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March 04, 2013

Bobcats told Tyrus Thomas not to travel on 4-game West Coast trip

            PORTLAND, Ore. –- Charlotte Bobcats power forward Tyrus Thomas was told not to accompany the team on their four-game West Coast trip by team management.

            Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins said Monday the front office felt Thomas’s time was better spent in Charlotte, doing some physical rehabilitation and individual on-court work, rather than be on the road with his team.

           Thomas, the Bobcats’ second-most expensive player this season at $8 million, has fallen out of the rotation entirely of late. Monday’s road game in Portland was the tenth straight game when Thomas was designated inactive and the 12th game in which he did not play.

            In fact, when the Bobcats acquired another power forward, Josh McRoberts, at the trade deadline, McRoberts was activated for his first game before he had participated in a Bobcats practice or shootaround.

            The Bobcats have a considerable financial obligation to Thomas going forward -- $8.6 million for the 2013-14 season and $9.4 million for the 2014-15 season, both of those guaranteed.

            It’s possible the Bobcats could use their one-time amnesty waiver on Thomas this summer. The Bobcats would still owe Thomas for the next two seasons, but those sums would not count against the team’s salary cap.

            --Rick Bonnell

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He is terrible. Other than Diop he isis the worst acquisition ever. Gordon being not far behind.

Posted by: Jack Swagfee | Mar 4, 2013 10:25:51 PM

this team would not be competitive in the D league or against most Division I college teams. i don't care how good coach dunlap is or what the plan is to develop young players, other teams in the NBA seem to do just fine with young players. the lack of any real defense and complaining about rebounding when you have your front line players out at the three point line on offense it's no wonder rebounding is a problem. there's a lack of offense with Byombo, Diop and Kidd Gilcrest so what you end up with is the guards dribbling the shot clock away and taking difficult jump shots. josh mcroberts is the best big man the team has now overall and he's third or fourth off the bench and probably not in the team's long term plans

the observer gave five things the panthers should do for next year so here's five thing the bobcats should do:

1 change the name to the hornets. it's a no brainer and if MJ balks at the idea it will hurt the team in the long run.

2 clean the deck with Diop,Reggie Williams and Thomas which will provide almost $18M in cap room.

3. send byombo to spend the off season with hakeem olygiwan and then develop a couple of simple pick and roll plays for him

4lock up walker longterm and henderson unless there's a better two guard free agent; resign mcroberts

5. spend cap on either al jefferson, paul milsaps, josh smith or jj hickson or somebody that can defend the paint and score in the post.

Posted by: fan | Mar 4, 2013 11:03:03 PM

Don't forget we still owe the Bulls a first round pick for him. He just keeps on giving.

Posted by: OffTheRadar | Mar 4, 2013 11:29:57 PM

Rick, are you buying their story? What's the real deal?

I noticed your Mullen Was Benched headline went by the wayside? He get a sore knee after the fact kind of like Rory McIlroy got a sore tooth when he needed an excuse for quitting? Odd.

Was Cho responsible for bringing in Ben Gordon?

Posted by: NASTAR15 | Mar 5, 2013 1:53:41 AM

Responding to Fan's comments:

1. Tyrus Thomas will NEVER, EVER be have the amnesty tag used on him. This would require His Airheadness to double down, which MJ only does in Vegas. Michael is not going to free up another $8 million, just to be forced to spend it by the NBA. No, TT's contract works out perfectly for MJ and Thomas can simply sit at the end of the bench. Jordan has no intention of ever using the amnesty.

2. Gerald Henderson is a backup guard! He is NOT anything on a decent team. His numbers are inflated because he is on the worst team in the history of the NBA. Please, stop this love affair with the DOOK home boy and join us in a bit of reality. Hendo's percentages are as skewed as Julius Peppers sack totals were, when Peppers would have 3 sacks against inferior opponents once the game was already decided. Someone come to their senses and trade this fool, as the BOOBcats WILL BE DRAFTING Ben McLemore, SG from Kansas to replace Hendo this summer.

