson at Rufus On Fire addressed that yesterday:


Posted by: Clay | Mar 7, 2012 10:28:32 AM

Jo Jo, not sure that it would be legal under NCAA guidelines. Would be fun though. Still think the Bobcats would win.
For you Silas haters, what are you going to do? Pay a high priced coach to come here and lose? Not if it were your money. Silas is a coach that wants tough players, not softies like Boris. This isn't Europe, it's the NBA. We're seeing Bis develope into a really good player. Keep Silas in here for another year, then look for an upgrade if you need to. But get the foundation set for years to come first.

Posted by: DT | Mar 7, 2012 10:31:01 AM

Don't trade Diaw and don't buyout his contract....let the ass sits on the bench until the end of the season. 9 million should be spent on the homeless shelter here in Charlotte than given to Doris, who take nights off every game. These were the stupid deals that Coach Brown took....traded Richardson for Doris and Bell. Both Richardson and Jured Dudley are playing premier basketball. The Do is lazy and he don't care is his attitude. Doris should be deactivated for the remainder of the season.

Posted by: Bobcat | Mar 7, 2012 12:31:22 PM

On the Bobcats so far: http://bit.ly/ytNwyC

Posted by: Grady | Mar 7, 2012 1:02:05 PM

anybody saying diaw doesn't play hard and doesn't hustle CLEARLY DOESN'T WATCH THE GAMES. the guy runs the floor and boxes out every single play. what he doesn't do is take over games and aggressively score or play make on offense. he's far more likely to be complacent, pass the ball and set screens and OCCASIONALLY take an open 3.

but he doesn't just lollygag around like i am seeing it put here. that's just not factual. the problem we have with the guy is that he doesn't score and he's probably the teams most viable scoring threat under the roster as currently constructed. but that could also be said about his entire career. he's 6'8 with a big body AND mobility AND handles. AND a soft touch at the basket AND a jumper AND post moves AND a high basketball IQ.

what he lacks is the alpha male personality that one needs to score 25 ppg. he doesn't give an eff how many points he scores, he just plays. part of that is great but part of it is HORRIBLE. he is the ideal 5th option on a great team, he is the absolute abomination of a go-to guy on a horrible team.

that's the problem we have with him right now. everybody else got hurt and he should have filled the role for a few weeks and he just didn't do anything above what he's been doing.

but you can't look at stats for the guy, his boxing out gets our guards a ton of rebounds but it doesn't get himself one, but watch the guy play. watch him. actually effing watch him and not reading the stat sheet to make opinions. the guy plays. he plays hard. he does his job. he just doesn't accumulate stats EVERY night. some nights his stats are ridic, others its empty.

but truth is.......we should all be thanking diaw because if he had played his ass off this year in his contract year, we would be facing a lower chance at getting davis/barnes/sullinger than we do now.

so for that, I thank you boris diaw. forever and ever. give the man a statue for preserving the dream of a true franchise guy in charlotte. finally.

i've changed my mind, let's reward this great man with his desired buyout and or just straight release and allow him to go play his floor game elsewhere.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 7, 2012 2:47:55 PM





Posted by: Rahshon Gamble | Mar 7, 2012 6:40:28 PM

you are seriously idiotic. why would we want to take back horrible contracts and no talent for some of our ONLY talented players just to move diaw. seriously. do you have a brain?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 8, 2012 1:17:15 PM

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