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November 02, 2012

More on the D.J. Augustin-Charlotte Bobcats flap

    Ex-Charlotte Bobcat D.J. Augustin just reiterated to me what he said to the Indianapolis Star: That throughout his time in Charlotte, he felt in the dark about what Bobcats management thought of him.

    “You hear all kinds of stuff – how a bunch of times I was going to be traded,’’ said Augustin. “I didn’t always believe those things. But all through being here, I just never knew what would happen. That’s just how I felt.’’

    Augustin said those detached feelings grew once he became a restricted free agent following last season.

    “I just didn’t hear anything the whole summer – I didn’t hear anything and my agent didn’t hear anything,’’ said Augustin, who will play against the Bobcats tonight as a backup point guard for the Indiana Pacers. “I didn’t know what would happen, so I got ready for whatever.’’

                Bobcats management sees it otherwise. The team offered Augustin a significant contract extension last season, which he turned down. The $4.4 million qualifying offer the Bobcats made, to restrict his free-agency, was more than the one-year, $3.5 million deal Augustin ended up signing with the Pacers.

                The Bobcats rescinded that qualifying offer once they came to terms with Ramon Sessions in July.

                As Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins told me, “I’m not going to go into specifics, but we offered him more than he signed for in Indiana.’’

                It’s clear there’s frustration from both sides of this.  The Bobcats drafted Augustin ninth overall in 2008. He started about half the 282 games he played as a Bobcat. He was a solid player, but didn't lock up his starting spot. Then the Bobcats drafted Kemba Walker, also a point guard, in 2011.

                Within hours of the Bobcats rescinding Augustin’s qualifying offer, he signed that one-year deal with the Pacers. What was so attractive?

    “It’s a winning organization,’’ Augustin said. “Something I wanted to be a part of.’’

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Maybe if you were any good in Charlotte, this team would have been on the right path to be a winning organization, instead of wasting a top 10 pick on an average talent like yourself. You help set the team back, instead of move them forward.

Posted by: Rick Barnes | Nov 2, 2012 1:02:34 PM

Dude is a bum, just another average player. Cant wait to see Kemba and Ramone blow past this scrub tonight

Posted by: Jo | Nov 2, 2012 1:13:39 PM

^^^^ didn't watch the same 4 seasons I saw over the last 4 years.

DJ > kemba by far. another poorly handled poorly developed draft pick by the bobcats. the picks have been right, what has happened since then has been a disaster.

rod higgins should be apologizing not denying. they handled derrick brown basically the same. and what that did was kill these guys opportunity to be unrestricted free agents early on.

augustin could have signed a longer deal elsewhere but chose to go short term, boost his value up again and move from there. he and george hill will make for a good duo while granger is out.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2012 1:38:50 PM

DJ over Kemba? Based on one year with no tranining camp or off-season to speak of. Talk to me in 3 years. Any other comment reveals a bias. I usually enjoy your reasoned analysis. But this position is disappointing. Not too mention they clearly tried to keep him.

Posted by: Bball Expert | Nov 2, 2012 2:41:47 PM

Cheap shot DJ!!! Wanted to be a part of a "winning" organization huh???? We'll see how many titles the pacers will get.

Posted by: Big Daddy | Nov 2, 2012 2:51:45 PM

Rick, you can't blame D.J. for the Bobcats poor drafting. He knew he had no business being picked that high in the draft. Big Daddy, it was a cheap shot, but it had a whole lot of truth to it you have to agree.

Posted by: C.Bax | Nov 2, 2012 3:54:19 PM

He was the starting point guard for 2 years and was offered an extension. Spare me the lip service. Sounds like a guy who thought there were better women out there and is now alone bad mouthing his ex.

Posted by: Rick | Nov 2, 2012 4:07:13 PM

Pretty sure Charlottean is related to DJ somehow...Either that or he has a serious MAN crush on DJ. DJ is just an average player at best. Hes not even starting on the Pacers. I'll take Kemba and roll with it. Like BBall give it 3 years

Posted by: J | Nov 2, 2012 4:43:07 PM

Charlottean, I agree that based on the very little we saw from Kemba last year, DJ looks like a better player. However, the sample size and the circumstances were too crazy to be able to truly judge who of the two is or will be better.

Now, please stop with the "augustin could have signed a longer deal elsewhere but chose to go short term". Nobody, hear me, NOBODY other than the Bobcats offered Augustine a long term deal. Also, Augustin will never receive a better contract than what the Bobcats offered him which was in the $6M-$7M per year for up to 5 years. He is too inconsistent offensively and a HUGE liability on defense.