3. Do NOT sign Kemba to a long term deal! He is a backup guard who can spark a team off the bench. Once again, inflated numbers from the WORST TEAM IN THE HISTORY of the NBA!!! If Kemba would perfect his outside shooting, he could eventually become a Michael Adams type of guard. As of now, e is the flavor of the month. He can be replaced, so one waits out his contract.

4. Do NOT even bother with Josh McRoberts, as he is another DOOK chump who is a dime a dozen in this league. He's already on his 5th team, so unless he wants to sign for $750,000, 1 year deal, waive him adieu.
5. Bismack Biyombo...they said he was a project, and 'they' were not kidding. Olajuwon lives in Jordan, with his family, so nice job on your research. The 'Cats had a chance to hire Patrick Ewing, but apparently he wasn't ready to handle the job as Head Coach. What's next, His Airheadness traveling to North Korea to summon Dennis Rodman, in order to work on Biyombo's game? This was a mistake, as the BOOBcats were not in a position to develop a player, nor did they have the personnel. Package this Cat in a trade and make the best of the situation. It's not as if Michael is going to actually PAY someone big bucks to develop this project.

As for NASTAR, as well as for all of you DOOK fans that rag on the Ben Gordon trade, may I remind you that your boy, Maggette SUCKS! Yeah, 5.3 ppg this year and a complete NON-CONTRIBUTOR...and on a lousy team, too! Heck, Maggette can't even get off the bench, he is so bad! Gordon is a streak shooter, which everyone and his mother knew going into this trade, and he still is averaging 11.4 ppg off the bench. Further, his FT pct is the highest on the team. In fact, Dunlap doesn't put the ball into the hands of Gordon quite enough, as Flash would be scoring more, whether on the perimeter or at the free throw line.

Just wait until the draft, BOOBcat fans, when Cho uses the 2nd first round pick on a stiff like Mason Plumlee. This franchise is as big of a joke as its owner. MJ was the most over-hyped played in the history of the NBA, and I hope he thanks Phil Jackson, along with Nike every day for his beautiful life.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 2:47:02 AM

Bill James. Wow. That was the biggest drama queen verbiage I've ever read in my life. Complete waste of my 20 seconds in life to read horse crap! Especially Jordan being the most over hyped player? You must have been a Knicks fan cause Jordan denied Ewing a championship each and every time. If you don't like the bobcats, why waste you time reading and commenting on them. Go back to whatever make believe world that you've created and don't come back. Don't worry, we won't miss you.

Posted by: Kirby | Mar 5, 2013 3:25:32 AM

I've never been a Knicks fan, you dumb redneck. See, when people like you are bred with your family, it is proven your IQ level drops to 80 or lower.
I don't like the decision making of the BOOBcats, ever since they decided to break up a perennial playoff team, all because of money. Sorry, there were no other reasons than that. Yeah, we need to rebuild...that was the mantra. In other words, we are going to jettison Raymond Felton and Tyson Chandler, followed by Gerald Wallace, Nazr, and Jax. They aren't anything to jump up and down about individually, but collectively they clicked. There was a chemistry there...and finally the 'Cats had the Queen City excited.

His Airheadness went on the cheap and threw it away. He cannot afford to a championship NBA team, just like George Shinn could not. The best thing Jordan could do for this city is to sell the team to a person like Bruton Smith, who has very deep pockets and will keep the team in Charlotte.

By the way, Kirby...I'm not the one leaving, as I'm not the minority in town. Back up your hillbilly self and move. WE are the majority, and WE won't miss you!

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 8:22:04 AM

Kirby, idiots like you are why they created sports video games. Michael Jordan was never the best NBA player. To this day, Michael Jordan is not the NBA's best player. MJ is the best marketed player in the history of the NBA. His marketing is far better than the player.

He won 6 titles? Not until Phil Jackson got there. If you're going by that alone, then Robert Horry needs to be part of the discussion for the best NBA player (6 NBA Championships).

Scoring Titles? Michael has that with 10. I guess it's all about scoring? Michael and Wilt Chamberlin both averaged 30 ppg in their career.

