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April 25, 2012

Michael Jordan deserves scrutiny, but Larry Brown's jab felt more like revenge

If you want to write off Michael Jordan as the guy who shouldn’t be wearing a hockey jersey in Chicago when his NBA team is withering back in Charlotte, more power to you.

If you want to conclude Rod Higgins is a paper-pusher whose job security hinges on being a Friend-of-Mike, I won’t waste breath debating you (though I think that defines over-simplification).

Here’s what trumps all that: Larry Brown turned Jordan and Higgins into victims on national radio Wednesday. It was shabby and silly and petty. Somebody – I guess it’s my job by default -- needs to explain what really happened.

LB says Jordan’s people didn’t have a “clue’’ and made him “sick’’ and were “spies.’’

Here’s what I saw: Rod Higgins (who I’ve had more than a few battles with) put up graciously with hundreds of hours of all the garbage that comes with being Larry’s personnel guy.

 Ask Billy King. Ask Donnie Walsh. You think I haven’t? Larry is a magnificent maniac. He has a savant quality when it comes to basketball, but he’s loopy; overreacts to whatever he last saw. Like a crab in the sand, searching for the next feed.

He wants to make trades that would work for five minutes and cost the franchise five years.

As much as LB professes “play the right way’’ (and he believes that), he’s also manipulative and fickle and vindictive. I love the guy for his genius, but I wrote this years before he ever came to Charlotte:

“Larry makes you better…Larry makes you crazy…Larry makes his exit.’’

It used to be that “Good Larry’’ dynamic lasted five seasons (Indiana, Philly). Lately (New York, Charlotte) the exasperation exceeds the genius way too quickly. Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson were true believers, and then the day before the start of training camp two years ago Larry told them the front office had sold everyone out and they’d be terrible.

That’s probably not the best message to send to your two key players entering a season. Whatever purpose LB intended, Wallace and Jackson saw this as renouncement. Imagine your parents telling you, “You’ll be nothing….uh, sorry.’’

So three months later it was evident the Bobcats stopped believing in the guy who stopped believing in them. And 1½ years later Brown gets a national forum and turns the knife ever so slowly. It feels way too Mafia-like: Revenge is best served cold, ya know?

     I think there are a lot of legitimate reasons to scrutinize the Bobcats. I’ve written that regularly over the duration of their existence: Rudy Gay vs. Adam Morrison? Come on. Not trading up for draft rights to CP3 or Deron Williams? Yadda, yadda, yadda.

     But what Brown did on radio and what Sam Vincent did in the Washington Post is so self-serving, so childish, that it reflects far more on them than Jordan or anyone who works for the Bobcats.

     Rip them for what they deserve. Don’t exploit bad times to settle old grudges. It’s tacky.

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Completely agree, the worst decision MJ made was hiring LB. if nothing else changed we would've still had emeka

Posted by: Spaceman mike | Apr 25, 2012 10:31:59 PM

Let's be honest about Larry. A lot of the moves the Bobcats made during his tenure was because LARRY wanted them and he wouldn't stop his constant bichn until the office made horrible trades for some of the worst contracts in the league at the time. One of the people MJ didn't say 'no' to enough is Larry Brown.

Posted by: Downtown Sports | Apr 25, 2012 11:12:44 PM

He made trades that cost the franchise years because he was trying to win! The trades made after he left will cost the franchise for years because they are trying to lose! Can't believe someone is crying for Emeka! How many all star games has he been in and all the playoff wins! Brown and Vincent told the truth! Something wrong in America! People have a problem with hearing the truth! People told me I had a bad attitude when I said this will be the worst team in the history of the game before the season! People can't handle the truth!

