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October 29, 2013

Charlotte Bobcats' Al Jefferson experiences soreness in ankle; still questionable for Wednesday opener

            Center Al Jefferson experienced some pain and stiffness in his sprained right ankle at practice Tuesday, so the Charlotte Bobcats will continue to list him as questionable for the opener Wednesday in Houston against the Rockets.

            “I think I can play,” Jefferson said, his ankle wrapped in ice. “I’m not going to be 100 percent pain-free. But I can tolerate a little pain.”

            Jefferson sprained his ankle Oct. 11 in an exhibition against the Miami Heat. He missed the remaining six exhibitions and just started practicing Sunday.

            The Bobcats could obviously use Jefferson, one of the NBA’s top low-post scorers, in a matchup with new Rocket Dwight Howard, a three-time defense player of the year. Howard signed with Houston over the summer, as Jefferson did with the Bobcats.

            Bobcats coach Steve Clifford said it’s too soon to tell if Jefferson would play Wednesday, and if he does, whether he’d start or how many minutes he could handle. Clifford will consult with head athletic trainer Steve Stricker on the best course medically after Jefferson is reevaluated pre-game.

            “If not tomorrow, then definitely soon because he’s doing better,’’ Clifford said of Jefferson.

    The Bobcats play three games in the first four nights of their season. After Houston they’re at home Friday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, then play Saturday at the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Jefferson increased his activity each day from Sunday through Tuesday until the soreness
started late in Tuesday’s practice.

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biz has had some of his best games against dwight howard including a 10 point, 15 rebound, 7 block game he had as a rookie head to head against howard.

we might actually be better without jefferson for tomorrow and let him debut at home on friday.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 1:34:44 PM

I agree with you on this one CLTN. Play the small ball with Taylor and MKG on the court. We will give them fits.

Posted by: GO CATS!! | Oct 29, 2013 1:49:16 PM

No reason to bring Jefferson back too early.

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 29, 2013 1:52:08 PM

Later in the season, players often need to play through pain. But at the beginning, or in early stages of the season? There is no need for this. Big Al needs to rest his ankle until it's really healthy. Aggravating his injury - or, "testing" its seriousness and just not giving it the time for proper healing - doesn't do anybody any good.

There's a LONG season coming up. Any game, or games, AJ is gonna miss at this point, will only be for the better, for him and for the team.

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 29, 2013 2:10:04 PM

considering houston is probably starting motiejunas at the 4....we could definitely get away with small lineups. where we're going to get hurt is if they put howard at the 4 and asik at the 5. that would have 2 27 year olds going against 2 21 year olds.

regardless.......wins don't matter this year.......production and development do. anybody arguing the contrary is confused. wins matter BIG TIME.......next year. as long as kemba, hendo, mkg, taylor, biz, and zeller improve and develop chemistry.....we could win 20 games and it be a success. especially if we land a top 3 pick.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 2:16:22 PM

Go figure, another overpaid athlete conveniently getting hurt right after signing a big contract.

That really just never happens with these lazy, overhyped guys...

Posted by: Frank the Tank | Oct 29, 2013 3:02:26 PM

The Bobcats will have a rough time against Houston who could make a finals run this year. Save him for Cleveland when you have a real shot.

Posted by: Mike T | Oct 29, 2013 3:05:55 PM

"...we could win 20 games and it be a success..."

You really believe after all the struggles this franchise has endured it's ok to go out and win 20 games this year? From the last three drafts we have a #2, #4, #7, #9, and a #31 (that's playing better than the first three)...add a $13 million shooting guard, a $14 million prolific scorer at center, a brilliant Duke trained point-forward, and our own #6 pick at guard who we just signed to a new deal...

...we have ALL THAT and you think winning 20 games is OK?!?! A "SUCCESS"?!?!

Seriously, that blows my mind.

I will guarantee you Steve Clifford wants no part of your fraudulent thesis.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 3:33:58 PM

I agree Nat, it is 30 wins or failure as far as I am concerned. I believe we have the personnel to do it. By mid season Hendo will be on the bench, and possibly Gordon to another team. Only then will we be a solid squad.