Rebounds? Well, Wilt averaged 22 per game in his career, while Jordan averaged 6 rpgs in his career.

All around game? Magic Johnson is so far superior to Jordan, it's not even close. To this day, Magic would school the much shorter Jordan. You will NEVER have another 6'9" Point Guard, who could play any position on the floor, INCLUDING CENTER, like Magic. Michael scored...and he did commercials. Look at his record before Phil Jackson and I rest my case.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 8:49:47 AM

Bill James is on a roll! Don't necessarily agree with 100% but do love your enthusiasm!

As for Maggette, while he's hardly played for Detroit I feel we would have been better off to keep him because his contract expires this year, and because I believe the $15,000,000 price tag we paid for the pick that eventually comes along with Gordon will end up being wasted money. We shall see.

One thing is for sure, you are absolutely correct that His Minimumness should sell the BOOBcats and until he does this franchise will be the league doormat and a laughingstock.

Not A league doormat, but rather, THE league doormat.

Posted by: NASTAR15 | Mar 5, 2013 9:58:05 AM

the main point of the Maggette/Gordon trade was the 1st round pick that we got from Detroit to take him. Gordon is a streaky shooter and nothing to write home about but we needed to spend the money somewhere (some of you may forget we were flirting with not making the league minimum) so it was a win win situation for us. I'm not to fond of him after the altercation with Dunlap compounded with his inability to be in the game for more than 1 minute with out a turnover but I would bet even money he won't be here next season. We'll turn him into at worst a future second round pick.

I didn't bother reading any of Bill James' posts after the first one because he is obviously clueless as far as the Bobcats organization is concerned (it's usually best to have some factual knowledge of whats actually going on before voicing an opinion) but I wanted to clear up that although I don't agree with everything the second poster "fan" listed (and I'm pretty sure he spelled every players name wrong) Olajuwon does run a big man camp that the likes of JaVale McGee, Amar'e Stoudedemire and LeBron James have been to with in the past 5 years.

Posted by: nick | Mar 5, 2013 12:07:22 PM

they are definitely using the amnesty on thomas. anybody that thinks jordan is cheap is about as dumb as the poeple that think richardson is cheap but simultaneously complain about both of them spending too much.

thomas is definitely getting amnestied. they've already said "we will have ________ amount of cap room this summer" and the only way you can get to that kind of math is by amnesty of thomas.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 12:20:02 PM

charlottean, can you provide a specific link to that comment and back it up with the corresponding math?

Not saying you are wrong, just very interested in the specifics. Thanks.

Posted by: NASTAR15 | Mar 5, 2013 1:03:35 PM

Charlottean "Thinks" His Airheadness is doing whats in the best interest of Charlotte basketball. News Flash: this has always been about money, Joe Bob. Mikey isn't coughing it up, and you aren't about to force his hand. This BOOBcats team isn't going to the playoffs in the near future, and definitely not next year.
So tell us, Charlottean, why would you spend twice as much money, essentially throwing it away, on something like an amnesty? Michael is well aware that his team is not going to make the playoffs, so he should spend as little money as possible until the young guys get developed. See, this is how Donald Sterling ran his team for years. You acquire draft picks, pay low, and let them trade them after a few years, acquiring more draft picks...or you just let them walk away.
Charlottean, it's about time you quit living your life in a southern barn and start paying attention to the rest of the World. You may not like how everyone else does it, but that's the way it is. MJ is NOT some guy who has a ton of money. He has made money, and he earns money. Yet, Michael likes to spend his money, whether it is buying things, traveling, or previously with an addiction for gambling. Michael is about Michael, and he's not here to field a Championship NBA team, just because you think it is the right thing to do.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 3:52:33 PM

Might be a good idea to ship Tyrus Thomas to the Boston Celtics for Jeff Green or to Oklahoma City Thunder for Nick Collison if either of the to are free agents after the season. The trade would make sense on the rumors of the Bobcats becoming SuperSonics by relocating to Seattle for a new fresh start on the franchise. Hope the ownership if the team moves to Seattle to hire Gary Payton as a new head coach that can provide a great team chemistry and compete for the playoffs every year.

