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November 26, 2012

Video: Bobcats surprise, Bynum disappoints

How disappointing has Andrew Bynum been so far for the Sixers' organization & fans? CineSport's Brian Clark & SheridanHoops.com's Chris Sheridan discuss this, the Bobcats & Damian Lillard.

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man, this is good for bobcats because we lost the lockout season but with a vision now the rebuilding has sped up.

Posted by: vinh | Nov 26, 2012 6:56:17 PM

Chlt bobcats need to rebound and play a good defence, and also continue to play a team ball with constinancy.To the coach: please allow your starting five to take a rest when the team is in the lead with a big marging. in order word rest your starting with big lead.I think you are a good coach. Tks. J. Finley.

Posted by: john finley | Dec 8, 2012 11:29:04 AM

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