Posted by: GO CATS!! | Oct 29, 2013 4:08:45 PM

Not sure who NASTAR is talking about as the #6 pick, but I do agree that winning 20 games wouldn't be "success." At the same time, I wouldn't be upset due to the increased likelihood of winning the lottery. However, Stern will rig the lottery and give the Celtics the #1 pick as his legacy.

Posted by: Jeff Otah | Oct 29, 2013 4:24:43 PM

if we win 20 games or 30 games......either way does it really matter if we land wiggins?

which is better.....wiggins or 35 wins this year? parker/randle or 35 wins this year?

now next year? playoffs is mandatory. this is the last year of the rebuild. no doubt about it. it should be an 8 year haul of .500 and better after this year.

but the difference between 20 and 30 wins is just draft position. don't give me that momentum bs.....OKC went from 23 wins to 50 wins year to year. golden state went from 23 to 47 last year. and that was with bogut missing most of the year and biedrins and jefferson with dead weight contracts.

winning 35 games this year is only a good thing if it's done because MKG, zeller, and biyombo, and walker and taylor and henderson carry us there. if it's done on the back of sessions, mcroberts, jefferson, and *vomit* gordon......then it's a major step back for the franchise long term and a complete abandonment of all the good things they did during this rebuild. and a complete waste of the year.

that draft position could be the difference between a blockbuster trade and a mediocre trade.

ideal scenario this year: we lose in overtime 60 games in a row and then blow everyone out the last 22 games of the season. unrealistic of course, but THAT's the ideal scenario.

2014-15 it's playoffs or what the eff.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 4:32:08 PM

For what it's worth, Vegas has the over under at 26 1/2. Seems about right.

Posted by: GO CATS!! | Oct 29, 2013 4:46:21 PM

henderson was drafted 12th and the 31 that's playing better than the 2,4, and 7 is 3-4 years older than all of them and hasn't done more in NBA games......yet.

and the 13 million shooting guard was spent to acquire a draft pick. do we have to go through all of this?

steve clifford isn't going to be on board because we've proven he can't be. he can't think about 2014-15 because he's afraid he'll be fired by then if he doesn't win 35 games this year.

that's the scary part. gordon has no business playing more than 8 mpg unless someone's hurt. sessions has no business playing more than 20 mpg unless kemba's hurt. biz has no business playing less than 18 mpg unless he's hurt. pargo, southerland, tolliver and adrien have no business playing unless everyone is hurt. haywood has no business playing when he isn't hurt.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 4:50:39 PM

charlottean, your point of view - that ALL that matters now is the rebuilding, developing the young players, hoping for a lucky strike in the next Draft, and continuing to build on future dreams regardless of current failures - is very well known.

Of course, you've been sticking to the same ideas for years, and you never tire of posting them up hundreds of times literally.

Trust me, I'm not gonna argue with you throughout this season on this.
You have a right to your point of view, though, campaigning for it for years, in HUNDREDS of comments, is way too much (and, unlike you, I'm using the mildest terms I could find).

I will state here what's wrong with this campaign, and then, I won't argue with you. There is no point, and repetitive arguing is boring to me.

- - -

"we could win 20 games and it be a success."
"wins don't matter this year".

That's so, in your mind, not in the real world.

In the real world:

- Michael Jordan wants to see his team winning. He won six rings, and he aims at bringing a title to Charlotte. But he can't stand having a "20 wins" team for another season. The player personnel moves made this off-season are clear proof of this.
His fierce competitive nature never went to sleep, and this translates into both desires: a competitive team that shows a significant increase in the number of wins now, and that will keep getting better, until becoming a contender.

- Most fans feel like the team owner - sick and tired of having a losing team. Fans want to see a team that competes better and wins more this season - not just in remote dreams. And when it comes to team revenue, MJ's aims and the fans' wishes perfectly match (losers don't sell many tickets).

- Coach Clifford is in his first season as a head coach. All his statements leave no doubt as to his strong desire to win now. You can counsel him every day not to play Ben Gordon, it only shows your disregard for his stated plans, in which this player, as our best shooter, plays an important role.

Here too, we have a perfect match, between the team owner's and the coach's goals, for the next season as well as in the long run.
Steve Clifford doesn't want to, and should not, go the way of those who preceded him on this job.

This is how changing reality passes you by, while you stick to the same "pure" notion of rebuilding through the draft.

