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July 12, 2012

Source: Charlotte Bobcats, point guard Ramon Sessions agree to terms

    The Charlotte Bobcats have an agreement in principle to sign veteran point guard Ramon Sessions, an informed source told the Observer Thursday.

               A contract signing is expected soon, as Sessions was traveling Thursday and unavailable to finish paperwork. The Observer first reported the Bobcats’ interest in signing Sessions Wednesday night.

               Sessions, a native of Myrtle Beach, will be playing for his fifth NBA team. The 6-foot-3 point guard has averaged 11.1 points and five assists over his NBA career, shooting 45 percent from the field.

               He finished out last season with the Los Angeles Lakers following a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round in 2007. He’s also played for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

               Sessions has had the occasional spectacular game: He holds the Bucks record for assists in a game with 24 (along with 20 points and eight rebounds) in a 2008 game against the Chicago Bulls. He also scored 44 points in a 2008 game against the Detroit Pistons.

               Sessions, who played college ball at Nevada, is known primarily for his driving ability; his jump shot is weaker by comparison. He figures to be a backup to second-year point guard Kemba Walker, offering a slightly taller alternative at the position.

               The Bobcats have yet to resolve what to do with point guard D.J. Augustin, a restricted free agent. There’s been talk of a possible sign-and-trade involving Augustin going to the Indiana Pacers. But it’s also possible the Bobcats could rescind their $4 million qualifying offer to Augustin, making him an unrestricted free agent.

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Not really sure that Sessions is an upgrade over Augustine. Their numbers are similar with DJ actually scoring more and shooting better from the three point line. Maybe they just get the idea from DJ that he wants to be somewhere else and are moving on. Obviously, with the signing of Sessions, DJ will be playing somewhere else next season. A sign and trade with the Pacers for Hansboro looks like it is in the works.

Posted by: JeffC | Jul 12, 2012 2:35:57 PM

Well since Sessions is here, trade D.J to the Nets for Marshon Brooks. Dj can back up D will. Unless you can get a decent big man for Dj elsewhere, but don't just let him go for free if you can help it. Sign n trade..if that's an option.

Posted by: Ed | Jul 12, 2012 2:36:12 PM

Happy to see him go and glad comited to Kemba starting PG.
Agree get something for DJ on the way out though. anything

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Jul 12, 2012 2:45:26 PM

Get sumfin !!!!! Or you'll look dumb

Posted by: Big chub a dub | Jul 12, 2012 2:51:02 PM

Kemba Walker the second coming of Nate Robinson enjoy

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Jul 12, 2012 2:55:36 PM

You draft a guy 9th. You fail to develop him despite his clear showing of nba skills. You draft another guy 9th who does not show the same level of skills. You give the latter guy the job.

Bobcats management hates their fans. They hate basketball. If augustin didn't want to be here, he should have been traded at the deadline. If he didn't want to be here, we need quotes. Sessions isn't horrible, it could have been a lot worse. But this IS a downgrade.

Walker needs to step the eff up now. Haywood will fill in the front court nicely as a veteran backup. Solid move for that position. Even better than jamison regarding needs and role.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 12, 2012 3:00:08 PM

@Charlottean You're probably right. A professional sports organization hates their fans and basketball. Makes complete sense.

Walker is a better player in terms of an aggressive facilitator built to run a high screen offense. Augustin had a decent shot and could finish in transition, but he never seemed to force pressure on the defense in a half court set. I liked DJ and his "NBA Skills", but honestly he was about as aggressive as a Pack of Wookies at Comic Con in a set offensive play. Walker will be a better player long term than Augustin, plus with Sessions you get more size and a change of pace. Good Move.

Posted by: Joe | Jul 12, 2012 3:09:21 PM

No cracka jacks either !!!

Posted by: Big chub a dub | Jul 12, 2012 3:20:00 PM

Is this correct? Sessions is going from starting for the Lakers to becoming a backup to last year’s backup PG for the Bobcats? That has to be a first.

I think he competes for the starting job. Kemba is obviously the guy mgt wants as the long-term starter, but you have to think that a chance to start was part of the reason Sessions chose to come here over a better team. This gives the ‘Cats the flexibility to bring Kemba along more slowly, maybe easing him into the starting role over the course of the season.

