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November 25, 2012

Post-game thoughts on Bobcats beating Wizards in 2 OTs

    Some post-game thoughts on the Charlotte Bobcats’ double-overtime road victory over the Washington Wizards:

                --This game never should have gotten to overtime, with the Bobcats squandering two separate double-figure leads against the NBA’s worst team. However the persistence in overtime was striking.           

                --The most concerning statistic Saturday was the 20 second-chance points the Wizards scored (as in points resulting from offensive rebounds keeping possessions alive). The Wizards had 18 offensive rebounds to the Bobcats’ five. In fact, Chris Singleton had more offensive boards (six) than all Bobcats combined.

                I asked coach Mike Dunlap if this was one of those things he calls “explainable, but not excusable.’’ His answer amounted to this: That often their best lineup options are to go small, and that inevitably leads to some disadvantages rebounding. The upside of that decision – finding scorers – outweighs the downside right now.

                --They don’t win this game, they don’t even get to the first overtime, without Byron Mullens’ 27 points, eight rebounds and two blocks. He knows he hasn’t shot particularly well and that changed Saturday (9-of-15 overall, 5-of-11 from 3-point range).

                Dunlap didn’t tell him to back off his attempts after Mullens went 2-of-6 in the second quarter. Quite the opposite. Dunlap said he liked the looks Mullens was getting and to take every shot where he is open – just so long as he keeps providing defense at the other end.

                --Many of you told me the Bobcats were jobbed by the officiating Saturday. You thought Jeff Taylor didn’t deserve a foul on that play at the end of the first overtime that gave Singleton three free throws. You thought it was unfair that Taylor, Ben Gordon and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist all fouled out.

                You know who disagrees with you? Dunlap:

                “To me, officials have nothing to do with us going through those overtimes,’’ Dunlap said. “That’s on us.’’

                --The Bobcats’ depth is going to be tested on this road trip – at Oklahoma City Monday and at Atlanta Wednesday. That’s particularly true if Bismack Biyombo misses more time with a contusion on his left lower leg.

                They’ve done a good job of surviving without Gerald Henderson (sprained foot). But they could sure use him now, particularly as a versatile scorer. I just don’t know that he’ll be recovered before they come home to play the Philadelphia 76ers.

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Kembas play at pt gd down the stretch was the problem. He constantly over dribbled looking for his shot, running the clock down and then forcing a bad two in the lane in traftic or passing to a teammate who had little time to make a move or get a shot off. The Cats should let Sessions get the team into their offense when both are on the floor. They could have won it w no overtimes had this been done.

Sessions starts to one side and then reverses the ball weakening the defense. Kemba overdribbles , try's to force his way to the foul line looking for his shot and forces a shot double teamed or turns it over. The defense when he gets a screen knows he's not passing so they both stay w him ignoring the roller who he never gets the ball to.

These are constant bad pt gd decisions that must be corrected for growth. He had 4 turnovers last game and his assists totals are misleading as they come from perimeter assists and not from getting in the paint to facilitate.

Posted by: Ironman | Nov 25, 2012 3:33:07 AM

not saying we should not have been in the position of losing. but seriously those calls could and have went a different way on most nights! if Dunlap feels that and HE! can help by speaking up !!, he's naive... Henderson,Biz,TT hurt and 3 go out on fouls. Fair enough we won and was even BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 25, 2012 4:49:38 AM

I guess we would have to lose 54 in a row to match last season's record.

Posted by: The Icelandic Charlotte Bobcats Fan | Nov 25, 2012 5:09:03 AM

LOL at the iron dude...Kemba's first bad game (and it was bad offensively) and you're the first guy to come bash him on the blog! Bet you've been waiting all season for this one!

Going small as Dunlap noted is making it very difficult for our guards (pt gds!) to get into the paint and that's what a lot of our offense depends on. Because of that and probably the back-to-back we looked like crap...but we STILL pulled it out!

Gotta love the fight and I'm still proud of all the guys.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 25, 2012 6:40:52 AM

Oh, and the assists. They're not misleading at all; he still is "creating" the shots by his movement and his dribble, pulling the other defender away from his man. Those 9 assists the other nite just like his EIGHT assists with 2 TOs (in 47 minutes after 41 the nite before) were just as legitimate as any other pt gds.

Kemba is one of our best players and he has a LOT to do with our success to date. Get off his backside as it's getting very old.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 25, 2012 6:45:39 AM

loved seeing the spunk after a lethargic effort against atlanta. we wanted to win more than a team that was starving for victory.
travel to okc will be murder. hope we bounce back against the hawks. we owe them.

Posted by: david gibson | Nov 25, 2012 6:45:44 AM

First of all specter ,don't tell me what to post. Secondly, Kemba has been making the selfish looking for my shot , running the shot clock down to the detriment of the team every game. It puts the team in the hole constantly. He can't shoot as his numbers reflect that and should be attempting to jack shots less and facilitate in the paint way more. IN THE PAINT.

