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March 03, 2013

Video: Sacramento Kings crush Charlotte Bobcats 119-83

The Charlotte Bobcats were crushed by the Sacramento Kings, 119-83. Byron Mullens, Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Gerald Herderson were all in double figures in the loss.

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Fire Dunlap and Higgins,MJ Fire Dunlap and Higgins NOW.The Kings are the second worst team in the NBA and they crushed the Bobcats. The team has quit and everyone just wants a check. Higgins has been sorry at Golden State, Washington and now Charlotte. This the only way to improve the Bobcats.

Posted by: Big FAN | Mar 3, 2013 11:04:01 PM

last i checked the kings were 5th worst. still no excuse, this was HORRIBLE but wtf are gana diop and josh mcroberts doing getting extended minutes only to be turning the ball over left and right AND giving up the same rebounds that the young guys did.

higgins is an idiot and definitely needs to go, but you are completely ignorant to the game if you think ANY OF THIS has anything to do with dunlap and his staff. you don't inherit the worst team in the league and turn them into a huge success overnight.

byron scott has kyrie irving AND he's been to the nba finals as a coach and he's only won 7 more games thus far. and that's with a team a year further along in the rebuilding process. has nothing to do with dunlap and you are an idiot for constantly saying it is.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 4, 2013 12:54:40 AM

Everytime we draft - and this goes back to Emeka Okafor (Felton, Morrison, May, Bismack etc.), I just shake my head. I watch a lot of basketball and I could tell that both Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry could easily start and star in the NBA while their last year in college. Now, we're seeing them dominate. The only way out of our predicament is to be smarter than other teams....drafting, coaching, cap management. Recipe for disaster: mediocre drafts and overpaid vets. When you could have traded down and still gotten MKG and another pick and you don't do it, that's bad mgmt. I just hope one day we see the Bobcats make moves that are just plain smarter than any other team. The other strategy is to just be terrible for the next five years and hope we make one or two good decisions in the draft at some point. I'd love to see at least one perennial all-star like Chris Paul come to Charlotte and play here for awhile. Just one Kyrie or Stephan who can take over games and be exciting to watch.

Posted by: PostmeupinthePaint | Mar 4, 2013 9:31:57 AM

Higgins needs to now! How many chances does one guy get? I will never buy one more ticket until this guy is gone and a jordan proves he is serious about building is team into a winner. I mean c'mon already, he put his damn son on the team. No self respecting basketball front office person would do that. The kid was barely a D league player. Nice way to start things off for your new coach. Unreal.

Posted by: Jamison | Mar 4, 2013 10:36:25 AM

How can you Be the worst team in the league for 2 years running and no one gets fired? And don't tell me Silas. He was not going to be here any way. This is ridiculous.

Higgins is he one constant. Unless you say it's Jordan, but it is his team. Cut this guy loose and start putting together a real basketball team. I don't know how someone like Jordan can stand the embarrassment. I can't. Which is why I won't be back next year.

Posted by: Season TicketHolder 2 | Mar 4, 2013 10:40:15 AM

Just plain sad!!

It was horrible watching the game. I mean this is a fellow cellar dweller that was one pace to beat us by 45pts if our scrubs didn't get lucky at the end.

I don't understand the following:
The Plan Expectations: you know I have faith but how many years can you be dead last in league but be rebuilding to make run for championship??
Player Rotations: OK why are we giving minutes to Diop and Reggie regardless of how much down. Our development guys as a group saw no real time out on court. We are getting butts kicked but let them at least learn and come together against another teams 4th qtr scrubs.
Player Development: Ok yes Kemba. Biz is on snail pace at best. Mullens is all of nothing. MKG has been dead since December. Although him, Kemba, and Biz I like hustle and effort. Hendo looks great you want to keep him then goes away. Sessions where has he gone lately....
Other Teams have signs of hope:
Bottom dwellers like Washington and Cavs have hope and promise and likely will be borderline playoffs soon. So who are we passing to move up the boards. Who is really getting worse??

So in short how many years of pure hell before something occurs. Scary to think this is weak draft also.

Our main hope is CBA plays out with some top talent willing to play here for a ton of money and hopefully they end out being better than expected. Otherwise what is going to move of us off the bottom??

I want to keep renewing each year...
I want to enjoy watching the games...
I want to believe....