The reason we chose Sessions in place of DJ as the 2nd PG is that he has size. Having both Kemba and DJ doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility. Also, I think Sessions fit’s Dunlap’s style better.

Another point is that having Ben Gordon makes DJ less of a necessity as the “sharpshooter” in the backcourt.

I am a DJ fan, but kept waiting for him to improve on D and it never happened. Maybe Kemba turns out the same way, but at least he has an intensity that might eventually translate into improved D. Unfortunately, both have size limitations that prevent them from getting to elite-level D.

I wish DJ well, as he has endured much more trade speculation than he deserved and took it with class. His tenure was constant uncertainty (first with Felton, then with Kemba), but he persevered. Hopefully he goes to a team where his role can be better defined.

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jul 12, 2012 4:04:11 PM

Walker can't shoot and doesn't pass. He won't be anything until he fixes those things. Being agressive doesn't make you good. His shot selection was absolutely horrible. I know he was a rookie, but he was a 3 year college player. Augustin after 2 years in college didn't have that problem.

No question walker will be a better defender. We will have a formidable defensive starting 5 but half court offense will be problematic.

At least these moves ensure another top 5 pick and aren't as bad as brook lopez would have been.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 12, 2012 4:05:08 PM

Sessions is definitely not coming to the worst team in the NBA to come off the bench. From his professional standpoint, that doesn't even make sense. When he declined LA's offer, he went out seeking a starting job.......

I like the move because this team is becoming younger and tougher. I believe you can build off of intensity. You can teach shooting but you can't teach intensity......Adam Morrison was one of the best shooters of the decade at Gonzaga but lacked every other quality a basketball player should have.

On paper, this team is still bad, but at least for the first time in the team's history you can see some kind of direction.

Posted by: Smitty | Jul 12, 2012 4:28:28 PM

Should of gotten value out of Augustine and that was a HUGE mistake. Clearly we could of gotten at the worst a quality player who could compete for a starting job and a 2nd round draft pick. These are the moves that turn off potential fans in the Carolinas along with that name. BRING BACK THE BUZZ.

Posted by: CHAHornets | Jul 12, 2012 4:28:37 PM

Um, CHAHornets: DJ is still on the team. Expect a sign and trade.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 12, 2012 4:33:52 PM

Agreed. Not overpaying guys like Lopez now ensures a better draft pick and more cap flexibility. I think we sign 1 or 2 bigs to reasonable offers and play out the season, let the young guys develop and get another lottery pick.

Sessions is serviceable in a half-court offense set, but that isn't his strength.

It's safe to say that we will be more entertaining, and better, vs. last year. Also, it seems that we are no longer making terrible decisions. I guess I should wait to see the terms of the Sessions deal before making that remark, but I'll assume it's not a terrible one.

It is unfortunate that we couldn't do a sign-and-trade for DJ, as his qualifying offer has been rescinded.

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jul 12, 2012 4:35:42 PM

Sessions can actually play a little defense which can't be said for DJ. I like DJ. He's got a sweet shot and he's a nice guy. He's not a leader though.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 12, 2012 4:35:58 PM

Oops! Just saw that the cats rescinded the QO. Too bad.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 12, 2012 4:39:55 PM

Bring on Psycho T!

Posted by: Marco Esquandolis | Jul 12, 2012 5:31:29 PM

Welcome back home to the Carolinas, Ramon!!!

Posted by: will | Jul 12, 2012 5:41:10 PM

Come on, Rick. If Sessions was going to be a backup then he would have signed elsewhere. He's been guaranteed the starting job.

Posted by: Jisao | Jul 12, 2012 5:49:12 PM

Good riddance DJ.

Posted by: I used to sit near Buzz | Jul 12, 2012 5:53:12 PM

absolutely incredible.

how you let this happen over and over and over again is just inexplicable. we're constantly NOT getting the best value for our talent. constantly. we trade wallace for 2 protected picks and portland turns around A YEAR LATER and gets the #6 pick for him.

we give up tyson chandler for nothing. we got chandler, by giving up okafor.

we draft kidd gilchrist at 2 instead of taking 4 and 24 and saving money in the process.

we let felton walk
we let augustin walk
we continue to offer horrible contracts to horrible players even though they keep telling us they are building through the draft.

