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March 02, 2013

Video: Utah Jazz shuts down Charlotte Bobcats, 98-68

The visiting Charlotte Bobcats shot only 35 percent from the field in a 98-68 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday. Byron Mullens scored 12 points for the Bobcats, who have lost five straight games.

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Fire Mike Dunlap! What are you wating on?

Posted by: Big FAN | Mar 2, 2013 8:06:59 AM

A second season. You guys blaming him are idiots. Phil jackson wouldn't do any better with this group. He's coaching a college team in the pros.....let the kids grow up and watch how he does as a coach.

Patience mfers.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 2, 2013 2:10:59 PM

Miss Charlotte, for you to say Phil Jackson with eleven RINGS is not a better coach than D 3 college coach Mike Dunlap; says alot about you and your knowledge of basketball. YOU ARE TRULY THE IDIOT !!!In fact the Cats were playing college team from the Jazz.Kanter had 22 rebounds the cats team had only 24 rebounds. Dunlap is a sorry coach and must be fired!

Posted by: Big FAN | Mar 2, 2013 3:37:53 PM

1 never said anything about dunlap being as good as phil jackson. Said phil jackson wouldn't do any better this year with this team. Truthfully, he'd never take the job. He only coaches stacked teams.

2 utah had a ridiculous amount of rebounds because we missed a ton of shots including missing the 2nd of 2 free throws a ton. Yes they had more offensive boards but that doesn't make up the 38 board difference. The missed shots vs. Made shots creates that. You miss the 1st free throw and make the second and there's no rebound. You do the opposite and there is.

Dunlap improved upon last year AND got younger in the process. How are you going to fire THAT guy based on 1 year in a rebuilding franchise. He gets at least next year. If he doesn't win at least 30 next year he's definitely gone. But to fire him after 1 year doesn't make any sense what so ever. Coaching is not the reason we're losing. Nobody with a brain looked at our roster and said we'd win more than 20 games.

Hopefully our draft pick is a stud.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 2, 2013 7:31:51 PM

charlottean, I'm not gonna comment on this game; I don’t feel like it, the Bobcats' continued failures upset and sadden me.

There are two kinds of fans who are invariably cheerful after we suffer another blowout: those who are determined to hate the team until Michael Jordan will sell it [don’t hold your breath guys, it’s not about to happen], and then you, and the likes of you : "hurray, we suck, we didn’t need to win more this season, that's how we get another step closer to most chances to hitting the jackpot in the NBA lottery !".

You are: super stubborn, awfully repetitive, totally closed-minded to both the facts, as they unfold game after game on the hardwood floor, and to other people's opinions.
You keep taking your own point of view for absolute truth (deny it, if you like, but that‘s exactly how you write, not as expressing a fan’s point of view, but as if you were totally certain of possessing the absolute truth), nothing else matters to you (the sheer facts, other fans' ideas), you are unrealistic to the point of displaying a little child's inability to distinguish between your own wishful thinking and reality.

Worse than all these, you're totally unaware that, far from being the enlightened guru on a sacred mission to enlighten the other poor, wretched, half-brained fans on that absolute truth that only you (and sure, the privileged others who agree with you) can see in your infallible mind (which is evidently what you fancy yourself to be) - you actually are "all of the above": stubborn, repetitive, unrealistic, conceited, closed-minded, possessed of few, but well fixated, ideas, all of these in the highest and worst degrees.

Oh, I didn't even mention yet how rude you always are. You imagine you're gonna intimidate those who don't agree with your ridiculous wishful thinking by endlessly calling them : IDIOTS, MORONS, INSANE, and various other niceties.
Big Fan just showed you above how cheap this verbal mud slinging is, because ANYBODY can throw these lowly insults at anyone else, as I already told you years ago. Evidently, I couldn't get through to you (with that, like with anything else), that's how closed-minded you are. As far as I’m concerned, I never threw insulting words at you (or at any other fan whose opinions I don’t particularly appreciate). All of those (unflattering indeed) characterizations I used above are analytic in nature; no lowly name calling.

