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April 03, 2013

Charlotte Bobcats' Jannero Pargo hopes to be here next season, too.

            Veteran point guard Jannero Pargo has signed with the Charlotte Bobcats for the rest of the season. He’d like to stay here beyond this season.

    “Hopefully,’’ Pargo said after shootaround Wednesday morning. “I know they have a second point guard in (Ramon) Sessions who is really, really good. But most teams need a third point guard if someone goes down.

    “I think I’d be a pretty good third point guard, so that you don’t have such a drop-off from the second or first guard.’’

    Pargo averaged 9.4 points and 2.5 assists in his first 10 games as a Bobcat. Signed as an injury replacement for Sessions (knee sprain), he went through two 10-day contracts. Wednesday morning the Bobcats signed him for the remainder of the season.

    The Bobcats are the sixth different NBA franchise Pargo has played for in nine seasons. He’s gained a reputation as a veteran who can quickly fit into new situations. That’s made him marketable when teams need sudden help, but it’s not the optimum career path.

    “It is hard, but my attitude reflects well,’’ Pargo said.

    “I’ve been around the league for so long I understand different systems. I know how the game is supposed to be played. But the most helpful part is guys around this team are very receptive. They welcome you with open arms. That’s a rarity, I think, in professional sports.’’

            Asked to expand on that, Pargo said he’s always impressed how unthreatened players are by new teammates’ presence.

    “When a new guy comes in, it does take away from somebody’s playing time. You could potentially take away somebody’s job, so it’s not an easy thing to deal with,’’ Pargo described.

    “But guys are professional. They help each other out. I’ve seen that all around the league, whether you’re talking about a great team or a not-so-great team. Guys are very receptive.’’

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Sign this guy. But he must set up his teammates first , 2 nd and 3 rd. rarely will they need his scoring. He must make all the various passes . Lobs n alley oops and off cuts and on the break . I'm taking up the lead from Nastars or Louis who have left the site . They may spout off but they're correct. Pargo plays defense the best of all. He must give the team a different look than Kemba who shoots it as does Sessions.

Posted by: Iron man | Apr 3, 2013 12:49:02 PM

Pargo's pinky finger gives more effort than all of Tyrus Thomas. Hope the HornCats keep him around.

Posted by: Gamera | Apr 3, 2013 1:13:08 PM

It's amazing people still care and comment on this horrific team. I think you guys know more about what's going on than Jordan himself. Sad...

Posted by: Fast Freddie | Apr 3, 2013 1:29:36 PM

oh also, Pargo...will you agree to play for the league minimum? If so don't worry, Jordan will keep you around for sure.

It's all about not spending $$. That's how Rod Higgins son held down a roster spot for so long.

Posted by: Fast Freddie | Apr 3, 2013 1:31:07 PM

Iron Man I'm still here ;)

Really not much more to add to this pitiful situation, Air Minimum, Yes Co. & Cho have proven they can't manage their way out of a paper bag...that's simply a fact.

Pargo is tough and has a good attitude, I like him. Be interesting to see what they do with him and McRoberts. Personally I doubt either will be with the team next year.

Posted by: NASTAR13 | Apr 3, 2013 2:16:50 PM

as great as sessions has been this year.....i think we've seen the past several weeks that we are easily as well off without him with the way kemba plays in higher minutes and a guy like pargo is an acceptable 8-16 mpg backup as much as sessions is.

Sessions should be a valuable trade chip this summer and it would be a great move to keep pargo to hold that leverage. He won't cost more than the minimum so it seems like a no brainer given our cap room.

things are looking good long term.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 3, 2013 2:52:05 PM

Really happy with this season. 10 win improvement. Found a point guard. Got MKG some good minutes and he is playing well right now. Another top pick this year. Cap space is good and gets better next year. Might have 3 picks in what is being called the best draft in years next year. After where this team was, anyone that does not think it is going well knows zero about building a team. Pretty impressive.

Posted by: David | Apr 3, 2013 2:56:51 PM

Like Pargo. Would be a great 3rd point guard next year.

NASTAR15 going some where? Not unless he changes his name again. Only people that were able to get rid of him apparently were the Bobcats!

Posted by: Season Ticket Holder | Apr 3, 2013 3:01:42 PM


Resign Pargo and McRoberts on the cheap if possible. Hendo is entering his prime so pay the man. Mullens needs to get payed as well but not starter pay. Draft Noel if we get the #1.

Posted by: bb1130 | Apr 3, 2013 4:44:01 PM

^^^Would love it if they added even a mid tier free agent to that mix. If they had a 2nd team that could just hold their own they would be competitive in most games.

Posted by: Hempstead | Apr 3, 2013 5:15:14 PM

There is no doubt Thomas gets Amnestied. Why DNP a guy making 8 million for 25 plus games if you are going to keep him on the roster. Unless they get a new coach it will definitely happen. That is the only thing that could possibly save him

Posted by: Spencer | Apr 3, 2013 5:24:33 PM

I like Pargo's effort level. You could see a real difference when he and McRoberts showed up. Maybe if they gave the coach a few more even marginal players they could have won some games. Whether they are getting paid or not, makes no sense to keep guys like Diop, Williams, etc that can't play. You could get anyone that could help more like Pargo and McRoberts for next to nothing. What exactly does this front office do? maybe someone could explain it to me....

Posted by: James R. | Apr 3, 2013 6:28:01 PM

^^^Still trying to figure out what Higgins does. Seems like every year a coach gets fired and he keeps his job. Players change and he keeps his job. Bad contracts and he keeps his job. How does that happen. I enjoy NBA hoops, but this is the biggest reason why I have yet to renew my tickets. Hard to believe they can get any better with this pattern.