Posted by: John Rhee | Mar 5, 2013 5:03:03 PM

Bill James = NASTAR

I can't believe there are 2 idiots in this town that think Thomas will be gone, but they likely share the same brain.

Posted by: Symbiotic | Mar 5, 2013 7:39:29 PM

the reason you amnesty tyrus thomas now is because they have given him chance after chance after chance with 3 different head coaches to prove he was worth the money. and he isn't. jeff adrien makes the minimum and holds more value. if you can get BETTER by replacing him with the minimum, AND go over the tax line for a big deal (hypothetically) without paying the taxes, it's a no brainer.

the only reason they didn't amnesty him last summer was because at that point everyone viewed him as valuable and you think maaaaaaaaaybe just maaaaaaaybe he'd be good enough to become tradeable or good enough to keep. but now? no effing way. he only becomes tradeable in 2 years as a cap relief expiring contract. it'd be more advantageous to have the flexibility THIS summer to get the exact same type of salary dump deal NOW or in the next year and a half. it's about flexibility.

funny that you need a link........it was from this very website, this blog, this paper, quoted from both rod higgins AND rich cho.

i don't understand what you're saying about how i'm wrong. you said that this is what donald sterling did. and i too said this is what donald sterling did. you say jordan isn't willing to spend yet he's the one that spent the money to begin with. he paid the 300 million for the franchise. he gave tyrus thomas 40 million RIGHT AFTER buying the team. he made the trade for ben gordon which is going to cost him 13 million just to get another 1st round pick. what more does he have to do to prove he's dedicated financially to winning? he may not be bill gates, but he has SOLID income coming in every year that he doesn't even have to work for. and it's non-investment income. there isn't another owner in the league except maybe mark cuban that gets endorsement deals that exceed players contracts. his financials are solid in terms of ownership.

look at all the payrolls in the league.....they're all about to crunch under the new cba and we're ready for it. tons of teams ARE NOT. tons of teams will be dumping big salaries and dismantling playoff teams because they won't be able to afford the taxes. we WILL benefit from that. and we're prepared for it. we're at 57 mil this year, tops is LA at 100 but they're the outlier. median is okc and detroit at 69/68. we've spent that kind of money on payroll. it's not about that.

houston has the lowest payroll in the league this year. OKC HAD one of the lowest last year. memphis is 5th lowest. utah, denver, indiana, atlanta are all in the lower half of the league. spending does not = winning. it's spending CORRECTLY. we weren't doing that, now we are.

orlando has the 3rd highest payroll in the league at 87 million. do you want to trade places? they have 75 committed to next year ALREADY.

if you're going to argue this or that AT LEAST back it up with some facts. stop spewing BS all over the internet and do some research to formulate your opinions. the bobcats are rebuilding, fact. the bobcats are rebuilding the right way, fact. that means they're losing a ton of games, fact. that does NOT mean they will be losing a ton of games for the next 7-8 years (for those who count accurately) but they will be losing for this year and next for sure, fact.

you guys gotta pay attention. none of you guys were freaking out when we traded tyson chandler and alexis ajinca for matt carroll and eduardo najera and then rod higgins went and said "we did it to save money" when it actually cost the team like 4 million in addition to the insane loss of talent. none of you guys were crying then when I was. we haven't made a single deal like that since hiring rich cho. I'm not saying he's the savior, i'm saying......he's not rod higgins and rod higgins isn't holding the big boy phone anymore. be happy, be patient, be a bobcats fan.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 7:53:21 PM

Symbiotic = boy living in Momma's double wide.

Dopey, Tyrus Thomas is NOT going anywhere. Please, R.I.F., you dumb redneck! His Airheadness is NOT getting rid of Tyrus Thomas, for it would require Michael to A) shell out a bundle of bucks, and B) it would require Jordan to spend money he does not want to spend on another bench player. Hey fool, MJ has no intention of competing for NBA Championships, or didn't you figure that out when this UNC dropout started trading playoff players for draft picks?