The rebuilding plan continues, but not in its original form. It was tweaked, it became a more comprehensive plan that includes continuing to develop young players we drafted as well as adding veterans who can help make this a better team, including in major roles (not just as bench players stepping in for limited minutes, and mentoring the youth).

Reality is changing, your ideas never do.
Several players we drafted and you used to see, at different times, as essential pieces in building a contender here, are out of here, and some out of this league: Adam Morrison, D.J. Augustin, Alexis Ajinca, Byron Mullins (I know you became critical of Mulley late last season, but before, you used to name him as part of that great "young core").

Your "purist" idea of building around the great "young core" we drafted never changed, only the names did.
But always, when you list your favorite young players, you say that it would be a horrible mistake to let go of any of them.
And then, the management shows you that there is a "change of plans"... Your "planning" is too rigid.

I assure you, just like the original rebuilding plan underwent changes (in order to improve on it in realistic ways), just like the roster kept changing every year, so you can expect more changes to come along the way, which will be the management's way to build a winning team here. These changes are unpredictable now, just like changes that took place in the past years were unpredictable before those seasons. SOME of those you name as your favorite "young core" will be keepers, some will be traded or not renewed. Who? When? Nobody knows now. But one thing is sure: such changes will take place.

And in the meantime, we can't keep tanking. We need to play winning basketball, starting now, then keep moving up in this league each season, step by step - vs. playing the lottery and live in dreams.

- - -

I just had to quote this gem from one of your recent posts: ideal scenario this year:
"we lose in overtime 60 games in a row and then blow everyone out the last 22 games of the season. unrealistic of course, but THAT's the ideal scenario."

Yes, UNREALISTIC is the key word for all your armchair GM planning. It has nothing to do with how things work in the real world, but it's the only that can keep you happy.

Dream on, bro, dream on. Do you know Steve Tyler's song by this name? If I were you, I'd play it at least ten times a day...

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 29, 2013 5:13:43 PM

SHOTS FIRED!! You forgot that Charlottean also thought that Dunlap was a good coach. He felt Dunlap "developed" the young players and wasn't given a fair chance.

On the flipside, he hates Ron Rivera and thought that Hurney was a great GM. Also, he thinks that Delhomme led the Panthers to the Superbowl.

Yea, Charlottean definitely has some skewed point of views.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Oct 29, 2013 6:21:38 PM

Oops, was definitely referring to Henderson, our #12 pick (not #6).

charlottean, you keep talking about things like "OKC went from 23 wins to 50 wins year to year" but when I try to use them as a yardstick for future success you tell me that's not appropriate because we weren't lucky enough to get a Durant...

...can't have it both ways bro.

First and foremost this franchise is a business, a business that has lost well in excess of $100,000,000 in the past decade -- they cannot afford to finish last anymore -- they MUST start showing progress NOW.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 6:48:07 PM

^^^*probably saved about 35k when they fired you. Some how that move was able to make them profitable. Your impact must have gone way past your paycheck. Nice work! That is the ultimate addition by subtraction.

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 29, 2013 6:59:38 PM

^^^^^ Like having my very own monkey! slurp slurp

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 7:08:29 PM

To bad you had to give up your monkey when you lost your job? How is Tyrus looking so far this season?

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 29, 2013 7:17:13 PM

^^^^^ Oh I have my monkey, you.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 7:29:02 PM

Therapist: "welcome back Asstar. How are you coping with bring fired by the Bobcats?
Asstar: "fine. I am making negative comments about them on blogs"
T: "You are not making things up again are you? That is how you got in trouble the first time"
A: "of course not, I just said they would never Amnesty Thomas or change the name. Also that they were losing money and that Kemba would be in the Italian league by now"
T: "you do realize you were wrong about all of that. If you want me to help you,, you have to stop making things up like that and let go of your anger
A: "but, but, they fired me.
T: "we covered that. you spent all of your time at wok on the internet and could not stop talking about slurping. What were they supposed to do"
A: "This session is over, what is wrong with you threrapists. you all say the same things"

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 29, 2013 7:38:19 PM

Now that is hilarious. We must have the same therapist.

Posted by: Steve Smith | Oct 29, 2013 7:42:43 PM

some time these blogs are worth surfing.