Man, your self appointed "guru", or, "opinion leader" if you prefer, writing style is very obnoxious. It's annoying to read your repetitive posts, several times per discussion thread. The alternative?
Just state your point of view, preferably not literally hundreds of times for the same idea, and don't feel compelled to argue every time with everybody who has a different point of view from yours.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 3, 2013 12:21:40 AM

^^Man that was a lot of jargon that didn't really mean anything.
Charlottean is the only one here that makes sense. Don't know why you feel the need to write a novel depicting how you view him. You should stick to not commenting anymore. When you do, it's always some long winded nonsense.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Mar 3, 2013 5:16:53 AM

^^^^i agree with Charlotean that the coach should stay and that we should show some patience. Even tough i dont agree with how he expresses himself. If there is no progress in a couple of years, I won't waste any more time on tis team.

Would love to see a manifesto from Sandy on NASTAR. That would really be funny. That guy has serious personal issues.

Posted by: Jamison | Mar 3, 2013 7:23:04 AM

d.w.g., I've been reading your comments for years, and they were constantly among the weakest posted. You never had one interesting thing to say, but you distinguished yourself by your ability to be hateful and resentful (I've criticized some of your worst mistakes several times, and since then, your resentful/vengeful attacks on me keep coming).
Thank you for your attention, but I really couldn't care less about you.

But, I'm glad for you, that you enjoy charlotten's posts. Keep enjoying them, he at least knows basketball - you don't. His problem has to do to with stubbornness and confusion between wishful thinking and reality. That's who he is, and he'll never change. I don't hate ch. at all, I'm just sorry that his stubbornness makes any meaningful discussion impossible.

Jamison, the second paragraph of my previous post actually referred to NASTAR too (among others).

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 3, 2013 11:45:33 PM


you're always mad at me. that's your problem.

as repetitive as you claim I am, I haven't been saying the same thing all these years. When we weren't rebuilding I wasn't optimistic (not cheerful, not that CLEARLY) after losses.

THESE LAST 2 LOSSES HAVE BEEN BRUTAL. but the coach doesn't need to be fired for something that has nothing to do with him. I just don't get where some of you got the notion that this team was built to win THIS YEAR. it was built to win 4 years from now and onward. and i'm still feeling like it will. we had a HORRIBLY built team when we made the playoffs. we had salary out the A and had to pick and choose from the group who to keep and the ceiling was basically already reached (arguably they could have MAAAAAYBE gotten out of the first round one year). finally they're building the team the right way. it's not going to happen over night. they've had to clear payroll of horrible deals.

diop is finally coming off the books.
matt carroll's contract via mcroberts is coming off the books.
thomas will surely get amnestied.
ben gordon is the last remaining problem and he'll be relatively speaking tradeable in his last year ( could potentially lead to us getting a steal of a salary dump by a tax paying team a la the nets got joe johnson or toronto got rudy gay)

I just don't get the anger. if they don't win more next year i'll be pissed.

I'm the guy that came on here FURIOUS when sam vincent played felton at the 2 ruining his development and okafor at the 4 the same. I was furious when larry brown gave up on morrison a few months after returning from the ACL injury. I was furious after every single trade that involved giving up value for an overpaid underperforming player named diop or mohammed or carroll/najera or not getting ANYTHING for guys with value such as augustin, ajinca, felton, chandler, etc. etc. etc. I have been ADAMANT for years that higgins needs to go and the whole situation with Cory was that much worse and I voiced that.

But dunlap? dude hasn't done anything crazy stupid. he hasn't cost us games the way ron rivera costs the panthers games regularly and that dude is getting a 3rd year. you guys are calling for dunlap's head after not even a full year. yes I am absolutely going to call someone an idiot for saying that. that's not intimidating, that's me being incredulous at the stupidity that some people have. the internet causes some people to hide behind a screen and attack people maliciously......that's not me. I just call spades when people do the other thing the internet brings out.......uninformed opinions completely devoid of factual information that has snowballed into an entire generation of uninformed people.

it's the same reason why half the country thinks that obama started wellfare. or why people believe conspiracy theories they read.......on the internet.

i'm repetitive this year because nothings changed. we didn't all of a sudden change up the game plan. they're following through with the plan for the first time in franchise history as painful as it is. it's the right thing to do. it's like a baseball team giving up their talent to rebuild their farm system so that they have sustainable success.