As someone one else said , he gets his shot blocked more than anyone else in the league forcing the ball inside in traffic , having drawn defenders and failing to pass bc he wants to lead the team in scoring at all costs. This was not his first bad game but that matters not , he needs to stop jacking , forcing shots and create in the paint if he's Goingto attempt to run the point. Like .Dell Curry said in the Toronto game, things start to happen when Sessions comes in and runs the point. That's bc he moves the ball and does not waste the clock overdribbling all game .

Posted by: Ironman | Nov 25, 2012 7:02:45 AM

A win is a win!!!
Regardless they grind it out.

Kemba may have shot poorly but his toss of Nene head and rebound at end helped win game. I love his hustle and never give up attitude. Yeah he had a bad shooting night. So what it happens. As 2nd year player he has grown leaps and bounds
Mullens did finally make shots and play well same with Gordon
Sessions is our best FA agent ever as far as I can tell.
Does anyone realize we may be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the nba right now. Not the best team but most exciting.
Most preseason had us finishing dead last and only 15 or so wins. We may not even make the lottery now. This is best we should have all helped for. Now if we get a lucky Chicago bulls type of lottery ball and a free agent and life is great

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Nov 25, 2012 10:00:36 AM

Ironman is exactly right. I'm a fan of Kemba and love his improvement, but the next step is knowing how to get the others involved more. I've been looking for a way to find out how many times his shot has been blocked this season. He keeps driving himself into trouble in the paint expecting the refs to bail him out, but gets his shot blocked instead (usually resulting in a fast break for the other team). I also saw at least 5 times last night when he was the only Bobcat in the paint on the offensive end to 4 Wizards defenders. That means A)someone else was open and he should have passed it, B)no one rolls to the paint with him to help him because they know he's not passing, and C)no one was crashing the offensive boards. You can almost see the team beginning to transition to defense as soon as he starts dribbling around because the end result is always the same. It's a huge problem that needs to be addressed. If I can see it I KNOW the opposing teams can.

Posted by: St. John's assistant coach? Seriously? | Nov 25, 2012 10:00:50 AM

Kemba. 17 assists in 2 games. Very very impressive considering he needs to score with this group of players for the Bobcats to win. As the talent gets better around him, his assist totals will just keep going up. We don't even have anything.close to a low post player on this team.

Posted by: Jim | Nov 25, 2012 10:01:35 AM

The foul call on Taylor was indeed a foul. The poor officiating was - allowing Washington to get away a large number of bumps, pushes, and slaps as they clawed back into the game. The home team usually gets the benefits of these non-calls.

Posted by: Gordon | Nov 25, 2012 11:29:31 AM

Great comments! This team is playing good....no doubt, Session is the best FA the Bobcats has signed. He is providing depth and scoring from the bench. He's a good facilitator and he really hustle. Kemba true over dribbles, but they're all competing which is good for the team. Perhaps another scoring when Diop is traded.

There's a spot on this roster that's wasting....Cory Higgins is just on this roster because his dad is an executive with the team. You already have four guards in Kemba, Session, Gordon and Henderson, why waste that spot on Cory who's not playing at all.

Haywood is playing good but he should not be a starter....he's a backup and there's still a need here with Biyomo developing. Offensively, Haywood is not effective.

Hakim and Tyrus Thomas....the powerful position need real help. This is why they struggle last night with those defensive and offensive rebounds. Singleton along had more rebounds than the entire Bobcats team.

Overall, I love the way the team is playing-----competing and hustling for the ball at both ends of the floor.

Posted by: bobcats | Nov 25, 2012 12:42:53 PM

Dunlap has done an unbelievable job with this group. Really disappointed they have not addressed the Higgins thing yet. We could use another body, but still won't make a move. The coach has not played him yet the GM keeps him on the team. So that means there is no one out there that can help this team? Cut the guy and see who else picks him up. My bet is Nobody. I understand Giop. Expiring contract might have value at the trade deadline, but Higgins? C'mon Bobcats.

Posted by: Spencer | Nov 25, 2012 1:00:29 PM


Wasn't so hard to find. Kemba gets blocked at a 14% close/13% inside. The #1 pick from the same year Kyrie Irving gets blocked 19% close/ 19% inside.

Kemba is also a net +3.5 in PER at the PG position holding his opponent PG to 14...below average.

His most efficient shot is inside and the coach has been saying REPEATEDLY that we are a "Run & Rim" team. Of course he can dish more from the paint (among other things) and he's learning...but it's hilarious to try and say he's any kind of detriment to the team. Personally I'm having a blast just watching him grow into his own.

You do realize we've won 7 freaking games right?

I know facts suck buddy, but they show that Kemha has repeatedly been one of our best players. You're going to have to wait a little bit longer to jump on here with your "I told you so!" comments for them to have any weight.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 25, 2012 5:02:59 PM

BTW, Sessions...who has been a great FA pick up for us...gets blocked more than Kemba inside; he's at 16%/16%.

In our system there's a lot of pressure put on the pt gds. Just going by our record and considering the surrounding cast (mainly lack of a post presence and no consistent outside shooters) I think they both should be commended for how well they've played so far.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 25, 2012 5:09:34 PM

There is nothing to complain about as a fan this year. It's insane to say but it's true.