Posted by: Davis | Oct 29, 2013 7:50:43 PM

Wow. Clearly you are insane.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 7:54:19 PM

Some of the funniest stuff I have seen. That really sums up NASTAR. Did that clown really work for the Bobcats? Have seen nothing but negative comments and wondered what the deal was. Doesn't seem like something many people would spend time on. At least I got a good laugh out of it.

Posted by: Mike T | Oct 29, 2013 8:10:34 PM

sandy - complete rebuilds don't take 2 seasons. especially not when they have disastrous cap situations like ours. 3 seasons is completely appropriate. explain to me the trophy they give teams for 35 win seasons. i haven't grasped that concept yet. they do however, give you higher draft status for more losses......*waits for the lottery argument*....*waits for that idiot to figure out that only applies to 3 spots and you still have a higher guaranteed position based on a poor record*

winning 35 games on the backs of players that won't be around, does not help us long term. that's my argument, and it's based on.......logic. the fear of all charlotte sports fans.

d.w.g. let's run down some facts right quick....

ron rivera wins blowouts and loses EVERY close game right? so he's a good coach? or do his players sometimes win by enough that he doesn't even have to coach? he's a great coordinator/motivator of men/general good dude. i've never argued that, but he isn't half the coach john fox was. which leads me to.....

fox/hurney/delhomme. w/l record of the trio together: 53-37 regular season with 5-3 in the playoffs. if you don't want to give credit to one, you HAVE to give credit to the other. you think we won in spite of delhomme, but hurney was also bad? good job buddy. fox too, huh? all those injury riddled 7-9 years coupled with a few playoff seasons when healthy really was tough to stomach wasn't it?

they inherited 1-15, went 7-9 and then went to the superbowl and got spygated to the tune of a game winning field goal. but yeah...those 3 guys are horrible aren't they? so bad that they nearly did it again in 2005.

and dunlap won twice as many games as the year prior with a younger team. what's not to like about that? what that he didn't play gordon and thomas and haywood? he WASN'T SUPPOSED TO. thomas is gone, haywood is worthless and gordon is an incredibly talented overpaid undersized shooting guard who is ONLY HERE because he came with a 1st round pick (probably another 2014 pick). he can score with the absolute best (and i'm talking all-time bests) but he doesn't play ISH for defense and he turns the ball over and takes dumb shots with the absolute worst of them (and i'm talking all-time worst). he isn't in the long term plans so playing him doesn't benefit the franchise.

how is it so hard for you guys to grasp this? playing the guys that will be here long term and making them better, makes our future teams better. even if these guys are going to be coming off the bench, they'll be better served by the experience whereas playing a ben gordon to a 35 win season helps nobody in 2014-15 except ben gordon. this isn't an incredibly complicated concept we're talking here.

nastar - i've said it multiple times......the durant addition sped their rebuild up. i gave you another example and i could give you plenty more: bulls went from 23 to 47 wins in 04/05. knicks went from 29 to 42 by adding stoudemire and dantoni to a young rebuilt core that later landed them carmello and also landed denver a 50 win season last year. detroit went from 32 to 50 in 01-02.

your heroes up in brooklyn had 5 straight years under 35 wins the last three being 12, 24, and 22 in the 66 game season, before winning 49 last year. they drafted lopez and they drafted a slew of guys they sent to utah for williams (favors and kanter and now dieng who they turned into trey burke) and then turned shane larkin and a bunch of mixed parts into the salary dump of joe johnson.

that was all built by being bad for 5 years.

we could have easily pulled the harden deal last year instead of houston (they were gun shy) but there WILL be other deals like that. there always are for the teams with cap flexibility and assets which we have in abundance.

we could easily land a top caliber talent this trade deadline for a MKG/Biyombo/Kemba type package and then turn around and have 3 draft picks, henderson, jefferson, zeller, and taylor to pair with the star player.

we're on the cusp of having it. we're positioned now to do big things. ben gordon and sessions expiring contracts = 18 million. wait till ricky rubio effs kevin loves girlfriend and he demands a trade....everybody in the league will line up, but we have the best slew to offer. etc. etc. etc.

but there's no trophy for winning 35 games this year. we are NOT a playoff team so what is the point of playing the veterans who won't be around more to get a few extra wins? what's the point? we're going to win more than last year by default.

if we win 35 games with the caveats above listed then awesome. but if they're won with a whole lot of sessions, jefferson, gordon, and mcroberts, and maybe even a little haywood, pargo, tolliver.........that's not a positive achievement for long term competitiveness.

but sure....categorize that opinion as "against the grain" if you want. i mean after all, we're classifying 53-37 with a superbowl appearance as a complete failure right? because the guys elbow went right?

