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November 02, 2013

Al Jefferson didn't make trip to New Orleans for Pelicans game

    Some quick pre-game thoughts going into Bobcats-Pelicans at 8 p.m.:

            -- Bobcats coach Steve Clifford didn’t have much to pass on about center Al Jefferson’s ankle sprain. Jefferson didn’t travel with the team to New Orleans. This is still a day-to-day situation. The Bobcats are in a busy span of the schedule – five games in eight nights – but after the Pelicans game they don’t play until Tuesday night against the Knicks in New York.

            -- Pelicans coach Monty Williams sounds perplexed about starting out 0-2 after a bad night in Orlando against the Magic. The Pelicans shot just 35 percent in that game, versus 56 percent for the Magic.

            “We looked like a team trying to identify who does what,” Williams said. “I was surprised by a lot of things – mostly a lack of aggression.”

            -- Williams said the emergence of former No. 1 pick Anthony Davis as more of an offensive threat has changed how teams guard New Orleans.

            “Teams are starting to double him,” Williams said. “In the pick-and-roll, he’s in mob situations.”

            -- While it’s only two games – hardly the Law of Large Numbers – it’s encouraging for the Bobcats that they’ve given up only 19 fast-break points. Clifford says his non-negotiable is transition defense, and apparently that message stuck with the Bobcats.

            Clifford quoted his former boss, Jeff Van Gundy, when asked about not giving up fast breaks.

            “Jeff used to say there’s no truer measure of the character of an individual player or a team than if you’ll run back on defense when things are going badly,” Clifford said.

            -- While the transition defense is good, the foul-shooting is going to cost the Bobcats sooner or later. The Bobcats are shooting 63 percent from the line, second-worst among 30 NBA teams. Only the Toronto Raptors fall behind them at a gruesome 54 percent.

            The Bobcats are great at generating trips to the foul line, averaging 27 free-throw attempts per game. The struggle is making them, and a team with such a small margin for error can’t toss away cheap points.

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did vegas just move the line up for us with jefferson out?

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2013 7:18:07 PM

That was a very poor move to play Jefferson in Houston. 13.5 million and you bring him back to early. Who the hell would a decision like that?

Posted by: DD | Nov 2, 2013 8:05:26 PM

or it was brilliant....depends which way you're looking at it.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2013 8:16:52 PM

aweful! stopped watching had game on, started playing poker. Looked like they("Pelicans") had 6 guys out there... Yes i get some are ok with us losing im not! My opinion F! OFF!
Not even checked box score for FT%... Ridiculious!
Henderson is struggling, everyone struggles. Says Alot!

Posted by: Dshtg!! | Nov 2, 2013 10:32:39 PM

i'm ok with them losing, but they shouldn't be losing that badly to mediocre teams.

henderson is not getting the ball in his sweet spots, and is just OFF all around. dude needs to grow that hair back, ASAP the bald thing isn't working out.

taylor hasn't looked any better. bad enough to get gordon on the floor tonight.

way too early to bail on any of those guys over a few bad games, but with evan turner being just dangled out there........i sure hope they are at least exploring trade scenarios there. taylor and a 1st? henderson and a first? taylor and henderson and a 1st?

may be duplication with MKG but turner can shoot the ball or did so last year anyways. guys a stud. somebody is going to get him and make philly look dumb.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 2, 2013 11:37:18 PM

Henderson has always sucked. Don't know why some are surprised. He inflated his stats at the end of the season last year when nothing mattered. He will never be a consistent shooter, which is what is required of you to be as a starting SG in the NBA.

MKG and Biz are worthless on the court. One dimensional guys who can't even do the one thing they are suppose to be good at. Sessions chucking and hogging the ball. Why is he playing together with Kemba in the backcourt? I thought we saw enough of that with Dunlap.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Nov 3, 2013 5:58:52 AM

yeah that was past ugly last night as bad as Henderson's new look. Forgive me. Glad someone said it. Last night seemed very familiar to some of last seasons back to backs. Actually thought with out Jefferson last night would be a good game for us.

Posted by: Dshtg!! | Nov 3, 2013 6:59:53 AM

I appreciate why it is beneficial if we lose dont get me wrong.

Henderson looks like it is more mental than anything with his misses at freethrow line which was almost automatic in past. I dont know.

Posted by: Dshtg!! | Nov 3, 2013 7:10:50 AM

d.w.g. you must have not gone to friday nights game.

henderson is an extremely consistent shooter from certain spots/situations. he isn't taking/getting those shots right now. and saying his stats were inflated last year is to suggest that people weren't guarding him.

the guys just starting cold and i think some slight changes to where he's getting the ball on offense are part of it. this is his 4th coach in 5 years, 5 in 6 counting college. thats not exactly a recipe for quick starts. and that applies to all of these guys.

i'm way more disappointed in taylor because i know what henderson can do in games and what he will do. taylor looked poised for a breakout year and got a lot of hype because of it. he hasn't been very good thus far. had a few buckets against cleveland but non existent the other nights.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 3, 2013 7:32:24 AM

Is Clifford already in message sending mode given that bizarre distribution of minutes last night?

clt'n, you might be about to get Christmas early, have a bad feeling about Al's ankle.

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 3, 2013 9:56:25 AM

Well that game clearly showed how important lottery luck is. Davis is better than anyone on the Bobcats by a mile. Even the year they played it right, they missed out. I would not depend on the draft. Package those picks and use that cap space to trade for the player you want.

Posted by: Michael | Nov 3, 2013 1:29:51 PM


Both Hendo and Jeff Taylor have been playing well below their ability so far; this, and Jefferson's injury, account for the team's struggling in offense.
They are getting good shots, they just don't make them.