The foul call was weak but contact was made. The bad calls involved the lack of calls on nene while he heisman'd everybody on the floor on his way to the rim. That was horrible.

Every night we have someone stepping up as someone is off or hurt or whatever. Mullens will eventually start having nights like this consistently. At 23, you have to be thrilled knowing his potential. He and walker are showing their abilities and once they harness it into consistent output.

Patience. They are barely beating the wizards DO NOT EXPECT PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR if they make it great, but that would be wayyyy ahead of schedule for these guys.

Show up at the arena and cheer for these guys so that they actually want to stay here and make big things happen. We finally have a team.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 25, 2012 6:34:44 PM

Charlottean-I'm a first year ticket holder and am chering like a mad man!

Spectre-don't get your panties in a bunch because someone complains about a few plays that Kemba consistently gets wrong. Sessions is doing the same thing. And if you'll notice, I also said no one is rolling to the paint with them. A bad play is a bad play. I absolutely must commend you on working that website, though. I tried for 20 minutes to figure out how you found those facts and gave up!

Posted by: St. John's assistant coach? Seriously? | Nov 25, 2012 11:20:47 PM

^^^ agreed....bad play is bad play....trick is to call for improvement, not replacement. We want to keep this group together and grow em up. Walker has a looooooong way to go. But......he's come a long way from last year where i thought there was no chance he would ever even reach starter quality. Even in summer league and pre season he didnt show as much. He'll be fine. Biz too. Mullens too. It's working. Getting hendo in the mix and tyrus back will be even better.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 26, 2012 3:33:05 AM

Heh, I just noticed your handle here..."St. John's assistant coach? Seriously?" Maybe it's about time you thought of something different?

Even I said he had a bad game offensively (which really he just had a bad game shooting/finishing...he actually filled up the stat sheet in other ways). Neither he nor Sessions looked for anyone other than themselves in OT.

Notice how he jumped on your comment that Kemba gets blocked most in the league...when he's not even the PG who gets blocked most on the team!

You and he were wrong and you got called on it.

You REALLY couldn't read that chart? LOL!

OK...go to the link I provided and in the chart labeled "shooting details" you'll see rows starting under the heading "shot". That would be the type of shot being analyzed. Look for the two "close" and "underneath"...that would be close and underneath the basket. Follow those lines over to the "blocked" column and you'll see the percentage of how often they get blocked.

You should try and get familiar with that page...obviously the eye test isn't doing you very well so far.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 26, 2012 5:36:46 AM

OK, so last year the talk was that Kemba was a horrible pick, that he couldn't score, that he wasn't a PG, that he couldn't pass.

This year he is one of the Top 15-20 PG in the NBA in almost every single category, and he gets even better if you search for PG's with 30+ minutes per game.

38.3 MPG (Top 2)
18.0 PPG (Top 6)
6.0 APG (Top 20)
4.0 RPG (Top 6)
2.3 SPG (Top 3)
2.5 TOPG (Top 19 w/30+ MPG)
41.4 FG% (Top 19)
83.6 FT% (Top 14)

The only bad stat is 3P% (20.6 Top 40), but he takes less than 3 shots per game from beyond the arc, so that is not really a concern.

He has improved DRAMATICALLY in every single category, including decision making. He is a 2nd year rookie, with tons of upside. He is coming from the worst season in NBA history, after a lock-out shortened season that prevented him to grow and develop properly and still is currently playing like an elite PG. Right now he is by far a better version of Russell Westrook in his 2nd season and way more efficient and careful with the ball in his hands.

Still there are people here that there to bash and criticized him, just because he had a bad game. Wow...shame on you!!!

Posted by: RobC | Nov 26, 2012 10:16:40 AM

I meant: "...dare to bash..." - in my last sentence.

Posted by: RobC | Nov 26, 2012 10:19:19 AM

I view Kemba as one of the key folks who has changed the team culture this year. This team wouldn't be near as good without him. Can you imagine DJ starting??
Kemba, MKG, Mullens, and Taylor look like great young picks and each is in way early development of career. Biz is slower but may have good potential also.
Throw in Sessions and get Hendo back healthy and maybe another FA mid year and we could make playoffs on a slim chance.

Big test tonight if we can hold loss to under 15 or in utter madness win!! That would be huge announcement that this team is even more for real than folks think.

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Nov 26, 2012 1:49:11 PM

I hope you guys don't think I want to get rid of Kemba, or any of these young guys (although I'm still pretty hesitant about Biyombo and won't even mention Higgins). I'd just like to see some guys rolling to the open spots to help bail him out when he has no shot in the paint.

Just so we're clear...I LIKE KEMBA! :)

And please note the name adjustment...

Posted by: St. John's assistant coach? Seriously? Damn right! | Nov 26, 2012 3:34:58 PM

Thank you RobC. A lot.

Love the revision St Johns and I apologize for kind of going off on you. Most of my ire was for the original commenter as he has CONTINUOUSLY bashed Kemba and called for him to come off the bench. It gets old seeing the same old undeserved crap and it's long past due he gets called on it.

I think we're in agreement that we want to see continued improvement and that it's hopefully going to be a very fun ride.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 26, 2012 5:19:31 PM

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