Although Kemba is also inconsistent, again, the circumstances of Kemba's rookie season were much different, also DJ is a 4 year veteran, not a rookie. DJ best chance to shine was his 2nd season when the Bobcats made the playoffs, and conicidentially, that was DJ's worst season ever as a Bobcat, by far.

I really liked DJ and he was my wive's favorite Bobcat, but with his latest decisions and comments, he hurt himself more than he helped himself. Given the circumstances, I don't blame the Bobcats for this one.

I do wish him the best and he will be a great back-up PG for years to come. But he will never be more than just a great backup PG.

Posted by: RobC | Nov 2, 2012 4:54:53 PM

Kemba vs Augustine (Based on 40 MPG)

Kemba Walker (Rookie Season)
37%FG - 31%3FG - 79%FT

DJ Augustin (3rd and Best Career Season)
42%FG - 33%3FG - 91%FT

When I see those numbers, other than the FT%, the difference is not that significant. Also, that was DJ best and 3rd season as a pro vs Kemba's rookie season.

If you compare the level of talent DJ had sorrounding him in that 3rd season versus what Kemba had last season; then you add the lock-out, the short season and the fact that Kemba hardly had time to practice - I'm sorry, but if I'm the Bobcats and I'm being forced to choose and make a decision...my money is on Kemba. The potential of Kemba is there, he is younger, cheaper and a better defender (for what is worth).

Posted by: RobC | Nov 2, 2012 5:16:52 PM

No question great win. The energy(Unbelievable) through the roof! I cannot tell you how excited about the win!!!!!!
My concern, Tomorrow night and a month from now. Its going to be massive ups and downs for stretches, unless there is some serious rotation going on(which did not happen tonight). Forgive me just the REALIST in me and I get it! Just to get it out of my system now.
NO question what this team needed!

The BLATANT NO CALL on MKG because he is a Rookie, was disgusting!!! AGAINST INDIANA..... Seriously! he may as well not even take a shot against The Big Cities!!!!!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 2, 2012 10:43:03 PM

dj had a better rookie year with an equally horrible supporting cast.

walker is destined to look better if the team continues to support him. he's given a better scenario. augustin had a good rookie year and was rewarded by having less playing time behind felton as they brought in jackson to play the 2. walker is being handed the reigns year 2.

but talent? augustin can shoot the lights out of the ball, has a surer handle and makes better passes.

both were mcdonalds all americans. both were all americans in college. augustin left after his soph, kemba after his jr. only year you can really compare between the 2 is augustin's 3rd year and this year for walker. i believe they would be the same age and in their first year as starters.

it's easy to be on kemba's bandwagon after tonight. but when he shoots himself into a 35% fg by trying to be the hero too much over the next 2 weeks, it's going to look different.

augustin was mishandled by the organization. fact. i hope sincerely they don't handle kemba the same way. we desperately need continuity on this team and if kemba can prove he's a top 20 pg in this league (which he currently isn't close to), then we need to keep him and keep him happy.


nobody offered him a deal because at the time he was restricted. when you sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, your cap room is tied up for the 7 days the other team has to decide to match or not. a lot of people assumed we wouldn't let the little talent we had walk so why tie your hands? by the time we pulled the offer, it was over 2 weeks into free agency. the spending spree was over. and he didn't want to go to a bad team AGAIN. his agent is smart....take what indiana could offer and get significant playing time on a contender. free agency again next summer without the restrictions. he didn't choose indiana over charlotte, we renounced his rights. huge difference. RFA's don't sign the tender until they have to. felton went through an identical situation and played the year out on the tender and then got 7 million a year.

bottomline is....we drafted a guy 9th and let him walk away without compensation. and now we have another guy we drafted 9th. i hope we don't do the same with him. i hope we handle henderson and mullens' situations better as well. these kind of things give the franchise a foul reputation with players and agents.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2012 10:43:24 PM

Lol. Augustin isn't going to get significant time for Indiana, or on any decent team. Walker destroyed him tonight. Nice try, though. You must be embarassed. I feel sorry for you.

Posted by: Jason Warren | Nov 2, 2012 11:39:06 PM

I am Jacked about the win!!!!!
Slow down A!!!!! TON!!! I don't think any of us are upset about tonight, ITS THE NIGHTS AFTER.... TONIGHT!!!!!
So relax we are all on the same team...

