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November 17, 2012

Post-game thoughts on Charlotte Bobcats' loss to the Memphis Grizzlies

    A quick post-script on the Charlotte Bobcats’ 94-87 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies:

                --If the last three games demonstrated how far they’ve come from 7-59, then the first three quarters Saturday showed how far they still must go. Right now they’re a team that knows how to defend. They’re also a team that struggles to score and can have dubious shot selection.

                One of the things I noticed about the Grizzlies is how quickly they get into their half-court offense without rushing. The Grizzlies are in the middle of whatever set they’re running with 15 seconds left on the shot clock. By comparison, the Bobcats often either put up a bad shot early in a possession or waste time late in a possession.

                --Rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is really hurting himself with unnecessary fouls. People keep emailing and tweeting me, asking why his minutes are down. Saturday should be self-explanatory: Four fouls in the first 12 minutes makes it impossible to keep playing him.

                --Hakim Warrick showed immediately why this will be a good trade for the Bobcats. They’re a team that needs more post-up options and more trips to the foul line. Warrick took six free throws in his first three minutes as a Bobcat.

                --Tyrus Thomas hobbled out of the locker room Saturday night, his left leg encased in a protective boot. He left the game with a calf strain. He sure appeared in discomfort post-game.

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horse sht.
grizzgirls was in the bonus 5 / 6 min.s to go inthe 3rd.... i dont care about the attempts disgusting! We kicked Their azzz!!!!!!! on my phone dont care! WE WON THIS GAME. DISGUSTING¡

Posted by: David Stern has to go!! | Nov 18, 2012 12:00:58 AM

And no mention of mullens poor play. Why? He is a chucker who is just a bench player. The cats need to be bad enough to get a top 5 pick. We need a stud at pf. As for gilchrist, he will be just fine. He is a physical rookie playing his first few games. He is not getting any breaks from the zibras yet. It will be fun watching him develope

Posted by: crymeariver | Nov 18, 2012 12:25:59 AM

This is really a young team, and why turnovers killed them, they were really competitive in the last minutes of the 3rd and 4th quarters. The team perhaps as you indicated with Diop can use his expiring contract to sign a scorer. Perhaps Diop and Reggie Williams can be teamed up.....he's really becoming a non-factor on this team. Ben Gordon, a professional he looked committed funny turnovers that were really careless. Dribbling the ball and kicking it out of bound shouldn't be the types of errors a six or seven years veteran like him should be committing. These types of errors should be negated to the rookies, though unacceptable. Good job cats. The Grizzles are playing really good basketball....they beat the Thunder, Spurs and the Champion, Miami Heat.

Posted by: bobcats | Nov 18, 2012 12:29:38 AM

Mullens didn't play THAT bad. He shot poorly, but he made some big plays at the same time.

Gordon played horrible. All in all we played damn near great. We lost by 7 to a red hot elite team that we should idolize right now. We have to be patient with our young guys. Kemba, byron, biz, mkg, taylor....these guys are all 23 and under. Give them 3 years playing together.....ATLEAST give mullens half a season to adjust to this role. He can clearly be an nba go to guy talent wise, but the guy hasn't been that since hs 5 years ago.

Just because we beat washington and minnesota's 3rd string and indiana without granger and dallas without dirk or marion doesn't mean we're supposed to beat full strength contenders. We competed GREAT. We lost the game because a few shots didnt fall and a few calls didn't go our way. (And ben gordon gave away 4 possessions in a row along with some great fouls to help open the game up)

We as fans should not care about the w/l this year but whether or not the guys that matter improve, and gain chemistry, and compete. I'd rather lose every game while our youngns get better than win 35 games watching ben gordon launch 25 shots every night (which wouldn't win that many games anyways).

Biyombo had some moments tonight that were great. He WILL get there. It might be 5 years from now, but that dude will be insane.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 18, 2012 3:49:16 AM

Great post charlottean...couldn't agree more!

This year is all about player development and changing the culture. Work hard, never give up and learn how to play the game.

I'm really proud of these guys.

Posted by: spectre | Nov 18, 2012 11:11:49 AM

Well we were closer than I thought as we were down 8-13 it seemed all game
Game was to be at and everyone stayed till end and got money's worth. As a season ticket holder this is huge change and I feel massive improvement.
Hakim such an upgrade. He hit stride and was so solid in few minutes
Kamba and Sessions look great together and never give up. Kamba got some bs calls especially for block at end. He is major improvement. I feel like our duo is light years better than before and DJ who.
Dunlap continues to impress and keep them focused. He is for real
Lots of bad:
Gordon and Mullens launched how many shots and lost ball to easy breaks for two on us. Mullens can be solid in time but we always expect to much from him
Tyrus just sucks! He missed everything and did nothing but get injured. Amnesty him on principal please next year

They just showed they are flat out better team and a miracle we were that close honestly

Worried we won't be bottom 5 this year. Haha what a change

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Nov 18, 2012 1:18:56 PM

Every year I see the same comments over and over. The most common is how "this year is about player development and we are only two or three years from being a regular playoff prescence." I ain't gittin' none too younger kiddos. After several years of player development, shouldn't the Bobcats be devloped by now? I'm not hoping for 25 to 28 wins and more building and devlopment. I want to see 45 wins THIS YEAR! C'mom Cats, buckle down and step up!