Posted by: joe cool | Apr 25, 2012 11:26:08 PM

Rick, I'm pleasantly surprised with your take on this but I do take issue with one comment you made and would love to hear your response. You mention scrutinizing the Bobcats on legitmate issues like "Rudy Gay vs. Adam Morrison? Come on." I abosutely agree that this was a no brainer at the time in my eyes and I was very upset the moment Morrison's name was called on draft night. However, I'm certain that there was a very large contention of support for the so called next Larry Bird amongst local fans and I'm pretty sure you along with other local media were leading that charge with your opinions that he should be the pick that year. I wish I had access to some of your blogs from back then but if you disagree, please let it be known. To me, that was the biggest and most avoidable mistake the franchise has ever made. It seemed to obviously be a move to pacify the local fanbase who weren't too happy with... Anyway, I was in the number with those advocating to trade up for CP3 but I could see how it made sense for a young upstart franchise to maximize lottery picks in the hopes of getting two quality pieces. I know you were talking about Bobcats history in general with that comment but I would also point out that Jordan wasn't even with the team during the Felton/May draft and I recall he had only been with the team a week or so before the Morrison pick so I question if that decision was based solely or even majorly based on Jordan's opinion because he hadn't even been with the team long enough to have a big involvement with the pre-draft evaluation process. Its gonna take time for this team to be good and us true fans will remain loyal. I believe Jordan has the drive and determination to be a successful franchise owner. Time will tell.

Posted by: Real Talk | Apr 26, 2012 12:05:36 AM

Hey all, it has been a while since I posted on here but hey, after a 7 win season, I had to say something.

Rick knows what I am saying!!! If they would have kept Alan Anderson none of this would of happened. They Matt Carroll and look what he turned out after 5 years, and then where is Morrison, then they sent away the infamous "CRASH". Dude I was telling y'all, AA would have kept this team a little stable. I mean check what he has been doing:


Hey, MJ was there during that decision!!!

Posted by: 800Styles | Apr 26, 2012 1:54:31 AM

So now telling the truth is "revenge"?

Posted by: DougDoo | Apr 26, 2012 6:39:05 AM

My name is Bill Gullion. I was the assistant general manager in charge of Charlotte operations for the Carolina Cougars of the American Basketball Association from 1971 through 1974 and involved in what may have been the best professional basketball team in Charlotte history with the likes of Billy Cunningham, Joe Caldwell, Mack Calvin, etc on the court.

In the last few days, I've read about all the accusations regarding the current Charlotte franchise. I know and admire Larry Brown. He was a fine player and an even better coach. If I have ever been in a position to hire him, I wouldn't have had a second thought about doing so. But, for all his positives, Larry has his drawbacks. He'll never be totally satisfied with any job he holds so you must be prepared to deal with his complaints. I believe Carl Scheer, the Cougars general manager, did the best job of doing this. Larry knows basketball and is extremely good at teaching the fundamentals of the game, but he can certainly be 'a pain in the ass' at times.

The Charlotte Bobcats? They are victims of the same ills that hampered the Hornets. Extremely poor ownership and organization. Unfortunately, the league nor the fans can do anything about this. The NBA can't make Michael Jordan sell the franchise (which he should). I live in Atlanta. For years, Falcon fans were victimized by the Smith family, who rarely did anything right. Once they left, a good owner Arthur Blank took over. He has made Atlanta a constant contender.

Michael Jordan, who had a horrendous record with the Washington franchise making one of the worst #1 draft choices in NBA history, is repeatng himself in Charlotte. Strong active ownership and a good organization bring championships. Charlotte has neither and won't have until there is a change in ownership and adminstration.

Posted by: Bill Gullion | Apr 26, 2012 9:53:41 AM

Nice way to suck up to Jordan since you are an irrelevant sportswriter in your own town and the team you "cover" will not even give you the time of day. Larry did not have anything negative to say about Jordan, more about the FOMs which many people have been saying for years. Larry Brown gave Jordan what he wanted a playoff team. Jordan and Higgins could both have said no to any trade. Laying the Bobcats current situation on Larry Brown is nonsense. Larry Brown didn't piss away a 13MM trade cap exception to Dallas for nothing that lies in Mr Higgins lap. A true reporter needs to remove their own agenda when writing a story. If you cant then post it in the editorial section.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Apr 26, 2012 10:05:49 AM

I didn't rip Higgins for being a Friend-Of-Mike; I ripped him because he's done a rotten job recently. Exactly why do we have 2 GMs? (Don't feed me the company line that Higgins has a different job title. He and Cho both act as GMs.) I mean, can anyone really say with a straight face that Cory Higgins is on the team for any other reason than that he is Rod's son? His play is absolutely atrocious. For the 15 minutes Reggie Williams has been healthy, his alleged sharp-shooting has not been present. And if there is any such thing as a 100% unpardonable sin, trading for Gana Diop is it.