rich cho is not sam presti. he's showing he's slightly better than rod higgins, but not much more. like mentioned above, sessions adamently stated that he was looking for a starting job first and foremost. how do you sell this? you downgraded from last year's starter to open up playing time for your.......oh wait no you just downgraded.

if money was the issue, you could have frontloaded the deal and it really wouldn't have made much of a difference cap wise. if d.j. didn't want to be here..........WHY WAS HE NOT TRADED AT THE DEADLINE WHEN THE LAKERS AND OTHER CONTENDERS DESPERATELY NEEDED PG HELP?

even an effing 2nd round pick. jesus. noooooooooo compensation what so ever from an nba starting pg you drafted number 9 four years ago. in effing credible.

they make it so hard to be a basketball fan in this city. it used to be easy pre-2003.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 12, 2012 6:01:36 PM

We want Psycho! The fans want it just like bringing back the Hornets name so that means no way in Hell will we get either!

Posted by: joe cool | Jul 12, 2012 6:04:13 PM

wow. so now we actually paid sessions more to downgrade from d.j. with no compensation from indiana.

we didn't get the short end of the stick. we didn't get any stick at all.

I'm still yet to see a single quote from augustin saying he didn't want to be here. I'm sure you could find that quote NOW, but prior to this.....I never saw it.

Bonnell please get us some augustin quotes.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 12, 2012 6:22:04 PM

"build through the draft" a strategy book by rod higgins, co-authored by michael jordan, foreword by rich cho.

step 1 - draft a bunch of guys.
step 2 - let them walk without compensation.
step 3 - try to sign kris humphries and brook lopez to max deals so we can have the same success the new jersey nets have been experiencing these past few years. (except pay more for it)
step 4 - sign ramon sessions to take augustin's job AND hinder the development of walker simultaneously. (and pay him more while you're at it)
step 5 - sign brendan haywood and play him 32 minutes a game to take playing time away from biyombo so that he doesn't develop either. (he's a local guy, just got amnestied so he COULD come here for the minimum, but we should proably pay him way more than that. because why not ? right? right?!)
step 6 - look for a small forward to take minutes away from kidd-gilchrist. (his jump shot will get a lot better watching a guy like jamison shoot instead)
step 7 - trade anything of value for bad contracts and maybe even draft picks. (a chapter co-authored by gana diop)
step 8 - give the draft picks away AND/OR repeat steps 1 and 2.
step 9 - find obscure talents from overseas or the d-league. let them showcase their abilities enough to trade them for more bad contracts. then wait till they too have a bad contract and TRADE BACK FOR THEM! (contributions from walter hermann and matt carroll)
step 10 - make david kahn look like he knows what he's doing.
step 11 - sign your son to a 1 year minimum deal on the hush and have your PR department talk about how great he is and how your scouts had him rated high and how it definitely had nothing to do with him being your son.
step 12 - keep repeating step 11. EFF your customers, it's not like they pay the bi.......oh wait.

just like the thunder did it!

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 12, 2012 8:00:05 PM

Good riddance Augustink! Brown was a fool to draft you with the 9th pick. You are a horrible defensive player and very inconsistent offensively (you also are starting to be injury prone). You were not a winner in college and you won't be a winner in the NBA. Thank god Kemba has full reign now with a coach who is going to play to his skills!

Posted by: D.W.G. | Jul 12, 2012 9:03:55 PM

Come on you tar hole homers, Spazboro and Brenda Haywood are going to take us to the next level? Take off the light blue glasses. This franchise has endured more than enough lousy ex-heels on the court and on the bench.....

Posted by: Get real | Jul 12, 2012 9:28:20 PM

I hope Jamison is still in play. I like Sessions alot and I hope we can land Humphries. Haywood, okay, if we amnesty Giop.

Posted by: gamechanger | Jul 12, 2012 9:53:16 PM

Larry Brown was the person who set this franchise back. We are going in the right direction now.

Posted by: gamechanger | Jul 12, 2012 10:20:00 PM

Well you surely can't do much worse than the worst record in the history on the NBA....

Posted by: I used to sit near Buzz | Jul 12, 2012 11:16:06 PM

Charlottean: I think Cho and co. wanted DJ long term, hence the extension offer last season. DJ and his agent thought there would be high demand for him in FA, possibly going to LA. In the end nobody wanted him except Indiana and DJ refused to sign an offer sheet so a trade could be made. In the end DJ loses over $1mil, the cats get back his salary and sign a similar (better imo) taller PG who can actually play a little defense. Remember it was Larry Brown who drafted DJ in the first place. We are gradually repairing the LB damage.

