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November 23, 2012

A post-script on Bobcats-Hawks

    Some post-game thoughts on the Charlotte Bobcats’ 101-91 loss to the Atlanta Hawks:

                --This was probably the best defensive game rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has played. He finished the game with 11 points, seven rebounds, four blocks and two steals. Coach Mike Dunlap asked MKG to guard Josh Smith, which is a big challenge. He was the one player with the quickness to do that who is of relatively similar size to Smith.

                Kidd-Gilchrist played some impressive defense, but he had to use up five fouls to get there. He never fouled out.

                --Those “MVP’’ chants every time Byron Mullens goes to the foul line sure sound like sarcasm. My guess is some fans don’t like Mullens shooting so much. Mullens was 4-of-14 from the field Friday, but he also had eight rebounds and six steals.  (Plus four turnovers).

                --Another strong game from rookie Jeff Taylor, who made four of six 3-point attempts and had three steals.  Dunlap likes 3s from the corner and that’s becoming Taylor’s shot.

                --Dunlap loves it when his team generates trips to the foul line. The Bobcats had 26 free-throw attempts to 14 for Atlanta.

                --New Bobcat Hakim Warrick isn’t getting much run. He played three minutes against the Hawks. He missed his only shot.

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In additon to Warrick, Reggie Williams hasn't made it into a game in at least two contests. Can't figure out Mullens, his shot looks good, has good rotation and always looks like it is going in. Then, it just misses from 3 point range every time. He is either going to have to clean that part of his game up or quit shooting threes. I bet his two point shooting is close to fifty percent, but the threes are down about ten percent. I really think he can be a twenty and ten guy if he can just get that three to go down. We were due for a loss and the Hawks are really pretty solid. We just need to take care of business tomorrow night against a hapless Wizards squad who makes last year's Bobcats look like the Heat.

Posted by: JeffC | Nov 23, 2012 10:55:07 PM

I told you guys mullen is nothing but a bench player. We need another good draft pick for a good front court player. That is our only weakness. Proud of the young players.

Posted by: crymeariver | Nov 23, 2012 10:57:49 PM

Spoke directly to the people leading the chants, definitely sarcasm....

Posted by: CatFan | Nov 23, 2012 11:05:19 PM

Mully has to stop shooting 3's. Really he needs to stop shooting from everywhere outside of 5 feet. His %'s are horrible and his defense is even worse.

Posted by: Guy at the airport | Nov 23, 2012 11:18:54 PM

Hey Cry me an airport and guy at the river or vice-versa......go back to the asylum......your basketball IQ is definitely certifiable.

Posted by: big bob | Nov 24, 2012 1:11:24 AM

I would bench Mullens unless he played inside exclusively. How do you decide when a play is run to just pick up and go outside and play. His defense was porous but he had company... Gordon's was terrible and although Taylor had a very good offensive game , he lost Korver all night .

This team has to get more defense on the ct. When Henderson gets back I would start Sessions to get more offensive flow and keep from getting down in ten pt holes, Henderson for defense and offense, Taylor at sf whc is his natural position , MKG who will have a distinct advantage at Pf as he took Smith off the dribble at will almost and can do the same to most of them and Mullens or Haywood based on match ups.

I would give many minutes to Kemba and Mulllens if they came off the bench. They still need a Pf to compete. Gordon has not stepped up and is a liability, so is Warrick. Dunlap can't play at this pace all the time as these guys will be hurt ,one at a time w the injuries mounting up . You can see the falls and spills now and it's just a matter of time.

Posted by: Ironman | Nov 24, 2012 2:28:08 AM

Heh, still banging the "start Sessions" drum eh? And ironically you bring up DEFENSE for the reason! Kemba has been stellar on D this year and Sessions has been...better than I thought he'd be.

Defense from the 1/2 spot is the absolute worst reason for rationalizing Sessions to replace Kemba & Hendo to replace JT.

It's weird that after such a great performance by Mully in the paint a couple games ago he seems to have reverted back to more of a perimeter game. His defense is also gotten a lot worse too. He did get those steals but he he was out of position more times than not in the paint on D.

Taylor is looking very good so far in the last few games but he was losing Korver a lot. I suspect it was because we were going small so much in this game and all the wings were trying to help down low. Losing Biz hurt.

I'd "ease" Henderson back into the starting lineup but Dunlap might just insert him in as soon as he's healthy. Either way we need Hendo back as Gordon has been just as advertised.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 24, 2012 6:26:49 AM

Unfortunately Mullens is the best we have right now. His shot is off because he is actually playing defense and rebounding for a change. It takes its toll and he is not exactly Kevin Love.