Please, stick to Charlotte Moms and chasing down Altar boys. In your idealistic World of hope, faith, and belief, you somehow have this notion that Michael will do the right thing. Well, wake up...he won't!

Now, hook up that double wide and move to Stateville, Gomer Pyle. No one will miss you. The BOOBcats aren't going anywhere, either, as they are comfortable as cellar dwellars.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 7:59:08 PM

charlottean, completely agree with your sentiments in paragraphs 1 and 2.

Ok, I see the link, now work us through the detailed math that concludes with Tyrus's departure. I'm interested.

The rest, you are dreaming. Financially this team is a house of cards and continues to hemorrhage cash. It's doubtful that they have ever had a profitable year.

Read here if interested, has only gotten worse:

sportsbusinessdaily (dot) com/Journal/Issues/2010/03/20100308/This-Weeks-News/Johnson-Covered-$80-Million-In-Bobcats-Losses (dot) aspx

Posted by: NASTAR15 | Mar 5, 2013 8:23:49 PM

it hasn't gotten worse. Ticket sales ARE up regardless of how empty the arena is and sponsorship have been up big time too. it's really a lot easier to book a big sponser when michael jordan comes to a company golf outing (something he is only doing because it's literally his money now).

as for the math on the thomas deal.......he'll have about 17 million left on his deal. if he is untradeable AND not of value to the team as player....it's OBVIOUSLY more advantageous to replace him with someone like a jeff adrien for the minimum who CAN be traded and who CAN be of value as a player. keeping him around only wastes a roster spot. I've always held onto the idea that he would be mediocre enough that the day would come that he would be tradeable like in the summer leading up to his deal expiring or something. but that's not going to be as likely now with him being as horrible as he has been this year. the dude is shooting just north of 30% from the field.

NASTAR, you're posts are shooting a better fg % than thomas. so if we keep him......we have ZERO capability to sign or trade for a big salaried player. if we amnesty him......it's at least an option. AND if we amnesty him.........we're far enough under the cap the next 2 years that if a deal came along that we would have used him as a trade piece.........we can still do the deal because we'll have cap room and salaries won't have to match. at that point, there is literally ZERO reason to keep him around. he waves a good towel and everything and I like the guy as a person. but he just isn't the player we thought he'd be making 40 million.

that all said, I doubt we pull off a big deal this summer for a max level player. unless we draft zeller or noel and trade for eric gordon. thats the only deal I could see happening. or maybe making a run at tyreke evans (who like gordon, definitely doesn't deserve max money). but at least we have the flexibility to do so.

we have 7 guys in our core.......walker/henderson/taylor/mkg/biyombo/mullens/sessions. sessions is the oldest at 26. how does the future NOT look bright. the league is dominated by guys between 28-32. look at the arch of lebron's career. look at durant. it takes these guys time to grow up EVEN THEM and they are the elite of the elite. MKG is going to be rudy gay at worst. biyombo will be a horace grant type at worst. but the best case scenario? should that play out.....we have something special. but even if it doesn't, we have something good and we have valuable pieces.


look at our payroll commitments and then subtract thomas. we SHOULD keep henderson and mullens, but i'm not sure they will. they shouldn't overpay them, but they also shouldn't have to. neither will be in high demand. but after next year when ben gordon and his 13 million balloon comes off the books.....our deck is very very clear. it comes down to those core guys. a lot of teams run into problems keeping their guys once they become good because they spent their money on other guys. think OKC with harden. we won't have that problem. the new CBA will keep teams from offering max contracts to everybody and most teams won't have room to go after a kemba or biyombo in a few years because they'll still be paying guys they gave max deals the last few years.

not next year, but the following.......playoffs. an 8 seed a 7 seed. but it'll be upward from there. only thing that would hinder this would be a major injury to a key piece. but this team will be built to last for a long time being this young. think about how young MKG and biyombo are and look at the playoff teams key guys. they're all around 30. we just gotta be patient.