The max offer to Lopez was a strategy move by Cho to prevent Dwight Howard from going to the Nets and quite possibly guarantees that Howard will play in the West next season. The offer to Humphries is another strategy move that increases our chances of landing Jamison or Scola. For once there is some real thinking going on in the cats front office.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 13, 2012 6:59:06 AM

Tired of this blame it on Larry Brown bullshit. MJ was calling the shots for Johnson f he didn't want DJ it wouldn't have been done. LB was the one that pushed for Gerald Henderson. Point guard is a mindset of team first. Kemba does not have that mindset, He also can't go to his left, has no shot, the NBA players are bigger and he can't use that fade back jumper and most importantly you can't pass for assists when you dribble with your head down. Remember these posts above because in 3-5 years you fools will be buying more of MJ nonsense. The only reasons that MJ got this team is the NBA wanted a minority owner and Stern is hung up on the star system. The star system will be the downfall of the NBA in 5-10 years.

Posted by: True BBall Fan | Jul 13, 2012 7:20:15 AM

Larry Brown left the cats with contracts so horrible (Diop, Thomas) that the cats had no other alternative than to blow the thing up. The rebuilding so far is encouraging. Don't be too quick to judge Biz and Kemba based on last season. With a full training camp and an actual coaching staff that is willing to teach I think we'll see positive development of those guys. Add in MKG, Taylor, Sessions and whomever else we land (Jamison, Scola, Haywood) and you can see an actual plan coming together.

Time will tell if Kemba has what it takes to be a starting PG in the league. Having Sessions competing for the job is both an incentive and an insurance policy. Smart move.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 13, 2012 8:29:12 AM

larry brown has to have it his way or causes a lot of problems....that's why he got fired 20 times in the NBA and left every team he left in chaos, bitterness, and in turmoil. Jordan did not want to make a scene about it..so he let Brown have it his way. That was a big mistake by Jordan. And we got stuck with Ajinca, DJ, Diop, Dampier, etc. And how do you barely make the playoffs and get swept in the 1st round with this group. Chandler, thomas, Diaw, Jackson, Wallace, DJ, Felton, Brown, Nazr,etc. He is just a bad coach who lucked into one championship in 40 years.

Posted by: championshipss | Jul 13, 2012 9:09:03 AM

Dj wasn't the problem. Dude said he wasn't a winner in college, look at his college record.

Dj is another guy in a long line of talented players we failed to develop.

And you don't make max offers to guys as "strategy" moves. Look how that kinda mentality worked out for toronto with landry fields. Humphries is a solid player very david lee like......but that's not building through the draft. That's not staying the course and being patient. Neither is signing sessions. We would have been much better off keeping dj for the QO.

Show me where the thunder made these kind of moves. Or the pacers. Or anybody that eeeeeeever had success. We aren't doing anything that has ever worked. If we sign humphris, haywood, jamison to go along with sessions, that is a major move toward mediocrity. Low lottery level. Awesome.

We were supposed to be maintaining cap room to use to acquire draft picks. We acquire 1 pick and then start spending the rest. Rich cho is not sam presti.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 13, 2012 11:45:00 AM

Did Larry Brown extend those contracts no Mr Higgins & MJ handle that. In todays world of all we need is someone to blame we are not holding the real people accountable.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Jul 13, 2012 2:17:58 PM

DJ wasn’t the problem, but he also wasn’t the solution. Sessions is a very good signing for us, especially considering we committed to only 2 years. This is the right amount of time to see if he’s a long-term fit for the team behind or in place of Walker. In building a team, you have to balance between having talent through the roster and giving the young guys time to develop, as well as account for the possibility of injuries. Sessions could easily split time with Kemba, which is fine. But, it’s not like Sessions is Deron Williams and is going to be on the court 36+ minutes every night. Sessions also gives us flexibility, as he makes a much better backcourt partner to Ben Gordon, who is undersized, than DJ does. It is important to have two rotation-quality players at almost every position and now we have that for the 1 (Kemba and Sessions), 2 (Henderson and Gordon), and maybe the 3 (MKG and either Taylor or Brown). Plus, we also have Reggie Williams at 2 or 3, who will hopefully be injury-free and regain his rhythm and shooting touch from his Golden State years. It does look like there’s some semblance of a plan in development here, even if it is coming years later than we all wish it would have come. No, this isn’t a playoff quality roster yet, but I could easily see 4 + of those guys on a playoff-caliber roster for us in ’13 or ‘14. I couldn’t say the same last year, so that should be considered progress. Management is nowhere near perfect, but overall the decision-making is improving over a few years ago and there are glimmers of hope.

