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November 30, 2012

Video: Sixers hand Bobcats a 3rd straight loss

Kemba Walker's 13-point, nine-assist effort was not enough in the Charlotte Bobcats' 104-98 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Bobcats are now 7-8 and will host the Trailblazers on Monday.

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Heck of a game. Huge moment for biyombo's progress. Confidence was soaring tonight. Taylor was great too. Mkg solid.

Mullens and gordon looked good 1st half but not much in the 2nd.

Just love watching this team play. I'm fine if they keep cory higgins as long as they keep all these other young'ns. I hope hendo can find a role without displacing taylor. But man they're losing close close games to solid playoff teams.

Remember when evan taylor was available in trades? All they had to do was get rid of iggy and dude is looking stout. He and holiday and bynum are going to be referred to as "big 3" almost immediately upon bynum's return. That is a legit title contending team for the next 5 years when healthy. Deep too.

Philly played GREAT and barely won. That's an insanely good sign for our young team.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 1, 2012 12:35:26 AM

Was another great game to attend!
Team is solid and showing steady progress. Taylor and MKG proving to be best picks we could have hoped for. Wonder how it all works with Hendo coming back. Between Sessions and Kemba and then Taylor and MKG he will need to pick it up.
I know Gordon's stats look good but guy is old school ball hog as advertised
Biz looked great and on offense! Mullens looking good and improving. We get a stud down low like several of the teams we have recently lost to and watch out

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Dec 1, 2012 3:45:42 PM

The only guy who should be concerned about Henderson's return is Ben Gordon.

He is way overrated, although efficient he is an extremely inconsistent shooter and he is a HUGE liability on defense - is basically 4 on 5 when he is on the court.

Henderson should be our starting SG when he gets back and Taylor should still play 25MPG backing up both Hendo and MKG. That way you always have a 6-7 guy at the SF position. Gordon has been playng SF and it's been really bad for the team, plus he is not in the future plans for this team.

I just hope that Rich Cho is giving Ben Gordon some extra playing time to showcase him as a scorer/shooter and trade him by the deadline, since he has only 1 year left after this season.

Posted by: RobC | Dec 3, 2012 11:41:57 AM

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