If I performed my job duties at the same level Higgins has done his the last 3 years, I would have been fired 2.5 years ago. If Jordan has an ounce of sense, he will send Higgins packing and tell the rest of the front office, "Cho has first, last and only say on who will wear a Bobcats uniform going forward." He's the only one in the front office that has actually built a winning team from ground zero to playoffs. (Side question: Did Cho hire Brooks in OKC? If so, apply the same edict to who will be the coach.) Then we need to figure out who to pick with that 4th pick we're going to have. The lottery is completely fixed, and New Jersey, Phoenix and Houston will get the top 3 picks. Davey Boy seems to like it just fine for the Western Conference to make the East look like a bunch of JV squads, and I'm sure he wants the best rookie under the big lights in the new gym in Brooklyn.

As for LB, who cares? He's a crybaby who always finds a way to blame others every time he leaves or loses a job. Let him rot in obscurity at SMU.

Posted by: J | Apr 26, 2012 10:57:13 AM

I dont care how much of a rebuilding program you are working on, this season has been inexcusable. You shoud be able to stay near 25% wins in a rebuilding year.
Here's a message to the Bobcats - dont call us trying to sell us season tickets when you have such a poor product.
I did not like the Larry Brown firing and like even less the Silas hiring and S. Silas apprenticeship program.
Hoping things start to turn following the draft. We shall see.

Posted by: BD | Apr 26, 2012 12:07:45 PM

Rick, I was NEVER angered by your writing the way I am by this piece of political crap. I appreciate your "insider reporting", but if you think that this vicious attack on your former "idol" is a fair price to pay to maintain your "insider" status [not to be cut from your sources] - man, this is UGLY and beneath contempt. I know - we all know - how vindictive Jordan can be (remember his HOF induction speech?) but still, you're going way too far in pandering to him.

Larry Brown led this hapless franchise to its best season, and now you write: "He wants to make trades that would work for five minutes and cost the franchise five years." FIVE MINUTES?!! Yeah right, must've been that FIVE minutes season that I missed.

When Larry Brown coached here, you kept lavishing praise on him, and your self-quote (“Larry makes you better…Larry makes you crazy…Larry makes his exit.") can't change this.
Not all your readers are idiots, Rick, and all those who aren't remember very well how you defended Larry against criticism by fans, reminded us constantly of his winning record, and of the need to be patient until results will show up (and yes, they did!).
You praised many of the trades he asked for, since (some of them, at least) improved the team. He was almost intangible for criticism in your articles in the first two seasons ('08-'09 and '09-'10).

Larry showed a lot more restraint and class in his attack on the 'Cats management than you did in your "no holds barred" onslaught on him now. And sure, he's the one you choose to blame for giving up on the team early in his third season here - not Jordan's decisions that led him to this.

Larry Brown was simply honest, and far from being "brutally honest". He avoided attacking Jordan's decisions directly, and he still kept to himself the reasons that made him basically give up on the team in the '10-'11 season.

The roster was weakened by not keeping Felton and Chandler, and coach Brown was in no mood to deal with a weaker team than the one he led to the playoffs. "We're moving up NOW, or I don't care about this mess anymore" he seemed to be saying (not in so many words, but in the way he worked with the team before getting fired!). And, at that time, there was no rebuilding plan yet. There was just the owner holding very tight his purse strings, more so after they got swept by the Magic.

Honestly Rick, we still know a lot more from what was going on with the team at that time from your articles than from Larry Brown's statements - partly so candid, largely still veiled.

All this is not to say that Larry Brown was a holy man who did only great things for this franchise. Various fans (including myself) have posted many comments, criticizing player personnel moves that were LB inspired.
Still, this fact remains: Larry Brown took this franchise to its best season so far (44-38), and the decline was started by Jordan's "savings" moves in 2010 - which caused the coach to become as disgusted as the players themselves could see. It went all downhill since then, and the Bobcats are very successful at the wrecking part of the "wreck and rebuild" plan, triggered by the Gerald Wallace trade.