I can't for the life of me figure out how anybody who watches basketball AT ALL doesn't see that our team stood no chance to win at all this year. None. but that we have 3 or 4 guys that are special and are growing up, the same way the cavs have 3 or 4 guys that are special and are growing up, the same way the thunder HAD 3 or 4 guys and the same way the clippers had 3 or 4 guys.

how do people think that the clippers and golden state got to where they are now? the clippers were horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible (minus the 1 year they got the 8 seed in like 2005 or 2006 whenever) and they drafted gordon, aminu, griffin, jordan, bledsoe, etc. sent a few guys out for paul, stirred in some vets this year as the young guys became READY and boom......long term contender built to last.

the warriors drafted curry, thompson, ellis, udoh, jenkins, ezili, green, barnes........packaged some guys for bogut, signed david lee, now they stirred in some veterans in jack and jefferson and landry.....boom contender thats built to last.

how many times is this exact same model going to work? and how many times are you guys going to complain this year? complain 3 years from now when we aren't sitting pretty. complain when dunlap starts making idiotic choices in crucial playoff moments a la mike brown. complain when we make the next dampier trade which doesn't appear to be happening again.

but stop complaining when they're sticking to the plan that has worked time and time and time again, instead of doing the thing you all want them to do which is.......actually what they've been doing all along and never gets ANYBODY past a 6 seed (i'm looking at you toronto).

tell me what an idiot I am in 5 years when MKG isn't dunking on everybody non stop in the playoffs.

short sighted mfers. (i'm looking at you sandy (and others)).

be paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatient.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 4, 2013 1:39:00 AM

charlottean, the purpose of my earlier post was to explain why it's impossible to have any reasonable discussion with you on these issues. Your last post, unsurprisingly, is a return to all of the same things I mentioned.

Talk about twisting things around (others people’s positions) to your convenience:

"I haven't been saying the same thing all these years. When we weren't rebuilding I wasn't optimistic (not cheerful, not that CLEARLY) after losses."

But of course, that's not what I said about you, I was evidently talking about how you're taking losses now, this season - precisely in the name of your grand rebuilding expectations.

Or: "I just don't get where some of you got the notion that this team was built to win THIS YEAR."
Of course, that's not what I said.

That's what you're saying in a post addressed to me, after in two very recent comments I clearly stated that this team was NOT built to win this season. Oh yes, I was talking about winning more than we do, but still being a losing team, just not SO bad and last in the league. To what is this difference relevant ? To the coaching issue, evidently.

Talk about extreme stubbornness and total inability to respect other viewpoints:

“I can't for the life of me figure out how anybody who watches basketball AT ALL doesn't see that our team stood no chance to win at all this year.” AT ALL? ANYBODY? Really ?!

I already posted comments before, that the management made an effort to enhance the team through signing veterans, that as part of the rebuilding the team should be better every year – because young players are developing, and new Draft picks (including 2nd overall) were added. I posted this before, on “the sports writers' preview articles for this season, and more important, the Cats' management statements before this season (and also the fans' expectations, which you like to dismiss, though you're just one of the fans): the common thread for the vast majority of all these was this expectation of real improvement. NOT a winning team, not a playoffs team, but certainly NOT the lowest team in NBA again.”

Your initial response was:

“i don't know what everybody expected. i absolutely expected this season to go this way.”
That’s OK, you have a right to your opinion, like everybody else..

But, it didn’t take long for you to be back to your usual arrogance:

“I can't for the life of me figure out how anybody who watches basketball AT ALL doesn't see that our team stood no chance to win at all this year.” ANYBODY. AT ALL.

See, that’s a huge difference, between on the one hand stating your opinion, and on the other hand, being dismissive of a different point of view. You were told that even Michael Jordan didn’t expect last season’s debacle, you agreed with me when you wrote
“i'm not going to argue that this years roster isn't better. i never would.”,
and then what ? Then you revert to your usual self, totally dismissive of other viewpoints: if it’s not what you believe, it must be worthless!

You can believe whatever you like, I don’t care, but your being dismissive of anything different from your own prejudice, that’s unacceptable.

These are just a few examples of why I gave up talking basketball with you. It gets very tedious, and ultimately, senseless. Extreme stubbornness, mixed with an arrogant dismissal of other viewpoints, makes meaningful discussion impossible.