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 8:15:15 PM

on the WTF scale.......where do you put andrew nicholson having 18 points off the bench at halftime for orlando. on 8 of 9 shooting.

and roy hibbert simultaneously having 15 rebounds and 4 blocks in 17 minutes.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 8:27:17 PM

I'm squarely in the blow Rivera out now camp.

There is now way Harden was coming here under any circumstances.

The only player of note that I don't see being with us in 2015 is Gordon. Unless Shorty flees that is ;) The business known as the Charlotte Bobcats needs some wins, NOW. The greatest multiple transplant procedure ever attempted is nothing but a failure if the patient dies on the operating table.

I thought Dunlap was an absurd choice from the get-go but once he was in place then the framework for judging him changes -- bottom line is he did exactly what Air Min, Yes Co. & Cho asked of him, and then they canned him anyway -- very very lame.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 9:03:23 PM

Heehee. I love that NASTAR stuff. That guy is a first class a-hole. That guy must have been there for that therapy session. Heeheee. Classic.

Posted by: Jimbo | Oct 29, 2013 9:04:07 PM

James Harden had no clause in his contract giving him control of where he could be traded. There were circumstances where Harden could have come to he Bobcats since the team completely controlled his final destination.

Posted by: BBall Expert | Oct 29, 2013 9:28:31 PM

considering mcroberts has a player option for year 2.....he could easily play himself into a mid-level deal and bolt after this season.

sessions is on an expiring deal, while I expect we will want to and try to sign him and the chances are good that he will want to stay......there's also solid chances he'll get moved to a contender at some point this season.

my money is on golden state since jarrett jack left for cleveland. toney douglas is currently their backup point guard.

OKC offered us harden for number 2 pick straight up. they admitted as much AFTER the fact. they were pushing for the golden state deal but golden state wasn't budging. they wanted to swap harden for beal. he was going to sign anywhere that someone put a max contract in front of him. he would have been a restricted free agent ANYWAYS. hindsight says it was a huge blunder not to make that move, but that's without knowing what MKG becomes 2 years from now. and nobody was looking at james harden like he was definitely a max contract player before last season. everyone was skiddish thinking he could be joe johnson or rudy gay level, not kobe/durant level. so i give them a pass for not making the move.

i was an advocate for barnes being the pick (trading down and getting him and another pick) but i like MKG and don't doubt at all that he's a top flight nba player in 5 years if we don't eff it up development wise.

anybody that is pro-rivera is probably the same crowd that thinks hurney left us in "cap hell". panthers are currently nearly 20 million under the cap and 4-3 with a large cap hit going to jon beason (who gettleman gave to his former employers for just about free) and another big cap hit to charles godfrey who is out for the year and ANOTHER to jonathan stewart who is coming back this week. cap hell? really? seems like a pretty solid cap situation considering we handed away 2 of the losses and williams fumbled when we had a shot in the other one. seems like hurney did a heck of a job rebuilding the panthers if you ask me.

and rivera is doing everything in his power to continue to make him look bad.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 9:29:42 PM


Many of us on both forums aren't at all keen on NASTAR's opinions but you know what they say, everybody has one. Aside from that your obsession is unhealthy and borders on disturbing, and it's perfectly clear to all that you are repeatedly posting under different user names in the same topic. Do yourself a favor and stop or get help.

Posted by: Panther & Bobcat Fan | Oct 29, 2013 9:31:36 PM

I have no idea what will be the number of wins at the end of this season.

But I know it HAS TO be SIGNIFICANTLY higher than last season. (30 to 35 would meet this standard).

It's not about a number, which is anyway unknown now. It's about the quality of b-ball playing.

It is the nature of a competitive game: play hard, play to win.
It's been three seasons that we've been betraying the competitive nature of this great sport. Three, not two. The dismantling of the playoffs team began in 2010. Trading our franchise player was in the '10-'11 season.

We went 106 games below .500 in the last three - three, not two - seasons, all on purpose. Honestly, this still hurts and makes me angry, just as I type it now.