How successful the rebuilding part of it will be, only time will tell. I find laughable the pompous statements of those who are so sure that this team will reach greatness in the next few seasons. But, I can't agree with the gloom and doom prophets either, who are so sure that this team will be forever bad - until MJ will sell it.

I'll simply say that sacrificing two seasons ('10-'11 and '11-'12), with the third one on the way (because next season MUST be better, but it still can't be expected to be a winning one), for the sake of uncertain hopes of greatness in the future is, in my opinion, rotten and unconscionable.

Regardless of how this rebuilding scheme will turn out, there was a different way, of continuing patiently the gradual improvement of this team, without wrecking whole seasons and then asking the fans to live in dreams of future success while ignoring the current strong stink this franchise produces.
And also, it's so unfair to coach Silas - a proven winner with the Hornets - to have him going through this misery.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 26, 2012 12:44:40 PM

A couple of questions as we wind down this horrid year.

One, were we in better shape as a first year expansion team in 2004 than now? Another, how many D1 teams do you could beat the Bobcats on their home court.

When I was thinking about rebuilding, I was thinking about that first year with the Bobcats' expansion guys. Remember the bobcat who scored the first points, made the first turnover, and hit the first free-throws in the history of the Bobcats franchise? Also, which early Bobcat player was once known as the best 3-point shooter in the league? Answer these questions and you qualify to win free Bobcats tickets in May.

Posted by: George Iceman | Apr 26, 2012 2:10:49 PM

Sandy makes many fine points. But Rick's defense of Higgins smacks of "corporate spin". As other posters said, forget the "friend of Mike" aspect, even though it is undeniable relative to how Higgins got his job or keeps it. Show me how Higgin's work, and RESULTS, are worthy of him keeping his job? They are not. Show me how his body of work prior to being hired here demonstrated his excellence as a GM? You cannot. Explain how this franchise, under such inept leadership, can ever be expected to regain, much less maintain, a winning and competitive standard of excellence worthy of the brand JORDAN? They will not...unless the leadership here is top flight (pun intended). Michael Jordan is a very valuable person as owner of this franchise. He's taking a lot of crap, and deserves some of it. But how many other teams would love to have a native son, who happens to be the greatest player of all time, as the owner of the franchise? MJ may be part of the problem, but he's far more the KEY to the SOLUTION. The hiring of Cho was a good one, but Higgins (and perhaps Whitfield) represents the worst of this franchise. His decisions have proven flawed, poor and downright negligent (hiring his son and keeping him over and above LOTS of better talent options may be good for family unity but it is a hideous misuse of his position, the franchise and the fans). For all his greatness, Jordan is crippled as long as he hangs onto bad employees.

Posted by: Bassman | Apr 26, 2012 2:22:31 PM

You can isolate the diop, dampier, and thomas trades and say " we could have just.....not done that" and this franchise would have way more cap room, way less losses financially over the past 2 years, and an additional 1st round pick.

None of those moves made any real sense regardless of the needs addressed. Any other employee of any job doing that kind of horrible work wouldn't be retained. No effing way.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 26, 2012 2:26:14 PM

I think Sandy hit the nail on the head. Bravo.

Shame on your Rick. Guess there's a price to pay for getting 'insider' access. Stand by the phone and wait for MJ to not give you a call back for another 11 months, only to be his bidding for him when he gives you the slightest access.

Posted by: I used to sit near Buzz | Apr 26, 2012 4:18:34 PM

You make me sick, Rick. I haven't read your blog or articles much this season mainly because there isn't much news, but in previous years, I read your articles, and they sucked. Your articles didn't have any inside information, and the average Bobcats fan didn't really gain much from reading your articles; they were better off going to ESPN to gain knowledge on the team (FYI, that's not how it's supposed to work). For example, remember all of the times you got scooped by Yahoo! or other teams' beat writers? Now, with the team having little success, you have to jump on LB's honest opinion and take a stance in defending MJ because LB didn't return your phone calls. Remember Rick, "Don't exploit bad times to settle old grudges. It's tacky."