Seriously you would prefer... SESSIONS OVER DJ?????????????? as backup PG?? If WALKER was starting PG, YOU would want SESSIONS over DJ??
Or DJ over Sessions? as backup!!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 3, 2012 12:14:05 AM

"it's easy to be on kemba's bandwagon after tonight. but when he shoots himself into a 35% fg by trying to be the hero too much over the next 2 weeks, it's going to look different."

No it's not. What IS different is that Kemba isn't afraid of trying to be the hero. DJ was. You cannot have a "leader" who's afraid to lead.

And you do realize Augustin shot 37.5% last season too right?

Did you seriously say that Kemba had a better group surrounding him his rookie year? DJ had Okafor/Crash/Bell/Felton/Nazr/Boris and that team won 35 games. Did you forget how many we won last year?

We only had THREE days to match an offer for Augustin, not 7. That changed with the new CBA.

We offered Augustin a contract for MUCH more than he was worth but he wanted 8 million/year. Thank God he didn't take that. There is no reason for him nor you to be butthurt that he's in Indiana backing up Hill. His play, lack of leadership and being "shy" is what put him there.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 3, 2012 7:20:26 AM

spectre your right about the change, it's not as severe as it used to be but it's still a deterrent. we also offered him (rumored) 5.5 to 6 per year for 5 years over a year ago, not this summer. supposedly there were no further talks after that. when DJ is watching equal guards (felton, conley, harris, lowry, etc) get bigger deals at that time, he was right in not accepting. he was right about constantly being rumored in deals too. it was constantly jose calderone or devin harris to the point where it was twice rumored deals were consummated.

i didn't say better. I said equally bad. upon review that was pretty wrong (I was). mohammed didn't play hardly at all that year but still...okafor and wallace are a huge upgrade over mullens/biyombo and derrick brown/tyrus thomas of last year. on paper it's not far off but looking at the actual happenings of the 2 years....okafor was healthy and wallace was mostly as well. not to mention by the time walker took over last year, augustin AND boris weren't there most of that time. he had a situation that made him look worse.

but regarding shooting %'s, that was augustin's career worst shooting year (and you could use the same argument you just made to justify walker's poor numbers) and his efg% is still decent. 3% is a big difference when comparing 2 guys. especially when the guy with the advantage has significantly better assist to turnover numbers as well.

walker always had bigger balls, you're right. but his ballsy play leads to horrible shots and a lack of ball movement a lot. when augustin was off he stopped shooting. when walker is off he doesn't even notice.

but like i said....it appears walker is going to get a legit shot at this and be developed properly which is what we needed with DJ and didn't get. coming out they were equal talents with different strengths. but people forget some of the huge games DJ had here and all the effed up situations he had to deal with (brown, jackson, constant roster turnover, ownership change, rod higgins, etc.)

he won't play starters minutes in indiana obviously but he's going to play somewhere between 15 and 25 mpg on a top 4 team in the east.

this is the same town that hates jake delhomme and john fox regardless of how great they were here.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 3, 2012 4:03:07 PM

I don't trust kemba... 5 games from now well see. spectra you're right about Kemba and agressive where DJ wasn't at times. I think everyone will be telling a different story shortly, based on what happened in summer league play(god awful). Hope not, great win though!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 3, 2012 4:27:01 PM

We're still a 20 win team, so of course he's going to have bad nights...all of our guys are. You guys need to stop watching him under a microscope and HOPE he develops along with the rest of the young guys.

DJ is gone. I wish it had worked out but it's done. Over. I don't wish him a bit of ill will (except when he plays us) and hope he succeeds. He's the past though. Pray Kemba/Biz/MKG/Mully all work out because if they do then we'll start to have something special in Charlotte.

We all want that...right? Isn't that a lot more important than someone's opinion turning out correct?

Posted by: spectre | Nov 3, 2012 6:50:05 PM

^^^^^ completely on board with that and agree. But it JUST happened. It'll take walker proving himself to end the second guessing. It just will. Even if walker was going to be the guy, they STILL should have kept augustin.

The big thing i hope is that through all the tough games....walker looks more like he did against dallas than he did during summer league. Its not exactly a microscope. When a point guard takes 20 plus shots its a problem. When a point guard takes 20 plus shots and makes less than half, its a disaster. Westbrook would be brandon jennings without durant. We dont want that from walker.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 4, 2012 12:21:58 AM

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