Please give me hope soon

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Mar 4, 2013 10:47:53 AM

The only player development I have seen is in Mullens he is more physical and in general is rebounding better and playing some D. Bismarc needs to go, he has hands of stone and that can only be minimally fixed, it is something that an athlete is blessed with or not. In 5 years he will be Emeka Okafor at best. MKG is young has shown flashes, but seems to disappear in games if he is struggling, he does not know how to contribute in multiple ways. Kemba is Nate Robinson at best, I'll dribble until I can shoot and pass out of necessity, he is not nor will he ever be confused with John Wall or Chris Paul. We seem to draft guys who are "athletic" and think we can change them into skilled players. That's like trying to change the person you marry, Good Luck with that.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Mar 4, 2013 3:59:20 PM

Bismack is 20. And top 10 shotblocker in the league. And averages 10 boards per 36.....give him 5 years to grow into his body and learn the game. He's going to be good.

I don't know why kyrie irving and steph curry were brought up to talk about our draft picks.....both were drafted well before we picked those years. That's kind of the point of being really bad.....top 5 picks are far more likely to be them, than 8-14 picks do.

Patience. This year sucks. Its going to continue to suck. And then 3 years from now, it'll stop sucking permanently. Be patient.

But yes....rod higgins def needs to go. Things have been a lot better with cho. Whether he's a great gm, we won't know for years, but he definitely isn't as bad as higgins. Higgins is an absolute idiot. No doubt about it. Just look at HIS track record as a gm. Horrible. Bickerstaff was fine, should have stayed the gm instead of higgins.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 4, 2013 6:39:33 PM

I believe the comment about Kyrie and Steph has to do with our draft history. We have drafted in the top 5 four times: Emeka Okafor, Adam Morrison, Raymond Felton and MKG. Our first rounders have been these four and:

Sean May
Brandon Wright
Jared Dudley
D.J. Augustin
Alexis Ajinca
Kemba Walker and
Tobias Harris

The point is...after a number of draft picks since 2004, you would think we would have drafted that one all-star we could build the team around like a Kyrie or Steph...someone the fans would come out to see night in and night out for years and years.

Posted by: Rip Rap on the Beach | Mar 4, 2013 10:13:21 PM

if that's what they meant by referencing kyrie and steph, that's a really convoluted way of putting it.

that said.......that's pointing out exactly what they've done wrong and what they're doing right now. previously.......we failed to develop our talent. morrison got hurt and was never given a chance to recover. Anybody who saw him play this summer and absolutely dominate vegas knows he COULD have been that guy for us if larry brown hadn't hated him so much. he was traded less than 6 months after coming back from an ACL injury and traded for literally nothing. that was the mentality before. before it was that and felton playing the 2 instead of being developed properly. okafor playing the 4 instead of being developed properly. augustin playing the 2 and playing behind felton instead of being developed properly even though they knew they weren't keeping felton. ajinca being thrown into the worst trade in the history of the league even though it wasn't necessary and he was 21 years old, 7 feet tall and was a D league all-star who was putting up triple doubles in maine. there was no patience for those guys to grow up.

you got kemba, mkg, and biyombo being developed properly RIGHT now. taylor too. these guys are talents. i think mkg will be an all-star in his prime. perennial all-star. all defensive team. 17-20 ppg. leader of a playoff team. biyombo might be the same. kemba will have a hard time making all-star teams with eastern conference point guards as young as they are but he'll have a heck of a career and be a face of the franchise kind of guy.

the only things you guys are complaining about are actually being fixed finally. they're finally doing things right. we're going to get in the draft this year either ben mclemore, cody zeller, nerlens noel, or shabazz muhammed. plus portland's pick.

finally they're doing it right but we just have to suffer through this year and next year will probably be only a little bit better and then they will be built to last. and GOOD. okc was horrible the first 2 years of the durant era. and that was WITH durant. they won 20 year one, 23 year 2. they won 31 the year before durant. then they won 52 in durant's 3rd year.

i'm not saying MKG will be durant, because he won't be that kind of scorer ever, most aren't, but he WILL be an elite talent in this league in a few years. we will make the playoffs year after next with this same group of guys plus minor tweaks and the incoming draft picks.

be patient.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 12:47:50 PM

I dont know how anybody can see Bismarc developing he has hands of stone and that can be minimally improved by development. You either have soft hands or you don't.

Posted by: TrueBBallFan | Mar 6, 2013 4:57:33 PM

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