Posted by: 12 Minutes of Bobcats Energy | Apr 26, 2012 5:27:02 PM

Why do some of you who disagree with Rick's blog make your postings a personal attack against him. He's entitled to his opinion. I've been a season ticket holder since day one and I agree with all of you who think this team has been mismanaged,drafted poorly and made some terrible trades. I also believe Michael is a terrible owner but that doesn't give me the right to call Rick names or question his integrity.He's just trying to do his job. Oh, and you people that just hate on the Bobcats all the time,why do you read this blog anyway?
Now, let's win this lottery and let Cho do his job without any interference from Rod or Michael and put together a competitive team we can all enjoy watching.

Posted by: bflobillz | Apr 26, 2012 7:06:28 PM

I think Larry could have coached this team to at least 10 more wins this season. Rick you are the "yes man" for Michael in the media!

Posted by: cg362 | Apr 26, 2012 9:13:01 PM

Theres just no justification for the moves rod higgins has made. None whatsoever. Anybody defending higgins in any way, shape, or form....is just wrong. There is NOTHING right about that dude's lack of ability to handle the position jordan put him in.

Everybody harping on jordan has a lot of it wrong. Jordan is the owner now. As long as the checks don't bounce, he's doing his job. We want him to do LESS regarding personnel. Let jordan be semi hands on with player development and mentoring if he chooses but I wouldn't want any other owner playing gm, so i damn sure don't want him doing it either. Play your role.

And eliminating rod higgins' role entirely........IS part of jordan's job.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 26, 2012 9:15:24 PM

Yes, you are correct, it was PRIMOZ BREZEC, the Slovenian big man, who scored the first points, made the first free throws and committed the first turnover in Bobcats history. PRIMOZ is now in playing BB in Russia. And, yes, JASON KAPONO, was, for a time in 2007, regarded as the best career three-point scorer in NBA history. Others have since passed him, but stars KAPONO and BREZEC and LATER EMEKA OKAFOR were our Dell Curry, Alonzo Mourning, Larry Grandmama Johnson and Muggsy Bogues. Oh, the days.

Posted by: Rick Fox | Apr 26, 2012 9:45:35 PM

Really Rick?
You and everyone else at the paper with the exception of maybe Tom carry MJ's water. You always have you always will. You never break a story you basically just let everyone know you went to Carolina. The Bobcats are a disaster as is MJ. He is the problem. Stop defending him. Write about how utterly inept he is! He was a good player but he knows nothing about running a NBA franchise. Why anyone buys a ticket to watch that garbage is beyond me.

Posted by: jimbobob | Apr 26, 2012 10:28:54 PM

Brown exploited bad times to settle old grudges. Jordan exploited a Hall of Fame induction ceremony for a similar purpose. Heck , at least Brown's vindictiveness was a sober one. Point? They're both UNC-CHeat products and neither can claim any moral or professional high ground regardless of the circumstances. They are what they are and , yes , BOTH are "tacky." The carolina way.

Posted by: DevilDJ | Apr 27, 2012 8:56:39 AM

Well the season has been shot and put out of it's misery finally.
This article is actually pretty right on but but an owner did let this stuff happen also.
Facts: worst team ever and not alot of future draft picks etc.. to show for getting rid of really good players either mind you. Oh yeah and we still owe full blood for TT at some point. Half time shows and season ticket perks have dropped to pathetic levels. I mean when was the last time we paid someone to come entertain during halftime.
We have no real talent at all which really takes some work when you spent what we did. yes Gerald and DJ are decent but would they start on a top of conf team. Nope. BB and Walker show moments of hope but is either one gonna be a star. Nope. The rest of the team just stinks. Words like well we only lay them $2mm a year come up often.

The funnt thing is in this strange world of occupy wall street and complain about everything why isn't anyone protesting outside of Diop's house!!! How could he get paid that much and the man can't even run back to his side of court most plays. These guys make more in a year than most in the crowd will make in a lifetime. Do they feel no shame and why hasn't this ever come up.

MJ and team you should feel mortified and ashamed!!

Posted by: Chris | Apr 27, 2012 10:24:33 AM

Very, Very Insightful Comments from national experts....


Posted by: silasfan@yahoo.com | Apr 27, 2012 1:37:23 PM

Thank you Sandy for saving me a lot of time writing my plug. You've already said it all my friend. Absolutely on the money in every respect! Thank you!

Posted by: Mark Anders | Apr 27, 2012 10:39:38 PM

Sandy couldn't be more wrong....