Somewhat similar story for Jamison – even though I’m less of a fan of adding him than Sessions. He could spend time at the 3 and 4 but would get more time at the 4 given the current roster. Not exactly what we need, but it’s not like there won’t be enough opportunity for everyone to get their share of shots with our roster. Also, the mentoring should not be overlooked, as we need some veteran presence in the locker room. I’m less of a fan of this vs. the Sessions deal because Jamison is undersized for the 4 and I feel like more strength and scoring down low is the obvious hole on our roster. And, unfortunately, Jamison doesn’t really provide either. But, as much as we would like to have a traditional big scoring down low, scoring anywhere is an improvement vs. last year, and a classy and ego-free guy like Jamison would be beneficial to the team.

As it relates to acquiring free agents, this is a part of the rebuild process and shouldn’t be ignored. I agree that Lopez at a max deal is a bad decision, but whether and for how much to sign a free agent is a case-by-case basis, not a “don’t do it at all costs” proposition. But, to sign Haywood, Jamison, Humphries, OR some other capable but not spectacular player to a reasonable 2 to 3 year deal does not kill the rebuild, it does not cause us to not be a lottery team next year, nor does it eat up all of our cap room. We still have the amnesty and are losing significant contracts this year. If we sign MORE (read: multiple) guys and bigger deals over the next few weeks, I will take all this back. But, for now, we have significant flexibility and we’re certainly not jeopardizing the rebuild.

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jul 13, 2012 2:31:44 PM

It's not the model.

The model is draft high and suck and draft high and suck and draft high until eventually you have a few of those picks be absolute studs to build around and you actually have the cap space to extend them. The veteran presence was sufficient at matt carroll. Past that we just got ben gordon. You don't put 5 or 6 veteran rotation players on a rebuilding team. It's counter productive. We should be filling out our roster with young guys who if they pan out can be retained and if they don't can quickly be replaced.

How does haywood follow the model of getting young, building through the draft and building a defensive transition athletic geared team? and adding shooters?

If haywood and jamison are signed to fill out the roster, you are staring at 30 wins.

Sessions and augustin are pretty equal in talent, sessions better size, dj better shot. More or less lean offense or defense. But sessions is 2 years older and signed for more than what the QO would have cost us to keep augustin for one more year and continue to develop walker. You can't possibly be making roster moves based on ben gordon's height. That dude shouldn'tt be playing more than 20mpg behind henderson and won't be here long term. Possibly not anymore than a season.

The orlando magic just started their rebuild like 2 weeks ago and they are already a year or 2 ahead of ours. We need to be playing our young guys 35 mpg. Mullens, biyombo, mkg, henderson, and now walker. Veterans who are still better than these kids will not help.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 13, 2012 4:14:56 PM

So, right now, as the team is put together, who's going to score. Let's say you need 105 points to win tomorrow night, what is the box score going to look like. Kemba can't shoot. K-G isn't a shooter. Biyombo really has no range. Reggie and Gerald might light it up a little, say 20 a piece? OK, that's 40, where are the other 65 points coming? Taylor may come off the bench for 8-10...that's 50...ok, we're halfway there. Hate to be a downer, but we just don't have any scorers. I watched at least half the games last year and it was so painful to watch our shooting. Granted one game out of five, we'll go on a tear. But those other four were simply brutal. Just looking for some ideas.

Posted by: Pete Maravich | Jul 13, 2012 7:14:46 PM

We don't want to win if it is coming from guys that aren't in our future. Better if we win every other element of the game outside of shooting and work on improving that, and draft an absolute stud in next year's draft.

If we sign jamison and humphries to come in and play gordon a lot, sure we will score more, but it won't help the franchise. That's the point. Are we playing for an occassional 40 win season or are we trying to build a contender?