Posted by: Season Ticket Holder (2) | Apr 3, 2013 8:09:20 PM

Sign Pargo

Posted by: John | Apr 3, 2013 8:56:39 PM

Rick Bonnell and his NBA expert sources say the 2013 draft is going to stink and no "difference makers" will be available -- so don't get too excited about the upcoming draft.

STH(2), what Higgins does is destroy value. As a team he and His Minimumness are one of the greatest value destroying duos there ever was. Apparently destroying value is very high on Air Minimum's list of enjoyable activities because he keeps Higgins around for more of the same.

Posted by: NASTAR13 | Apr 3, 2013 10:05:00 PM

you guys are criticizing and complimenting the front office at the same time. "what does this front office do" and "they should get more guys like pargo and mcroberts" back to back. hmmmm.

things have changed big time since cho took over. before........with higgins making the decisions? disasters every day. since cho? tear it down and rebuild. and we're getting there. think about this........after amnesty of thomas we'll have around 32 million committed to 7 guys. Resign henderson, mcroberts, pargo and mullens + draft pick would be 12 guys with a LARGE amount of cap space left over.

I would only bring back pargo if you wanted to trade sessions who will have a very valuable 5 million dollar expiring deal. haywood would have 2 years at 2 apiece......very tradeable. Hopefully that could land us a draft pick or something. SOMETHING.

more so than anything else, we need to get seth curry. draft noel or bennett up top. go after earl clark and maaaaaybe tyreke evans and we're set with a boat load of young talent and the cap room to keep em with ben gordon's deal expiring after next year.

anybody that doubts cho's moves isn't paying attention at all. biz is looking better and better by the minute. MKG IS going to be great. Kemba and gerald have already developed insane chemistry as an upper echelon backcourt duo (7th or 8th in scoring in the league). We just have to let the 2 young guys grow up (mkg and biz).

but seriously........seth curry.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 3, 2013 10:41:20 PM

I hear you Charlottean, but an injury forced them to bring in Pargo. No Adrian until some woke up and cut Higgins son. No way that was Higgins. I will give him credit for McRoberts. But he also signed Tyrus, and brought in Haywood who has been a bust.

I like the direction since Cho arrived with adding picks. Sounds like 3. Next year in what looks like a great draft, but not sure what Higgins is still doing with this team.

Posted by: Symbiotic | Apr 3, 2013 11:48:49 PM

Last nights game was awesome those that missed it. This team is starting to gel and I think a ton is due to McRoberts and no Mullens. Also Hendo and Walker look great together now.

Don't resign Pargo. Why not he is cheap as dirt vs others.

Once season is over #1 priority should be resign Hendo without a doubt!! and a good FA big man.

Walker, Hendo , and MKG make a solid front court now we just need some down low.

Get rid of and don't resign: Diop, Mullens, Williams, and amnesty TT if you can spend the money elsewhere otherwise why would you.

If you can trade Gordon.

If you haven't watched Bobcats past month you have really missed a team coming together. Biz had an amazing 12 foot baseline jumpshot!!! He is coming along also!!

Don't forget in 2014 (best draft in years) we likely get 3 1st round picks.

So imagine a line-up of:
PG: Walker/Sessions/ 2014 draft pick
SG: Hendo/ McLemore (maybe but I like Noels more)/ Gordon
SF: MKG/Taylor/ and 2014 pick
PF: FA or Noels/ McRoberts
Center: Biz/FA/ 2014 pick

Some big names coming out this year and new CBA most folks forget will force most teams to not be able to carry alot of stars due to cost.

Next year expect 25-30 wins but in 2015 expect a near playoff run is my guess.

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Apr 4, 2013 9:41:34 AM

symbiotic i agree.

since cho and before is like night and day. higgins has no business managing a lemonade stand let alone an nba front office. it was horrible. we suffered for years. Now we're being properly managed.

people have got to give props to jordan for what he's done since hiring cho. He's relinquished a lot of the hands on tinkering that got them in this mess. He coughed up 13 million extra to ben gordon for a draft pick. he allowed us to be HORRIBLE to become GREAT instead of constantly being mediocre (milwaukee).

pargo is everyone's favorite player right now because he's new. same with mcroberts. that newness wears off. pargo is 33 and hasn't stuck in the nba for a reason. But he's a solid veteran who can be of huge benefit for the young guys, especially those end of the bench fringe guys like a jeff adrien because he's been there all these years.

I like the idea of bringing him back, bringing in a young guy and trading sessions if there's value there (which their should be).

They're going to win 25-30 next year and be a 7-9 seed the following year and better onward. the trick is positioning themselves to make that BIG move using all the assets we've accumulated: haywood and sessions as trade chip veterans, huge expiring deal in gordon, potentially 3 incoming draft picks next year, a slew of young guys that other teams would love to have.

the scary thing is that philly was in this position and went for it and it's blowing up in their face. golden state might be in a similar boat with bogut, although they are succeeding this year in spite of that. Houston seemingly nailed it. Brooklyn went all in on an average aging group.

We need to be careful in how we proceed, but the deck is stacked in our favor right now.

Posted by: charlottean | Apr 4, 2013 2:15:35 PM

Cho still reports to Higgins and MJ has relinquished control of NOTHING!

This team certainly is HORRIBLE....as for great, never happen with MJ as owner.

MJ actually "coughed up" $15,000,000 plus absorbed the costs of negative energy in the locker room for that draft pick -- given MJ's draft history that pick is likely to be a hairball.

Brooklyn is a 4-seed, this is the goal MJ set for the BOBcats. Prokhorov has owned team same amount of time as MJ and bought a team that was in way worse shape...

...what's wrong with this picture?

BOBcats will never be a #4 seed as long as MJ is owner.

Posted by: NASTAR18 | Apr 8, 2013 1:04:49 PM

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