Posted by: Bubba | Nov 18, 2012 3:22:51 PM

ATLEAST give mullens half a season to adjust to this role. He can clearly be an nba go to guy talent wise,


No he can't! How many games did the cats win with mullen leading all scores? 8 games is a small sample size but still. He needs to take his a$$ down low and get rebounds, blocksshots and freethrows.

Posted by: crymeariver | Nov 18, 2012 3:59:07 PM

Ok we pay Mullens small dollars and we expect the word. Is he better than TT and Diop???? Oh he'll yes.
Stick with him and have him be solid second squad in future is good plan

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Nov 18, 2012 8:20:21 PM

Crymeariver - I can understand that Mullens shot is not falling as much as we would like, but you cannot say the kid doesn't play hard. He is basically a rookie in this league after playing in D-League with OKC and just one "lockout"short season with a horrible Bobcats team.

The kid has improved a whole lot in his defense, he just need to get crisper in his rotations, he is also rebounding the ball and also blocking shots, he averages almost a double-double per game. Im not sure why do you hate so much on a kid that came from NOWHERE, to be asked to carry a team offensively. No, he is not great nor a star, but he has improved dramatically from last season (in theory his rookie season) and he will be great, either starting or from the bench - an All-Star, I don't know, but I would not bet against it.

On another note, I agree with Charlottean 110%. Memphis is a solid, elite team that is consider a contender in the tougher Western conference and our Bobcats team (full of rookies) went head to head against them.

It was free throws, a few rookie mistakes and several calls that did not go our way. The block from Kemba to Tony Allen was SUPER clean and instead they called a foul resulting in 2 point for Memphis, then in the 4th Q there was a CLEAR backcourt violations from Memphis that instead resulted in a 3 pointer from Ellington.

For the first time in 9 years, this team actually looks like an NBA team building for consistent success. In Cho we Trust!!!

Posted by: RobC | Nov 19, 2012 8:54:02 AM

If Ramon Sessions ever gets injured this team will struggle. He is a steady hand for Kemba, and exudes confidence and fearlessness for a young team while on the floor. By far the best FA acquisition to this point.

Posted by: Rick Barnes | Nov 19, 2012 10:00:52 AM

I agree a lot with RobC and Charlottean. Mullens is sollid and just needs some playing time to get used to the role. The scouting report has caught up with him, so now he just has to expand his game to be harder to shut down. I believe he'll be a starter at PF for us for a long time.

Warrick is going to make a huge difference on this team. He goes to the hole agressively and maybe the midget point guard can dump it to him and let him dunk it instead of getting blocked all the time.

I bet our guards are the most blocked duo in the NBA. Their penetration is awesome, but they need to learn to kick it when they don't have a shot. Of course, they need someone to kick it to, and I haven't seen many people rolling with them when they drive.

Biz MUST go play in the D league for a while. He just doesn't belong out there yet. I cringe any time he touches the ball. Almost every player in the NBA is athletic, so that story's getting old really fast.

Posted by: St. John's assistant coach? Seriously? | Nov 19, 2012 10:04:58 AM

WOW...Kemba Walker should be insulted and offended by that Bubble Head of him. I really think it looks more like Cory Higgins than Kemba...is that another trick from Mr' Rod Higgins to advertise his baby boy??? Wow!!!

Posted by: Bobcats STH | Nov 19, 2012 1:14:43 PM

mullens shot what? 7 for 21 with 2 3's. durant has games like that on the regular. the difference is durant's ability to get foul calls. that will come once mullens establishes himself. kemba has had far worse shooting nights plenty of times.

you want that dude putting up 18+ shots a night. they will start falling more often with more time. you want consistent play, he has to be in a consistent role which he is finally settling into. you have to factor in opponent too. zach randolph and marc gasol aren't exactly lax defenders.

and regarding "player development" comments......that was said.....last year and probably never before that. wow a whole season rebuilding and you're worn out on that huh?

not to mention it takes several years to accumulate talent and grow them up. we're technically in year 2 but it feels like year 1 because of the coaching and personnel changes. and the youth on these kids. look at the teams that win and their ages (okc being the outlier sort of). we keep this group together 5 years and we'll have a contender.

the question is whether or not the front office will manage this properly to do so. henderson and mullens are both RFA after the season. hard to imagine we keep both even though we should.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 19, 2012 6:41:49 PM

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