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March 05, 2013

Video: Portland Trail Blazers roll over Charlotte Bobcats 122-105

The Charlotte Bobcats fell to the Portland Trail Blazers Monday night 122-105. The Bobcats have lost seven straight and have an NBA-low 13 wins this season.

Posted by Charlotte Observer on March 5, 2013 at 01:42 AM | Permalink


You know I think you could try hard to be dead last by a lot two years in a row in this league and still spend not even near the least.
It's just sad.
What are we now 20-100??
I am not a front office guy but a rebuild process should show some traction at some point right??

Posted by: Season ticket holders | Mar 5, 2013 7:51:22 AM

2-3 years from now. if we had started the rebuild with a clean deck or a decent team that would have been one thing.......but we started with sooooooo much money tied up in worthless individuals. we added ben gordon to that mix to get what appeared/appears to be a solid pick down the line. it's a 1st rounder regardless.

but diop? thomas? matt carroll's deal which is now josh mcroberts? najera last year, diaw last year......we had a ton of money tied up in either absolutely worthless players or overpaid players.

since cho has taken over.....it appears that the old rod higgins style of horrible management has subsided. only time will tell but i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt based on him not making any disastrous decisions as of yet.

next year will be a little bit better, but if they see it through......3-4 years from now we'll be singing praises for what this rebuild did for the franchise. and it should mean that we're permanently out of the cellar. it's hard to rebuild something that was never built properly to begin with. everything that was built in the bickerstaff era was unbuilt by rod higgins who has easily outdone david kahn at this point as worst executive ever.

wait till mkg is 25. wait till kemba is in his prime. till biyombo is 25. these guys will be very good with time. and getting a mclemore would go along ways also.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 12:18:06 PM

Based on your assessment, Charlotte fans could have a great team to cheer for by the year 2020? Is that what you're saying? Find another team to buy tickets to watch and root for for six more years? Depressing...

Posted by: Robert "the chief" Parish | Mar 5, 2013 12:49:46 PM

2-3 years from 2013 = 2020? not everything is microwave popcorn. i bet you guys would make great business men. start something today, not invest in infrastructure and never see any real returns besides the temporary ones you saw by not investing in the company.

you know how the washington nationals are favorites in the NL east this year? and probably for the next 5 years assuming all their young guys are healthy?.......that's because they were in last place for like 3 or 4 years in a row and racked up all the top tier prospects. that's exactly what we're doing. back to back years with top 5 picks to go with multiple other early 1st rounders under 25. i don't get why this is so hard to comprehend.

would it be better to be milwaukee and be mediocre right now and never get any better because they didn't get josh smith so now ellis and jennings are going to leave and they'll be left with iliyasova and sanders and a mid first round pick. awesome. would that be better? how would it be to be toronto? permanently a 30-35 win team. they're actually building a legit contender the same way memphis was built, the same way indiana was built, okc, portland, san antonio, etc. etc. etc. you don't microwave great franchises.

we win whatever we win this year and we're in last place. we pick top 4 guaranteed, 50% chance it's 1 or 2. we win ~30 games next year and get another top 10 pick. after that we're in the playoffs for the next 10-15 years. why does that sound bad? are you guys afraid you'll die before 2015?

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 7:36:13 PM

"...wait until MKG is 25..." He is now 19. That is six years. 2020 Baby. Now you're saying 2 years and then 10 straight years in the playoffs. I would like to bet anybody who believes we will win 30 games next year. And I would love to bet my house that we are definitely NOT in the playoffs by 2015...two years from now. Other teams have gotten better while we have gotten worse. This year's draft is lousy so we would have to flat line next year and get the 2nd coming of Shaq and I don't seem him on the college scene quite yet. We need two stars and three very good players to compete.

Posted by: Robert "the chief" Parish | Mar 5, 2013 11:38:01 PM

you're connecting 2 different things.

i'm saying wait till mkg is 25 to see him in his prime. i'm not saying wait till he's 25 to see our team winning.

if we aren't in the playoffs in 2015, we're close. we're in the hunt. but we're not only going to have a stockpile of young talent, we're also going to have a ton of cap room and no dead weight contracts.

there also may not be a shaq in this draft but there is a mclemore, a zeller, a muhammed, etc. for all the talk about how weak this draft is....they have guys like seth curry projected undrafted. not 2nd round. undrafted. a guy that lead the nation in scoring as a freshman (small school i know) and then went to duke and is the leader of a top 10 team there (arguably top 4).

we may not get an absolute dominate hall of famer in this draft, but we will get a solid talent and probably a 2nd solid talent in portland's pick and probably a 3rd solid talent either undrafted or via trade into the 2nd round. not to mention, winning 30 games next year would have us right back in the top 10 again.