We need to compete, to be again a true NBA team, giving the game our best.
It's called respect for the game (which is highly valued in the Tar Heel family, and is valued equally highly at Duke). It's also called love of the game, which Michael Jordan once defined this way: "Play every game as if it were your last".
Strong words, it's time for the Bobcats to live up to them again.

This is how Michael Jordan feels now, this is how most fans feel now, this is certainly how our new coaching staff and our players feel now. No doubt, I can sense this also in the articles of the CO writers. No more God-damned tanking for the lottery, we had plenty of this by now.

You ch., have no idea what our roster will be in '14-'15, or in '15-'16, or in '16-'17. Nobody knows this now.
But I told you: every season, there will be changes. SOME of your cherished "young core" won't stick here as long as you wish. And some of the veterans you senselessly disparage may still be here, beyond their current contracts. They are not the kind of senior citizens on which Prokhorov is paying luxury tax.
Three of them are aged 26 to 28 (Josh, Ramon and Big Al), only Ben is 30 (far from finished).

Did I manage to get through to you for the first time in recorded history?
I assume NOT, some kinds of wood are too hard to penetrate, and some heads are made just of those. But that's fine, you're not the only one reading here.

Keep living the good life of the fantasy GM, keep weaving your unrealistic plans, stick to your rigid conception. Keep a distance from the real world, where coaches, players and fans alike hate losing, particularly season after season.
Wouldn't you love to be a Sixers' fan this season?

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 29, 2013 9:35:13 PM

"It's called respect for the game (which is highly valued in the Tar Heel family, and is valued equally highly at Duke). It's also called love of the game, which Michael Jordan once defined this way: "Play every game as if it were your last".

Strong words, it's time for the Bobcats to live up to them again."


Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 10:23:37 PM

you didn't "get through to me" you just ignore everything that I say.

i above mentioned the possibility of that young core equating to a blockbuster trade the way it did for brooklyn, houston, golden state, los angelos, new orleans, etc. etc. etc. etc.

no i don't know what the roster looks like next year, but i do know that sessions and gordon aren't under contract. mcroberts has a player option for less than 3 million yet he's our projected starter and completely capable of starting on a good team the way boris diaw did for several good teams. he's more than likely going to play himself out of that option year and into a better deal. even if he doesn't, he'll be coming back on a 1 year deal.

meanwhile.......zeller is locked up for 4 plus a QO. mkg has 3 plus a qo. henderson and jefferson have 2 plus a player option. taylor has 2 plus a qo. walker and biz have 2 plus a qo. haywood has 2, but i would imagine he's going to get attached to SOME trade this year when he gets healthy and 5 other centers get hurt.

tolliver, adrien, pargo, southerland, are just filling out the roster.

so yeah......we do know, barring trades, who's going to be here. the trades come from value......there's value in gordon and sessions for their abilities and their expiring contracts. but the young guys have to have their value built up. kemba built his value last year, so did henderson. taylor, biz, mkg, and zeller need to be developed/showcased to bring value. they sit at the end of the bench and their trade value becomes thomas robinson.

and it has NOT been 3 intentional years. year one was before cho was hired and the roster had jackson, wallace, and diaw among others. jordan himself stated preseason that the playoffs were the mission. larry brown quit on the team after the dampier trade (rightfully so to some extent, that was horrible.....i almost quit as a fan) and it wasn't until they fired him and traded wallace that the rebuild intentionally began. they went 34-48 that year going 8-16 after that trade. but yeah......go ahead and chalk up another year before cho got the job and declared a complete rebuild. and the mess he inherited?????

diop had 2 years left on his deal
thomas had 3
najera had a year
carroll had 2
he turned jackson's 2 remaining years into maggette and a pick (biyombo) which had a large 1 year that he turned into 2 years of gordon and a pick. he basically traded jackson for gordon and 2 lottery picks (biz and a player to be named hopefully in 2014)

that's what he was handed when he got the job. how you all expected him to turn that around in 1-2 years is insane.

am i tired of being a hometown loyalist to a horrible team? absolutely. but am I going to eff up the next 10 years over 1 season? eff no. they're building it the right way and this is the LAST year they need to focus on player development over winning before taking off the training wheels. we have to get zeller and mkg and biz ready. having mcroberts and jefferson to play in front of them and mentor them is fine for the next 2 years. we will see how that strategy works based on how utah's favors and kanter look this year after playing the backup role for 2 years.