A final example of how impossible it is to get through to you, with even the most obvious things. Being rude, throwing insults to emphasize your disagreements, is worthless. It doesn’t prove anything. The stupidest creature can easily scream “you idiot” to anyone else, including people far more intelligent than that wretched creature. Not only this, but continuously resorting to this pitiful language says a lot about the nasty user (like poor upbringing), and says strictly nothing about those at the receiving end. Even asking you to get this point is asking for too much.
You seem to think that if YOU call somebody stupid, you said something important, but when someone else appoints you ”idiot of the village” (as it happened, a few months ago), that sure is meaningless.
Talk about conceit, arrogance, coupled with closed-mindedness, again!

PLEASE NOTE: this certainly was NOT a renewed basketball talk on the Bobcats with you, these were quotations from various posts, to illustrate what I was saying earlier about your very stubborn and arrogant manner of arguing.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 4, 2013 5:03:09 PM

I'm accepting of reasonable opinions. Unreasonable opinions aren't viewpoints, they're just forms stupidity. I'm not going to be accepting of stupidity, sorry.

You argue the sky is green, that's not a reasonable opinion. Arguing that this team was going to win 35 games or even 30 games with better coaching is exactly the same.

Bobcats projected record at this point going into the season was actually 2 wins less than they have right now.

Eff off acting like i'm the one in the wrong for calling it stupid that it's dunlaps fault and he deserves to get fired after 1 season. I'll say it again, if there isn't improvement next year, sure. But it's an unreasonable argument/opinion/viewpoint that it's his fault that we're horrible this year.

Kemba's improvement alone is proof if his coaching. Dude was horrible last year, looks like an absolute stud now. Watch that leap with other young guys over the next 2 years.

People post logical/reasonable fact based arguments contrary to mine....it gets merit. Your best argument was how indiana rebuilt without ever getting HORRIBLE. Great point, i pointed out how they were well managed all along where as cho inherited a mess. Indiana never had 20 million in dead weight contracts they couldn't move, no rod higgins trades, and on top of that they got extremely lucky with multiple mid/late 1st round picks (george, granger, leonard/hill, hansbrough, hibbert, stephenson, etc.). They hit the jackpot on great scouting. But they built through the draft and they were bad for a while. Just never this bad. But the idea is, we're really bad until we land a jordan'esque franchise guy in the draft and win for 20 years.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 4, 2013 6:57:41 PM

Yes charlottean, of course, anything that doesn't fit your thinking scheme is stupid.
Several posters - including me - explained why this is not a well coached team. As with everything not fitting your narrow minded views, those points flew over your head.

As for the obvious argument that other teams that went into rebuilding did it without totally wrecking what they had, with such consequences as we've seen last season and we're still seeing now, you quickly turned it around to fit your prejudice: "WE are right on track, they were just in different situations". Yes, different teams go through different situations, but that still doesn’t lead to your conclusion on the Bobcats; your wishful thinking does.

The point is not that Dunlap is at fault for the Bobcats' losing, the point you do your best to ignore is that this is not a well coached team, and an experienced and proven coach could've done better (not a winning season, of course) with the current roster. Again, various critical points on Dunlap have already been made (not only by me), there is no need for me to repeat them, and you just ignored them.

As for "firing him after one year", again you twist things around. I said before that he should be replaced only when the management will be confident that they built up the roster for a winning season, whether that will be next season (and there is potential for that, and I'm not going again through the list of opportunities for the coming off-season), or it will be the one after next. I also said that any coach (including Dunlap) should be fired without delay IF he's losing the players, regardless of any other future plans. I don't think we're at that point.

Your last post is equally stubborn, arrogant and closed-minded as all of your known productions. That's who you are, and you'll never change.
One doesn't need much of a brain to realize that I could easily replace all of my analytic terms with your favorite vulgarities: IDIOT, STUPID, NUTS etc. You gave me so many opportunities to do so.

I'm not doing it simply because I don't want to. It's below me, I'm not going down into your verbal gutters. I'm just disgusted with both your closed-mindedness and name calling. I'm done wasting my time on you.