i guarantee if you saw transcripts of my posts years back.....i was nowhere near this optimistic about the team and franchise in general. rod higgins is an absolute idiot and continually ran us into the ground. but we haven't made those kind of moves the past 2 seasons and I have faith that Cho is to blame for that. it's gotten A LOT better.

patience mfers. patience. and enjoy watching these dudes now so you can tell people "i remember when...." when they're running people out the gym.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 9:06:20 PM

amnesty provision does not require you to spend additional money. not sure where you're getting that from.

he's got to pay tyrus either way but he's NOT going to pay him AND pay the luxury tax. you clearly don't know how the nba salary cap works. he actually saves money by using the amnesty on thomas. keeping him costs him more. it makes no difference financially to tyrus he gets his either way. but the tax difference?! insane.

you also must have missed the year a few years ago when we had a payroll of over 68 million the year we made the playoffs. and i think that was like the 12th highest that year or something like that.

you guys sure hate facts.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 9:11:21 PM

Your right NASTARIS....Thomas is not going any where. Like on the road with the team. He is already gone. Benched, DNP and now left at home. You would have to be a complete moron not to see it or just don't want to admit to are wrong. Either one is not good. What a joke.

Posted by: Symbiotic | Mar 5, 2013 9:35:39 PM

Charlottean, you're not the brightest bulb. Yet, what would we expect from some dumb redneck.
Look ding dong, IF MJ were to do it your way and to pay off Tyrus Thomas, that would free up $8,694,215 next season. News flash: Jordan has to spend a minimum amount of money, per the NBA agreement. Therefore, he has to pay the money out TWICE! You must hate facts, as the bargaining agreement requires that all owners MUST pay out 90% of the payroll cap to its players. Yes, each team must meet a minimum payroll and MJ wants to keep it at the minimum.

See, I have already confused you. The problem is, you don't like to deal in facts, as you think Michael is rolling in the dough. Fact is, he is NOT, although don't let facts get in the way of your fantasies. Sorry, but your poster boy isn't so special, and he certainly is one of the poorest NBA Owners currently. I hate to burst your bubble, but it is true. The NBA would never even approve the sale of a team to such a weak Owner if his name were not Michael Jordan, as his assets were a joke. Again, don't let FACTS get in the way of your wet dream.
Michael decided to forego the playoff route, due to the FACT that he could not afford a playoff team. Therefore, he started dismantling the playoff team, selling it to the fans as a rebuilding job. Puhleeze! The dumb rednecks bought it, but those who were raised elsewhere and had teams pull these stunts previously knew better.
You want a winning product, you pay for it. Michael cannot afford it and he needs Tyrus Thomas' contract on the books to offset the 90% minimum amount he needs to spend for the cap. THOSE are the FACTS, Homer.

His Airheadness will keep the budget at $50 Million and not spend a dime more. Our owner can say he cares about Wins, but he's unwilling to pay for W's.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 5, 2013 9:47:35 PM

look who doesn't know the nba salary cap rules........

amnestied players count towards the cap "floor" they just don't count towards the tax line. he isn't required to re-spend the money, he just has the option to do so if a deal presents itself. and like i said, if he keeps him AND wants to make a big move, he would be paying taxes. if he amnesties him and then makes the big move......no taxes. it's optional. if he doesn't do it this summer though, he doesn't have the option the following year. and waiving a guy does not work the same as an amnesty.

redneck doesn't apply here either. great job on internet name calling.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 10:19:07 PM

Then please stop using "Charlottean" for your moniker, because it doesn't fit. Sorry, but you fail to understand Michael Jordan. Trust me when I say that you have no idea about the thought process, behavior, or financial wherewithal of our NBA owner.
You fail to understand that a position has to be filled on the team. That requires a contract. As long as Tyrus is on the team, and Michael is paying him as scheduled, he does not have to spend extra money on another contract. See, if the BOOBcats were to amnesty T.T., then Michael would be required to sign another player to fill the roster. That would require signing that player to a contract. In addition, people in the know would easily realize that Michael is simply sitting on the $8.6 Million he amnestied with Tyrus, rather than spending it on a quality player. It's called "public perception" you nimrod.