all i'm saying and i've been saying it.......35 wins doesn't get us anything. we're projected for 27 wins by vegas and espn.........27 wins would do the trick. slight improvement, still solid draft position, and hopefully player development. next year these guys will be ready. they aren't ready this year.

and if you're expecting jefferson to be the savior.....look at his career track record. he puts up good numbers offensively and his teams are mostly lottery bound. he's here to show and lead and mentor and act as a place holder until biz is ready.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 10:28:28 PM

Our "assets":

- Picks of 2, 4, 7, 9 & 31* in last 3 drafts.
- Brilliant Duke pedigree point-forward.
- $14mm virtuoso scoring center.
- $13mm virtuoso scoring guard**.
- Recently re-upped #12 homegrown pick***.
- New coach w/ lots of NBA experience.

Even I'm reasonably impressed with that list...

...odds of us measurably improving on that list are low, better figure out a way to win now.

*upside surprise, beating expectations.
**you may not like him but the talent is in there, he's making $13mm for a reason.
***is he the first draft-pick we've ever retained?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 29, 2013 10:36:04 PM

More variations on the same old stuff. Same stubbornness.
Same difference of standpoints.
Your old story is boring.

What the Bobcats will do next season, and
how the Hornets will improve on that -
this will be exciting to watch and see.

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 29, 2013 10:42:01 PM

The above was @ch., evidently.

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 29, 2013 10:43:53 PM

my story is boring because i stick to it and i've been saying it for years. you're impatient.

nastar - the list IS impressive and you're completely leaving off the potential 3 first round picks in a draft that is at least 4 deep with superstars. i recognize that gordon IS a talent. the fact that detroit gave him that monster deal when they already had hamilton basically ruined him. the fact that chicago didn't build around a rose/gordon/deng trio and instead gave his money to boozer a year later really baffled me. i've always liked gordon as a scorer. when he's on, he's literally one of the best. at scoring. but he's horrible on defense, has a diva streak, and makes the dumbest turnovers ever. he's a jump shooter that turns the ball over. we didn't give him the 13 million dollar contract. we traded jackson and a late pick for gordon and 2 lottery picks. think about that context for his value to the franchise. we traded STEPHEN JACKSON for gordon AND 2 picks. not jackson and 2 picks for gordon.

his value is as an expiring contract. I could completely see us making a deal with indiana involving 2 future 1sts for granger. and potentially sessions and tolliver for watson and copeland so they can clear more room to sign stephenson who may be playing his way into 10m a year territory as paul george's robin.

they don't need to change much to make this a playoff team.......you replace gordon's 13 million with something substantial, you either draft one of the 4 superstars or you have 2-3 picks to roll the dice on guys or package them in the deal for the major guy.

if they pull off a blockbuster deal early, that could change the wait til next year approach. houston wasn't in play prior to harden....they were just looking to develop lin, lamb, patterson, asik, jones, parsons, etc. and clearly they were just 1 move away from becoming legit and 2 moves away from becoming top 5 contenders.

we're in that realm of where they were pre-harden trade. we should be looking for THAT deal. there's one looming in golden state between barnes and thompson but it's 1-2 years away. there's one looming in new orleans assuming eric gordon gets healthy. lance stephenson has been mentioned, but i think indiana is going to lock him up.

but if they don't make that move? they can get an impact player in the draft and develop the guys they already have. MKG won't play paul george's style of game, but he could absolutely be on paul george's level in 2-3 years. he has that potential. so does zeller. so what if indiana stopped playing george after his rookie year when he was 20? analytics say MKG was significantly better as a rookie (and a year younger).

they ARE on the right track. this is a critical year. making a win-now move that doesn't make us long term contenders is going to ruin all of that. they either make the big move, or they continue the development of the young core.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 29, 2013 11:33:00 PM

NASTAR. Coming in under the name Panther and Bobcat fan, may be the most pathetic thing I have ever seen, You are neither. The Biggest troll on the net doesnt like being trolled. What a joke and absolute hypocrite. Can't wait to see Tyrus play this week. Oh wait....another brilliant NASTAR opinion?