Posted by: fastbreak | Mar 4, 2013 11:23:21 PM

Obviously, the post above comes from Sandy. I sent it from someone else's laptop, so the nickname was different.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 4, 2013 11:26:46 PM

i was gonna say.....sure don't remember responding to someone else.

look, several people said "fire him now" so that's where that comment came from. if that was mis-attributed, that was a mistake. I don't think (without re reading everything) that i said that you said that.

coaching is the problem when you aren't getting the most out of the talent. talent (and experience for our young talent) IS the issue here. you can't blame dunlap for that. that's been and will be my only point. I have said it before and again, that if we don't see a jump between now and next year, you fire him. but i expect it. the guy knows basketball. disputing that just isn't factual. saying he isn't experienced is factually incorrect. he hasn't coached in the nba, but there aren't many coaches that have. he had success at the college level, he had success at the pro level in australia. there are phil jacksons and jerry sloans and doc rivers' coaching in europe and college and wherever else right now.

we saw bad coaching with sam vincent. we saw a coach give up in larry brown. we know what that looks like and this is something else. this is PAINFUL but it's truly due to lack of talent/experience in the players.

the grass is not always greener and in this case, i think you're blaming the grass when it's the soil's lack of quality and the lack of sunlight that is to blame.

but that's just my narrow viewpoint based on facts and reason.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 12:56:39 PM

"but that's just my narrow viewpoint based on facts and reason." Feel free to drop "based on facts and reason".

Did I already tell you you always take your prejudiced ideas for absolute truth?
Did I mention you conveniently ignore the various arguments brought by several posters, supporting the statement that this team is not well coached by Dunlap?
don't expect the to repeat them the nth time, just because you ignored them previously.

You had a hilarious comment after the Sacramento blow-out: first you complain about the erratic rotation (but there were erratic rotations in lots of games - and this is NOT even the main point of criticism on this coach), and then, on you go to your favorite whipping boy, Rod Higgins. Not one one word of criticism on the coach! Sorry man, I know arrogant people hate to be criticized, but that was hilarious.

Now, to your pet ideas, which you posted literally hundreds of times:

How can you promise with such assurance great success in 4-5 years from now? You know, it's a very competitive league, other franchises are not sitting on their butts either, waiting for us to overtake them. Not to mention the steady overestimating of our "young core".
It is strictly IRRATIONAL to promise future results, and you do it endlessly (deny it and I'll give you quotations). It's very different from my position, which is: every season you must do your very best, be as competitive as you can, and always look for every possible you to improve from one season to another. Even when you do so, you'll still have slumping seasons, ups and downs; but, you just have worse failures when you don't do this.

Also, it is IRRATIONAL to say that only future projections of great success really matter, and the reality of lost seasons doesn't matter (third losing season since the one and only winning season in franchise history, third season after the dismantling of the playoffs team started).

Every season - past, present and future - is equally imprrtant. You call "impatient mfers" fans who want their team to compete and win, and don't want to put up with piling up endless losses, year after year. Well, what they're asking for is the only sane thing. COMPETE TO WIN! This is the nature of the game, this is what RESPECT for the game demands. You're posing in armchair fantasy GM, always making calculations of how much we should be happy to lose now, in order to be great several years down the road.
This is not the nature of the sport, players and coaches NEVER want to lose (except for those who became some degenerate AINO {athletes in name only] who only care about their fat paychecks).

Armchair fantasy GMs can happily do this, without understanding that you can't ever guarantee the future. That's why, you need to live in the real world, and always attempt to do your very best.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 5, 2013 5:50:16 PM

I'm sorry for some typos (rushing!).
The main ones:
"don't expect the" (2nd paragraph) should be "don't expect me", and
"always look for every possible you" should evidently be "for every possible way".

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 5, 2013 5:58:07 PM

the league goes in cycles.

the clippers were horrible for a while, the got good. why? high draft picks. golden state was horrible for a while, got good. why? high draft picks. cleveland lost lebron and was HORRIBLE, and still is. but they look like they're about to be GREAT...why? high draft picks.

i'm adamant about it because that's exactly what always happens. if we're horrible and continue to be horrible that means we're continually loading up on the best players available. that shifts the balance. thats WHY the draft is ordered worst to first (essentially, sans lottery of course).

i have never said dunlap was coaching flawlessly this season. i've never said i didn't have complaints. but to say the guy doesn't know what he's doing is just over the top. saying the guy needs to be fired is insane. saying it's HIS FAULT that we're losing is insane.