The gradual build strategy gets you the atlanta hawks. Nobody has contended for a championship that way. Only the 2003 or 2004 pistons won with a group of mismatched parts thrown together and not built through the draft.

Additionally, Larry pushed for the diop trade, larry pushed for the tyrus thomas trade. Larry put the front office in a position of paying large luxury tax to retain a roster that just got swept by orlando in a series where dwight howard was ineffective and they still waxed us. They were forced to choose between thomas and felton and chose thomas. Felton was coming off jameer nelson owning the naming rights to his children and thomas was younger bigger showing more promise. Larry had a lot to do with that predicament. Sure rod higgins deserves 100% of the blame becuase he pulled the trigger but Larry was a coconspirator.

The tyson chandler trade however was inexplicable and I know larry had nothing to do with that or at least I hope not.

But the point is.....what rick said about larry's moves hurting the future were completely accurate. Even with felton, tyson chandler, wallace, jackson, we weren't going to be more than 7 seed in the east This year or last.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 28, 2012 11:11:06 AM

Rick Bonnell is an idiot

Posted by: Rick Bonnell is an idiot | Apr 28, 2012 11:55:46 AM

Sandy let him have it, alot of us have missed you and know why you've been gone!

Posted by: MJ | Apr 29, 2012 12:40:28 AM

charlottean, you proposed the rebuilding strategy before MJ adopted it. And MJ bought into it before he hired Cho (who was hired because he's in agreement with this vision).

I never agreed to it. It doesn't make sense to say you don't like a winning record and a low playoffs seed, but then, making NBA history and getting headlines all over the media as "the worst NBA team ever" is acceptable. It's not, each season matters as much as any other upcoming one. I wrote it repeatedly, banking on future dreams is loaded with uncertainty; as such, it's irresponsible. Gradual build-up means: do the best you can every season, and then, try to move another step up. Big contracts expire (Gerald W's and Jax's expire at the end of next season); you can either replace them when they expire, or trade them for REAL value in their expiring year. Also, teams can trade up in the draft. On the other hand, even if you get the top draft pick, success is not guaranteed; look at the Wizards and the Cavs, and they drafted well in recent years.
I know how opinionated your are, Ch., so I don't hope to change your mind. But, if you'll at least realize that you're not in possession of the one and only valid viewpoint, and that other people see reasons to affirm the validity of an opposite vision (without trying to convert you!) - that'll be fine.

As for LB: you know (and I mentioned it above) that I'm among those who criticized SOME of the player personnel moves made to please him. Still: 1. some of the trades he asked for improved the team, and as a result 2. he's the author of the 'Cats' best season (44-38) and sole playoffs appearance and 3. the ultimate responsibility for every trade (including, e.g. bringing Diop here to please Larry with getting a big defensive center) is with the boss man, Jordan, without whose approval nothing could be done.

I'm sorry you didn't get that my point in taking issue with Rick's horrible article above was certainly not that coach Brown is beyond criticism (you see, THAT was the manner in which Bonnell was writing on him in LB's first two seasons in Charlotte!), it was that this article is a very ugly, vicious, personal attack on Larry because he dared to speak out honestly on the 'Cats management (and still, Larry did it with a lot of self-restraint, leaving unspoken a lot more than he said).

Do you feel my bitterness, Ch.? You should. I was much happier as a Bobcats' fan when Larry took them to success (though, yeah, the man is not perfect or uncriticizable ...), and also, in their first three seasons, under Bernie, when they were losing, but you knew that 1. the team was doing its best (not doing some stinking tank-the-season exercise) and 2. the team was improving every year - until FOM Vincent took charge. You're not bitter, you keep on being one of the true believers in the "fail, as a way to the top!". Good for you, just understand that there are strong reasons to disagree with this mess.

Posted by: Sandy | Apr 29, 2012 3:25:05 AM

I just disagree completely with the idea that the team got worse because of the rebuild. I think the rebuild was forced because they couldn't afford to maintain the mediocrity.