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 30, 2013 5:53:11 AM

^^^you are wrong about NASTAR. I love his references to Boobs and slurping. It is an incredibly intelligent brand of humor. He clearly sticks to the facts and is just offering opinions. Like Kemba will be in the Italian league and The team will never change it's name. Will be great to see Tyrus in action tonight. Heard he really worked on his game this summer. And he is not a troll. A troll would never post the type of factual statements listed a above. go NASTAR!

Posted by: Scooter | Oct 30, 2013 6:13:46 AM

Off we go Slurpers!! No more excuses!!!

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 30, 2013 6:18:23 AM

Gonna be real interesting to see how Clifford's rotations develop. Clifford is a winner -- some of you slurps are in for real disappointment given the pine time some of your fav's are likely to get...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 30, 2013 7:43:07 AM

What exaclty are the excuses around a team that Vegas has winning 27 games this year? Yes.

Posted by: Mike T | Oct 30, 2013 8:32:20 AM

Off we go! More WRONG statements coming from NASTAR. I am sure he will have the season figured out after one game. Just like he knew the Lakers would crush the Clippers last night. Can't wait for this years gems.

Why don't you get on record about whether they should offer Biz and Kemba extentions. That way you won't contradict yourself the rest of the year based on what they do. Just tyring to help you avoid a Tyrus situation again.

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 30, 2013 8:37:26 AM

- Picks of 2, 4, 7, 9 & 31* in last 3 drafts.
- Brilliant Duke pedigree point-forward.
- $14mm virtuoso scoring center.
- $13mm virtuoso scoring guard**.
- Recently re-upped #12 homegrown pick***.
- New coach w/ lots of NBA experience.

That's only good enough for 27 wins?

Heck, the Mavericks haven't had a top-10 pick since Tractor Traylor in 1998.

If 27 is the best we can do after all those moves we are FUBAR.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 30, 2013 10:02:25 AM

^^^Excalty what I thought. Great at criticizing decions. Not capable of making them. At least you finally realized you would be wrong so it would not be worth it. Big win there for the good guys!

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 30, 2013 10:28:17 AM

the mavericks have had dirk and almost always 1 other all-star on the roster with him if not multiple all-stars.

they didn't draft the guys but dirk/chandler/kidd/marion/terry? how about vince carter/ellis or steve nash/michael finley. they are a trade and free agent heavy team and built around 1 elite talent and a pension for spending and wheeling and dealing to pair him with some B talents.

are we expected to win when those top 10 picks are 24 and under? 21 and under 3 of them? how many playoff teams ever have started 3 guys 21 and under and 2 other guys 25 and under? because that's likely our opening night lineup tonight assuming clifford goes with zeller to matchup better with asik.

compare accurately.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 30, 2013 10:53:31 AM

Boobcats! Ha. Now that is some funny creative stuff. He hasn't come up with one for the Hornets yet since he wasn't expecting the name change. Oops.

Posted by: Bobnet | Oct 30, 2013 12:02:52 PM

Some of these crack me up. We have some folks who have great insight very impressive and then some who I wonder if they are plants almost to insert the dumbest repsonses ever. Anyway..
My dreams for this year:
3-5 huge wins against big teams that show what we can do..
Chemistry and player development really starts showing at end of season.
30 wins but still get Top 8 pick and by some miracle it translates to top 3.
We trade MKG and our number 18 pick from Blazers for another Top 4 pick (really dreaming here)
2014 Hornets Line-up
Kemba, Hendo, Wiggins, Parker, and Jefferson
2nd team
Sessions, Taylor, McRoberts, and Biz and someone else unsure yet

Now that's a team that could be something one day.

Thus the dream is born..

Posted by: Season Ticket holder for now | Oct 30, 2013 2:16:04 PM

^^^^ there's an interesting idea! trade M-CSS-KG...

...the Mavericks haven't had a top-10 pick since Tractor Traylor in 1998.

Cuban's blueprint was a Howitzer Checkbook = Larry O'Brien Trophy!

Here's comes Prokhorov ;)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 30, 2013 10:06:29 PM

Kemba Era = 28-121

Can you imagine how he feels? National Champions and MVP of the tourney to...

...this sh** show?!?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Oct 30, 2013 10:34:42 PM

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