I complained about diop playing. the game was over, I wanted biyombo to play more. there very well could have been a reason for him not playing and for diop playing. i don't know. but that was my complaint. his rotations have been odd in SOME games, but in most games they have been very consistent. the biggest complaint people have is how he played 4 wings around 1 big late in a lot of close games. but they fail to note that that has been one of our most effective lineups going small. we have 2 capable bigs and both are young and inexperienced and disappear in games. 2. so criticizing him for playing 4 around 1 is like complaining that we don't play shaq more.

i just don't see how you blame the coach with THIS team. our best players are the youngest guys in the league. they never stood a chance. the only age on our team are the worthless guys like gordon and haywood and diop. and dunlap is having to deal with diva issues with those guys. he hasn't even been given a full year to figure things out.

http://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/CHA/2013.html we have 3 starters born in the 90's. look at that "expected w/l" vs. the current. sandy's might say expected w/l: 41-41 but nobody with a brain thought that at all.

if you think dunlap is not a great coach, fine. I don't think he's the best coach in the league or anything. i disagree with his value of the mid range jumper. i disagree with a lot of things he does. but he's not mike brown or sam vincent or randy whittman, or jon kuester. and he's not the reason we're losing. that's all i've been saying. he's not perfect, but he's also not the reason we're losing. the best coach in the world could not get us to the playoffs with this team. and probably not to 30 wins either.

you guys expect results in 5 minutes. you don't take the worst winning % ever, get younger, and get better all in one year. that doesn't happen in the nba. if there's no improvement next year, i'm with you. but 1 year just isn't enough. the guy knows what he's doing he just needs the talent raised. matchup zones only work when executed properly. our guys will learn how to do so. they have been VERRY effective in the current nba. the mavs won a championship doing so. but we have no idea what we're doing right now. those things take time. especially with young guys.


Posted by: charlottean | Mar 5, 2013 9:37:39 PM

charlottean, you keep doing the same thing, over and over again: under what is allegedly a response to me, you post your response to all sorts of silly opinions, which are easily rejected, but are not mine. Again, I will oppose to quotes from your posts some quotes from mine, to expose your bad habit.

"saying it's HIS [Dunlap's} FAULT that we're losing is insane.", and "he's not the reason we're losing", you say.
Of course, it's not what I said. What I said is: "The point is not that Dunlap is at fault for the Bobcats' losing, the point is that this is not a well coached team, and an experienced and proven coach could've done better."

"sandy's might say expected w/l: 41-41".
Of course, it's not what I said, far from that. What I said was that expecting a .300 record was a modest and very realistic expectation: "The only other NBA team which is below .300 this season is Orlando ... a wreck of a rebuilding team. That's why, saying that the expectation of a record of about .300 (or a little better) for this season was too much, as you said, has NO credibility. There are 28 other teams who "achieve" this, including quite a number of other young, rebuilding and losing teams." And of course, I brought reasons to support that expectation - which everyone could see in my previous posts.

I also mentioned that, after a 7-5 start of the season, which now everybody agrees was overachieving, the team is 6-42 (.125).
That's how the Bobcats are playing currently; as a .125 team.

"but to say the guy doesn't know what he's doing is just over the top. saying the guy needs to be fired is insane."
Of course, I never said these things.
But I sure think he is a mediocre head coach, and I said previously that he's not the one able to bring this team to success, and "that he should be replaced ONLY WHEN the management will be confident that they built up the roster for a winning season, whether that will be next season ... , or it will be the one after next."

This is my second post built on such quotes, and this could go on forever.

Your endlessly repeated bad habit is called "building a straw man", which is as convenient to those doing it as it is worthless. Here is a comprehensive quote from Wikipedia, meant to clarify this issue for you:

"A straw man ... is a type of argument, and is an informal FALLACY, based on MISREPRESENTATION of an opponent's position.
To "attack a straw man" is to create the ILLUSION of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet unequivalent proposition (the "straw man"), and to refute it, WITHOUT EVER having actually refuted the original position.
This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged, emotional issues." [all capitals are mine]

This is why arguing with you makes no sense, it's total futility and a huge waste of time. You're basically arguing with yourself - never really with me - building and killing one "straw man" after another, and then declaring yourself "winner".

Worthless, tedious, waste of time. I'm not doing it again.

Posted by: Sandy | Mar 6, 2013 12:54:20 AM

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