Hendo was shooting in these three games (28%) at his worst percentage since he started in the NBA (including his rookie year). He's missing open shots in his preferred range, including from spots where he used to make them all the time (college included). There is no excuse for this. Free throws are always a good indicator; those too are way down from his previous seasons.

I wouldn't make a big fuss over just three games, but the signs were there already in the preseason (8 games at 37% shooting from the field). Low enough that it should've gotten better, right?
Instead, low just got lower.

It makes me wonder. How hard is he working on his shot in practice?
How comfortable is he feeling now, after just getting his new contract?

Taylor was below expectations in the preseason (after what he showed this summer), but at least he was decent then. But now, 6 ppg at 22% from the field?!
At least, he can say he's barely starting his sophomore season, so patience is needed.

I hope both of them can get their act straight.

- - -

Ramon Sessions was the leading scorer of the team last night, and also dished 6 assists (almost half of the team's total, while Kemba had 0 of those); I'll take such "ball-hogging" every day.

Again, he's taking responsibility when his teammates who should be scoring more than he does are struggling.
Without his great contribution from the bench, we would've been crushed much worse.

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 3, 2013 8:04:09 PM

I'm not sure how my name got on top of that post. Whatever...

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 3, 2013 8:05:40 PM

i too, do not understand the hate for sessions....

the guy is like a consistent backup running back that gives you 4.5 a carry over and over and over. he just gets to the free throw line. and he does NOT do so with his head down, the guy is a passing pg. he's a creater the same way kemba is when he's on.

how anyone could single him out of the bunch NEGATIVELY just further proves how dumb our fanbase really is.

oh and look at that everyones back on the panthers bandwagon. i guess hurney left them in 5-3 hell too.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 4, 2013 8:13:57 AM

They despise Sessions because they view him as a threat to Kemba, but you already knew this.

Spot on about the dumb fan base. Dumb, and poor. Same as the owner. The combination translates into a money losing business...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 4, 2013 9:41:41 AM

NASTAR, I know this is your favorite thing to do, but please, can you try posting comments stating your opinions - as negative as you wish them to be - without calling Michael Jordan names?

Why? It's ugly, that's all.

I'm not related to His Airness, and you wouldn't imagine I'm his friend (after all the critical comments I posted through the years on his decisions). But, he's the final decision maker for this franchise, and I think this year he put it on a right course.
It's not a short one, we don't have QUICK
fixes, but it's a good one.

Evidently, it's your right to have a different opinion, and that doesn't bother me at all. But this repeated name calling is sub-par, it goes into a different (much lower)area than criticism (no matter how harsh the latter is).

You know, you did this "Jordan is dumb" routine SO MANY times, it's getting old, and it's just as ugly as it always was.
I'm not gonna repeat this appeal. Either you get it, or you don't.

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 4, 2013 10:17:48 AM

Well, Sandy, terms such as dumb and poor are descriptive and accurate, they are not name calling as such.

Now when I was referring to Biz as Buttfumble, that was name calling... It was also not nice, and because he's a classy young man who has had unrealistic expectations heaped upon him, no fault of his own -- I don't call him names anymore.

All joking aside, y'all take me waaay to seriously ;)

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 4, 2013 11:31:45 AM

Shorty and Buttfumble are creative, but insulting, nicknames.

Dumb is a common adjective, not creative, but equally demeaning (as for accuracy, that's debatable). So, it falls into the "name calling" category as well. There should be better ways of referring to Michael Jordan (while you maintain your own opinion on him).

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 4, 2013 12:29:17 PM

Anyone insulted by "Shorty" needs to grow a pair...

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 4, 2013 3:11:21 PM

It's a put-down, that's why you use it.
It's demeaning to the player.

See, if you were at least straightforward about your own comments, I wouldn't have to explain to you the most obvious things (like in this post and in the previous one).

You're the author of repeated demeaning (NOT just critical - but insulting) comments (towards the team owner and some players), and then, you twist things around.

You could either stand up for yourself, something like "I'll keep throwing mud pies at them as long as I like" (which is one way of ending an impossible dialogue) or, you could say: "Yeah, MAYBE I didn't choose the best wording - though, of course, I stand by my point of view!".

Instead, you choose the third way, the hypocritical one: "What, me NASTy, or excessively rude towards people in the team ?! Who could believe such a ridiculous statement ?!". Yes, indeed ...

Sorry, I like straightforward.

(You know, they say "when you're in a hole, stop digging". You're good at doing the opposite, for no reason).

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 4, 2013 4:03:48 PM

Thanks for the input Sandy ;0)

BTW, just how short are you?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 4, 2013 5:56:11 PM

Taller than you.

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 4, 2013 10:45:22 PM

Dang Sandy if I didn't know better I'd say you're trying to hurt my feelings...

Look, you're clearly one of the more intelligent and thoughtful posters around here -- and it's ok that you don't like me...

...but the facts remain that our owner is an idiot, we are 29-122 in last 2 years, and Air Minimum sold the fans (slurpers) a pig in a poke.

NBA franchises are kind of like banks, reasonably homogenous product set, widely varying geographies. A really great CEO/management team can take a broken bank in crappy markets and squeeze a lot out it and generate some terrific returns for the fans (look up Herb Boydstun). On the flip-side, a lousy CEO/management team can't....

....unfortunately we have the latter (look up Steve Hansel) and until a great CEO and his team get a chance to come in a clean this mess up we as fans, will suffer.

PS...wouldn't the proper phrasing be "less short than you"... ;0)

PPS...for the life of me I cannot think of a reason the NBA approved His Minimumness as an owner, what were they thinking?

Posted by: NASTAR99 | Nov 5, 2013 8:40:49 PM

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