Taylor is not to blame for Korver. If they played one on one, Korver would never score. Taylor is making the correct rotations and sometimes you just can't get back to the shooter. The hawks inside game makes gaurding the perimeter challenging.

Injuries are becoming a real issue. Even with all the progress they have made, the lack of man power is going to make for a very difficult road trip. A couple of poor roster decisions are going to hurt this team now.

Posted by: Bball Expert | Nov 24, 2012 7:36:26 AM

Ok game was painful but nowhere near as bad as last year. I didn't leave till 3minutes to go and actually watched a little more on tv near exit as suddenly got possible till last 90 seconds or so.
Taylor was on and his confidence is building every game. If we were a playoff team you would say twenty minute bench player and really good at it.
MKG has just been solid and all over court. Even with teams playing so off him he still can get to rim. If he can develop an outside shot to keep them honest he will be amazing! Oh he will be injured soon. That fall on hip from like 5 feet off ground can only be done so much.
Haywood is decent and when he gets ball down low with no time always seems to make shot. No star and past prime he knows his role and for money worth it
The WTF group:
Mullens, so 3 on 2 fast break and Kamba and sessions down low and pass to Mullens hanging beyond 3 line and he brinks shot. Why wasn't he in paint??? He can be decent to good but stay down in post!!! If by year end he doesn't get it cut bait.
Gordon is another Johnny jack up a shot. And his defense is horrible
Biz had so many goaltender I lost track and not all were going in. He continues to look lost and confused and other teams don't even guard him behind 10 feet. Atlanta got ahead and first massive double digit lead in 3 minute burst almost all due to Biz

But all this aside team is fun and never gave up. They just lacked energy tonight or flow it seemed. We still need a good draft pick or FA down low.

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Nov 24, 2012 8:52:27 AM

Oh and refs have been horrible. I mean Kemba and MKG were abused at times

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Nov 24, 2012 8:58:29 AM

You can thank the NBA for MKG being in foul trouble. No coincidence that they go public with a missed foul on him at the end of the Toronto game and then he plays in foul trouble the entire Hawks game. What a joke,

Posted by: Jim | Nov 24, 2012 10:06:56 AM

you guys have got to have more patience with our young guys. all these shots we are investing in mullens now will pay big time later when he's knocking down 48-52% of em. dude is no doubt in a shooting slump and last night couldn't play defense either. but you still get A LOT out of the guy for his age and price tag and he's shown the potential.

i want him to keep shooting. i want him to take 18 a game and learn to make em. there's nobody else in this group that has the size/skill combo he does. he's just not making shots. but he has and will. just have to be patient.

have to be patient with walker and mkg and taylor and biyombo too. these guys are going to be great but they are YOUNG. taylor has been complained about plenty but he's clearly figuring it out. looks like a young bobby phills out there.

sessions and walker were equally as bad from the field last night. guys shots just weren't falling and a TON of layups were missed early where they just rolled off the rim. mullens had that one play that looked horrible where he missed 2 or 3 layups (that should have been dunks) and ended up shooting and making 2 free throws. but you have to invest in that dude because once he learns to dunk that EVERYTIME, we have an animal. already the difference from last year to this is enormous. dude is close to averaging a double double with plenty of room to improve where he's just making shots he's made before and becoming more consistent. seeing his ceiling as a 20/10 guy is no longer unrealistic. why complain about a slump now? these games don't even remotely matter past improvement.

biyombo didn't bring the points and too many blocks last night but his rate of rebounding is solid. 6 in 19 minutes is quality. he's getting better.

absolutely love that walker is beginning to knock down open 3's with regularity. if he gets consistent with that and mullens gets consistent, we'll have solid shooting threats at 3 of the starting 5 positions which is plenty.

PATIENCE. atlanta was supposed to win this game. horford and smith are a beast against anybody but especially against us. just a tough matchup for haywood and mullens. better suited mullens vs. horford and thomas vs. smith. 1st night we really felt the pain of thomas being out. warrick just isn't thomas. he's not an upgrade either. insurance maybe but realistically, thomas is an asset he's just overpaid. amnesty won't help. the contract will expire before we need the cap room and we would still need the money. rather we keep him. maybe even past the contract for the family discount.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 24, 2012 1:02:06 PM

Mullens is a talented player. Some nights he is off, some nights he is on. He definitely have stepped up his defense and rebounding from last season.

The trash talk on this blog is BS.

Posted by: Ben Gordon | Nov 24, 2012 3:42:48 PM

yup david stern blowing the phone up.... that was the ringing you heard. refs help the wizards. not over yet bet it though!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 24, 2012 10:02:08 PM

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