I would much rather have a team built to last for 10 years as a contender than a team reliably good enough to make the playoffs and lose in round 1. That's just not exciting. I find watching the young'ns taking baby steps this year far more entertaining than watching jackson complain about everything and wallace walk away from game tying free throws for a non injury. Those guys were on the wrong side of 30. Continuing on that route was impossible because of all the dead cap contracts we had/have basically putting us in a fight with one hand behind our back.

I am really pissed to see portland fetch a probably top 7 pick in this year's draft for wallace but that was an idiotic desperate move by jersey which wasnt there a year ago.

It's 2010-2013 to kill deadweight and built a legit contender. Ask okc or indiana how it looks from their vantage point.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 29, 2012 10:52:14 AM

4 days after the season completion and still no word of Silas' fate.
It was really strange how the coaching staff said they could not install a zone defense due to the lack of training camp time.
Also, to read all the excused attributed to lack of training camp practice, lack of regular season practice, and so on - hey guys, you are pros, did you never play a zone defense before? You all get a lot of money to prepare and perform. You did not. Time to start the new coaching search and get the new regime in here for the draft prep.

Posted by: BD | Apr 30, 2012 12:19:01 PM


The whole "get worse to build for the long term" is predicated on one thing the ability to make good draft choices. The Bobcats have a history of making poor choices. The only 2 drafted players who are on the current roster who have shown growth and improvement at this point in time were pushed for by LB (DJ & Gerald).

The other problem with the strategy is the assumption that fans will continue to show up until a winner is produced. The people of Charlotte have never supported this team except when they play certain teams. The first 2 playoff games in Bobcat history were not sellouts. This isn't OKC where there is essentially nothing to do after OK & OK ST finish football season. College sports are more popular in Charlotte than pro sports. Can Jordan keep taking the losses to his pocket book and his ego? The attendence records distributed by the NBA are based on tickets not in the Bobcats possession meaning team giveaways and 2 for 1 count as tickets sold.

I agree with Sandy that the gradual approach is the better way to go. You cite that nobody has ever one this way except for Detroit, well nobody has ever won an NBA championship by destroying everything. Even if we draft well we still need a qualified coach/teacher to bring them along, we do not have one and the names being bounced around certainly don't qualify.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Apr 30, 2012 12:28:07 PM

Chicago destroyed everything, miami destroyed everything, boston destroyed everything, the lakers destroyed everything except kobe, san antonio had brilliant luck at the end of david robinsons career that he missed a year and then came back healthy to grab that one ring.......then they started over with duncan.

You can't say "DJ and hendo are the only ones" for several reasons. 1 - derrick brown. 2 - we didn't draft mullens, but he's working out for us. 3 - walker and biyombo were rookies with no offseason prep. you have to give young'ns more time.

prior draft picks worked out....felton is still a starter in this league and he made a lot of money this year. okafor though he has health issues that most big men do.....is not a bust at all. morrison and may had major injuries. you act like we picked guys that can't play. great draft picks happen to you more than you pick them. the thing about it is.......the probabilities go up for a superstar in the top 5. way more perennial all-stars top 5 than outside of the lottery. you get the one guy........it's easy to build around him.

derrick rose
kevin love
blake griffin
kevin durant
dwayne wade

there's one guy every year that turns into a 15 year franchise guy. it's like QB in football. sure the ravens won a superbowl without a legit QB but everybody else had a guy to build a franchise around.

i'm not big on walker at all. i didn't like the pick much and i don't like it any more at this point. but i'm still going to give him another year to see. plenty of guys take a minute and then explode.

biz on the other hand is money. dude was top 10 in blocks as a rookie playing 23 mpg. and the youngest in the league. he'll get better. guarantee that he works on that elbow jumper to the point that he hits 2 every game next year. he's going to be serge ibaka not diop. he might even be dwight howard'esque if he adds some weight over time. you just can't teach what he has. but the stuff he needs to work on, you can and he seems crazy willing to learn.

we blew it up, now we can build it back. this was not an all-time worst team. by circumstance they appear that way but augustin, henderson, our upcoming draft pick, biyombo, mullens......we have something here. i just hope we can keep it.

this is what it would have been had morrison and may never gotten injured. the way it's supposed to be built. people get impatient and do dumb things like overpay guys from other teams and make short sighted trades. if they put an end to that and show some patience, we will have a long term contender.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 30, 2012 4:05:26 PM

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