What was painful last year was biyombo dropping the ball a lot and kemba dribbling the air out of the ball. Those things will improve with good coaching and playing time. It won't if they sit on the bench. Summer league game on right now and looking pretty good.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 13, 2012 10:46:21 PM

Pete, I know it's only summer league but the cats have 83 pts with 2 minutes left in the 3rd.

Posted by: apauldds | Jul 13, 2012 11:45:13 PM

I bet Brian Shaw wishes he would have taken the Bobcats head coaching job. The Magic are going to stink if Howard stays or goes.

Posted by: Jon | Jul 13, 2012 11:58:37 PM

As it relates to filling our roster with young guys who we can keep or replace based on whether they pan out, I think Sessions on a two year deal could fit this description. I haven’t seen the contract numbers, so I don’t know if it’s higher than the $4M QO for DJ. Kemba can develop with Sessions on the roster. Competition will not hurt Walker if he truly is a stud. The reality is that the jury is still out on whether Kemba will be stud, so it is prudent to put another PG on the roster rather than have zero other talent at that position. The Cats were facing a potential loss of DJ anyway because another team could have signed him to a long-term deal that we wouldn’t have wanted to match. 2 years of Sessions removes the uncertainty of the possible deal that DJ could have received from another team that put us potentially giving him up without another quality free agent available at a good price (again, I haven’t seen the Sessions deal so I don’t know if it was reasonable or not).

As it relates to the model...

Look at the 2008 Sonics/Thunder. The players that put up points, besides Durant and Green, were all vets. Actually, five guys 27 or older who got 18+ minutes per game. They still sucked (20-62)

Look at the 2009 Thunder. They had less of a veteran presence and Durant had become a dominant scorer, but still had multiple vets getting 18+ minutes per game. They also sucked (23-59)

It was 2010, after they acquired almost all key pieces and the earliest pieces had time to grow, that they didn’t have a lot of vets contribute meaningfully (Durant/Westbrook/Green/Harden as the core).

We have one vet that will see meaningful time on the court – Gordon. Two would not be the worst thing. I would prefer we pick up only one more guy, and he be a big. Give us one additional guy and we certainly still have minutes for everyone. If we pick up one more guy, we will still suck and max out at a win total of around 25. As I said before, if we did go the other route (of picking up multiple expensive vets), then I disagree with the team’s approach, especially if we give either a long contract. The benefit of having that extra guy is both veteran presence and the fact that we’ll actually be IN more games, and I think a team develops more by being at least slightly competitive versus getting constantly blown out like we did last year. With one more guy, we won’t win more than 25 and we’ll still get a good draft pick. Draft high, suck, draft high. The reality is that there’s still a luck element to it and everything OKC management did doesn’t look as good minus Durant on the roster. To summarize, I disagree that we’re compromising the rebuild with the current moves.

As it relates to our bigs, we only have two young prospects (Biz and Mullens). Our front court is woefully thin. Is it really going to be bad to have another guy that can play? A Haywood would not take up too many minutes, nor would he give us too many wins. As said before, I’m on the fence about Jamison. The key thing about either guy is that he doesn’t take up too many minutes/shots. Both are past their prime and know it.

I don’t think Brooklyn lets Humphries go, so that’s probably a moot point. I do wonder how serious the Cats were with trying to get him and, if they were trying hard, if they thought he was a long-term answer. Really no way to know how serious they were/are and what kind of deal they put on the table.

I can understand Lopez, maybe not at that price, but he would be a ridiculous good fit alongside Biz and we would have had the potential for an elite frontcourt down the road.

For this season, I think Henderson has a
breakout year and is our top scorer. MKG and Kemba will definitely be given a chance to be big contributors. 2012-2013 will be all about a youth movement, lots of court time (and hopefully development) for all the young prospects. And, if we’re not signing guys like Sessions to more than 2 year deals, they won’t be on our payroll when it comes time to decide on whether to re-up our young core (aside from G Henderson, and we’ll easily have enough $ to sign him).

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jul 14, 2012 7:34:30 AM

The Bobcats sure looked good scoring 121 points in the summer league last night. And I liked ALL of the starters; Walker, MKG, Taylor, Biyombo and Mullens. I would only plug in Henderson for Taylor with him, Sessions and Gordon all coming off the bench, and let's learn how to run and WIN!