Michael knows he is being watched by the other owners, the leaders in Charlotte, as well as the fans. Therefore, MJ knows he is obligated to spend that money, IF in fact he were to use the amnesty on Tyrus, which he will NOT!

What you want and what is reality are two totally different things. Tyrus isn't going anywhere, as he stays a BOOBcat.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 6, 2013 6:45:36 AM

"Trust me when I say that you have no idea about the thought process, behavior, or financial wherewithal of our NBA owner."

and how pray tell do you know what's going on in MJ's mind? Answer is you don't. It's your opinion... having one doesn't make you elite or in the right. It's glaringly obvious you have a disdain for Jordan so why not just walk away and not troll on the internet with the intent to bash the Bobcats and their fans?

Posted by: nick | Mar 6, 2013 11:23:27 AM

this guy hates being wrong....

a minimum contract player (jeff adrien for example) is outperforming tyrus thomas across the board. they WILL choose to go that route and have the flexibility. there's no sense in arguing with you when every point you make has been wrong. we had a payroll of 68 million just a few years ago. MJ isn't intentionally keeping the payroll low to save money, they're doing it because CHO is keeping flexibility for a potential big move. they've said this over and over and given the history prior to cho, there's no reason not to believe it.

wait til july. he will be amnestied. there's no other way they have the cap room they say they will. and there's no benefit in holding onto thomas at this point when he can be replaced and outperformed for a mere 400-800k. compare that to the 1.5 dollars per dollar tax they would face going over the tax.......it's not even close.

work on your math kid.

oh and also work on knowing charlotte, there are tons of non-redneck charlotteans. tons. most of the rednecks aren't from charlotte but from the suburbs or rural parts outside of charlotte.

the guy spent 13 million on a 1st round draft pick. how is he cheap? he might not have the net worth that some owners have but he has far more disposable income than most.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 6, 2013 1:06:31 PM

If you are from Charlotte, you're are a redneck. Sorry, but unless you speak proper English, recognize that anything to do with the Confederacy needs to be removed, listen to rock music (over Country), you will be labeled a redneck.

Still, you haven't figured it out. You do the math. If $8.6 Million is amnestied and Tyrus Thomas is sent packing, the fans will expect that money to be spent on another player. You are not going to fill it with a bit player for $500K. Do you honestly think anyone is buying this? You actually believe fans are supposed to accept this "Math" from MJ? Sure, have $8.6 Million available for another able body, just so it can sit idle...and the team continues to SUCK?

You're selling land in Florida, with a "No sinkhole" guarantee, too? If you're from Charlotte, you're a dumb redneck....and a sheep. Just keep being a follower of your aimless leader, His Airheadedness. MJ won't even be close to the tax threshold next year, so your "Math" definitely needs work. Yeah, and your college degrees are from which southern school, boy? Doomazz, you probably think the Civil War was all about Northern Aggression, too, right?

Come July, Tyrus Thomas will remain a BOOBcat, and that is just fine with Michael's budget.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 6, 2013 4:09:39 PM

Hey, Nick the dick, I am much more in the know of Michael than you would even suspect. Yeah, but you keep believing whatever you wish. You probably think Michael is something special.

For all of his screwing around on his wife, gambling, belittling of his friends, arrogant attitude, free spending, and self-centered ways, he is probably a terrific guy. No one really knows how many kids he's fathered, although he's paid off plenty of women in the past. Oh, and just how many people has David Stern asked to step away from the NBA, due to all of their personal issues? Just Michael Jordan.

His image was created by Nike. Never that talented. He a legend in your own mind...and his.

The BOOBcats will never be a winning franchise with Jordan owning this team. One wonders if Jordan hadn't bought his Dad the Lexus if there would even had been a homicide. Michael Jordan is a bad man.

Posted by: Bill James takes it in the fanny | Mar 6, 2013 4:19:17 PM

clearly trolling. and clearly still can't understand the math of the nba salary cap. or anything about charlotte. troll along elsewhere.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 7, 2013 10:23:46 AM

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