if you don't think this is making us better, you haven't watched the nba much. clippers.......horrible horrible horrible. good.

warriors.....horrible horrible horrible good.
okc......horrible horrible horrible good.
portland.....horrible horrible horrible good (would be a lot better if roy and oden hadn't lost their knees).

chicago was horrible horrible horrible good.
memphis horrible horrible horrible good.

it keeps happening over and over and over and over and over and yet you guys have no faith in this. it's insane. did lebron get drafted 22nd? shaq? duncan? irving? griffin? durant? aldridge? love? carmello? dwade? garnett? tyson chandler? jason kidd? grant hill? rasheed? vince carter?

how do those teams manage to get top 5 picks to get those kind of talents? hmmmm....i wonder how...........

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 6, 2013 1:18:18 PM

Anyone that thinks Mclemore is close to a savior or Dilapado is lying to you. They suck. Mclemore , can't shoot, can't take guys off the dribble , disappears, has a low bb iq, and is overrated on defense. He's not the best player on his team . Dilapado is worse. Both may be decent defenders . Shabazz can shoot but is a huge ball hog and will never fit in w a gunner Kemba . Shabazz has no clue how to play off the ball. He will be a cancer in the lockerroom as well.

Posted by: Iron man | Mar 7, 2013 8:06:36 AM

43% on 3's = can't shoot? i don't think anyone thinks he's durant. but I think a lot of people think he's the best fit available at the moment.

muhammad is hitting 45% of 3's and you think he's a cancer because he wanted the ball with drew hit the game winner? it's my understanding that howland drew up a play specifically for shabazz and drew just went off script and forced a shot up. 1 incident is hard to label a guy a cancer. cousins is a cancer and everybody on here was clamoring for him when he was available in trade talks earlier this year.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 7, 2013 10:21:59 AM

I think the new CBA impact is out savior.

The league will become 1-2 superstars per team at most w hopefully a couple good recent drafts and some solid players.

Look at the top 8 paying salary teams and the bill is huge the next few years in penalty. Folks will have to move people.

If we can combine another good draft or two and then land a good FA or two we will be in hunt.

Why do folks think rumors are starting about Lebron going back to Cavs. Miami can't afford all of them in a few years.

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Mar 7, 2013 2:18:43 PM

It's definitely going to make the lakers and knicks and such less powerful. They'll still have more cards in the deck, but they won't be able to play the cards all the time. You'll see teams load up for championship runs and then dismantle florida marlins style.

But for us....the big benefit is that there will be ZERO market for big deals for players like henderson, mullens, etc. even MKG and biyombo when they become elgible for extensions.....they will be signing significantly smaller numbers.

where demarr derozan got 40 something million.....henderson will get the QO and under 5 a year. Where guys like villinueva and gordon and amir johnson and trevor ariza and javale mcgee who got HUGE deals for mid level players.....it won't happen often and will be crippling to a team when it does. You'll see franchise guys making 8 million a year instead of 12. Mid level guys getting the minimum.

looks like there are 12 teams at or above the tax line this year. Expect it to be 5 teams permanently and those 5 will only be slightly above it each year and dip below every few years.

you won't see a team go 10 million over the tax line. $2.50 per dollar over at that point is insane.

If you have an idiot GM, this will be even more crippling because 1 bad deal can completely ruin your franchise for the life of the contract. hopefully our guys are uber cautious and spend the money carefully. I expect it.

I'll say it again....we picked the perfect year to rebuild. Cleveland has us beat in higher draft picks and already landing their clear franchise guy and 2 sidekicks but nobody else is in a better position long term. a lot of teams like indiana or new orleans are going to struggle to make it all work when guys like paul george and anthony davis are due extensions and will surely have to dismantle to some degree.

Miami doesn't stand a chance of keeping all 3. They're already 10 million over this year and next. After that, they will either be begging guys to opt out or it will be the big 3 and 10 2nd round draft picks. they won't be able to afford it.

Lakers have a ridiculous slush fund with their local tv deal. I expect them to pay repeat taxes like it's no biggie. but they won't keep everybody they have currently at that rate. that's why mark cuban said to amnesty kobe. It's going to cost the lakers something like 80 million to pay kobe 30 next year. he didn't mean it literally, but seriously......the math doesn't add up.

the term "max contract player" will pretty much be 10 guys (all hall of famers) in a few years. new jersey is looking mad dumb right now with johnson, williams, AND lopez all making ridiculous amounts and not winning them ANY championships. glad it was them and not us.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 7, 2013 4:10:35 PM

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