I would also sign a veteran 4 and 5 like the Bobcats are already planning to do. But the run and read and play tough D philosophy of Coach Dunlap looks GREAT! Now let me see how it looks on Sunday against Cleveland. This first Sacramento game could have been a fluke.

Posted by: Omar8Tyree@aol.com | Jul 14, 2012 9:38:48 AM

^^^^ That's what I'm talking about. Start walker/henderson/mkg/mullens/biyombo with sessions/gordon/taylorr/thomas and a big to be named later coming off the bench. We will lose a lot but those guys will get better every game and we will have the cap room to keep them. Add in another stud pick or 2 and we will conted in 3-4 years. Biyombo will be a force in the post in 2 years.

Cats fan, you're making my point for me. We started this rebuild 2 years ago. We have a full starting 5 of young'ns and already have 3 or 4 veterans on the roster to fill out the bench. We have carroll, sessions, gordon, thomas, and will surely add a big. The thunder weren't giving long term deals to mason and wally and watson and those guys. They were absorbing contracts like we did with gordon. Signing humphries and jamison and haywood and sessions and especially offering lopez a max deal goes against all of that. Lopez is sure to be made to look good now playing with that much talent around him, but that dude is garbage. How does a 7 footer average 5 boards a game? he makes mullens look like rodman. You give him a max deal, how are you going to pay to keep biyombo and walker and henderson? an mkg?

Haywood is too slow, that's what I'm trying to say about him. Humphries is too expensive. Jamison is too good. We need a backup 5 so I mean I'm not horribly against haywood, but there are better options out there. We should have kept last year's 2nd rounder jeremy tyler because he fits the mold really well. Thabeet woulld have been a low cost option as well.

Tyrus thomas will thrive playing like this.

Sessions got 2 years @ 5 million a year. If augustin was commanding big offers, he wouldn't have taken 1 year 3.5 million from indiana who already has george hill long term. We would have been better off making augustin sign the QO OR forcing the sign and trade to get hansbrough or a future pick or SOMETHING. We keep leaving deals on the table and we're getting older less talented guys in the process.

Minnesota gave houston a future 1st for buddinger who was a 2nd round pick. Toronto gave houston a lottery guaranteed pick for lowry in a sign and trade (explain this to me) and lowry is completely comparable to d.j.

Indiana gave collison to the mavs to bring in d.j. I would much rather have collison on rookie scale than sessions for 10 million. It just lacks logic. We got NOTHING for a number 9 pick who was our most talented player last year.

I have overreacted to rumors and offers they've made. They have made near fatal errors in the last 2 weeks but are still OK right now. What they do next is crucial. They need to do less not more. Taylor looks like an absolute stud of a pick at 31. He might be a top 10 player from his draft class when all is said and done. While barnes looks like he will be the elite guy of this class, i see why the mkg pick makes sense for this coaching staff. Still should have been @ 4 though.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 14, 2012 1:18:34 PM

I disagree on Lopez, as a true low-post scorer opens up a lot of options - but we’ll never know since he won’t be in a Cats uniform.

100% agreed regarding Taylor. I really hadn’t noticed him much before this year, then saw him at the Davidson game back in December when he absolutely lit them up and was hoping he could be a possibility for us. I have no clue how he fell all the way to 31st, but I’m not complaining. His game translates well into the NBA; maybe his fall was more about other teams drafting for need or trying to find guys with a high ceiling. But, I’m convinced this guy is in some team’s rotation for the next 10 years.

I’m glad to see that we have not given any of the vets long-term or expensive deals.

I’m OK with us having picked up Haywood at $2M per year for 3 years. We really needed another body in the middle and now we have one.

With all the noise and rumors, it’s difficult not to think about could-have-been deals, both good and bad. But, until management actually make a trade or free agent signing that obviously messes up the rebuild, I am going to keep up the hope that they’re capable of taking the roster in the right direction.

At this point, I hope we’re done dealing. Sign a young big at the minimum from the fringe guys on our summer league roster or maybe someone that gets cut from another team’s roster in October, then let the young guys loose. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing MKG/Kemba/Biz/Henderson on the court together this year.

Go ‘Cats!

Posted by: Cats_Fan | Jul 14, 2012 11:49:30 PM

Somebody tell me why we did not do a sign and trade with DJ Augustine for Tyler H with Indiana and amnesty G. Diop if we are really trying to open up money and make this team better. If there are no answers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NBA Take this team from Michael Jordan and let Charlotte have a real owner. Please, anyone agree with me let's get this going because Charlotte deserves a real owner

Posted by: TWC | Jul 15, 2012 11:59:57 AM

You don't amnesty diop because you might want to amnesty thomas next summer. You don't amnesty thomas because he might be the player we want him to be playing for dunlap.

You still have to pay the guy and we have plenty of cap room going forward (assuming we don't find a way to eff that up). There isn't a move we need to make right now. We just need to play the young guys A LOT and get another top draft pick next year.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 15, 2012 3:03:57 PM

Some positives about tonight.....mullens won't usually shoot that poorly. He and biyombo rebounded well. Walker got to the line a lot. Won despite mkg sitting.

Walker has got to get better shots and create more for others. His free throws offset a lot of fg misses but still....4 assists in 36 minutes is rough and a lot of the shot attempts were horrible.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 15, 2012 10:56:14 PM

Rich Cho was really watching his words during the game which made him seem disinterested. That game was grinding it out. that's definitely positive to win that style as well as the up and down 120+ game Friday. Cory Higgins didn't look horrible but his plus minus says it all@-13. Brown was doing great things in his 13 minutes. +22 ain't bad.

Comparing Nate and Kemba is such an insult to Nate. The slam dunking, deadly shooting, short dude with pretty nice court vision Nate? Can Kemba throw it down over Superman or at all?

Posted by: altheus | Jul 16, 2012 3:02:40 AM

Can Somebody explain to me WHY Mullens is shooting 3's??? I know it is summer league... I understand some of those were set plays, which is more confusing! For god sakes he is 7 feet tall and has much more to offer than 14 3's in 2 games and making 2. 3 point line is at minimum(high percentage) a step outside of his range. He steals the ball and drives and dunks, nasty. He has so much to offer inside as well as outside. I don't get it, even my wife is shaking her head asking why.
I have liked his agressiveness.

I digress, MkG looked big time friday, Taylor looks good. Kemba well looks like more of the same, you would think summer league he would well...... more of the same.

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Jul 16, 2012 10:00:56 AM

I think mullens has been asked to extend his range. This is one thing dunlap says I disagree with......he says why take a 20 foot 2 pt shot when you take a step back for another point. It makes sense for your perimeter players but for mullens in pick and pop, it makes more sense for him to shoot his shot.

I do think mullens is capable of making a lot more of those shots than he has in 2 games but I would like to see more designed post ups for him also because he can definitely make shots on the block as well.

I'd rather have mullens shooting good shots that he can make and missing them than walker taking horrible shots nobody can make.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 16, 2012 11:19:08 AM

Yeah I agree 100%.
I do appreciate What Dunlap is saying it doesn't make alot of sense to take long 2's. However exactly what you^^^ said perimeter players is one thing.

Maybe Kemba will improve but I don't see it, maybe I will be wrong I hope!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Jul 16, 2012 11:45:11 AM

So Rick, what's the deal with the Bobcats last open roster spot? What the status of the conversations with Humphries, Jamison or Landry. ESPN is reporting that Humphries will end up back with the Nets, does that means the Bobcats will have Jamison, Landry or nobody?

Posted by: RobC | Jul 16, 2012 2:14:49 PM

Great 68-64 game...Here's the box


12 21 16 15 64

8 15 24 21 68

Charlotte had 23 points at the half and was losing 33-23. Isn't it against the law for an NBA team to only score 8 points in a single period?

Posted by: Rocky Balboa's Brother | Jul 16, 2012 2:52:57 PM

we shouldn't be signing anybody else at this point.

we have....13 guys under contract, brown a restricted free agent would make 14 but its hard to see him coming back at this point....

2 point guards (sort of)
4 shooting guards
3 small forwards
2 non power non small forwards
3 centers

jamison or humphries or landry go against what we are doing. better save the money and sign some d-leaguers. or at least somebody under 25. not a lot of cap room left either. I think we're over 55 million committed to these 13 guys already. cap is 58. jamison needs to go play for the lakers for a year and then come home on a hometown contract, eventual front office job.

we need to win 14 games this year and preferrably the last 14 in a row. and lose every single other game in overtime. that's the gameplan.

Posted by: charlottean | Jul 16, 2012 5:24:13 PM

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